Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets Another New Character In Arcades

By Sato . March 3, 2014 . 11:11am

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be getting the cute gothic lolita character, Marie Rose, in an update coming this spring; but it looks like the arcade version will also be getting another new character—a mysterious hooded lady, by the name of “Phase-4”.


According to a report at Famitsu, Donovan’s organization “MIST” has created a new Kasumi clone, with the code name of “Kasumi α (Alpha) Phase-4”. Phase-4 is a human weapon that is the latest development in the organization’s Project Alpha plan.


She is the latest prototype model from Project Alpha, and even has the memories and heart as a human, which is said to make her a sorrowful existence. Now that they’ve entered the testing phase, she’ll be thrown directly into combat.



Phase-4’s fighting style is based off Kasumi’s Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Tenjin Mon), along with some other modifications mixed in as a human weapon. She seems to be covered by some sort of mysterious black mist, and its details remain a secret for the time being.



Phase-4 will be unleashed this spring for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade.

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  • David García Abril

    Wow, I definitely didn’t see this one coming! Yeah, there was that stinger at the end of the DOA5 story mode, but I thought that would come on DOA6 or something.

    Would this be to the DOA series what Evil Ryu is to the “Street Fighter” series?

    At first I thought this would be like Kasumi Alpha in “DOA: Dimension”, aka, Kasumi with her pre-DOA4 move set. People tend to forget this, but Kasumi got her move set changed in DOA4 so much that she was practically a completely new character: So they put Kasumi Alpha in DOA:D to have both versions of Kasumi. However, judging from the screen caps… it doesn’t look like this is the same case.

    As long as this comes as a free DLC, consider me interested.

    • doubleO7

      Well, Marie Rose is confirmed to not be free, so I doubt Alpha Phase-4 will be either.

      • David García Abril

        Wait, WHAT?

        If you mean in the F2P version, yeah, that makes sense.

        But I had heard that she was gonna be free for those who have the retail version!

        • doubleO7

          I don’t believe we’ve heard any official statement about her being free, unless I just missed it?

          I guess we could be misinterpreting this. All I’m going on is a fan translation of the Famitsu article at DOAWorld, but that’s what it seems to suggest.

          There’s also the end of her new trailer which appears to list a DLC pack and a Character + DLC bundle, which wouldn’t make sense if she was free.

          If it turns out to be true I’ll be disappointed, but not entirely surprised. I can’t imagine its cheap making new characters.

          • David García Abril

            I guess we’ll have to wait for am official global announcement…

            In any case, like I said you’re gonna have to pay for her in the Free to Play version for PS3. The question is whether that will happen too in the retail version.

            Maybe the confusion comes from there?

          • Sakurazaki

            According to this eventhubs article, she is going to be free DLC.


            Google translating the famitsu article also says that she (or something, maybe the update) will be “(free)”. I honestly don’t see TN saying anything about this and just releasing the patch/DLC with nothing to say.

            I dunno.

          • doubleO7

            Ok, I think its the bit about the update that’s causing some confusion. The guy over at DOAWorld that translated it claims that the “free” bit was in reference to the update, not Marie Rose.

            So I don’t know if he mistranslated, and MR really will be free, or if EventHubs got it wrong and she won’t be. I guess we’ve just gotta wait and see.

          • Nitraion

            Hmm i bet the paid version is the free download version..
            (well the google translate said so at least ^^”)

          • Arrngrim

            Free DLC from Team Ninja? Ha… $$$$$$

  • Somebodyissilent

    How and why are they cloning Kasumi? Someone tell me please.

    • TheCynicalReaper

      She’s the most moe Princess Ninja that ever could
      Why wouldn’t they?

      Really though is because she’s as close to the “ultimate fighter” as DOA has aside from Hayabusa and has royal blood or something that makes her even more important.
      Also the Masked Man has a thing for Kasumi. So yeah

      • Guest

        How did they get her dna? Never mind.

      • Souffrir

        Hasn’t she not won a single tournament since the first, though?

        I mean, Hayabusa won the second, Ayane won the third… I’m not sure who’s canonically supposed to have won the fourth and fifth.

    • David García Abril

      Long story short:

      The DOA1 tournament’s true intention was to capture the winner, who would be THE most powerful warrior in the world, and clone him/her to create the ultimate bio-weapon.

      Since Kasumi won the first DOA tournament, she was the one.

