Send Out The Call! Earth Defense Force 2025 Is Out Next Week

By Eugene . February 12, 2014 . 4:01pm


If you enjoy the concept of saving the Earth from an alien invasion and are heavily anticipating the upcoming English version of Earth Defense Force 2025, then D3 Publisher wants your help.


In exchange, they’re giving you a free mission pack for contributing to the war effort. If you’ll only do them the favor of sending out a call to arms to help stave off the impending invasion with more signups by signing up on their website and watching the funny “live” newscast (with a nice surprise) and sharing a post to Facebook.


(There’s also word that the game itself will arrive on February 18th.)



02_MissionPack_1 03_MissionPack_1

05_MissionPack_1 06_MissionPack_1

Sign up to watch the live broadcast and send the word, and you’ll get a code redeemable on either XBox 360 or PlayStation 3 for the Special Ops Mission Pack. To note, this promo is only available in the US and Canada and signups will get their codes after February 24th.



11_MissionPack_1 12_MissionPack_1


Earth Defense Force 2025 will be published for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 18th.

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  • I played the Japanese version so playing it again should be cool

  • Richard N

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

    • Altin

      EDF! EDF! EDF!!!!!!!

  • KuroNathan

    Now here’s my question, why would anyone ever want to play anything other then fencer. Seriously, what more are you asking for?

    • Ferrick

      wing diver s eems to be quite the popular choice as well

      • KuroNathan

        of course the only thing that you could ask for more in that video is skimpy babes with power armor.

        • Ferrick

          with wingjets

  • oh yes! im pretty excited for this ^ ^

    • Ferrick

      are you going to get it ? :L

      • Yes. Yes I will. (got it pre-ordered)

        • Ferrick

          sweet, i should probably get it as well, this has coop as well right ?

          • indeed I believe it does

          • Ferrick

            actually i’ve just checked the boards, it has local coop only =/

          • really? cause I remember reading they had online co-op


            did it just not pan out in the end? D=

          • Ferrick

            i’m not too sure tbh, cuz people in ps3 edf boards were complaining about the lack of it

          • well everywhere i read it seems to say that there is online on both 360 and ps3 guess i’ll have to wait and find out, worse case scenario i’ll pull a merquise and play by lonesome

          • Ferrick

            i’ll just check into this i guess, since this IS gamefaqs, 80% of the time they’re wrong about things

          • Fronkhead

            Online co-op is on both versions, but playing splitscreen with a friend and going online like that’s only on the 360 version from what I’ve read.
            If you have a choice it seems the 360 version’s technically superior — framerate’s better, draw distance is better, there’s more objects in the city among other things (I had a look at some comparison videos). Though I guess it really also boils down to whether you want to play online and what version your friends get?

          • Ferrick

            ahhh i see, well there’s only one thing to do in this situation… EDF EDF EDF!

  • Mr_SP

    Okay, that’s a pretty good advertisement.

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