Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Troops Are A Loyal Bunch In Samurai Warriors 4

By Eugene . March 7, 2014 . 3:31pm


Blood, they say, is thicker than water. But today’s selection of characters includes several loyal to one man: Tokugawa Ieyasu. While Ieyasu is known as one of the great unifiers, he certainly couldn’t have done it without staunch allies and a gigantic spear/cannonball gun in his hand. Wait, what?


Tadakatsu Honda:

Check out those pecs! The staunch loyalist of Ieyasu is strong enough he’s able to barrel right through foes and have them take damage against his overpowering manliness. Perhaps he was the hidden master of this school?




The eldest daughter of Tadakatsu is a master bow shot and desires peace throughout the land. If that peace has to come at the end of an arrow to the knee, however, Inahime is more than willing to do the necessary.



Hattori Hanzo:

Does a legendary ninja name like that need much more introduction? Surprisingly, he’s linked quite closely with Ieyasu as one of Ieyasu’s most loyal retainers. Being all ninja-like, he’s got a super long garrote that can also be sparked with electricity.



Naotora Ii:

Naotora keeps apologizing, though we’re not sure what for. It’s pretty fun to see her ultimate skill though, where she goes “I’m sorry!” right before kicking enemy tushie.



Samurai Warriors 4 comes out on March 20 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • MrJechgo

    Tadakatsu Honda has to be the most annoying general of the entire game. He hits like a tank, soak damage like a tank and move like a tank. God is he annoying to fight. When you hear this… you’re pretty much screwed:

    • Vash bane

      I always thought of him as the lu-bu of SW …. and just like lu bu if i’m under leveled and hear any of their themes I run XD

      • MrJechgo

        Well, there’s no denying it: he IS SW’s Lu Bu.

        You know in which game he was a real nightmare to fight? SW Chronicles for 3DS. Why? Because of the game’s morale mecanic. The morale mecanic basically raises or lowers your stas depending on your situation and objectives. Fighting him with enemy high morale is NOT a good idea.

    • fyi1191

      When I first heard this OST in game, I felt too badass and immediately challenged him. You know what happens next.

  • Göran Isacson

    Kinda curious if Naotora Ii is based on a real person, or just someone they invented for the game. I do like that she just goes to town on the army with her BARE HANDS. You can’t fool me with that apologetic front, miss. I can see the killer in your eyes.

    • Vash bane

      are you sure she fights with her “bare hands” and not her feet?

      (her gameplay looks the same as the handheld version seems they added on to her. her musou ender looks different)

    • thedidact23

      She is. If I’m not mistaken she was the head of the family before naomasa’s son became of age though she still had a lot of power

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Naomasa is her son.

      • Lucky Dan

        Not exactly, read my comment below because that’s exactly what she was, essentially a backbencher of politics in those days

    • awkwardkorean

      Don’t you mean “Bear” hands?

    • Lucky Dan

      I thought that Naotora Ii was a Ii Naomasa one of Honda Tadakatsu generals but done some further research just another really minor female daimyo who done absolutely fuck all for a similar situation in the modern day its like one of the politicians who sit in the back bench and just look after its area before referring the issue to parliament/assembly.

      The only thing she was recognized for was adopting Ii Naomasa from a deposed Daimyo, who became one of the famed generals.

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, so she was an actual oerson, but one they’ve probably expanded on to fill some space on the roster? Gotcha.

  • Mind0105A

    So far the game looks really nice. That’s quite an improvement from the last games.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    RIP Shadow, you have become a kamen rider in a shining armor.

  • cyberkinghardy

    So when will KT localize this? I like Toukiden very much, and I want those Mitamas fight in 3D :))))

    • Grape Monet

      We’ll probably get the game sometime in Summer.

  • fyi1191

    Hanzo, welcome to the medieval ages. Awesome knigja armor there.


    Inahime, Tadakatsu, and Hanzo’s move sets definitely look better compared to their SW2 counterparts (I did not get to play SW3).

    It’s essentially the same in “look” but the moves seem to come out much faster so they chain together better. Hanzo in particular was pretty bad for this in SW2 where his Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle move was so slow that he’d get interrupted if a peon happened to strike.

    Naotora is kawaii <3

  • Lucky Dan

    So how they gonna explain the sex change for Nomtara Ii from being a capable general to a big breasted female that is afraid to hurt a fly? (with the iconic Team Ninja Dead or Alive attire of course).

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      The hell are you talking about? Naotora Ii was always a woman, historically, and was one of very few Female Daimyo in the Sengoku Era…you might be thinking of her son, Naomasa.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Alexander is right. Naotora Ii was a female daimyo, a rare occurrence but one that did exist. She basically served as regent for her son, Naomasa, until he came of age because he was only 2 years old at that time.

      • Lucky Dan

        Ii Naomasa was an adopted Son of a deposed lord very major difference in those days

        • PoweredByHentai

          I’m pretty sure that Naomasa’s dad was executed by his Imagawa lord out of paranoia or something. It’s the only reason I can think of for why Naomasa ended up with Tokugawa.

          • Lucky Dan

            Probably said something stupid to him, doesn’t take much to get executed in those days.

          • PoweredByHentai

            If I recall correctly, it had to do with treason and paranoia since the entire Imagawa faction disintegrated after the Battle of Okehazama, the one where Nobunaga famously destroyed the Imagawa leadership via a surprise attack.

  • Yan Zhao

    Dat Hanzo.

  • Fox

    So glad this is coming out in North America. Shame there’s no PS4 version, though. And that we’re not getting the Vita version, either.

    I wonder–do we know if the gameplay is fast-and-frantic like DW8, or slow-and-measured like SW3 or Chronicles?

    • leingod

      What? The Vita version isn’t getting localized? That’s the one I was looking forward to :(

  • Ric Vazquez

    Dat Naotora, oppailicious.

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