• natchu96

    It’s not that Yu had the same face in the last trailer (at a different angle). He has the same face everywhere.

    • Sato

      Yeah, that was the joke haha :P

    • http://shadious.tumblr.com/ Vince

      A face oozing with swag.

  • DragKudo


  • fool

    I’m not sure if it’s harder to pick up those lyrics by ear if you know English or if you don’t know English…

    • SMT

      We all had fun singing “Burn Madrid / My Bread” :D

      • ZnTxn

        Burn Madrid?! Never heard that one before xD

        • SMT

          But nothing compares to the misheard lyrics of P4′s “Reach Out to the Truth”, right near the end:
          “All the Lesbians, will you let me out!”

          I laughed at that for about a week back when the Japanese version was just released… good times XD

  • Morningstar

    Those ornaments look like an innuendo, and I think Yukari noticed.

  • Alex

    None of the PQ footage was new, it was from the trailers we got last week.

  • Seizui

    ….Am I the only one disappointed that Mafia Kajita is not an actual Persona character? His Persona-look is boss.

    • Hound

      I’m hoping we get more adult persona users in 5, even if they’re just enemies.

      It makes sense when you learn why different characters had “the potential” that there should be some very prominent people with persona powers.. But we haven’t really seen any.

      And if you go back to Persona 1 & 2, it’s honestly a surprise that there aren’t more people with Personas than there were.

      I want a Persona-using boss that could top Raidou and the Demi-fiend in bad-ass-ery.

      • Seizui

        To be fair, the Persona-users of 1 and 2 played the Persona game, which put them in a dream. If they were able to remember who they were despite of the voices(you go through that sequence in Persona 1), you awaken that potential. It is not something that everyone can do when you have so many voices in your head, telling you who you are and who you are not.

        Persona 3 and 4 went through different methods: i.e. P3′s evoker and P4′s facing your Shadow and accepting it as part of you.

        Also, Persona 2′s Eternal Punishment featured the adults who used Persona(Katsuya, Baofu, Ulala).

        • konsama

          Well but not everyone could just use an evoker, they needed to be the people that could stay human in the dark hour, which is still not perfectly described how it worked, or at least that i remember. Worked pretty much like the TV world, except the TV world was enclosed in a limited environment.

          A theory i run, is that Philemon found a better way to get the best of a person without dropping it in the water without knowing to swim, instead of playing the persona game and facing their multiple foes in there, the MC can face those other selves through the social links, a fake way to “see himself through other people” rather than his own shadows. Like a proxy fixing. That’s why also the MC’s are the only persona users that have a full potential compared to their gimped friends in 3 and 4, they can change personas, they can see and enter the velvet room and those are features every persona user could do until P2.

      • konsama

        Well persona 1 and 2 got the chance to meet with Philemon himself, while the cast in 3 and 4 only got affected by thirds disturbances of the unconscious, and what i see is that the MC’s of 3 and 4, have the potential to become a regular persona user, just like the ones before, and yet they still can’t summon them without being in either dakr hour or TV world, while the old users could summon them anywhere, anytime.

        As for why there aren’t many, very few people know of persona users, even themselves. and most of the users carried on with their lives like it was a natural thing, most of the P1 and 2 cast might as well be still around the time of 3 and 4, but they are more busy being TV actors or whatever.

        I would actually like a game where we see some of those old timers, kicking ass like in old times, a persona never finishes to evolve, so they might even have much stronger and powerful personas than any teen can have and adding they are real users and can change them too.

      • SMT

        This all reminds me that thank goodness the -trinity soul- anime isn’t canon, what with the “Personas have an expiration date” thing. We really do need more adults with Personas.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      too old to be a persona character in this gen

  • Charles Parker

    I like that it looks like we get to see interaction between the velvet room attendants. Looks like Theodore pissed off his big sister Margaret.

  • ShadowDivz

    Came here for the thumbnail.

  • http://www.unit03.net blackraen

    I was kind of partial to the sora-mimi from P4U’s opening theme. “Thought I knew you” -> “Sora Nyuugyuu!” (Air, dairy cow)

    • http://www.unit03.net blackraen

      The lead in panel was funny too.

    • Sato

      Haha thanks for adding this bit! But you were close, it’s actually “そら、乳牛/Sora, Nyuugyuu! (Here! A milk cow!)”

  • LastManStanding

    I still can’t get over the fact that guy’s name is Mafia. He even looks like someone you wouldn’t want to talk to.

    • Aerii

      I doubt it’s his real name. The word “Mafia” has “fi” in it, a syllable not present in the Japanese language.

  • notpathetic

    I hope there will be a lot of wild costumes in Persona Dancing All Night so I can compensate that emotionless face of Yu. But… hey, stop, I think he already compensates it…in…different way XD Seriously, though, I wish for a lot of cool clothes

  • Arrngrim

    Japan…is…SO COOL!

  • new_tradition

    “The chair’s going to break”. Persona 5 summoning animation revealed?

    • http://www.flavors.me/ericgornicki Eric Gornicki

      It would be hilarious XD

    • Guest

      Come forth persona!

  • vileBrenman

    Nice to hear that even the Japanese fans have fun with persona musics engrish. Lol

  • konsama

    This was fun to watch, i will try to keep an eye on this. Can’t wait to see an actual trailer of Persona 5. I hope there is a tsundere chair in it.

  • http://nabe.kokidokom.net/ Cybersteel


    • DyLaN

      Lol some1 still remember that p0rnrody.

  • Xerain

    I’d be funny if some of the “new” characters for Persona Q actually end up being persona 5 characters. Atlus had been trolling us all along with those empty chairs, when the answer was right in front of us!

    • Akemi Nakajima

      Personally I really hope those two isn’t P5…

  • Ash_Riot

    Whoa Soejima’s artwork has really changed. It’s almost as big a change as when Kaneko’s style radically changed during the 90s.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >humorous session on what it sounds like to them, considering that they don’t actually understand it.

    It’s universal. no one understand that engrish.

    Dream of Bull life.
    Potato Chips
    Burning my bread

    • new_tradition

      What’s “potato chips” from?

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        Pursue My True Self

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Why not have a Shin Megami Tensei talk show….Persona has always been a casual series imo…..

  • Asian_Jesus

    dance dance!

  • Gemlit

    “Pursuing My True Self” has the words “Reaching Maximum Capacity” sounding like “rich morning-less parsley.” So, when Goku turns SSJ3, his hair turns into spiky golden-yellow parsley…? lol

  • Cure_Inazuma

    “…and what pleased Kajita even more was seeing Marie from Persona 4 Golden in one of the scenes.”
    People actually liked her?

    • TokkanRAM

      People liking tsundere characters? Totally unheard of. ;P

  • Sean Johnson


  • Sean Johnson


  • Skye Johnson

    They actually did have a few interesting questions on there. Like one of the questions was why Shinjiro wears his coat and hat all the time. The answer was because the Suppressants made it so his body was unable to regulate his body temperature.

    My listening comprehension isn’t stupendous but they also asked if Jin has bad eyesight because he wears glasses.

    Also the Izanagi crotch question made me laugh.

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