Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Has These Features

By Ishaan . February 19, 2014 . 6:45am

Square Enix have shared a new trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, showcasing the remastered compilation’s new features, including updated graphics, improved music, data transfer between PS3 and Vita, International Edition content and more.



Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be available March 18th in North America and March 21st in Europe.

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  • MitsukiIX

    Its not like we already new this… right?

    • 하세요

      This was probably good for those on Facebook or just Youtube that don’t follow info as much as we do on these sites.

  • MaximDualBlade

    For someone who barely played the beginning of FFX, would you recommend me to begin with the expert grid? Is it Demons/Dark Souls level of difficulty XD? Is the game too easy if I use the normal grids? Does using Expert grid make the game feel different than using the Normal grid?

    In general what are the differences between Normal and Expert grid and does it change something in the feeling of the game?

    • icecoffemix

      Normal grid is like if your character is on set path of class/job which you can customize to get ability of other job later on. While the Expert grid allow you to choose any job path for every character from the start and require more careful planning than the normal grid.

      No, it’s a pretty easy game with rather standard turn based battle system.

      • MaximDualBlade

        Thank you for your asnwer, I think I will begin on Expert then.

    • Wappuli

      Expert grid doesn’t directly affect difficulty, but it kinda has more freedom on how to build your characters while still having a path for everyone.
      The only thing about it that affects difficulty is if you’re going for extra bosses. Expert grid has less changeable nodes, so the max stats you can get are lower on expert compared to standard grid, but it doesn’t make too big of a difference.

      • MaximDualBlade

        thank you for your answer. the game seems to be fun. How much time does it take to finish your 1st playthrough? I mean for a player who is tries to do all sidequests on the first try and without a can give me an estimate with difference of 10h, you don’t have to be specific. 60h? 80h? 100h?

        • Wappuli

          Sorry, can’t give any kind of estimate for that.

          • MaximDualBlade

            ok no biggie. It’s just that the people I have found online, have spent hundreds of hours into the game, and they say FFX is linear, so that baffled me XD

          • Wappuli

            Well if you want to max stats(especially summons) or create different kinds of weapons/armors, you’ll get quite a bit of playtime.
            Also, it seems that alot of people like Blitzball so much that they’ll get alot of playtime from there.

          • MaximDualBlade

            I did arrive to the blitzball part and I didn’t understand it. This time I will read the instruction more carefully.

  • Go2hell66

    omg we have a date !

  • Quan Chi

    I’m glad they got the option for the old music. The old music sounds much better.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve been playing the Jpn ver, I don’t think there’s option to change back to the original music. In the video they just did a comparison btwn 4:3 w/ original music and 16:9 w/ rearranged soundtrack..

      At first I was hoping there would be that option as well like Ducktales or Castle of Illusion (new Mickey Mouse soundtrack was nothing compared to the Genesis one, especially the boss theme). But when I was playing it I actually didn’t notice that much of a drastic difference except the sound quality is better, you kinda get used to it.. it’s still the same amazing soundtrack. I still love turn based games like FFX and Lost Odyssey..

      • Quan Chi

        they announced somewhere a while back that they were gonna have that option for us.

        • Aoshi00

          Are you sure the option for original and rearranged music is confirmed, you have a link? They didn’t even say in this latest video. I just assume the US ver would be the same as the Jpn ver. And w/ the rearranged BGM blu-ray that comes w/ LE from the S-E store, it seems like they only want us to experience the new game w/ both updated graphics and soundtrack. I really didn’t notice that much difference playing it though. If anything, there should be option to exit out of X and choose X-2 from the menu (and the video and audio drama), right now you could only quit the game and go into main menu again, which is a bit of a pain for most HD compilation. And also no skippable cutscenes..

        • 하세요

          I’d like to know where you heard this as well. I’m pretty sure we won’t have the option, especially if Japan didn’t.

      • Happy Gamer

        I remember when playing it, I enjoyed the heck out of FF X. But it’s one of the few FFs I never returned to once I beat it. I’m not sure why. I def think the amazing graphics for it’s time played a role in me wowing over the game. And the summon system too. X-2 never finished the game. The combat system was pretty awesome though. I may try to play these games again when I have time.

