Square Enix’s SaGa Teaser Was For An Event In Japan’s Saga Prefecture

By Sato . February 19, 2014 . 12:48am

Last week, Square Enix opened a 25th anniversary website for the SaGa franchise, which contained a tease for an upcoming project. While we weren’t expecting any news on series creator Akitoshi Kawazu’s ongoing projects, the teaser ended up being for something completely unexpected.


The collaboration project has been announced as “Romancing Saga,” (With the kanji of “Saga” being the same ones used for the name of the Japanese prefecture). The event will be taking place at the “Romancing Saga Lounge in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills Café from March 13 to 16.


Saga Prefecture is located on the northwest part of the Kyushu island on the west of Japan. The region is famous for producing ceramics and porcelain. The Romancing Saga event’s goal is to show off the rich culture and charm of the rural prefecture, Saga, where the event will be showcasing traditional crafts and other known products from Saga… but with a SaGa twist.


One of the attractions at the event will be an art exhibition from SaGa series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi, who will have her illustrations showcased in the form of Saga-style porcelain plates and more. There will also be a number of limited goods and SaGa-themed food from menus inspired by the delicacies of Saga Prefecture.


Finally, on the last night of the festivities, a “Romancing Saga Premium Night,” event will be held, with a talk show with Square Enix executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu, illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi, composer Kenji Ito, and Yasushi Furukawa the governor of Saga Prefecture in Japan, among others.


Of course, Square Enix do have actual SaGa games in development, which Kawazu has stated he hopes to reveal within the next year or two.

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  • TeddyAltman


    Now I’m bummed out.

  • Dave_O_Segundo

    Isn’t the Saga prefecture-Romancing SaGa thing a joke from Haganai? C’mon S-E…

    • Mr_Magikarp


    • Oh wow, I wasn’t alone in thinking that. A tip of the hat to you, my Internet-commenting friend!

      • Dave_O_Segundo

        You’re welcome good sir!

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    3rd BGM is a new arrange of 7 Heroes Battle from RS2. Click on the minstrel a few times and there’s a new arrange of Sewers from RS1!

  • Haganeren

    At least it’s not another smartphone game…

    • KnifeAndFork

      You know it will be though eventually

  • Warboss Aohd

    ……wow, suddenly a mobile game doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    What a cute idea. I love Tomomi Kobayashi’s work, good for her!

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah. Well, I guess that’s one way to not get themselved embroiled in a legal battle with King.

  • God

    Et tu SE, Et tu? This is the kind of trolling i expect from Atlus…

    • Akemi Nakajima

      Atlus? What? God?

      • God

        What, my bastard child?

        • Hahaha, the downvotes. People didn’t get the joke.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            L The cat, do you? of course because you are the cat of the famous L

    • Get with the program, God. Square Enix are the originators of the announcement of the announcement.

      • God

        I don’t remember ever being trolled by SE… maybe beacuse i lost faith and stopped paying attention shortly after it transformed from Square to Square Enix.

        • Ni ~Algidus~

          >I don’t remember ever being trolled by SE

          God is not dead. just dumb :p

          • God

            Since when is not giving attention to SE being dumb? SE kinda sucks… Not that all their games suck, mind you, but the company kinda sucks.

          • KnifeAndFork

            They know you were going to say this because they have a fortune teller on call

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      Atlus wouldn’t do something like this.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Please be excited

  • Kobayashi’s artwork is absolutely stunning. I love how detailed she gets with her outfits and never leaves anything out of place.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Whatever it is, I hope it comes to the states

  • planetofthemage

    I’ve been to Saga quite a few times, and let me say: There is absolutely nothing in Saga.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Watch out for King.com to jump on suing again for a game with the word “Saga”. King.com will likely collapsed as their going after a giant like Square-Enix.

    • KnifeAndFork

      I look forward to that epic legal battle

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