Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Coming To PC And Consoles

By Ishaan . February 20, 2014 . 7:11am


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, the 2D side-scrolling Metroid-style game that takes place after Batman: Arkham Origins, is coming to PC and consoles.


Arkham Origins Blackgate was originally released for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, and will include updated HD graphics, a new map and hint system, full-voiced storyline, and 5.1 surround sound. It will be titled Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition.


In addition to all previous released Batsuits, you’ll also able to unlock the exclusive Zero Year Batsuit skin by registering for or signing into a Warner Bros. ID account, Warner Bros. say.


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition is slated for release on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U as a downloadable game. The game will be available in North America on April 1st for $19.99 and in the U.K. on April 2nd for £15.99.

  • SHSL Big Bro

    so 20$ for a PC version but 45 euro for a portable version? That’s really good at convincing me not to buy this game on my Vita.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I’m noticing a horrible trend of portable games being released on HD platforms later. I guess it doesn’t matter too much, but maybe I’m too old fashioned and prefer games on portables to stay on portables :/

    • megaten666

      But some games are just better suited for big consoles.

      • totoro

        Not when they’re actually made for the small ones.

        • megaten666

          I think Resident Evil Relevations deserved it’s HD port for example.
          And what about games like Crisis Core, 3rd Birthday or Dissidia?
          I think some games are just too ambitious for a portable title.

          • kthanxyousuck

            But this game had a console counterpart that was more suitable and better than this game. And then to make the game cheaper than it currently is on those portables?

            Every game on a handheld could be made for consoles and would probably be better. Does that mean we shouldn’t have games just for us? Why did Resident Evil Revelations have to be ported? It was good on the 3DS and it’s not like consoles don’t get Resident Evil games. This might be our only one.

            Us portable owners already get the short end when it comes to getting games that are designed just for our systems. Porting our exclusive and specially made games to consoles is just going to further discourage people from putting their games on 3DS and Vita and people buying them.

          • megaten666

            “But this game had a console counterpart that was more suitable and better than this game.”

            1. Except this game is a continuation of that game.

            2. I do understand your point about handhelds not having their share of exclusives, but then again, please understand my point of view also as I don’t own a Vita or a 3DS, so when an interesting handheld game got a port, I’m quite happy about. In the end, you shouldn’t have to hate big console owners about the choices some publishers make.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            I believe he says nothing about hating console owners and nevertheless, a gaming device needs its share of high-profile exclusives to stay healthy.

          • kthanxyousuck

            Blackgate wasn’t a full fledge sequel and even if it was, if gamers really wanted to play it, they’d have to play it on 3DS or Vita. Just because it’s a continuation doesn’t mean it has to continue on the same console. If they want the game that bad, they should get a portable and play it. That’s what we had to do if we wanted to play Origins.

            I don’t hate console owners, I have a PS3 myself and a 3DS. I have two because they both have their own set of games. I’m not saying that console gamers shouldn’t enjoy the game since they’re getting it and it’s ultimately not up to them, but for 3DS/Vita gamers to see a game that was “suppose” to be our exclusive game because we couldn’t get the version consoles were getting, released for consoles anyway just 4 months later, it’s kind of a WTF feeling.

            It’s the console-only owners who feel like they’re entitled to every big name franchise because their consoles are more superior or popular. And that’s exactly what you assumed. What makes Resident Evil Revelations better suited for consoles than the 3DS if you’ve never played it on that system?

          • darke

            It’s quicker/cheaper/easier to release a game on a handheld, so they did.

            Presumably it either sold well enough that they thought they could make more money (because at the end of the day, that’s why they make these things!), by making a few minor changes and releasing it on other consoles to make Even! More! Money! (Since that is after all, why they make these things.)

            Alternately it sold like shit on the handhelds, and they figure with a quick and cheap investment of a port and graphics upgrade to higher resolution textures, (which they probably would have already had, because that’s how development works), they can churn it out as a downloadable game on the other three platforms. Making back more they invested and hopefully recouping whatever losses they made by being stupid enough to only port it to handhelds that their target audience (people who have played the console/PC version) are not likely to have given their poor sales of both the 3ds and vita in western markets (granted, both of those have picked up recently; but still are dwarfed by the install base of consoles/pcs).

            Alternately they thought that the poor PS3 gamers were unfairly done by having the ‘Plus’ versions of the Atelier games only be released on the Vita, and so they’re getting revenge by releasing ‘better’ versions of this on the PS3.

          • megaten666

            I… honestly don’t know how to feel or respond anymore :/
            Maybe you are right, I…
            I like handhelds, in fact, I own a PSP, but I like big screens better, that’s why I greet ports with a smile on my face. Sorry, I guess?
            Can’t I just have fun with the game?

    • DCBlackbird

      I guess Metroidvania just isn’t your thing. I’ll agree though that there are quite sub par games being rereleased.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        I never mentioned the genre or the quality of said title. I infact enjoy certain Castlevania-esque games. My comment was more to the state of porting portable games to HD consoles.

        • DCBlackbird

          My mistake. It just seems there is a stigma in which games that aren’t third person…. are lazy.

    • d19xx

      I’m okay with it as long as we get more western support for both 3ds and Vita.

    • TheSegaMan

      I don’t mind it too much, but I will admit that a lot of companies tend to do it these days. And more often than not, the ports tend to end up bad.

  • Eder García

    yesterday i went to a store and i saw in the games section every 3DS game with a price except Arkham Origins Blackgate… pricedrop incoming?

  • Well now that was fast. As much as I like the fact that companies are bringing their portable titles to consoles/PC, WB could have waited a bit, no? It’s not even a year since the release of this game, right? It kinda hurts the portable version since PC will be much cheaper and have more content.

    • Guest

      Presumably this didn’t sell well on either handheld so they decided to port it as quickly as possible to compensate costs.

  • subsamuel01

    This game wasn’t that great, bought it for the Vita because I was a huge Batman Arkham fan but I was pretty disappointed.

  • Pandakids09 .

    What a waste of time! One of the worst Batman game from the series! I was really disappointed on how they handled this game since i bought it new for the Vita new hated so much that i took it back to gamestop to trade it

    • kthanxyousuck

      I don’t get why they’re doing it when it already has a console counterpart. Why the heck would they want it?

      • fearlubu

        Because theyre different games.

        • kthanxyousuck

          That plays very differently. The game wasn’t that popular so it’s just an odd choice to me. Was there really a demand for it on consoles?

          • fearlubu

            WB is probably trying to mitigate its poor sales.

  • leingod

    Was this really necessary? It should’ve stayed on portables… at least it was unique there. On consoles it will be double the underwhelming.

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