Hideo Kojima Shares His Favourite Metal Gear Solid Game And More

By Ishaan . March 13, 2014 . 2:01pm



In a recent interview with GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley, streamed via Twitch, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima shares which his favourite game in the series is.


“This has to be Metal Gear Solid 1,” Kojima said through a translator. “Up to that point I had been in games as a game designer only. With Metal Gear Solid 1, I was fortunate enough to handle the role of producer, to handle the economic side, also as a game creator.”


“I had to do pretty much everything for that game, which was very tough,” Kojima recalls. It was a very difficult time, but at the same time it was really fun.”


“Neither I nor anyone else expected Metal Gear Solid to sell at all, so I was fortunate, because I didn’t have to think, ‘I have to sell this game this much’ so pretty much all I did was, put in that game all the things I liked. To achieve that, we went for military training, we went to SWAT team demonstrations.”


He concludes, “I didn’t think at all of how to sell well because I didn’t expect it to sell. Also, people surrounding me didn’t have expectations. I didn’t have the pressure of ‘you have to sell this much,’ so that was really good.”


You can view the interview in its entirety above, courtesy of Tecnhophilz.

  • Superior Spider-Man

    Hideo Kojima is the one man on the planet with a mind more superior than my own!

    • straightthrucru

      How are you here? Didn’t Parker take his body back or whatever?

      • Superior Spider-Man

        Take his body back? Parker makes my spider devices! What do you mean take his body back?

        • straightthrucru

          Uh. Peter Parker reprises his role as the webslinger after issue 31 of The Superior Spider-Man?

          • Superior Spider-Man

            Are you telling me Parker plans on betraying me and taking my body?

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            and another universe has born

          • Superior Spider-Man

            I know nothing of this Ultimate Spider-man!

          • Guest

            Perhaps? Beware the ides of march, and all that.

          • Spider-Man

            Yes he is.

          • Superior Spider-Man

            Hold on a minute people… I just found a tumor that needs to get cut out…. Parker.. You f&%*ed up. Wiping memory… again..

    • César H. Sandoval

      Shut up Spidey, you and your 2099 version have your faces full of Osborn’s Spider-Slayers anyway!

      • Superior Spider-Man

        A situation that moronic imbecile caused. However it is a minor inconvenience at best. Goblin thinks he can take on the great Doc Octav… Superior Spider-man??? NEVER!!!

  • He looks like 25…
    There is only one way

  • xXDGFXx

    Looks young, sounds young, but he’s old… what?

    • Spicydicey

      It’s all in the hair!

  • Takane Shijou

    With how much focus there is on Big Boss, I’m honestly kind of surprised by this.

    • X_Bacon

      Me too, I was really expecting him to say it’s MGS3.

  • Morningstar

    I’m kinda unsurprised, Didn’t Kojima try to kill off the series during and after MGS2?

    • Wait what

      Kinda. It’s not so much he tried to kill the series off, but more he’s just always thinking that he wants to end it properly. He originally wanted to end it with MGS2, as far as I know. But the only time he properly tried to give it a finale was MGS4.

  • powerlessbump

    Okay, where are the Doritos and Mountain Dew?

    • passthegrenadeplease

      At you nearest local grocery store, duh.

  • In other words: “My favorite MGS was the first one, back before I was sick of it!!”

  • GH56734

    “I didn’t think at all of how to sell well because I didn’t expect it to sell. Also, people surrounding me didn’t have expectations. I didn’t have the pressure of ‘you have to sell this much,’ so that was really good.”

    Which is why games used to be good back then. Innovation, creative process not sullied to please the suits. Now everything at Capcom and Konami (even MGS, evidenced by the recent 40$ demo) went down the gutter.

    Kojima can’t even do games he like besides MGS. Iga is denied the chance to do his budget handheld Castlevania titles as the consideration “2D/Metroidvania no longer sells, need to imitate COD/GTA/more linearity/more handholding/more visuals and less substance” comes before the creative/risk taking/IP evolution/establishing long term considerations.

    • Yause

      He’s sugar coating the situation a bit.

      No one had specific expectations because Japanese publishers could often turn a profit just by shipping the game. Development costs were low enough, masses of stuff got shipped to retailers (and the publishers had the clout to get away with “no return” policies. That is, if they overshipped a game – and they dictated how many copies each store had to order – it was the retailer’s problem), and customers were eager for product. Even if a retailer got screwed on an overshipped game, hot sales of other titles more than made up for the loss.

      Square and Nintendo tended to peg targets at a million copies per game (and the former could expect sales of at least 500,000 copies for a mid-tier RPG release).

      It was a big party for publishers and retailers, and responsibility flew out the window. However, all that came crashing down shortly after…..

      Edit: To clarify, this condition was specific to the PSOne era. For cartridge software (Famicom, Super Famicom, Gameboy), there was always huge risk involved with producing too many units. The PlayStation was a miracle because the demand for games increased, and with CD manufacturing, there was much less risk for either publishers or retailers.

  • KnifeAndFork

    I remember when MGS 1 was coming out..

    I was excited for it but…

    I was equally excited for Tenchu if not more due to it not having a top down view and being about ninjas, as well as arguably sporting better graphics…

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