More Details On Freedom Wars’ City-State War Mode

By Sato . March 19, 2014 . 1:30am

Earlier today, we reported that Freedom Wars will be released on June 26th for PlayStation Vita, and will include four modes at launch, with online multiplayer and PvP modes to be added on a later update. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares more info on the game. (Thanks, Hokanko-alt)


The City-State War mode is made of 47 Panapticon prefectures (which is the same number of prefectures in Japan), each will be competing to develop themselves. Their resources will be limited, and the Panapticons will need to invade others to acquire them through combat between prisoners.


You will be placed into one of these 47 prefectures, and as you acquire resources for your Panapticon, they’ll go into its development. The more developed Panapticons will even be able to take over other ones in a game of territorial control. There will also be a ranking for the City-State War mode, so that you can see how the different prefectures are doing.


While details on the said “resources” are still scant, the magazine reports that it seems like they’ll be parts for making artificial Abductors.


Prisoners (players) who contribute to their Panapticons will be able to unlock different customization features for their Accessory partners, such as the speech options. You’ll also be able to set speech lines to correspond with certain actions or for responses of gratitude.


Freedom Wars will be released in Japan on June 26, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • AnotherVistor02

    It just keeps getting better and better.
    Hopefully the next news regarding freedom wars is localization :D

    • raven772

      My thoughts exactly. The more I hear the more I want to see the next article announcing localization.

    • natchu96

      How will they have to split the city-states though . . . Countries are both too numerous and too low on usercount compared to Japan to be used as a basis, and they’re also really far apart.

      • Kai2591

        Maybe we can choose the prefecture.

      • TheExile285

        they keep it based on the Japanese prefectures and randomize which one you get put in

        • natchu96

          Well I guess that’s the cheap (and practical) way out XD

      • tubers

        Well, they could just use the JPN places for Western use specially for the Single Player Campaign.

        Not sure how they’d do the inter-continental interactions. I doubt it would be real time. Maybe ghost profiles or some other asymmetric mechanic.

  • tubers

    Check out the fresh new trailer:

    Howy kwap!

    Wall Cling + Shoot
    Good verticality

    Damn Sony.. all’s missing is RIDEABLE MECHS! Lost Planet in my pocket!

    • tubers

      I wish the framerate was more solid tho :(

    • Raze

      Does this game has sniper?

      It will be a good thing by just go to the highest ground of the area and shoot from there….

      • tubers

        The trailer shows a red humanoid npc with a sniper on the 2nd floor so I’d be confident in saying “yes”.

        There also seems to be fist weapons worn by the old and young Sakamotos.

        As for going to the highest ground, I think there will be invisible walls and won’t reach certain building tops. That’s just a nitpick tho.

        • natchu96

          Just hookshot as far up as you go, dangle, and aim with one arm because anime/JRPG-physics dictates that recoil/kick can either be exaggerated or made nonexistent at your convenience, making it possible to aim with one arm.

    • natchu96

      That shot was in the last trailer as well, but I gotta say the protagonist must lift a lot of he’s bringing a sword fight to a draw using just a knife and his right arm when the opponent was using a two-handed longsword.

    • MXC

      Well would you look at that, you can run fast in this game!
      Also lol at the person who made their accessory be able to say
      yes master(イエス、 ますたー).

      • tubers

        Yes. That was interesting.

        It seems you can actually type syllables and the game would translate it into your Android’s voice.

        The user typed “yesu, masuta-“, like literally in English alphabets using the VITA’s virtual keyboard.

        I’m still skeptic since I remember reading there were only preset words. Let’s see how this goes.

    • xavier axol

      wait so, PVP really does mean player vs player right?

      • TheExile285


        • I thought it meant pokemon vs pokemon D: D: D:

          • TheExile285

            nah, its Persona vs Persona :V

          • natchu96

            PvE is Persona versus Eldritch Abomination

    • tubers

      Regarding PVP in that trailer, it may not be the case.

      It seems those are just campaign NPC enemies similar to Soul Sacrifice’s mage boss fights and not fighting archfiends.

  • Roberto

    now that great

  • ZeroV3

    The PvP function is way too awesome, and it seems like nearly MMO PvP type, like clan war or something?.. Thumbs up for this game!

