Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Prices Revealed

By Ishaan . February 11, 2014 . 9:31am

Square Enix have revealed prices for some of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s downloadable content in North America.


The Tomb Raider Lara Croft skin and the Final Fantasy X-2 Sphere Hunter skin will both be available for $3.99. Additionally, Japanese voice-overs for the game are available for free until February 25th, after which they will cost $3.99.


Lightning Returns is available today in North America, and will be released in Europe on February 14th. You can read our playtest of the game here.

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  • KrazyBean

    LOL, paying for Japanese voice-overs. What the hell.

    • Justin Lock

      Free for the first two weeks

      • KrazyBean

        That’s besides the point. It should be free forever. People shouldn’t end up paying for this when the two weeks run out.

        Every single game I’ve played which has a Japanese voice-over allows you to change it from the options menu for free.

        • SerendipityX

          Um, I take it you didn’t play Soul Sacrifice. JP VA was free for while and then you had to pay.

          • KrazyBean

            So you aren’t upset by this practice?

          • SerendipityX

            No, not really. Though the price is offputting in comparison I think SS JP voices were $1.99

          • Anewme…Again

            Yeah and we are talking about a much more popular franchise, so they could have sold it for only $.99 imo

          • Kurizu208

            there was also a lot less voiced lines in SS

          • Anewme…Again

            Well, it cost them money to bring the voice in the west and i wouldn’t be surprised at all if for a game like this, the price of being able to bring the voice in the west was pretty high.

          • Repede91

            Some Naruto games have done this as well.

          • PreyMantis

            Fire Emblem Awakening and many other games that support Japanese dub, even with high profile VAs are all free. This is a stupid practice and should be stopped.

        • Yan Zhao

          Hey here’s an idea! Download the voices NOW regardless of whether you have the game or not!

    • Act now! It’s free for the next two weeks! This offer won’t last because we are trying to make you pay for as much stuff as possible that would normally available for free!!

      • Rintarou

        “Normally”? Where have you been the past two generations of console gaming?

        • Guest

          …I think that was a sarcasm?

          “This offer won’t last because we are trying to make you pay for as much stuff as possible that would normally available for free!!”

          Note the ‘we’ part.

        • It’s called sarcasm, my love.

    • Learii

      lol now that funny thing to do

    • fireguardiancoty

      That’s the way it should be. Licensing costs aren’t cheap, especially for high profile VAs.

    • Altumn

      You can always download it now. If anything theres no excuse to have to pay for it; If you miss it thats obviously your fault, you didn’t care enough to download it when you had the chance.

    • RoyalR R.M

      of course you got to pay. What else?

    • Rafael Martines

      I would like to pay for japanese voice-overs :) if Namco did that with the Tales of Graces and Xillia I would bought no matter what ; ( but I’ll wait for Zestiria

    • Minos

      Better than the option I suppoce.

    • Naninho Carioca

      Such an idiotic complaint…

      They’re giving us Westerners a chance to enjoy the original voice-overs, probably for the first time ever in the franchise, and all I can see is people bitching about it. Why?

      I understand that charging separately is not a lovable practice. But it’s still much better than having no option at all, and I would gladly pay for this in FFX | X-2 HD Remaster.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    Every DLC (Disc-Locked Content) is $4 for LR:FFXIII
    EDIT: I’m whining aboat it. I’m stating the oblivous

    • Altin

      Might as well spend all the money and buy some real cosplay clothes.

    • Williamgood

      Crybabies: Free
      It’s not forced, it won’t change game play/story.

  • Masa

    Glad to see the game is getting bad reviews……..hope the game sells bad.

    • Brimfyre

      I’ve only seen good reviews. Are you being sarcastic?

      • KrazyBean

        They range from 5-8.

      • César H. Sandoval

        If by “good” yo mean all the “At least is not as bad as XIII-2, right guys?” reviews…

        • ZeoVGM

          But XIII-2 didn’t get bad reviews at all. It’s at 79% on Metacritic. It’s a good game.

    • ZeoVGM

      It’s getting a wide range of reviews actually. A couple 5’s, a couple 8’s and a lot of 7’s. The reviews are average to good. Neir sits at a 66% on Metacritic or something like that and it’s generally a much-loved game.

      XIII-2 got worse reviews than the first XIII and generally, people think it’s the better game.

