Retro Studios Have Been Working On A New Game For A Few Months Now

By Ishaan . March 1, 2014 . 12:30pm

Speaking with Gamespot, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe confirmed that Retro Studios, the developers of the Metroid Prime and new Donkey Kong Country games, are currently at work on a brand new game.


Retro, which is owned by Nintendo, recently shipped Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U. Tanabe, who has overseen all the studio’s projects to date, shared that the mysterious new title has been in development for a few months, as Retro wrapped up development of Donkey Kong in November.


Tanabe wouldn’t confirm what the new game is, but in a recent interview (thanks, N-Sider) with Official Nintendo Magazine in the U.K., Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto pointed to Retro as a “high priority” studio when potentially considering development of a new Metroid game.


“Certainly the Metroid franchise is one that, when you talk about really bringing the world to life, we feel that Metroid and the characters established are really important for Nintendo,” Miyamoto said at the time. “So important that they were included, obviously, in Nintendo Land.”


He continued, “I definitely think it’s a franchise that we value and we certainly want to see what we can do with it in the future. And, obviously, Retro is a very high priority in terms of the potential team that would be considered for working on a Metroid game.”


In the same interview, Miyamoto also stated that he felt Retro Studios are at the point where they can have multiple projects in development at once. Typically, the studio works on one major game at a time.

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  • Herok♞

    So they are working on multiple games awesome.

    • Reki Honoo

      No there not. Miyamoto stated He FELT That Retro studios is at the point where they could have multiple games in development at once. Retro studios is only in development of one game, not multiple

  • HershelLousyton

    Retro has been Nintendo’s new Rare for a while. I hope they continue to be so.

    • Though they’re a lot less autonomous than Rare, for better or worse.

      • ronin4life

        I’m not to sure about that. They made Tropical Freeze of their own volition, despite having just made a DK game and Nintendo having a lot of similar games in the works during this time already.

  • Slickyslacker

    Metroid Dread announcement at this year’s E3.


  • subsamuel01

    Please be Metroid, I think its the one game that could easily take fill advantage of the Wii U gamepad and HD graphics.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    If it’s a Metroid game, I really want it to be a 2D Metroid for 3DS, but I feel that won’t be the case. How much money do I have to pay in order for Nintendo to give Wayforward the right to make a 2D Metroid game for 3DS?

    • Arcana Drill

      A LOT. Just the iconic value of metroid in Nintendo history make the IP being veeeery costly.

      • Shane Guidaboni

        Haha, I know. I wasn’t being totally serious with that question. I just really want a 2D Metroid and I don’t see Retro making that happen.

        • Arcana Drill

          Yeah, sadly the companies arent willingly to invest a full budget in 2d games anymore.

    • glasssoldier

      Wayforward? More like Vanillaware. Can you imagine a gorgeous 2D Metroid with visuals on par with Dragons Crown? – That would be a dream come true.

      • Shane Guidaboni

        Both companies make gorgeous sprites, but Wayforward has made a decent amount of games on Nintendo consoles already.

      • Suicunesol

        Vanillaware does good work. I’m not sure George Kamatani’s art meshes well with Metroid, however.

        • glasssoldier

          I think it could work just fine. Keep in mind that 99% of the art is environments and enemies, there’s usually little to no characters besides Samus. Samus seems to be the only one of the big N’s 3 main females that Nintendo feel at least somewhat comfortable being “sexy” as well, so I think it could be a good fit.

      • Fen Y

        Yeah, this comment shows that the damage otherM has done is pretty much irreversible at this point :/

        • glasssoldier

          I fail to see any connection between Vanillaware and Other M, what are you referring to exactly?

    • neo_firenze

      Heck yeah to 2D Metroid, but no thanks to Wayforward. They’re technically skilled but I have serious doubts in their level design skill (and that’s kind of the most important part of 2D Metroid games). Unless they had some serious oversight from Nintendo, I just don’t believe they could pull it off.

      My ideal would be 2D Metroid by Nintendo’s SPD team (which contains a lot of members of the old R&D1 team responsible for all of the other 2D Metroids).

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Do not give that to Wayforward

      FPA on the 3DS please XD

  • Adrián Alucard

    Please, a new IP. I preffer a japanese 2D Metroid (Metroid 5)

    • idrawrobots

      I would like this the absolute most.

    • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

      I would LOVE a new 2D Metroid, I’ve been waiting ten years. I’m not going to hold my breath though, since the Prime games were so popular there will probably never be another. Same with Castlevania. 2d Metroidvania style games are a dying breed. Which I find tragic cause they were amongst my favorite.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      I’d love a Pandora’s Tower type of Metroid

      • Adrián Alucard

        Other M, but with a good script (seriusly, the “everything can be cloned, and thats the answer for all your questions” sucks. Also, the script is a copy of metroid fusion in a lot of ways)

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Other M’s a little more condensed than PT is and its got a lot more find the pixel BS lol

        • Spirit Macardi

          Cloning wasn’t the answer for everything in there, it just explained how Ridley and Mother Brain were back. The first one was rather necessary to explain too, since Ridley was blown apart and incinerated during Super Metroid, yet in Fusion they somehow had his entire body frozen and intact.

          And actually I think they executed the reason why they were able to get that DNA rather cleverly: That it all came from blood and other particles that had remained on Samus’ suit. That’s something you wouldn’t really think about, but obviously she’d get showered in gore and viscera during the course of her missions.

  • I can’t wait until the inevitable internet meltdown when the game is revealed and it isn’t what everybody is dreaming about.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but this happens all the time and people never learn from it. I remember people going nuts last year because it was Donkey Kong and not Metroid or whatever. I would like to see a new Metroid game, but I won’t be disappointed if it’s not.

    • mojack411

      Yes but here’s the thing. Disappointment happens regardless of if you’re expecting it or not. I really, REALLY want a new Metroid game and so if it doesn’t happen, I’m going to be disappointed, even though I know there’s a chance it won’t be. That said I’m not going to complain about it if that does happen, but the fact will remain that I’ll still be disappointed that I didn’t get my Metroid.

      • Zeik56

        You have a point, because I’ll be pretty disappointed if it’s just a new Prime game. I’d much rather see them tackle a new IP.

        • mojack411

          See! Why were we made this way?! Haha.

        • Ordinarily I’d agree with you, but Metroid really, REALLY needs a comeback from Other M, and I don’t know if I’d trust Sakamoto’s team anymore to deliver.

          • Zeik56

            The only way I’d be interested in seeing a new Metroid game from Retro is if they went back to the drawing board and did another revision of the concept. (Ideally in a way that would bring back the agility and maneuverability that was lost from the 2D games.) If it’s just another first person Metroid game I don’t think that’s enough for a comeback and certainly not enough to get me excited.

          • T-Ven

            Other M wasn’t that bad….. Sure, it was a little too dramatic, linear and the camera was clunky, but the game-play is great. In my opinion the next Metroid should incorporate that game-play, but with less linearity, more exploration and obviously with the drama tone down xD.

          • Michael Mullins

            I liked Other M a tiny bit, mainly due to the gameplay, even though I feel it has plenty of room for improvement. Samus has always been portrayed as an acrobatic character that’s very capable, and that’s something you simply can’t show off in a 1st-person perspective. I’d like to see them stick with a 3rd-person style, but improved upon substantially.

    • TheRealMalek

      My guess is that it’s the new IP from Nintendo that has been rumored a few times.

  • Rasputing

    I’m going to guess F-Zero revival. We know it’s coming. You can hear FAAAAAA in the distance right now.

  • AuraGuyChris

    I can see it now…

    Metroid: Ather F.

  • Oliver Teigaga

    Launch title for Nintendo’s next platform.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Retro’s been working on an graphics engine

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Either Metroid or Star Fox. I’m curious how they would handle Zelda though

  • Kayriss Wins

    Yo let’s GO!

  • Wake

    I like what Nintendo did with DKC: TF and LoZ: ALBW. They were essentially retro games with a new coat of paint. You would usually frown upon something like that, but the core mechanics of both games were just so good they managed to retain the feel and spirit of their predecessors albeit with a bit of a twist in there, just enough to make it also feel new.

