• NRool

    Reminds me of an elderly Ringabel.
    I like him already.

  • Azul

    not sure its ever been mention Cam and Reina from Tale of Two Towns returns in this one as marriage candidates

  • andref

    I just hope I can get into this one, after getting into rune factory first, I just can’t play harvest moon without getting overwhelmed. I like farming but its a bit frustrating how much more time it takes in harvest moon leading to less time to explore the town interacting with villagers and going outside to collect random thiings

  • Stacy Connor

    Really hoping we’ll get to see this in NA/EU at some point. Finally getting around to playing ANB and enjoying it quite a bit.

  • Tiramii

    Hoping this comes to the US soon. I haven’t been this hyped about a HM game before. :’D

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