• AuraGuyChris


    • ZEROthefirst

      Betta get da police over ther, he’s dangerous~

  • Firion Hope

    Just keep making weird games and Ill be happy

    • Pyrofrost

      My thoughts exactly ^_^
      Even though the gameplay and mechanics of his games have never been stellar, his games have a style and charm that other devs don’t bring to the table. There is enough style and charm to overlook his game’s shortcomings, and that’s why I keep buying his games.

      • Shippoyasha

        I hope his idea of wanting to question the whole ‘analog sticks = movement’ thing doesn’t mean he experiments a tad too much to a point where it gets janky again. I’m okay with analog stick movement, Suda!

        • Pyrofrost

          I honestly don’t think his games will stop being sub-par as far as controls and gameplay goes. The company has always put style and creativity over gameplay.

          To have a game running as smooth and flowing as (Itagaki’s) Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, or Metal Gear Rising; you need a capable team, and Grasshopper doesn’t have that kind of talent. If they do, they’ve definitely never attempted to execute that.

          I certainly don’t mind if he decides to get experimental with controls; but I really feel like his team should concentrate on learning how to create something free-flowing and smooth first. If they put out something that ends up just being gimmicky as hell, and plays like ass on top of it, he will only be pushing away the people who already love his work.

      • EinMugenTenshin

        Just imagine the day the manage to get the gameplay parts right.

  • MrJechgo

    So basically, he wants to break molds and create new ones. I’m fine with that. Then again, name me just ONE game from this guy that you would consider “normal”.

  • Vash bane

    o.O I really hope theres no movement type thing lol (never finished heavenly sword because of that >_<)

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 禍津水樹 (MagatsuMizuki)

    I hope Lily Bergamo turns out to be an awesome game or I will be dissapoint

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMizuhashi Garyuu (& Spyke)

      This game needs to be proof of Suda’s words.

    • AnimusVox

      Likewise; I’ve got some high hopes for that game (even though I shouldn’t just to be safe).

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMizuhashi Garyuu (& Spyke)

        Oh great, you both said “hope.” Out comes Komaeda again (i.e. Roberto Souza).

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMizuhashi Garyuu (& Spyke)

    Changing things up is all well and good so long as you make it as good as you claim. If those old Grasshopper traits include the notorious lack of performance in controls and gameplay, if he’s going to make them tighter and more polished, then I’m all for the change.

  • Mind0105A

    I still didn’t play No More Heroes, but I saw some videos there. This might seem weird, but the main character gives that kind of Kramer from seinfield vibes.

    • GVmanX

      Everyone in No More Heroes is kinda Kramery.

  • Captain Levi

    Just what I wish for.

  • Six

    So he wants to make a game that doesn’t play like janky ass? Sign me up. As of right now, Lily Bergamo is the only PS4 exclusive I want, so I hope for good things.

  • Professor_Icepick

    Crap. I actually liked the old Grasshopper style.

  • http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova

    I’m really looking forward to Lilly Bergamo, and have been interested ever since it was announced. I hope the gameplay turns out as great as Suda wants it to be, and is enjoyable for players.

    • Pyrofrost

      Well said Azure! I know I will be getting the game day-one, myself :3

      • http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova

        Same here! LB is a definite day 1 for me as well =^_^=

  • https://twitter.com/Ni_Go_Zero_Ichi Project 2501

    I’d say you’ve spent the last five years doing a pretty good job of it, Suda.

  • neocatzon

    Fun Solar Powered Grasshopper – this must be a deliberate act by someone here.

    Never played any of your games Suda, but they surely looks interesting on media.

  • Fidelis

    I’ve always loved the atmosphere of Suda’s games, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s being relatively simple hack and slash games. Here’s hoping that he means he’s destroying traits in the way of gameplay rather than art direction.
    Hell, even if he does change his signature presentation, I’ve got faith that his games’ll still be pretty out there.

  • fairysun

    Ahhh … Suda51 games !

    • Testsubject909

      …I’m still kinda taken aback by those manly looking hands.

  • http://www.segalization.com/ Kuronoa

    But will I get The Silver Case on 3DS?

  • Testsubject909


  • NimbusStev

    I can imagine many diehard Grasshopper fans feeling devastated by these comments, but it’s a pretty interesting approach to take to game design. Instead of the typical canned responses we normally get after a takeover, Suda51 actively admits that he wants to change things up and push the industry towards a new direction.

  • CozyAndWarm

    No More Heroes 3! I do miss the old Grasshopper and games like Killer7/FSR/NMH though, they’ve certainly taken a different direction since then.

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