Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Shipped Over 1.1 Million Units

By Spencer . March 7, 2014 . 1:43am

image Level-5’s PlayStation 3 RPG Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch shipped over 1.1 million units worldwide. Namco Bandai published the game in North America and Europe while Level-5 handled the release in Japan. Altogether with the Japan-only DS version, the Ni no Kuni series shipped 1.7 million units.


Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch All in One Edition will be on sale for just 1,000 yen via PlayStation Network starting on March 13. All in One Edition includes all of the DLC, easy mode, and extra familiars from the GREE game.

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  • Servant BerserCAR

    One of the 1 million here. It’s a great… no, it is a masterpiece game. The world need more game like this. b(^ ^d)

    • Ladius

      Graphics and art direction were fantastic indeed, and I really liked the cities and some of the dungeons, too, not to mention some of the game’s underlying themes.

      That said, I thought the battle system, the party AI, the monster taming and the customization were pretty mediocre, and I didn’t really feel the story in the second half of the game (the epilogue was particularly off putting, it was pretty obvious the original story didn’t include the last part). The characters weren’t really as fleshed out as I hoped, and without Drippy the party would have been rather lifeless.

      I had a good time with Ni no Kuni and I thought it was a huge improvement over L5’s previous PS3 efforts, but to be honest I would never call it a masterpiece.

    • katamari damacy

      I’m sad it ONLY sold a bit over a million. I was expecting 2 or 3 million. Tomb Raider Reboot sold 6 million(!) despite being released later.

      • Setsu Oh

        it is because it looked like a grown up thing. kids love that.

        when you design things for kids a bunch of the market (that buys TR) doesn’t even LOOk at your stuff.

    • subsamuel01

      Same bought it, not even a huge JRPG guy and I loved this game.

    • Spicydicey

      Absolutely- the best JRPG on PS3. Bring on the sequel!

    • Eilanzer

      The game have the same feel of Dragon Quest VIII…And it´s AMAZING!

    • psfam

      Same here, but still in my backlog, but plan on starting it soon.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Man, I’m still kinda bummed that the PS3 version is the only version that made it over. I understand why and I even think it was probably the smart business decision… but I’m one of the people who would have gotten TOTALLY into having a DS game with an actual physical book. I mean, so many 3DS games have been messing around with augmented reality but that game just went with straight up reality. This is your travel guide/book of spells, reference it as you need. It’s real, it’s in your lap.

    I mean, getting those super well made book menus in the PS3 game was pretty great as far as RPG menus go, but it’s just not the same thing.

    Again, I totally understand why that version didn’t make it over. Just a bummer to me personally.

    • Armane

      You mean you didn’t get the Wizard’s Edition with the physical book?

      • Ethan_Twain

        That’s not the same thing – the PS3 game is a different game from the DS game. The DS game is designed around the assumption that the player has this book with them at all times and the player needed to keep referencing it. The PS3 game was designed to streamline that clunky process. Which is fine and surely made for a more easily playable title, but kinda detracts from the unique appeal in the first place.

        Without the touch screen, the player isn’t looking up magical runes and inscribing them – it’s just a really nicely produced JRPG menu. Even though there were limited copies that came with the book, the game no longer revolved around it in the same way. Less unique. Bummer.

  • anthony apduhan

    Congrats Level-5, Namco Bandai, and Studio Ghibli!

  • Hound

    1,000 yen for the game + DLC + extras on PSN now that game is nearing the end of its selling cycle?

    omg.. I would so buy it if this was done for the English version. This is what I wish every game company would do. Release everything at once when the selling cycle is over with a price too cheap for physical release on PSN, etc.

    • well ni no kuni is only 7$ in PSN last week, it made me a little regretting my one day purchase of it now lol

  • grevlinghore

    Hah! I have the physical copy of the All in one Edition :>

  • neocatzon

    This game was really worth it. The only regret I have is the extra thick spellbook that didn’t come over.

    • I wanna be the Ramuh

      It did, in the Collector’s Edition. (Which was quite rare)

      • neocatzon

        Oh my god, I totally miss that one. Googling around, they’re really pricey.

        • Learii

          well the collector edition was $100 with the book, the doll, DLC and a golden coin

  • KingGunblader

    Ah, I still need to finish this game… Been away from it for so long I may just have to start over…

    • Abysswalker90

      You should. The story drags on a little at mid-game, but oh boy is it worth pressing through it.
      The entire last 1/4 of the game, I was literally playing it with my jaw dropped to my knees. What seems like a somewhat childish story, takes some mindblowing turns later on, it’s crazy. The ending is fantastic too.

      • KingGunblader

        I was also put off by some balancing issues. I stopped playing at the point in the game where the world opens up and you can go wherever to collect the MacGuffins.

        My party was around level 40, but every dungeon I went in we got slaughtered. And grinding in this game is even more of a chore than usual because you need a ton of different familiars…because the actual characters are mostly useless aside from Oliver’s magic spells.

        • Abysswalker90

          Oliver gets better later on, to a point where he’s on par with some of the best familiars, can’t say the same about the others though.

          It’s worth pressing through the grind, so just keep at it. You might want to look up some tips on leveling.

        • disgaea36

          yes thats why I stopped playing the game was too unbalanced for me.

    • meiam

      Meh, the last part of the game is just every JRPG ever, if you’ve played one before you already know how it end.