        And I like Lost Odyssey too. I played it thru twice. That’s rare at my age lol *grabs my cane and walks away slowly*

        • Aoshi00

          I played thru FFX on the PS2 for maybe 2-3 times, cause back then I usually played thru my fav RPGs at least twice if time permits once in Jpn and once in Eng (now I would have to do it again for HD remaster lol), same for Lost Odyssey, for all Xenosaga too. I only beat The Last Story in Jpn though and only played maybe 2-3 hrs of the US ver even though I’m curious about the Eng dub *.*; and 20 hrs of Xenoblade in Jpn and didn’t start in Eng yet..

          But yeah, very hard to beat any game these days, let alone playing more than once lol.. but X had a special place in my heart. I haven’t beat X-2’s last boss before so didn’t finish the game, definitely great battle system, maybe this time I could finish, but I kinda doubt it lol.. I get all these HD compilations and played them a little but don’t have time to finish (not much motivation since I beat them long ago). FFX I could play at my own leisure, w/o something like stupid timer from LR lol.. it’s great FFX still holds up so well, and so does X-2 (even though it’s a completely diff kind of gameplay)

          • Happy Gamer

            I think I’ll def play X sometime again though. Now that I think about it, I did play it thru twice. Only because I lost my memory card about 2/3 in lol.

            Last Story English dub is fantastic. They nailed the characters I think. Xenosaga I only played thru first one twice. Second one barely thru it once I figured out the “system.” Amazingly, I didn’t finish the 3rd one although it’s my favorite! I had to move, and had some other life stuff at the time. When everything was settled, I sorta didn’t get back playing it.

            I really want to do a Xenosaga marathon sometime.

            Lemme know how X and X-2 is in HD :)

          • Aoshi00

            I never finished DQ8 for the same reason, my sis deleted my save after I got quite far lol.. I know, I always like dub w/ British accent, I only played the first couple chapters of the Last Story in Eng and it was unique, the name changes were fitting too. I’m not sure if I could replay a lot of the old RPGs from beginning to finish again, just don’t have much time to grind.. and back then one of the main motivation was to see how the story unfold.

            I’ve been playing the Jpn ver of X/X-2 HD for a while (slowly, people just got wiped out battling Sin at Miihen highroad *.*), it’s a HD collection done right, w/ even more care than others. There’s some loading but just a little, I don’t remember if it was like that on the PS2. The graphics look great, improved soundtrack, still love the characters and story and old school turn based battles :) seriously since X, I haven’t enjoyed any FF that much, except 13-2 (& 12 was ambitious but I didn’t like gambits). Sometimes simpler is better.. 13’s chars keep running around you don’t know what they’re doing :( I pre-ordered the LE for US ver too, so S-E’s taking much of my hard earned moolah.. i’d probably regret getting the LR LE, I can’t stand the timer :(..

          • lyhthegreat .

            yea i hated the timer system in LR…so many side quests and so little time…sometimes i just wanna stop and enjoy the scenery but i can’t bcos the timer just keeps ticking…

          • Nightmare637

            you gotta abuse Chronostasis like a cheap drug.
            makes the Timer a joke.

  • Will they fix Rikku’s freaky “Mon-key!” face?

    • greeeed

      FFX Rikku have cute face

    • Anime10121

      I c wut you did there XD

  • Nanaki

    I missed Paine’s voice.

  • SerendipityX

    Nice to know about the cross-save. Still wish I could purchase X-2 separately. I don’t want X.

  • Heropon

    I will buy this game for the sake of FFXII remaster

    • DriftSlave

      Lol at this logic.

    • Timovisch

      I’d love to see XII remastered. :D

    • Luke

      I’m surprised 12 has such a following as it was so different from all previous final fantasies.

      • Tiredman

        It is different, but it is also a really good game. Not really sure I would want another FF like it, but by itself, it is a good bit of fun since I love micro managing. I really loved the stealing ability in the game and the actual meaningful loot on a lot of monsters. The exploration was top notch, with very few places cordoned off so you had to find out the hard way if you could handle a lot of areas.

        • EtroAnime

          I loved XII for many of the reasons you stated. The story didn’t have good pacing and Vaan was a very flat character but the battle system and the varied locations were just awesome. It is one of my top 3 FF games behind IX and VI.

