What Does Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Committee Do?

By Spencer . March 25, 2014 . 2:33am

image Last year, Square Enix formed a committee solely for the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn director Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama, and long time Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase are members of this group.


What does the Final Fantasy committee actually do? To find out, Siliconera asked Kitase.


“There are numbered Final Fantasy titles, remasters like Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, and mobile titles in the Final Fantasy series,” said Kitase. “We get together and update each other with current information or issues on our projects. [We] make sure there are no release date overlaps or bug issues. When we meet we also talk about if the content being discussed is appropriate for Final Fantasy.”

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  • BitBoy


  • 3PointDecoupage

    Square Enix: Making such bad decisions, that they need a committee to think of them

    • Superior Spider-Man

      I propose the idea of never letting Motomu Toriyama touch another Final Fantasy.

      • Chip

        Eh just don’t let him direct. He’s only started doing a lousy job since X-2.

        • Superior Spider-Man

          I hope they still have Hironobu Sakaguchi on speed dial.

          • Lordshade

            After the mediocrity of The Last Story? I don’t know about that.

      • Wait what

        On the contrary, I want him to touch more games. VII, X, Dissidia, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns are all some of my favorites in the series. The only game he’s been involved with I didn’t like was X-2.

        It’s funny how different people like different things and you shouldn’t try to force a series to only cater to yourself, isn’t it?

        • Superior Spider-Man

          OK… for VII, all he did was a section in the Honey Bee Inn and that was cut out of the final game. For X, he barely did anything; just some minor event scenario stuff. Not to mention he didn’t direct either of those. XIII and XIII-2 were not bad, but Final Fantasy-wise they were not great. Lightning Returns had fun gameplay but the rest was just god awful. Maybe I should modify my statement. He should never DIRECT another FF.

          Dissidia was crazy fun though.

          • Lordshade

            He wrote the back story for FFX, and most of the Midgar section in FF7, more than said scene, that one was just recently unlocked.

      • Ric Vazquez

        Amen & Agreed

  • It’s like summoning the Knights Of The Round and only four showing up who then immediately break down and cry on each others shoulders.

    • SaveTheDay

      That’s one of the most original comment I’ve ever heard

      • Like a government overeach thats unnecessarily preachy.

    • KoRLumen

      I just freaking died.

  • Amagidyne

    Given that they either don’t localize games like Type-0, or release games years after they initially promised, like Versus XIII/FFXV, I think release date overlaps are the LAST thing they need to worry about.

    • Herok♞

      Type-0 was on the PSP in late 2011 for Japan, I can’t think of any notable games that released for it in the West in 2012 or 2013. The system was pirated a crap ton so even if they brought it over they would likely have lost money for it. After all, their non Dragon Quest games are all out on the 3DS, and Bravely Default was the only one that had to be brought out with the help of an another company. Also love them or hate them they have brought over their mobile games as well. Type-0 was on the wrong system at the wrong time.

      Next they never did promise a release date for FF XV, unless you can show me something that documents where they did set one, you are just plain wrong in that case. Also we have no idea when they switched development from this gen to next, for all we know at one point the game was almost done, but had to be redone for next gen instead, we only have speculation for that one. After all look at Phantom Pain that is taking longer than expected, the only difference is Konami didn’t announce it when they started work on it.

      • Anime10121

        Shh. Bro, you can not hit him with all this truth at one time, that’s dangerous!

    • LaserVision

      Yeah because releasing a two-UMD PSP game in 2012 when most stores didn’t even have a PSP section was clearly going fix everything.

  • karasuKumo

    I just want to see them make decisions that they have heart in instead of consulting a committee or the fans before hand. They have the capability to do so much but wont because of a lack of belief and are scared of doing wrong. FF is a franchise born from a last resort, passion filled effort so it breaks my heart to see them playing it safe.

    Ironically they’ve become Cloud in Advent Children is what I’m getting at.

