Dragon Quest VII Remake Studio Creating Tower Defense RPG For 3DS eShop

By Ishaan . March 18, 2014 . 2:00pm

Back in 2010, ArtePiazza, the studio behind the Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake, released a tower defense game for DSiWare, titled Arrow of Laputa. This game is getting a sequel on the Nintendo 3DS, titled Arrow of Laputa: A Shadowless Teacher and the Key of Chiron.


The game will be available on March 26th in Japan. Details on the title have not yet been announced, but a teaser site has been erected, and it shouldn’t be long before the studio begins to share information on the game.


Aside from their work on the remakes for Dragon Quest IV, V, VI and VII—as well as significant work on the original Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest VII—ArtePiazza have also worked on a number of DSiWare games over the years, very few of which have been localized.


Accel Knights, an action game where knights ride motorcycles, in particular, caught our eye back in 2010. The studio’s most recent project was, of course, the remake of Dragon Quest VII for 3DS, for which they handled development, art direction, scenario writing, CG design, programming and creation of development tools.

  • You guys just love reminding us of the Dragon Quest VII remake don’t you?

  • First started reading “Dragon Quest VII…” and in my head I completed the sentence automatically “is coming to the USA”….and then disappointment…once again *pouty face*

    • Kaetsu

      I started reading it as “Dragon Quest VIII remake…” and started freaking out. I’m disappointed.

      • Let me comfort you Jacky Frost :(

        • Kaetsu


    • awat

      Lolz same here mate *sigh*

  • Slayven19

    I love the female on the far right, she’s pretty tall and looks to have a nice build.
    Edit:she’s also fully clothed, I thought her breast were kinda exposed at first but it was just the collar.

    • Eh. I’d say it still suffers from an over-complicated design and characters with odd anatomy (like their wide-wide shoulders).

      • Even though I agree, it is refreshing to see a fully clothed female (or even equally clothed as the guys) and quite rare.

        • haha Don’t worry, as a long-time girl gamer who’s familiar and bored with risqué designs in videogames, I’d never argue that.

          • Hah, right? When I was young, I’d barely pick up on it and could cut more slack, but now? Pfft, nah. It’s so glaringly obvious, and it’s hard to cut devs/designers slack anymore.

        • John Diamond

          Iunno man. I see that pretty often. but it may just be the games i play

          • I see it, but as I start paying attention or have it pointed out to me, I notice how often it occurs.

            What games are you playing out of curiosity though? x’D

          • John Diamond

            jrpg’s like star ocean, final fantasy, tales of and prince of persia and stuff, ff tactics

            There may be the odd girl walking around scantily clad, but then you have characters like estelle, rita, and farah. Imo having the odd scantily clad person does show a difference in in-game culture.

            and tbh, with games set in modern eras, if i see a girl wearing reavealing clothing that doesn’t look plain stupid, i wouldn’t count it, as it’s sorta realistic in the sense that i would see girls wear stuff like that irl

          • Ahh. Yeah, overall the Tales series has pretty good designs, and even the skimpier clad gals have less focus on how sexy they are versus mature or elegant or something, which is nice. (Less clothing does not automatically equal sexy and vice versa~.)

            It depends. I mean, I’ve seen ridiculous/stupid stuff irl, but it really depends on what the creators are going for (and how they justify it in-game). Sometimes, I’ve seen them include fashions I see people wear, but completely miss why it’s worn or why that style has evolved. But maybe that’s just me being a woeful fashionista.

          • John Diamond

            the thing is that, unless it’s woefully stupid. I really don’t give a crap about what they look or dress up as.

            The thing i think about video game, is that they’re fantasy’s y’know. The girls there wearing them skimpy clothings are ‘attractive’ and confident in what they’re wearing, even some of them have gigantic boobs. on the male side of things, you got people like dante, with the six-pack, that guy from gears of war with huge muscles.

            It’s the same sort of junk you see in comic books, which people simply label as sexist. imo they just gotta lighten up. (don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with not liking constant costume tropes)

          • It goes a few ways to me. I enjoy fanservice and sexuality, but a lot of creators don’t handle it right and can’t seem to properly deal with a sexy girl, so it gets obnoxious real fast (made worse by how often it happens). Of course, characters like Dante are fun because he is sexy to all sides of the field, but those musclehead guys are also just created for guys, so ultimately all the fanservice goes one way which is more irritating.

            There are some fun exceptions~. But they’re also incredibly rare across all fields (manga, games, etc).

            Also, I can’t let it go even though it’s fantasy. x’D
            But that goes back to bad handling, because creators often want me to accept some form of reality somewhere and except my suspension of disbelief to hold up elsewhere, when it does not apply. And it just gets bad.

          • John Diamond

            I must disagree with you there, If people like Dante and those muscleheads were made for men, then does that make the men on the covers of romance books fantasies for men?

            either way it gets real stupid both ways.

            on topic though. there is too much going on in those character portraits…

          • I think Dante is made for (straight) guys as much as he is ladies because as sexy as he is, he also plays into badass, playboy tropes and the muscleheads are power fantasies, but not created as sexual fantasies for ladies (whereas a sexy female is a sexual fantasy, but not physically depicted as powerful, so it’s one-way).

            But it does get stupid both ways.

      • Slayven19

        Overcomplicated design is nice every once in awhile in my opinion. All the designs above is like that so it matches at least the rest of the artstyle.

  • Slickyslacker

    *pants heavily* Just wait until E3, just wait until E3…

    This looks cool anyway. Handhelds host tower defense games well, and the eShop is the perfect place to confine them to.

    • I’m both excited and fearful of what E3 might bring over or won’t…And TD games are perfect for 3DS (that Steamworld Defense game was good)

  • DigitalFowl

    The DQVIII portable version runs on Unity.

    Vita allows games to run on it in Unity.

    Square Enix, what do I have to do to get you to rip that game and put it on my VITA already? Do I need to buy a copy of Lightning Returns even though it would probably destroy part of my soul to do so? Do I need to buy 180 days worth of FFXIV sub? Do I… do I have to spend money on FF ATB on my iPhone?

    Seriously guys, tell me what to do to get this game released in the states on a device I actually want to play this game on. DQVIII has such a special place in my heart as ‘the’ BEST RPG ever made, I want to play it again really badly.

  • Kaetsu

    It’s funny how we all started talking about Dragon Quest instead of this tower defence game.

    • Senka

      Well, I was actually interested in what anyone that played the first tower defense game thought about it. I’m always a sucker for these for a day or two.

  • Yay~! I really love ArtePiazza, so I hope we have more 3DS (and Wii U) titles from them, both e-shop and retail – and hopefully original.

  • CozyAndWarm

    [insert obligatory DQVII localization request here]

    I’ll have look up the original game, I wonder what a tower defense game by the DQ devs is like.

  • awat

    when i read DragonQuestVII i thought what would follow would be < is going to get localized TwT F** THIS GUWAAAAHh i havent touched my 3DS for weeks now the onlly game i really root for is DQVII goddarn it just localize it already

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