      If you’re worried about balance issue and capturing familiar, don’t be, at the end of the game Oliver is the only character worth using, you won’t even touch Familiar (except for one familiar who has a really cheap attack that kill every enemy in battle).

  • Rafael Martines

    Worth it, awesome game, sad all extra familiars are japanese exclusive only :'(

  • Kaetsu

    Hopefully all this Ni No Kuni money can fund another big RPG franchise that hasn’t seen an entry in a long time *wink* *wink*.

  • Pedro Furtado

    OH YES SPENCER I LOVE YOU! Japanese PSN paying off!

    I was going to buy this but was waiting until I got the HD support thing for my PS3… I’m now thankful for the mailing delay

  • SupaPhly

    how much of that was outside of japan?

    • Kaetsu

      Apparently the game sold better in NA than any other region.

  • mynameisdats

    One of the best JRPG of last gen.i

  • Kornelious

    Was a great game. It deserves it’s acclaim :)

  • Just started it last week. In the swimsuit city.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Where’s my sequel?

  • idrawrobots

    So how is this game a greatest hit in the US?

  • Rei

    I wish it got more sales.. It deserve more IMO. It’s a Masterpiece, I love it.

  • leingod

    Hope those are good numbers for the dev… I loved the game and would love to see more traditional JRPGs on consoles.

  • J_Joestar

    cool, to bad they never brought over the DS version though.
    even if it was in Japan only, it represented roughly 1/3 of the total sales.

    Sure, handhelds may not be as big in the rest of the world, but the DS had a pretty widespread distribution alongside backwards compatibility on the 3DS.

    • Trinity

      It was the spellbook that held it back, from what I understand.

  • Ladius

    It’s really nice to see jrpg sales picking up in the west, I imagine Namco must be really happy with the results of their new localization policies. According to NPD leaks, Project X Zone sold 87k in 2013 and Tales of Xillia managed to sell very well in the US, too: not on the same level as NNK, obviously, but apparently it’s the second best selling Tales game in the States after Symphonia GC.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      If that 87k for X Zone is even close to true, that is exceedingly hopeful. Would pretty much establish that the big players can make mid-tier games viable again. Although I’d suspect that would only remain possible on the handhelds.

      • Ladius

        The PXZ number is legit, it’s a NPD leak from the same NeoGaf insider that provides all the software and hardware NPD data used in sales threads. It caught me off guard, too, especially considering the results of some other 3DS jrpgs.

        We already knew PXZ had an unexpectedly good start (according to a previous NPD leak by the same person, the first month saw 53k sales, without digital copies) and the game had one or more reprints, but still it was a very nice surprise.

    • SerendipityX

      TOX sold over 1 million worldwide. est. 230,000 US/EU combined and the other 770,000 from JP.

      • Ladius

        The latest NPD number provided by the NeoGaf insider has Tales of Xillia at 156k in the US alone at the end of 2013, and that doesn’t include digital sales (which were probably very solid, especially after the game had a huge discount at the end of the year).

        While Symphonia GC’s numbers will probably never be reached again by a Tales game in the US, Xillia still managed to beat in six months the LTD numbers of all the other localized Tales games, including Vesperia (the latest NPD LTD has it at 151k, including the LE) and Symphonia DotNW (137k).

  • SerendipityX

    Ni No Kuni was actually one of the few RPGs I platniumed. It was a fun ride, especially the surprise bit with the Bunny head dude. Still couldn’t tell if that was costume or not…

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’ve been trying to get into this game, but I just haven’t been hooked yet. There’s some rather gaping plot holes I’ve noticed at the beginning, the combat is pretty slow-paced, the main character uses words like “jeepers” and “golly” more than Link in the CDi Zelda games, and Mr. Drippy is probably the most annoying character ever.

    Does the game get any better as it goes along? Because so far it’s been rather painful to play through.

    • DesmaX

      Nah, it doesn’t.

      I tried my hard to like this game, but I coudn’t. I don’t even know how I managed to beat it

    • Hikari Langley

      It’s to immerse the player into the time Ni No Kuni is set in. If you can’t stand that, it’s not really annoying but you aren’t gonna like the game.
      PS: Pea is super cute~ Sankify~

      • Spirit Macardi

        It’s hard to immerse myself in a time period where a little kid is somehow able to build a working motor vehicle from scratch.

        • leeorv

          Oh comeon! haven’t you ever done that? :P

        • Hikari Langley

          Well look have badly crafted it is, but since we are doing that. I guess I can’t really play Tales of.
          It’s hard to believe that a little girl is casting Spirit Artes at the age of 12.

          • Spirit Macardi

            It wasn’t badly crafted though. It only broke because some magician from an alternate universe decided to try to kill Oliver (way to go bad guys, you wouldn’t have had to worry about him finding you if you’d just left him alone).

          • Hikari Langley

            Point being, it’s fantasy. Realism isn’t going to be fully reflected in a video game.

  • leeorv

    What saddens me the most is that this press release (and most similar ones in the industry) fails to mention how many digital copies of the game were sold, despite the fact that the digital version was available day 1 and probably sold significant numbers.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    There was a DS version? o.o

    • British_Otaku

      The first release of Ni no Kuni was a DS game with a massive physical booklet where all of the spells were (spellbook), you had to draw the spells and it generally had the same plot that the PS3 version took.

      Outside Japan at the least, few people know about it as it was never localised:

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Congratz, Level-5!

  • Setsu Oh

    soooooo they havent learned their lesson? we still will have kiddy games after wodnderflick?

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