    • Lordshade

      The series likes to take risks, unlike certain other series, And that is what retains it’s popularity. If they listened to the “fanbase”, every game would an ff6 clone.

      • Tarkovsky

        This. There’s a reason why “fans” aren’t game devs. Look at all the people who screamed and yelled when RE4 was released. Anybody who seriously thinks RE should go back to pre RE4 tank controls is just crazy.

        • Eilanzer

          Dude i can´t disagree more, but i will not continue this pointless discussion…

      • Chip

        I’m starting to sense you’re one of those trolls who has a set of lines they use over, and over, and over again.

      • PragmaticSoul

        Risks? Is that what we are calling them? I thought they were more along the lines of straight up bad decisions.

        You know what the fanbase wants? Square Enix to stop spitting in their face with every new announcement. But hey, why listen to your consumers, right? I see a bright future in business ahead of you.

        • Lordshade

          Do people ever give examples? because they say they spit in their faces, but never provide anything but personal opinion.

          People have said they were “Spitting in their faces” since the Squaresoft Days.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Please spend a moment to think before posting in this thread folks. Thanks.

    • Lol

      The committee was only started recently. But ex post facto has no place here. Btw Yodhida looked stunning in downtown SF. It was even sunny when ge was here!

  • Monterossa

    Tabata, Yoshida, Toriyama, and Kitase, these guys are the gems of FF series. I believe in all of them. but Akihiko Yoshida needs to become the main artist of the series. his arts in XIV and Bravely Default added fantasy back to the series again.

    • Chip

      …Toriyama is a gem? Really? The man who directed the LeBlanc massage mini game?

      • leingod

        What massage mini game? Please expand on that :P

      • Superior Spider-Man

        Let’s not forget the Honey Bee Inn thing that was scrapped.

        • Lordshade

          And yet he hasn’t put a 15-year old in an outfit that would get you arrested immediately:


          • Chip

            Meh. Its Japan. What can you do? To them anything over 13 is fair game.

          • Lordshade

            And you attack Toriyama over fanseervice, yet you have no problem when someone else does it?

          • Chip

            I attack Toriyama for doing nothing BUT fanservice. Wallmarket. X-2. Serah’s costumes. LIGHTNING RETURNS. Brothels. Back massages! Hotspring scenes! The man is obsessed with scantily clad women. Thats all he knows how to do! It’d be one thing he he’d demonstrate some interest in anything with substance. But his open, and frankly disturbing fascination with Lightning leaves very little to the imagination.

            This versus one measly little fanservice costume that, as I understand it, is treated as a joke within the game itself. .

            Fanservice is not a bad thing. Sexuality is an amazing and beautiful thing. But when its all you have to sell, you have problems. Toriyama has deep, deep problems.

            And frankly you do too, with your obsessively repetitive comments.

          • Lordshade

            You CLEARLY haven’t played BD, it has some of the saltiest writing in the FF canon.

            I could bring a lot more dodgy costumes in the game, but this is the first image of the game we saw when it was announced:

            Tell me the game isn’t marketing on fanservice now?

            And the Wallmarket was less fanservice and more twisted humor.

            SE is doing this all over, not just Toriyama.

            PS: I troll because you make it so easy, by not using any real logic, just nostalgia and scapegoating, and talking about games you haven’t played.

          • Chip

            Well this puts me in a bind. If I tried to argue on a fair and logical level, you’ll just accuse me of being a nostalgia whore. If I call you out on your obvious and self-admitted trolling, you’ll just accuse me of being a troll in turn.

            In the end, you get satisfaction no matter the result, in your own sad, petty games.

            Oh woe is me. I’m beaten. I shall slink away to the depths of the interwebs, never to be heard from again.

            What exactly do you want, you horrible, horrible man?

          • Lordshade

            I just wanted to point things out, The Job System really lends itself to fanservice, and the games mentioned(LR, BD, FFX-2) all use a variation of that, so fanservice is to be expected, There is a reason FFV’s final party only had one male character, after all.