    I’m hoping they continue that trend with whatever Retro’s making now. A 2D Metroid with the same formula applied with DKC and LoZ would really be awesome.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      How about they make a Pandora’s Tower esque Metroid that feels like a Fusion game

      • Wake

        I would welcome anything resembling the SA-X sections from Fusion. Love the idea of being hunted suddenly, forcing you to abandon what you were doing to run and hide.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          I wonder if a TPS Metroid where you do a lot of acrobatics like you would in a Mirrors edge game would be cool

  • as much as i love metroid I hope they are working on something different or entirely new, whatever it may be I sure am looking forward to it though

  • SirRichard

    C’mon, new Metroid. Retro have proven they can do both FPS and platformers, and Prime showed they can get exploration down. They can easily do either or, now, and I’m itching for a new Metroid.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I feel like the only one who doesn’t want Retro to make a new Metroid game but instead a game of their own. Like Raven Blade.

    • ronin4life

      I assure you, no matter what the game is the “Internet” won’t be happy with it.

      You think your alone, but just wait till it Is Metroid. ^ ,^

    • NimbusStev

      That would actually be really cool. While Rare was renowned for their excellent handling of pre-existing Nintendo licenses, part of what made them great was all the new IPs they came up with. Retro has yet to branch out like this, so I’d love to see what they could come up with on their own!

  • KingGunblader

    I look forward to any potential projects from Retro, but if it’s Donkey Kong Country Returns 3, there will be no force in the world that will be able to quell my nerd rage.

  • Heisst

    Don’t tease me like that.

  • MrJechgo

    “Are you… an F-Zero!”

    • As nice as that wouuld be, I admit that I want Nintendo to oversee Shin’nen working on the next F-Zero.

  • Foxeh Shihōin

    inb4 donkey kong

  • Guest

    Let them do whatever they want, a new IP, something on 3DS, why not?
    They are great developers, they can pull off anything! :D

    • Heisst

      Raven Blade kind of proved that otherwise, seeing as how it was so bad it was cancelled, as well as their other 4 new IPs or so.

      They’ve also lost a ton of their key people, especially some of the biggest ones responsible for Prime, not to offend Tropical Freeze or Returns but they’re nowhere near the caliber of that game.

      • Other way around IMO. Prime is a mess.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Hahahah no. DKCTF is literally the best 2D platformer of all time

        Infact I’d say RETRO’s better as a company than they used to be.

        And those teams who worked on Prime went to go work on some absolute bullshit.

        Some are Armature working on batman. Some are at Maestro working on Percys Predicament, Some just went all over the place

        • idrawrobots

          No it’s not. It’s pretty good, but I feel like it’s missing something the entire time I play it.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Its not Metroid.

            That’s whats missing :p

            The game has everything.
            Some seriously awesome level design, tight physics, great momentum challenge( watch some of the speed runs) Love the games extra features and the pacing good. Did I mention the level design? That shit is ace. To top it off, how David Wise interlaces the audio cues/visual cues and the music with the game’s design is ace too.

            As a sheer platformer its one of the best I’ve ever played. Im not a big platforming fan either. Half the time I feel they’re too simple.

          • idrawrobots

            perhaps if I looked at the game without judging it against the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy I would like it more. perhaps if it wasn’t called Donkey Kong Country that would be easier. Call me crazy but I actually like Jungle Beat, more than Tropical Freeze.

            Without being nit-picky, I will say that I don’t think the controls are all that great, while the boss fights so far are good, the regular enemies are not. And with auto saving after every level there is absolutely no point in the lives system.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Have issues controlling DK? Is He too heavy? Slow?

          • idrawrobots

            He feels great, exactly as I would expect, but the buttons used to control he seemwrong. I end up using the wiimote as my controller, even though I don’t want shake controls but its my best option.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I see.

            I think the only issue is same buttons being used to two functions for certain movements in regards to controls. But that’s it as far as those go

        • Heisst

          What does it matter what the guys who left are working on? That’s what they were hired for. Thing is they were key people like the director of Prime 1-3 himself as well as the art director have left Retro. This is like if Sakurai stopped making SSB.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Sakurai’s the Creator of Smash and the producer. Producers and Directors have different roles depending on the particular person’s influence over a project.

            Some are like Inaba and they handle more of the business side of things. Others are like Aonuma and they’re more involved with things regarding the games directions

  • Atwa

    I loved the Metroid Prime trilogy, but honestly if its another in that series I would be disappointed. Which is ironic that it goes against what most people want and then they complain that Nintendo doesn’t do enough new stuff. I would love something new from them, immensely talented studio and want to see them try something new.

    • Shadao

      Even more ironic when you consider the criticism from fans that Nintendo just makes the same games over and over, and yet many are begging to their knees for Retro to make another Prime game (5th game in the installment I believe). Double standards isn’t it?

