7-Eleven Is Setting Up Shop In Phantasy Star Online 2

By Ishaan . February 25, 2014 . 2:31pm

Like every game that is constantly updated, Phantasy Star Online 2 celebrates events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. We missed this year’s V-Day news, but last year, the entire Arks Lobby in the game was transformed into a Valentine’s Lobby.



This year, Phantasy Star Online 2 is also celebrating White Day. In Japan, Valentine’s Day involves women gifting chocolates to men, and on White Day, which takes place a month later, men return the favour.


Similar to the Valentine’s Day celebration, Phantasy Star Online 2’s White Day celebration will see the Arks Lobby transformed into a White Day lobby from March 5th – 26th. New “Lovey Rappy” enemies will make an appearance in the game, and will drop the Love Radio item. New Photon Arts and quests will be added to the game as well.


Additionally, as part of a separate event, retail chain 7-Eleven will be setting up shop in Phantasy Star Online 2 as well. This event will begin from March 5th and will last until April 23rd. While the event lasts, you’ll be able to purchase 7-Eleven themed items such as cash registers, counters and more for your My Room in the game.

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  • JustThisOne

    Uhm… Finally, your dreams of running your own 7-11 can come true?

    • Freakmasta

      Your dream standards must be set real low…

      • Spirit Macardi

        I dunno, with the job market these days you’re lucky if you can work at one, let alone own one.

  • 하세요

    I love the White Day event. The music is just hilarious with what we have to battle against xD

  • evilkoala

    Is this available in NA?

    • Vanadise

      Nope. Sega put up an official English page a couple years back and then never updated it or talked about the game ever again.

      However, you can download the client and play on the Japanese servers, and there’s an English patch; it’s not comprehensive, but it translates enough that you can play the game.

  • Lilith

    I already pre ordered Episode 3 Deluxe Package. It’s not the first Phantasy Star I’ve played (and beaten) in Japanese without deep knowledge of the language but the other ones weren’t fully online like this…

    • 하세요

      It’s…doable, but with all the fetch quests and various other quests it reaaaaaaaally helps to either know Japanese or have an English patch.

      • Lilith

        But I’m getting it for Vita because no PC.

        • 하세요

          Understandable, as the PC specs can be pretty harsh. Be sure to be on Ship 02 for the most English players. I’m on 07 myself but I may start up my second character on 02 again (You get two free characters to my knowledge. At least, mine are ._. )

          I just don’t feel like doing all the quests and leveling again, but my friends barely play anymore so I’m stuck with mostly Japanese folks. I can pass Emergency Quests but anything else I have to pray they don’t mind an English speaker. Most don’t.

  • NeoPancho

    Serious question,are players actually anticipating those 7-Eleven events? I mean, It’s not just PSO 2, 7-Eleven show up in one way or another in quite a few games (Monster Hunter, Musou…), the way i see it, it’s just advertising, but maybe Japanese players actually enjoy these things (for example, real shops in a fantasy world?).

    • Namuro

      Well, a lot of people really enjoy being “immersed” within the world of video games. Having “real” shops in your game would further enhance the immersion.

      It’s just like how people like to make a video game character that looks exactly like they are in real life.

      At the end of the day, though, it’s largely for advertising purpose. LOL

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    They have 7 elevens in japan?

    • 하세요

      Yes. Fun facts:
      – There are more 7-Eleven stores than McDonalds
      – Japan currently has the most stores in a single country (doubling USA)
      – The main HQ of 7-Eleven is stationed in Japan

      I’m not some random know-it-all, it’s actually all on the Wikipedia page, heh. I learned something today.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Wow does that mean that 7 eleven started in japan?

        • 하세요

          It still started in Texas, but I guess it blew up in Japan faster. Perhaps we just have too many other stores like Wawa to compete, whereas Japan just sticks to 7-Eleven. I’m sure you can find the answer on the Wiki page under history.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Ahh nice thanks

          • 하세요

            No no, thank you. I always wondered why Japan has so many promotions through 7-Eleven. It all makes sense now.


          • Namuro

            There’s also LAWSON, which originated in Ohio, but now became the second largest convenience store franchise, just behind 7-11.

            You should have seen some of its in-game promotions before; like the LAWSON cashier costume DLC in a Dynasty Warriors game.

    • The Watcher

      Yeah they call it 7 & i holdings. lol i remember seeing one from my trip to japan back in 2009. ah great times. but yeah you can google it.

  • Tenabrus

    Meanwhile in the west: *tumbleweed*

    • Crevox

      Don’t start this again.

      If you want to play PSO2, you can go and play it in English at any time. There’s plenty of English patches and guides to do so. If you actually WANT to play it, all it takes is a little effort from you and you can *easily* do so, with an English community and everything.

      If you don’t want to, don’t – simple as that. This goes for every person that won’t stop complaining about PSO2’s localization on every news post. It doesn’t solve anything and if you actually cared about it you’d be playing it right now.

      Just getting reaaaal tired of this every single time anything is mentioned about PSO2 on this site.


      • Tenabrus

        Don’t see how PC patches will help me playing this on the Vita. some people can’t afford any kind of decent PC to play this game.

        • Crevox

          You don’t need a decent PC. People run this game on garbo laptops without graphics cards. It’s DESIGNED to be run on weak computers.

          The game is extremely well optimized.

          • 하세요

            Maybe weaker desktops, but weak laptops can have trouble running it, depending on their fan. Game can overheat really, really quickly on a laptop. Mine is pretty strong but after about an hour or so, it can lag big time because of overheating (even with a cooling fan, the fan itself just gets hot). Luckily the Tweaker does have an option to nuke the graphics and run flawlessly on just about any computer.

            For the most part though, if I want to play, I have to be right next to my actual room fan or it’ll just melt my laptop unless I nuke the graphics via Tweaker.

          • Crevox

            Any laptop gets really hot (and can even overheat) while gaming or doing any heavy duty processing. This isn’t really exclusive to PSO2 or even gaming.

            If you’re gaming on a laptop, even with an actual “gaming” laptop, you really should have a cooling solution. There are many actual fans and other products designed for laptops because of this.

          • The Watcher

            I agree with Tenabrus, i would like to play PSO2 on vita as well. mostly because trophies and decent standard graphics. You are right that PSO2 can run on crappy laptops because i played it for sometime. but some people like myself just prefer the convenience of handhelds.

          • Crevox

            Best thing I can say there is to play the game in English for a bit on a laptop and you’ll learn what everything is… after that, playing on a Vita, even in JP, shouldn’t be an issue really. Once you know the game, you’re fine, and if there’s anything you ever did question, all you have to do is load it up on your laptop and you’ll figure out everything.

            Beyond that, at this point it’s more of a system complaint than anything “I want to play the game on Vita, not PC” which is getting kind of picky and also sounds like all those port complaints people make for other games.

    • Branden Thomas

      I thought you were implying that a Western version of this game would replace the 7-11’s with Tumbleweed restaurants lol.

  • Tyler Beale

    Dammit, SEGA, stop teasing us!!

  • lett303

    they should just add an english subtitle option to the jap PSO2 and get more servers than let the west wait more.

    • Namuro

      Let me change that a bit. ALL Japanese games should come with English subtitle in the first place. LOL

    • Renaldi Saputra

      or else SEA version

  • Namuro

    Can’t wait to play this game!

    I bought a pretty high-spec PC just for games like this! (certainly not a beastly PC, but should be able to run this game at full settings…hopefully). It’s time to make full use of my PC, as I’ve only been playing Touhou on it. LOL

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