            Anyway, I don’t like the scapegoat game SE seems to be playing, first Tetsuya Nomura Blames himself for things, now Motamu Toriyama is taking the blame for every questionable thing they do.

            To be fair, I like BD,but recognize its flaws, I think FF13 could have been a lot better if it wasn’t just a toned down FF10, but I don’t “hate” it.I haven’t played LR, so I can’t make a judgement, however, I do see complaints about fanservice and fetch quest, which people magnify on, yet act like other games are perfect when they have similar flaws. While LR has other complaints, I just wanted to point out the most hypocritical.

          • Chip

            …Well damn. Here I thought you were just an idiot troll. Now I’m forced to consider you valid, if quick to be spiteful. Have a cookie.

            I still say that the large difference isn’t what the two share in common, but what they do besides that. LR’s class system offers less flexibility and variety. Its fetch quests are less interesting. And over all it’s plot is a calamity, where as BD such merely suffers from minor moments of triviality in my experience.

            BD at worst, has flaws. Not game breaking, but enough to irk some people. LR and the rest of the trilogy has a hell of a lot more to answer for.

          • Lordshade

            I wasn’t directing it at you specifically, but at the whole “Fire Toriyama and the games will be good” argument.

            The company is mismanaged, simple as that, there are several people messing up, not just him.

            I really don’t see how he is any more focused on fanservice than anyone else, mainly because if you look at a lot of FF heroine costumes, Serahs isn’t much worse, neither are Lightnings, Terra and Celes wore leotards everywhere, after all.

            He has a thing for twisted humor and screwed up plots, but he really just needs to be kept on a lease. In fact, I don’t think people were really bashing him until FF13-2, even when they were complaining about other games of his.

            The mismanagement is probably what we can blame for BD’s poor endgame, they probably ran out of money near the end, and pulled something similar to Xenogears, since the true ending had parts that seemed rushed.

            As for sounding like a troll, I kinda got angry at seeing the same thing over and over. The company needs reworking, not simply firing whomever the current scapegoat is, yet every one of these sections is “Fuck you, Toriyama” and not actually getting to the root of the problem.

          • PragmaticSoul

            No one is attacking Toriyama for fanservice. Every game has that, it would be extremely hypocritical to judge him based on that. We attack Toriyama for shoving Lightning down our throats for 3 games straight. We attack him for his terrible story writing. If Toriyama wasn’t so obsessed over his precious Raito, he would be a little more bearable

  • revenent hell

    Why is there even a need for this?

    FF XIV was not only a joke but a smack in the face to fans upon its initial release.

    The XIII trilogy, love it or hate it based on its declining sales per game its safe to say the only reason XIII did well initially was because fans where eager for a new Final Fantasy game and learned their lessons from it.

    Type-O didn’t even get an official world wide release and frankly that’s the game most fans demand and wanted yet no one listed then or now or cares about people wanting.

    If “Final Fantasy” meant anything to SE than they wouldn’t have had such flops in judgment to begin with. Milking the cow is never a good idea just because one can.

    What they need a committee for is to actually listen to fan feed back and not just pretend to.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      The committee was created after the original Final Fantasy 14 so they didn’t have a part in that, if I remember correctly.

    • I told myself not to get in discussions here, but… I have to disagree across the board here.

      Who said they aren’t listening to their fans?

      We know XIV 1.0 sucked. Then they got Yoshida to revamp the game, a guy who put his blood, sweat and tears as a member of SE to make sure the new game was great. The guy cried at the overwhelming positive reception of it.

      I don’t see the point in mentioning the original XIV. Yes, they screwed up big time. But they fix a good amount of that.

      XIII-2 rectified a lot of the original XIII’s faults and so did LR. I’ve read posts on sites like IGN and GameFAQS of players who enjoyed the sequels more than the original! That says something.