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    The new project isnt Metroid guys.

    IF you notice Retro always refers to Metroid in the past tense.

  • Huh, I didn’t know of the interview, so thanks for linking! All kinds of promising news there~.

    Regardless of what it is, I look forward to Retro’s new title.

  • Scissors

    Just throwing this out there, but although I want them to make another Prime game I don’t know how it’ll work out. I love Prime 1 & 2, those are 2 of my favorite games of all time. However 3 was a bit of a disappointment, still a solid FPS, and one of the better FPS of the gen, but it really paled in comparison to the first 2 in my opinion.

    Prime 3 didn’t have the same atmosphere, the writing for the story and journal entries were not of the same quality, the music wasn’t as immerse or memorable. Art direction and controls were fantastic though. Over all though it just felt distinctly different from the first 2 games. One of the reasons for that is because a bunch of workers for Prime 1 & 2 had left the studio, and after 3 a bunch more left so I don’t even know how many people at Retro Studios now were there for the Prime games. So if they did make the next Metroid game it would by a vastly different team than of the people who made the original trilogy.

    Retro is still a great studio, and if they made a Metroid game it wouldn’t be bad, and I would definitely be excited for it. It’s just I dont think we’ll ever get a game that reaches the same highs as Prime 1 or Prime 2 again.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      They should make a prime game for the 3DS and really make use of the tech for some great atmosphere

    • DragKudo

      Skytown was memorable

    • Zeik56

      I’ve never gotten around to actually playing Prime 3, even though I bought that Wii compilation a long time ago, but I’m surprised you consider Prime 2 of the same caliber as Prime 1. I found that game pretty disappointing.

  • ughhhh I kind of wish they wouldn’t even announce new projects in development at this early a stage, because you know it’ll be at least a couple of years before we find out what it even is, let alone get to play it.

    • doubleO7

      You can hardly call this an announcement. Just a mention that they’re working on… something.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    New IP the better

  • TheSneakyLizard

    I hope it’s a new Metroid. A new game in that series is long overdue.

  • The more new IPs, the more Smash Newcomers we get!

  • ChiffonCake

    It’s time for Metroid Dread.

  • Is it F-Zero? It’s F-Zero isn’t it. It HAS to F-Zero.

    • Göran Isacson

      I would be pretty interested in seeing that. They have proven they can handle first person shooters and platforming, so why not racing?

  • TheSegaMan

    Didn’t they also make Ocarina of Time for the 3DS or was that someone else? If they were, it may finally be Majora’s Mask 3D, which Nintendo has been teasing for a while now.

    • Kelohmello

      Ocarina of Time 3D was developed by GREZZO.

      • TheSegaMan

        Whoops my mistake. Thank you for clearing that up.

  • Pix

    PleasebeMetroid PleasebeMetroid PleasebeMetroid…!

  • grevlinghore

    I would LOVE another Prime-style Metroid. But no unnecessary characters / Marvel superheroes, please :)
    Seriously, a Metroid Prime in full HD would be so sick!

    • idrawrobots

      Are you talking about the Prime 3 bossed

      • grevlinghore

        That´d be correct.

  • Abend

    Oh retro for love of all that is holy if you are developing a custom robo game im gonna freak.

    • grevlinghore

      I remember reading about that game and being kind of interested in it. I didn´t know Retro Studios were behind it though.

  • ForteWily

    Maybe it is seems odd, but I don’t want Retro to do another Prime. Or even a Metroid

    As much as I do love the series, it’s complete from front to back. Sure there are a few more sub-plots that could be explored and/or make a complete game around but that would risk destroying what Prime has already built.
    If anything, and knowing Nintendo’s love of playing safe, it’s time to move to a new place in the franchise.

    But even that seems limited. And it’s clear that Retro isn’t “The Metroid Studio”… when handed Donkey Kong, I was unsure but after DKCR and DKC:TF, it’s clear that the studio is talented.

    With that in mind, I wonder if they are in the mood to just create something from scratch. I would like to see what they would do with something that is more original on there plate.

    It’s something to keep an eye on to be sure.

  • NimbusStev

    “We’re not gonna say we’re working on Metroid buuuut…. we’re working on Metroid.”

  • buuhhu

    Metroid Prime 4 pls…

  • Immortal1

    Nintendo kind of needs a big Metroid game for the Wii U…

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