          • Tiredman

            Hehe, I am actually pretty old school. I am a huge fan of FF 4, 5, 6 and 7. Some of the highlights of my FF career was the job system and Gilgamesh in 5, the entire game in 4, the entire game in 6, and I just plain adored all the bonus content in 7 such as the submarine, snowboarding mini game, the defense mini game, the large array of materia that do fun things like attack all mixed with turning enemies into items, and the Weapons optional bosses. One thing I love remembering is how I beat Emerald without realizing there was water materia in the game to stop the timer, and I took out Ruby with one character without knowing about the cheat for doing it with 3.

            I miss Square.

          • Notquitesure?

            To me Vaan was supposed to be a perspective more than a character, like from memory the whole of the game was being retold.

        • Notquitesure?

          It has my favourite music other than the hyme from ff 10

        • Vash bane

          yeah the game is huge ….i’m currently lost and don’t remember where to go XD

      • delmar

        XiI plays like XI/ MMO and the story is just an extremely expanded version of II.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I want 3d remastered of every game that doesn’t have one or wasn’t already in 3d

  • disgaea36

    I’m soo amped for this. For sure there’s at least 200 hours of game play here best hd port to come to the ps3

  • TobeGrendizer92

    Unfortunately, no news on being able to skip cutscenes. I heard that you still can’t, at least for the JPN version. This really sucks.

    • Slickyslacker

      Allegedly, you still can’t skip them in X, but can in X-2.

      • If its anything like FFX-2 Int in PS2, you shouldn’t skip cutscenes as they won’t count towards completion percentage.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m playing the Jpn ver now, yeah, unfortunately no option to skip cutscenes, pressing start during cutscenes just pause the game (the home button won’t do that). Actually I kind of want the option to exit out of one game and play another from in-game menu, but like most HD compilation like Zone of Enders, Ico/SotC, no such option either, need to quit the game entirely, a bit of an inconvenience.. those were really the only 2 things I wanted to be improved on.

      • Lynx

        ZoE HD does actually have it if I remember right.

        You go into to “Exit to Title” from the ingame menu (I know for the first game, not sure about the second) and get sent back to the main game menu. There’s an option as one of the last ones that sends you back to the title select, iirc.

        • Aoshi00

          hm.. could be I don’t remember.. I just think most HD compilations don’t have something so simple like KH 1.5, Ico, or even MGS 2/3/PW if I remember correctly.. I miss the time we could just hold all the buttons on the controller and it would reboot to main menu lol. it just seems like such a useful feature, especially for these HD collections that have multiple titles. Quitting the game is annoying while I don’t actually want to quit it, but change to diff one.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Sorry I’m so late but I just got the game and remembered reading this comment.
        The classic L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Pause trick brings you to the game select menu.

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks, actually I gave that old trick a try right after I thought of it, and I was surprised it ended up working lol. I was gonna post about it here but forgot. But yeah, the game didn’t have that option in the menu, you could still press all those btns together to go back to the main menu, very useful :)

          Anyway, my US FFX CE just arrived today (I only got to Guadosalam for the Jpn ver, drakengard 3 kept me busy, still missing a couple weapons for the ending D route). It’s funny now I actually like the Eng dub better after all these years. a little disappointed about the packaging, the artbook is connected w/ the disc trays.. and the regular LE has better cover. but I want the rearranged soundtrack even on blu-ray. I have to say I still love FFX more than 12/13/13-2/LR.. I just like that kind of turn based RPG w/ such a rich world.

  • mynameisdats

    Hope they do the same treatment for FFXII.

    • Ozymandias

      zodiac system

  • Slickyslacker

    “Iutycyr Tower”…?

    I suppose they used that for the PAL English international version, as well. Eh, I’d much prefer Yadonoki Tower, but it’s an apples an oranges thing.

    • Griever_Zero

      Only FFX was the international vers. in PAL territories.

      X-2 was the same as the US vers. so the name for the tower is new translated stuff

      EDIT: FF wikia already has trivia on the “Lutycyr” name.
      makes sense when you read it^^

  • XaviIniesta

    In order to play on both PS3 and Vita, you need to purchase the game on both PS3 and Vita, correct?

