Seth Killian Is No Longer With Sony Computer Entertainment [Update]

By Ishaan . March 25, 2014 . 10:45am

Seth Killian has left Sony Computer Entertainment, a source at Sony’s Santa Monica studio has shared with Siliconera.


Killian, as you may recall, was once an employee at Capcom, where he served as Strategic Marketing Director of Online & Community. In this role, Killian served as Capcom’s connection with its fans, often providing insight into the company’s decisions.


Killian was/is also a major part of the fighting games community. He co-founded the EVO championships and was also an influential part of Capcom’s fighting game revival, back when the publisher revived the Street Fighter franchise with Street Fighter IV.


In 2012, Killian left Capcom to join Sony Computer Entertainment as lead game designer for the external group at the Santa Monica studio. The external group at the studio works with external developers and was involved with the creation of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which is a game Killian was involved with.


Killian’s LinkedIn profile has not yet been updated to reflect the change. We weren’t able to ascertain just when he left the company. We’ve gotten in touch with Killian for comment.


Update: Killian made the following statement over Twitter: “Hi guys, I chose to leave my Sony family back in Dec + on great terms. I was inspired by their amazing indies to do my own thing.”


He added in a follow-up tweet: “You’ll see the games I had the privilege to work on at Sony soon–SMS has a STELLAR lineup coming. As for what I’m up to, stay tuned…”

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  • AlteisenX

    Never liked him personally, but hope he finds work elsewhere.

  • AuraGuyChris

    It’s like every major person in gaming is dropping out quickly from companies like flies that refuse being in the same trash can… I know, weird comparison.

  • OtoriGolden

    Sad to hear, hopefully he can find a new job soon.

  • Six

    He’s a well-known figure in the FG community, so maybe Namco should snatch him up.

    • KnifeAndFork

      What does Namco need him for

      If there’s any fighting game company that needs help right now it’s SNK

      And maybe Sega if they ever plan to continue Virtual Fighter…

      • Six

        I don’t know if Seth’s skills would be relevant for pachinko machines.

        • KnifeAndFork

          That hurts brah

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    Namco you know what to do

    • Rafael Martines

      Or Arc Systems Works USA maybe, I don’t want see him to shit in his resumê, working with the shit namco f2p games :P

      • Ni ~Algidus~

        Tekken needs more love yo. this is what i’m thinking

      • Death Metal

        Take a look at the games in the Arc System Works USA site. Just… No.

    • Eder García

      Seth is a Capcom guy, he is not going to betray Street Fighter

      • Kaihedgie

        I don’t think working for Namco would equal betrayal. He cares about all fighting games in general, I would hope

  • malek86

    I always felt like PSASB was a project doomed from the start. Too bad for him, though. Hopefully he can find another position quickly.

  • Tre W

    Namco, SNK, even Boon and crew at WB Games could all use this guy. I’m willing to bet he’ll find work soon enough. Best wishes to him.

    • MrJechgo

      I’d suggest NetherRealms Studios and WB Games in a heartbeat.

      • d3v

        I’d love to see this happen too, if just so that we can see actual fixes to all the issues with the NRS fighting engine (lack of hitconfirms, non-hitstun based combo counter, etc.)

    • E.T.993

      SNK still exist?

  • idrawrobots

    What does this guy even do?

    • revenent hell

      Play fighting games and chat on forums?
      Actually he was apparently a “Special Advisor” whatever that means and community manager at Capcom and apparently he acquired abilities to be a designer for Sony.

      • NaelAM

        The “special advisor” title was for the amount of input he contributed (both his own and community-sourced) towards the design of SFIV. Among other things, it was his suggestions after playing the early alpha builds of the game that pushed it more toward playing like a 2D fighter,

  • MrJechgo

    Gee, I wonder why he left Sony’s Santa Monic-oh that’s right, Sony screwed up PSASBR so badly that they laid off people from both Superbots and Santa Monica Studio, even though they clearly said that they would support the game.

    Seriously, PSASBR had some potential, but Sony didn’t make it so.

  • Guest

    Interesting to see where he is headed, by the sound of it, he is going to join/create an independent development team.

  • TheExile285

    That’s unfortunate. Best of luck in his future endeavors.

  • JoJo_718

    “stay tuned…”
    I absolutely hated this phrase during the pre-release of PSABR, as they promised great stuff and we ended up getting more and more lame and cheap (then) propaganda for multiplatform third party games that were coming next year, heck Metal Gear was represented by Rising when Guns of the Patriots is STILL a PS3 exclusive, Team Ico games, Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, Alundra and more didn’t even got a chance, I wonder
    if Sony ever gave a shit about how the game was coming along.

    • revenent hell

      “Metal Gear was represented by Rising when Guns of the Patriots is STILL a PS3 exclusive”
      What does that even mean?

      Metal Gear was represented by Raiden in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and what does Guns of the Patriots being a PS3 exclusive or not even have to do with that?
      The Metal Gear games have pretty much been on almost every console so overall I don’t think an exclusive here or there really matters over much.

