Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Has A Post-Game Story With Powerful Bosses

By Sato . February 10, 2014 . 2:48pm

We recently reported that players who beat Dragon Quest Monsters 2’s upcoming 3DS remake will see a .hack-like dungeon system in the game, and it looks like there will be even more end-game content beyond that.


After beating the game, days go by as the protagonists live in peace with the citizens of Malta, but it isn’t long until new enemies emerge from giant shadows, which marks the beginning of a whole new threat that the land has yet to see.

In order to save Malta, once again, you’ll be required to find the “Ultimate Key” somewhere in the world; however, nobody knows where it is, so it’ll be up to you to find it.


Once you find the key, it’ll unlock the “New World” and the “Legendary Demonlords” of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. These monsters might be familiar to those of you who’ve played the original game, but they’ll be returning as super G-sized and far more powerful than ever.


Shin Dracolord is said to have lost himself in rage, and his physical abilities have increased tenfold, along with a new set of wings on his back… as if he wasn’t already tough to deal with!


Geno Malroth is deadlier than ever with even more magic power. The tip of his tail seems to have some sort of dragon head on it now, so we can expect all kinds of attacks from this powered-up boss.


Zoma has been around since Dragon Quest III, and this time he’ll be coming back with an extra boost of darkness in his Asura Zoma form, which is supposedly his “serious” form. He’ll be using his wicked weapon on his back to give your party of monsters a hard time.


Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • KiTA

    “.hack-like dungeon system”

    The term is ROGUELIKE. :P It’s an entire genre of games that has existed since the 1970s. We’d all get a bit annoyed if everyone started calling Platformers a game with a “Mario like gameplay mechanism” or FPS games a “Game with a ‘Doom’ inspired interface.”

    And heck, DQM had random dungeons before .hack was a glint in a merchandise designer’s eye. :P

    • Sato

      I’ve never heard of .hack being considered a Roguelike, but okay haha. If you’ve read the linked article, you’d notice that the comparison wasn’t only from the random dungeons, but also the keyword combinations that make them :P

      • KiTA

        Old news – the keyword system was originally in DQM2 for the GBC, which predates .Hack by a year. :P And DQM1 had random dungeons before that.

        That’s what gets me riled up about it – it’s highly likely .Hack’s developers were inspired by DQM1/DQM2 for some of .Hack’s systems.


        And yeah, .hack is a light roguelike, or a “rogue-lite” – it doesn’t have the permadeath and stuff that a typical roguelike does, but it did have the randomly generated maps and loot and whatnot.

        • Sato

          Actually, the keywords were preset to the keys in the older ones, and the remake will be taking a different twist on it.

          Yeah it did, but let’s just say that it’d be even more confusing to say “Dragon Quest Monsters 2 will have a Roguelike dungeon system,” as people would get the wrong idea :P

          When I think of Dragon Quest x Roguelike, Torneko no Daiboken comes to mind, so yeah haha

        • Phant

          .hack isn’t a roguelike at all. All the dungeons in the game will be the same the first time you go to it as they are the fifteenth time. The whole reason the comparison was made was because it uses pre-fab dungeons made with generic pieces gated behind unique passwords.

          True, the old game did this as well, but if we’re going to compare the DQM2 remake to something it’s silly to compare it to the original game. Because OF COURSE they’re going to be similar.

    • 하세요

      Not really. It’s something popular that many would be able to affiliate the gameplay/style easier. It’s better to put things in layman’s terms than using technical terms like “rogue-like.” Shit, I have no idea what the heck rogue-like is, but I know what .hack// is so I’d be able to put 2 and 2 together. Sure it’s a “oh, now I know” but before that I’d tilt my head and move along uninterested.

      It’s not about who or what did it first, but what is something more popular and more easily relative. You’re looking far too into this.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    :( Still waiting on that Terry’s Wonderland and DQ 7…….

  • God

    Disgaea, anyone?

  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    sooo much salt in my wounds……

  • Scissors

    Thought that purple dragon in the thumbnail was a Spyro redesign.

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