      Then the whole thing got more and more complicated as the series progressed.

      • Somebodyissilent

        Well it is a fighting game. They don’t have deep stories. Thank you.

        • David García Abril

          Actually, the central plot, which involves DOATEC and the Mugen Tenshin village, is not half bad as far as “fighting tournament” stories go.

          This would include Kasumi, Ayane, Hayabusa, Hayate, Helena, Lisa and the Big Bag, Donovan.

          The rest of the characters and sub-plots, on the other hand…

          • Somebodyissilent

            The Ninja Gaiden crew gets better treatment than the rest.

          • Brion Valkerion

            It basically is a plot about the ninja’s with random side characters. Ryu less so since he has his own game series. He’s kinda the “-sigh, guess i’ll save the others AGAIN- Ninja haha.

            But you see this character at the end of DoA5’s story mode, also near the end its literally a “kill all the kasumi clones” cutscene but this character is the one that started the “clone hunt” so to speak after she attacks Bayman in the opening.

            Figured she would be a DoA6 character but oh well.

          • David García Abril

            Ryu’s involvement in this series is… kinda weird, to say the least. lol

            Yeah, he saved the day a couple of times (namely DOA2 and two or three cutscenes in later games), but sometimes he acts as he could end the whole thing in less than a second (DOA4), while others he acts as he needs backup (DOA5).

            I guess these things happen when you are the main character from a different story set in the same universe.

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            blame tecmo. they try to make hayate a interest character and stronger ninja than Ryu. but they just fail at this department

          • David García Abril

            Actually, it feels to me as the contrary.

            They don’t want to make any character to be explicitly more powerful than the others. I guess both to keep the story consistent with the gameplay (or something…) and to not upset the fans of each character too much.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            The Mugen Tenshin clan must be the worst ninja clan I’ve ever read about.

            The head’s brother rapes the head’s wife and just gets banished.

            Kasumi steals her brother’s dagger to kill the head’s brother over a different incident and the whole clan is out for Kasumi’s head.

            What the F?

          • David García Abril

            Actually, Raidou wasn’t “just banished”. He escaped while pretty much crushing anyone in his path, including Hayate.

            The rape thing was more strange, though, since they never gave any details about the incident…

          • Somebodyissilent

            Man this is a really deep story. Gonna have to look into it more.

        • koksuckaahh

          Only exception is probably blazblue and persona4 arena.

          • Somebodyissilent

            Forgot about those two.

      • Vash bane

        interesting only played from 2 and up so I had no idea that’s why they were after her. but after I guess 3 or 4 (lol) …well it started not making much sense then.

    • Minos

      She has the power to defy gravity, they are cloning her to study her powers.

  • KingGunblader

    Love the design. It’d be cooler if this was an original character though.

    • David García Abril

      A DOA female character with no traces of sexuality whatsoever?



      Just joking. I think it’s a pretty cool design too, even if it’s a rip off from one of the enemy types from “Ninja Gaiden 3”.

      • raitouniverse

        just you wait until the dlc costumes, which will essentially just make her another kasumi.

        • David García Abril

          Considering they haven’t done that with Alpha-152, maybe they won’t.

          I hope…

          • pressstart

            Alpha-152 doesn’t need a costume because nekkid!

      • Arrngrim

        I still want to see her in DOA: Xtreme 3! Which WILL come eventually, they won’t ignore an easy pay-off like that.

        • David García Abril

          Ignore an easy pay-off and pander to horny fans or risking receiving MORE bad publicity now that feminism is more intense than ever in the industry?

          Decisions, decisions…

  • doubleO7

    According to the same Famitsu article, Marie Rose is coming to consoles on March 25th alongside another update. She’s not free, but there’s no price point yet.

  • artemisthemp

    I wanna know, I can play with Phase-4?

    • doubleO7

      Yes, in the arcade version by the end of the month. But like Marie Rose she’ll come to consoles a few months later.

  • Scipio

    At this rate, we’ll have a DOA game entirely filled with Kasumi clones.

