Objection! We Want ALL These Pre-order Goodies For Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection

By Eugene . March 16, 2014 . 5:00pm

It’s that time again to open your wallets and then pause, like a deer caught in oncoming headlights. Which place to pre-order Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection from in Japan?


The Nintendo 3DS game will naturally come with special pre-orders from different places—that is, if you didn’t already pre-order from the e-Capcom store and get one of those special limited editions.



The list of pre-order bonuses, as according to Game Jouhou, is as follows:



Animate picks up a largish 305mm by 203mm bromide. (Upper left)

Ami Ami gets a cleaner cloth. (Upper right)

Stella Worth gets a 2L bromide. (Lower left)

HMV Online gets one of those little puzzle keychains where you slide the tiles around to form the full picture.


D4anfDQ - Imgur

Also, that art book that will be shipped exclusively with e-Capcom orders has also been revealed to be a fan book with the above art cover. As mentioned, it will come with sketches and other art from the first three games.


Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection is to be released April 17th on the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Luis Camargo

    At this time, I would like even an e-Shop release in the US.

    Capcom, plz.

  • The goodies are really cool! But even an eShop release is okay for me if that’s the only way to release this game outside Japan.

  • British_Otaku

    I tend to dislike all exclusives all over the place, though it is clear that the e-Capcom releases are the winners for just about any Capcom game. Fortunately, it is just trinkets (even if it makes any limited edition feel a little empty) instead of content as it would be if it wasn’t a remake of a DS set of games which is a remake of a GBA set of games.

    Already got the e-Capcom one preordered and recommend fellow Japanese 3DS owners go and get one of the versions as it will also have the English translation.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m still deciding if i should just stick w/ my AmiAmi pre-order of just the game + drama CD for ~$50 (I don’t need the cleaning cloth) or the E-capcom LE which is about $110 total, making the extra artbook and reflect charm about $60 or so.. *.*;; seems like it’s a compilation of the 3 previous fanart books (128pg) w/ info and interview and such.. wonder if it’s worth it.. just the game w/ special packaging and drama CD seems like the best deal.. and these 3 are old games.. I actually still have the Jpn dual language DS ver for the trilogy.. so this is kinda like a collector’s item.. just cost so much to buy these eCapcom or S-E store ver outside of Jpn :( it’s actually just 6200 yen in Jpn..

  • Nanaki

    If I was living in Japan, I would probably have to go to Ami Ami. It isn’t often one gets a chance to dirty Phoenix and Edgeworth. ;)

    • fireemblembeast

      Maybe you already knew, but you don’t have to live in Japan to buy from their website. I get all my stuff from there :D

      • Aoshi00

        yeah, AmiAmi has the best price when it comes to LE, but too bad they don’t carry eCapcom or S-E store items :( and it’s expensive around $110 from the other stores.. but just the game + drama CD from AmiAmi is ~$50.. i’m wondering if the artbook (which they picked the contents from the 3 official fanbooks) would be worth it.. or just settle for the drama CD..

  • Scissors

    Are these a port of the mobile versions? If so I think I’d rather just stick to the DS versions and enjoy the original pixel portraits.

  • Firekitty

    Really hope this gets a US release…if only so I can actually support the series this time around (I was late to the boat, and couldn’t get new copies of the first three games :).

  • Atwa

    Smartphone assets, no thanks ill hold on to my DS cartridges.

  • *Sigh* And this, this is why I need to bust ass harder on my Japanese lessons. I’m sort of in awe of how many Westerners actually have Japanese 3DS’s and play Japanese-language games. It’s like “O_____O Teach me your secrets, Sensei!”

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