      Im assuming for the rest of it you are complaining about the games that didn’t get in to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.Frankly I didn’t expect much from the game since they pretty much ignored a great deal of games that could have had characters in it yet they ultimately ended up going with characters from games I don’t play or didn’t care for.

      • JoJo_718

        MGS4 was one of the first and most important titles for the PS3, in a supposed celebration of the brand that gotta mean something, isn’t it?

        • revenent hell

          What does MGS4 even have to do with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?
          Besides Raiden..

  • Natat

    There aren’t many people I respect as much as S-kill in the gaming world, I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Slayven19

    He can’t hold down a job it seems. He never gets fired, he just leaves companies.

    • Los Illuminados

      LOL. indeed.

  • T-X

    The future will be flooded with amazing indie games! Let big business buuuurn!!!! Mwahahhahah!!!!!

    • Testsubject909

      Every big names had a start somewhere. As indies, back in the days.

      It’s only natural that the cycle would refresh itself.

  • revenent hell


    Maybe he just quits his jobs before he can be fired?

    Its fine to want to do something else or get inspired to do something else with ones life but I’ll be curious what happens with his next job if he doesn’t do something independent and on his own..

    Im kind of surprised he was hired as a designer for Sony when at Capcom he was more or less a PR type person. Honestly I wasn’t even aware he was skilled in that regard but then I really never viewed him as anything more than someone who chatted in the forums and enjoyed fighting games so I cant really say I was interested enough in him to find out if he had talents outside of those things.

    • Kelohmello

      Last I had heard of him til now, he was working with Sony on their All Stars Battle Royale game. Being that he was more than just a PR person at capcom (he also helped design SF4) it made perfect sense to me that he was working with them on something so fighting game-esque. I figure the developers of that splitting with sony may have had some relevance in his departure as well.

      • revenent hell

        I don’t know why people keep miss speaking and say he helped with the design of SFIV. Literally every other person (not necessarily just here) claim he did design work on the game but that’s not really true. And if it was there would be legitimate proof of it.

        He advocated it and fought pretty hardcore so that the game would be brought out in the light of day but at the most he was probably a beta Tester for the game and gave input on balancing and whatnot. I guess in a way that could be considered him helping with the “development” of it but its still not the same thing.

        Pretty much beyond Community Manager and “PR” like person he was pretty much a glorified beta tester. I’m sure over the years he did learn things about game development and design but how could someone not, working in that type of field?

        But that doesn’t mean it makes a person qualified to be a designer. And I’m kind of shocked that Sony would employ someone as a lead designer when that persons qualifications have to be minimal at best.

        • Kelohmello

          >at the most he was a beta Tester for the game and probably gave input on balancing and whatnot.

          That’s precisely what i’m referring to. He’s had years of experience when it comes to playing capcom’s games prior to even joining them. For him to also be playtesting the game as it’s developed gives him a HUGE role in the overall game design. We’re talking about fighting games here, a genre of game that, time and time again, has been proven to be more intimately known by its players than the developers of the games themselves. “glorified Beta Tester” downplays his contributions heavily when game balance is such a huge part of what makes an FG. Naturally, I’d assume he has more qualifications than that, however he did in fact contribute to the overall design of SF4, and that’s a notable accomplishment that would garner one a certain level of respect in the game industry.

          • revenent hell

            Not to me.

            A beta tester is a beta tester and they typically don’t and wont get credited as being a “designer” for a game simply because they played it before an official release and notified the developers of any issues that may have turned up. So I don’t think he is deserving of that credit either. He is not better than all those other people.

            Sure, when it comes to fighting games one needs to know what they are talking about if something feels “wonky” while playing the game but overall the game is designed before he gets his hands on it and he is just giving suggestions/feedback on what should/could be changed/refined before it goes out to sale… like any and every beta tester does. But that still doesn’t make them qualified to do certain works.

            I play a lot of video games of almost every genre but that doesn’t mean I have the adequate work skills to be able to go and develop one.

          • darke

            Oddly I’ve got ‘designer’ credits on an indie game from being essentially a glorified beta tester. But yeah, it isn’t generally expected in a ‘real’ game. :P

  • xavier axol

    not ony seth killian left, but there were also layoffs at cambridge, London, and evolution studio. my god!, even the director of driveclub (not part of the layoff) have departed. just what’s happening at world wide studios? I can understand a few people leaving because of complicated reasons, but this is just a lot of people now. I wonder who is making all these decision lately?

  • I had completely forgotten that he was with Sony in the first place

  • ishyg

    Weird, it seems no on in the comments section noticed the “I was inspired by their amazing indies to do my own thing” part.

    Maybe he’s going indie?

    Best of luck to him.

  • WyattEpp

    “SMS has a STELLAR lineup coming.”

    As in… Sega Master System?

  • Impressionnant

    People keep leaving Sony.

  • Shady Shariest

    You know it’s spring when people start leaving their jobs :3
    Good luck for his Indie-Project! Yupo!

  • Go2hell66

    Well as Seth would always say ” You hate to see this kinda thing happen”

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