  • mockturtle

    May the odds be ever in your favor…


    Sony’s really going all-out with making this as impressive a title as possible. I hope they do wind up releasing this in the US, but I can understand them being hesitant to confirm it or not. A domestic release would need a lot of work.

  • michel

    This is probably going to be *THE* Vita game, this year.

    • tubers

      Yeah, Western PSV Sony studios have given up.

      BL2 info so far from today’s GDC isn’t good news on top of being a port.

  • refrain

    I wonder if the text-to-speech in the English version would support japanese…

    • Firekitty

      If Sony really loves us, the English version will be dual-audio and support text-to-speech in both languages.

  • Lemski07

    I got a feeling that this game have lots of replay-ability and would last long.

    • tubers

      The biggest problem I see is the lack of enemy variety.

      So far they’ve mostly showing just body swapped biped Abductors.

      I think that will be one of the biggest issues with the game and wouldn’t exactly be a “long lasting” game in the sense of lacking enemy types.

      • xXDGFXx

        There’s also the few weapon types we’ve seen. So far I’ve seen a blade, fist, and gun type weapon, but that’s a pretty small list. Still, I want this.

        • tubers

          Well that’s what usually the main categories are of most games for main weapons: Blades and Guns.

          It could expand more but I don’t really think it really a small list until we get to know how much there are sub-models (e.g. there are many short blades in God Eater 2).


          -Long Sword

          -? “Trailer” Blade (katana variant?), see the scene of MC vs Antagonist.


          -Missile Launcher (separate, if you check the models.. it’s ok if you want to classify them as the same with RPGs)
          -Assault Rifle
          -Handgun (Check Accessory screenshots)


          ITEM BASED:

          -Grenades/”Magnetic” or Sticky Grenades
          -Land Mines

          I guess substantially “missing” might be, more energy based projectiles (Plasma weapons).

          Sub Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and Shot Guns, I guess. But depending on the available sub types for “Assault Rifles” or “RPGs” this may not be a big deal.

          It would suck if what’s shown are the only weapons available throughout the entire game; a single weapon for each category.

  • Kai2591

    I’ll work hard for my robo waifu so that I can unlock more customization features!

    Hmm..I think Ima gonna make her a loli! woooot~

    • AnotherVistor02

      Why not make both the player character and the robo waifu lolis :D

      • Kai2591


        Tip of my hat to you, Sir :D

        • AnotherVistor02

          That was what I was gonna do when I get the game as soon as I saw the character/android customization included height option XD

          • Steven Higgins

            My player is gonna be pretty normal, but the accessory will be the tough guy/battle hardened warrior type. Actually make him look like a warden

      • tubers

        No. Should follow the Old man + loli template.

        Loli MC + Geezer Accessory :P

        • Kai2591

          haha that’s interesting too

  • GOLD

    announce localization and you have a customer.

  • Freud_Hater

    God dammit this game looks cool, just announce a goddamn North American release already >___<

  • mike dickson

    wow PvP now that’s new ? i had 0 interest in this game reason why the prisoner system is just stupid and the fact the game looks like soul sacrifice with grappling hooks that’s not really something to talk about but with PvP mentioned this could possibly change my mind

    • tubers

      It will have PVP but I think the trailer only showed NPC fodder for campaign.

      Also, I would advise to not expect traditional TPS controls. It looks like you can’t strafe and aim at the same time. Shooting is mapped on Square instead of R (similar to God Eater).

      R is used for the Thorn (Grappling).

      • mike dickson

        i khow there’s PvP i read the article lol but thanks for the heads up Tubers do you think if NA will get a demo of freedom wars ?

        • tubers

          I’m sorry I can’t confirm that :(

          I think we’ll get one tho like Soul Sacrifice 1.

          We will just have to wait and see :D

  • Kaetsu

    I can’t help but call Panapticon, Patapon.

    • Earthjolly

      I want patapon 4 :3

      • Kaetsu

        Same here. It would be a great fit for the Vita.

  • Ric Vazquez

    God Eater 2 and this game are the top 2 games I want localized for VIta

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