      Then again, it’s weird that you’re happy to see a game get bad reviews. Wouldn’t you rather a game be good…?

      • yomachaser

        I think he wants SE to get off the Lightning hype train. Why do they keep adding games to an FF than was hated by so many?

        Why do they toss in a bunch of FF7 costumes (which to me prove a remake/sequel wouldn’t be hard at all) to pump up this chicks appeal?

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          Now TO BE FAIR, you say hated by so many, but Japan LOVES Lighting. They love the XIII series, so much so that it’s won various awards there. So the little amount of “hatred” they face overseas is really nothing to them.

          • Suicunesol

            Really? I didn’t get that impression. I think most Japanese agree that its the worst Final Fantasy in the series, but it still has its devout fans as well as very devout and vocal haters.

          • FF XIII sales in Japan were in the 1.5 million range in it’s first week.

            XIII-2 was 500,000 sales in it’s first week.

            And LR got 250,000 sales in it’s first week.

            It’s safe to say Japan has had enough of Lightning as well. Yes there will be fans of Lightning but considering she’s had 3 games it really is time we moved on now.

    • Agreed. Square Enix needs a good slap in the face.

  • I’d venture to bet there will be an all-encompassing DLC somewhere down the line, though…

  • Randy Marsh

    Meh I have dealt with terrible Tales DLC pricing, I can survive this.

    • Godmars

      Does that mean you’re going to *Pay* for it?

      • Randy Marsh

        Um, I kind of bought most of the DLC for the Japanese version, so yeah….

        • Bobby Jennings

          I think the DLC is universal. Wanna split it? :D

    • Hey randy

    • Bobby Jennings


  • James Enk

    i can never accept paying for a costume

  • César H. Sandoval

    4 dollars for costume? NOPE.

    • greeeed

      costume with special skill and victory pose

      • Ixbran

        and it comes with FFX Victory Fanfare, which plays with every battle you win.

  • Yan Zhao

    Meh, after dealing with Bandai Namco’s horrendous prices for Tales of Graces F and Xillia, this is almost nothing.

    • DeathDias71

      At least Xillia is a dollar cheaper than the Graces costumes…and has the added incentive of being able to use them in Xillia 2.

      • Yan Zhao

        Oh really? Glad I bought them then haha.

  • JoJo_718

    I just hope the Aerith and Cloud costumes don’t remain a pre-order exclusive, like the Gray Fox one in MGR, it’s the only reason I haven’t got that game.

  • Alex

    Huh, well this would bother me If I was getting the costumes but…I’m not.

    I’m just want the game cause I liked the demo.

    Is it true that tales of costumes are really pricey? More so than the ones listed above?

    • SerendipityX

      I still haven’t gotten all of the TOX costumes and I already spent around $50. I still have $30 worth of costumes to get. I’m just lucky that the TOX costumes carry over to TOX-2.

      • DeathDias71

        Yeah, that is actually the main reason why I got them myself.

    • 하세요

      Yes, Tales outfis are pricy and only have an aesthetic value. At least the outfits in this game actually have special moves and abilities with them. At least I know Cloud does, not sure about these.

      • DeathDias71

        All costumes have unique move sets.

        • 하세요

          Cool, thanks for the info. I’m down for outfits when they actually alter gameplay.

          • DeathDias71

            Yeah, no prob. As a matter of fact…some of their unique skills can significantly make things easier. The outfits can give pretty big stat boost…especially for so early in the game.

  • artemisthemp

    Tomb Raider and Yuna FFX-2 cost €4?… Guess I will be buy those 2 outfits

  • The X-2 outfit will be mine *_*

  • RoyalR R.M

    $4? errrr…
    I’ll stick with in-game costumes.

  • 하세요

    Not too fond of the Tomb Raider but I will be getting that X-2 one. Must build more X/X-2 HD hype within me.

  • Kilim

    i really hope people dont shell out 4 bucks to dress up Toriyama’s waifu

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Of course I will got a problem with me wanting to be stylish while killing monsters?

      • Kilim

        yes, people like you are the reason micro-transactions are becoming acceptable in the console market

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Damn straight.
          Watch out if you think about the idea of giving up money optionally for too long it may hurt you.

  • Minos

    I still think that girl needs some sun.

  • new_tradition

    The store updates in the evening, right? I can’t see any DLC to download yet (I don’t have the game though, so I dunno if you can only buy it through its own special DLC menu..?)