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly


  • katzedan

    Dark Aeons and Penance, prepare yourselves because I’ll kill you so hard you all will die to death! xD

    (they didn’t existed in the version I had)

    • Samsara09

      everyone is cheering here about this game because of the added content…after one week,I imagine the videogame sites will be flooded with complaints about how uber the dark aeons are…

      • 하세요

        As long as you know how to use Rikku, everyone should be fiiiiiiiiine.

        • Samsara09

          Indeed.Rikku has some uber itens.Well,in worst case sceneario,I will just zanmato them to death.

    • Demeanor

      Good luck when the first 50000 damage Firaga will explode in your face… XD
      Looking fwd to this remaster, but I STILL want the 2nd overlimit for all aeons, not just dumb Valefor (and what’s up with that DOG…).

      • katzedan

        thanks, I’ll make sure to prepare for that xD

  • Leliana7

    My favorite series and my favorite characters Yuna and Tidus!I’m hurt that nobody is talking about that this remaster completely ruined and destroyed Yuna and Tidus and the series with that disgusting audio drama and novel!A 10 year anniv remaster by starting all new garbage,having Yuna say something she would never say,changing everything from 10 years ago,and the worst taking them from eachother.How can anyone who love Yuna and Tidus and the series like I do want to buy this disgusting disgrace!They hurt so many fans with disgrace!It was all for nothing!

    • Brimfyre

      I just read the plot synopsis after reading this post and man, if I were still a FFX fan I would be royally pissed. What a bunch of silly melodrama….

    • Halez

      Right there with you, but It got so ridiculous that I just started laughing it off lol. What I’m really pissed about is the fact they “expand on the universe” and then say “lol no sequel in store”. I really wanted to see what they did with it (and be prepared to repress it/ deny its existence if need be).

      • Aoshi00

        I have yet to listen to the audio drama or read 2.5 yet (want to finish X/X-2 again first, actually bought the novel too), but if it’s as bad as everyone says which I don’t doubt, I think we should just treat these unnecessary crazy add-ons as bad fanfics (they’re not games after all), and some of the creators have just completely lost it.. block them out *.*;; of course the original X/X-2 were still great though, just ignore the audio drama and 2.5 if they’re really bad..

  • This trailer has upped my hype =^_^=

  • Nightmare637

    So I just looked up the trophy list for these games and…wow.
    that’s gonna be hell!
    so who’s gonna throw away all there free time and go for the plat?

    • Wappuli

      I was thinking about doing that, but I’m not sure yet because of those Blitzball-trophys.

  • Did anyone else just realize that March 18th isn’t that far away? No? Just me? >__> Well, I feel silly. XD

  • Keine

    Will this have dual audio??

    • Ricardo C

      No it wont, during an interview they were asked that question but they said the VITA couldn’t handle it and they want both VITA and PS3 versions to be identical to each other. Im assuming there wouldn’t be enough space in the VITA cartridge to have both English and Japanese audio files since they couldn’t fit both games in one cartridge ether due to memory limitations so it makes sense because nearly everything in that game talks and hours of dialogue. Its the first Final Fantasy game to have voice acting so they went crazy with it.

  • Tiredman

    After watching that video, I am actually really looking forward to this releasing. Hearing that FF battle music made me realize just how much I miss normal Final Fantasy games because FF 13 just didn’t hit that itch. Basically I haven’t gotten my FF itch scratched since the ps2 as the handheld versions just didn’t do the trick.

  • artemisthemp

    Looking forward to my Copies arrives :)

  • This game doesn’t support Cross-Buy, does it? That’d be great if it did.

  • Prinny Dood

    I wonder if they’ll ever do a final fantasy 7 remaster

  • Loli Summoner

    I wonder…Did people bitch bout yuna changing into sexy outfits like they did for lightning?

    • Saifer Emmerich

      I don’t think so. But then again, the hype caused by FFX would have muted the bitching. And alot of people found the whole “Pop singer/Charlie’s Angels” thing cute. (I have, at least.) The more I think about it, the 13 series was just a “wrong place, wrong time” thing. A lot of people bitch about it, cause it’s the trending victim these days. If it were released, say, before 12 or after it shortly, it wouldn’t have received this much negative criticism.

    • Wappuli

      Yes they did.

  • Croix Zapp


  • SHSL Big Bro

    I only need this to be half price on the Vita since it’s getting the 2 games separately, unlike the PS3. 20 euro for one game seems much more reasonable than 40 per.

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