  • Malpo

    The main problem I’ve had with these type of characters whether it’s Dural or Alpha or any other clone/robot/human weapon in a fighting game (and maybe I’m over thinking it) is the design. I hate the lack of true character models for a NEW character. I understand the initial design of Dural in VF 1 and 2. It was the limits of the tech at the time and/or a way to show off the tech. However, over time, with each new “storyline” improvement of the Dural character the model should have changed or at least gotten a couple of new costumes or something! As far as this character, this new Kasumi clone? Cut and dye her hair, maybe give her a scar or something to show her toughness but (of course) use the same face model since she’s a clone. I’d even say make her a bit more toned to show a life of constant training and battle. Give her something to make her different and yet sinister/dangerous. I also hope she can actually speak and show some personality. I really hated the whole way Alpha 152 was presented from the start.

    • Hines Green III

      Man I so agree with you on the Dural thing, since Dural plays a really big part in VF’s not existent plot, being Kagemaru’s mother and all.

      • Malpo

        Exactly! We all know fighting games have usually had poor story lines and VF is near the top of that list, especially since the actually story is only present in the manual for the game. However as a fan of VF, I read those manuals damn it! Put the story into the game! It would really be a tiny bit of icing on the great cake of game play that is VF, but I’d like to see it. It’s the little things, folks. Like in Street Fighter Alpha when Sagat holds his scar when he fights Ryu, or the friendly headlock Ken puts Ryu into before their battle. I know I’d love to see Kage confront his mom, Lau say something crappy to Pai before/after they fight, Vanessa acknowledge Sarah in some way before they throw down. Gamer pipe dreams are fun… and a dime a dozen lol.

    • Servant BerserCAR

      Fighting Games problems

  • megaten666

    Another Kasumi?
    Not really creative. I’m actually more hyped for Marie Rose. Now, she’s an eyecandy :D (and a deadly fighter of course… what else?!)

  • Just Tim

    Man, Tecmo Koei is making as many Kasumi clones as they can, just like with SNK and Kyo clones.


    • Arrngrim

      And we want to see all of them in DOA: Xtreme 3! (~.~)/

    • fairysun

      Guys, we have a serious contender here.

  • Callonia

    Manly Kasumis? I am fine with it.

  • DarthSithZero

    Bird lady(Jill) from RE5

  • RoyalR R.M

    Why not add this as costume.

  • Pdugna

    pft haha even fully dressed they the clone still lays on the floor probably dripping with weird sweat.

  • Ooh Bee

    She looks like one of those alchemists from NG3.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    ANOTHER ONE? I’ll wait and see if Tecmo Koei will release a definitive version of DOA5 for the Vita with all the characters and maybe even the DLC outfits. Maybe a story mode for each character? Okay, that last one was a bit of a stretch.

    Seriously, these updated releases are annoying. Was there no way of having the characters in DOA5U as DLC for the original DOA5?

  • KyoyaHibari

    Okay TK, let’s dial down the superpowers and clones a notch.

  • César H. Sandoval

    But She’s not showing any skin! are we sure this is a DOA character?

  • EinMugenTenshin

    As long as she has some original moves I’m fine with them slapping Kasumi’s face on it. From the looks of the costume design we won’t be seeing much of it anyways.

  • Nitraion

    Lol why he make so much kasumi clone this donovan is real pervert…

  • Darkrise

    Feels kind of lazy in having clones.


    When I saw a thumbnail I thought it was a new costume pack with hoodie for one of the characters. Too bad it’s not.
    Kasumi isn’t one of my mains, so I don’t really care bout Phase-4 but I guess it make sense they are adding Kasumi’s clone and not Ayane or Momiji since she’s the most popular character in the game. One Ayane is enough for me tho, I already have two versions of Hayate.

  • Mind0105A

    Donovan true plan is to have Kasumi Harem.

  • Loli Summoner

    DOA needs more dark skinned girls ;)

  • John Hayabusa

    Looks like a genderbent Alchemist from NG3.

  • Göran Isacson

    The latest and boldest change up in the history of Dead or Alive: A FEMALE CHARACTER THAT IS FULLY CLOTHED.

    I kid, and maybe it’s a lazy joke, but it is not even half as lazy as this character. A literal clone. I am almost struck blind by apathy.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    kasumi Clone….pulling a King of fighters on us

  • Slayven19

    I’ll take her, she looks pretty cool for a clone and I like that outfit.

  • Rolling Guy

    Where’s our DOAX3 Tecmo Koei?

  • XiaomuArisu

    Oh….So that what they teased in the Story mode ending!

  • Prettyboyred

    Doa, needs a plus size girl fighter.

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