    Well it’s not what I paid for when I bought some Dissidia DLC outfits, but I guess SE really wants that money, eh?

    Unfortunately for them, they were TOO generous with pre-game DLCs. I’m looking at 4 guaranteed outfits, with a possible 5th one without having to spend anything extra.

    I’ll cave for a Squall outfit if they ever get around to creating it, but otherwise, I really don’t see myself spending 3.99 on a single costume. Japanese audio maybe, but since they’re offering it for free, it would be remiss for me not to accept it :3

    • xAtKx

      They’re available on sony’s online site already.

      • new_tradition

        Looks like it’s up on PSN now. I didn’t check the specific add-on section, heh~

        EDIT: Holy ****, the Japanese DLC is 4.7 gbs? O_o

  • Warboss Aohd

    it doesn’t really look right on her.

    • icecoffemix

      To me, the only costume that looks alright on her was her original FFXIII’s outfit.

      • eilegz

        seems that if you have the save of both XIII and XIII-2 you get the original and the goddess

      • Warboss Aohd

        yeah, her outfits outside of her original just don’t match her at all.

        The Outfit has to match it’s wearer, it’s like putting a Bloodletter in a Pink tutu, it can be done but it just won’t look right.

  • Zak Ledward

    First Drakengard 3 and now LR:FF13? God, Square Enix should continue to have the Japanese voice-over as available DLC for ALL their games. It’s unexpected but definitely accepted

  • Vash bane

    don’t care about the tomb raider or whatever one but that X-2 one is a yes on my list and now to wait for the gold one :)
    (forgot its name unfortunately)

  • KrazyBean

    Serah is better than Lightning IMO.

  • Guest

    Well I buy every bit of dlc for every game I buy so yeah:P

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Lightning <3 Best FF character along with Tifa…….

  • hazelnut1112

    This is terrible, offering Japanese voice dialogue for a price is just awful. I remember where I could switch voices that came with the game at no cost. I really hate all this DLC distribution going out of hand.

    • Warboss Aohd

      on the bright side, if this becomes a thing, we might hear less arguments between Dub fans and ‘Japanese Voice Acting Master Race’

      • Skode

        Haha i suppose, those that preach that english dubbing is so awful they can put their money where their mouth is and actually fork out to use it instead. Not sure i like that scenario but yeah i guess it would put an end to the tiresome argument over which is better when really im content with one or the other normally.

    • Richard N

      But… you can download it now for free.

  • HellMuT

    I really hope other publishers that already include Jap VA don’t start cutting it and including it as DLC because SE did it.

    • PreyMantis

      Sadly, that practice will continue if people keep buying these.

    • Skode

      This is nothing new, ive seen japanese VA as DLC only from the like of Koei already. If anything SE is just following what others are doing…

      • icecoffemix

        Really? Which Koei games?

        • Skode

          Ive seen this on both Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 english versions

          • icecoffemix

            No wonder, it’s probably cheap to license compared to game like FF.

          • Skode

            Just never understood why the dont include both on disc for all games… games series like DW and FF ok i can see it being more contentious when you think of the sheer number of VAs involved in them but surely with games going west the japanese voice work has already been completed so what have they got to lose?

          • icecoffemix

            Licensing JP VA for western release cost separate money from JP release and they probably think not many people will be bothered anyway. Which is probably true for some game.

            DLC provide middle ground though the best kind of it would be what NISA has been doing all this time.

  • DragKudo

    fuck that

  • KingNigma

    At least it’s better than the $4 a piece for the Graces costumes which offered nothing more than aesthetics.

    • Nightmare637

      Graces were Titles that you could get stuff out of .
      sure your not thinking of Xillia?

      • KingNigma

        Wow my mistake. Yeah Xillia.

  • Distant_arcana

    I ordered the CE and still haven’t gotten it.
    might as well be in Europe cause that’s the anticipated. Delivery. Date.damn.

  • Skode

    Wish you could play with a team… all these costumes are nice and all but even before DLC comes into play how many is anyone realistically gonna use when you can only dress up the one character in them and only three at a time at that? Kleptomaniacs will be all over this but the appeal of the DLC here just aint the same draw for me as the FFXIII-2 was… i mean who didnt want to collect Gilgamesh as a playable monster for your party?

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