      Hell, don’t forget the KH 2.5 survey, which pretty much asked for feedback on KH after the questionnaire.

      You say “listen to fan feed back” as if the fans are all like you. Newsflash–they aren’t.

      I feel like people just believe now that gaming companies are fllled with money-grubbers who care nothing for their craft. While I know there are some of those people, I can’t say the same for SE because I’ve enjoyed most of their recent releases.

      You feel the opposite, and so you have a different opinion on that.

      SE is made of a group of people that have been in and out and removed/ added, so of course we’re going to get games not many of us may like, and “flops in judgement” depending on who you ask. This would usually happen with most companies over decades.

      While this doesn’t justify that, I can’t agree with your post here.

      • Wait what

        It’s actually amazing how much Lightning Returns is clearly made to answer all of the problems people had with XIII. It’s the most non-linear game in the entire series (both in terms of story progression and explorable world). It’s story explains everything right at the beginning and doesn’t hold back any details so people know what and who everything is. It’s battle system is entirely customizable and the player chooses how they go about the battles (and, of course, every attack is manually made by the player).

        But people don’t actually care about that. They just want to complain about “ff sucks now right guyz”, so of course “SQUARE ENIX NEVER LISTENS TO FANS”.

        • I’d love to see someone say that LR was “press x to win”.

          • Lordshade

            You do that in every game, pretty much.

          • Exactly! I don’t know why people act like previous FFs used button strings for regular attacks

          • Wappuli

            That’s not what they mean when they say things like that for XIII.
            What they are trying to say is that you don’t need any stategy/tactics, but instead can just mash X through the game.

          • Herok♞

            I really think that is the most wrong for FF13, after all you have to switch classes midbattle unlike other games, where everyone is locked into certain roles. I never did see why people complained about Auto Battle there, its an RPG once you know what the enemy is weak to you are just going to be doing that to them anyway. I guess it really was a case of double standards, Bravely Default has the same exact thing and people praise it for being the most FF since *insert favorite entry here*.

          • KoRLumen

            Really? I personally really enjoyed the paradigm system. My only gripe was that the Crystarium progression was so static.

          • Your Face

            Agreed. FF XIII’s actual problems were the extreme linearity in both story and gameplay progression, but the hate has taken on a life of its own and everything about it is bad (except for the graphics since somehow having good graphics has turned into a bad thing).

          • Wait what

            Except those weren’t really problems either. There’s nothing wrong with linear storytelling or gameplay progression. Not every game needs to be Skyrim. FFX was just as entirely linear as XIII and it’s one of the most loved games in the series. Even the older games were linear, they just added a world map so it feels like you’re exploring, even if you still can only go from Point A to Point B and there’s hardly anything in between until near the end of the game (which is also when XIII opened up a lot).

          • Chip

            Bravely Default’s autobattle system is hardly the selling point here. Its the diverse job system mixed with the ‘play your own way’ combat settings that is earning BD most of its praise. XIII offers really rigid gameplay by comparison.

          • But that’s still wrong. If you play XIII, you will see how far you get without strategy.

            The Odin fight?
            Barthandalus? Cid Raines, to name a few.


            Read the description, people generally struggled with that fight. Took me a few tries as well.

            Even some regular enemies can give you a run for your money if you’re not careful.

            I say this, and I bought the strategy guide for the first XIII.

          • Wappuli

            Well it was enough to give me 5 stars on almost every battle till Sazh’s
            eidolon battle, but cant say anything for the rest of the game since
            that’s where I stopped playing. My friend, who did clear the game, sayd
            that it pretty much works all the way through tough.
            But I’m not here to argue on whenever it works or not, just felt like correcting your expression of those complainers.

          • Superior Spider-Man

            I’ll give you the Odin fight but Cid Raines and Priest Man were a complete jokes of a fight. Only time I had to develop a strategy in XIII was for the Adamantois, Odin, and whatever Vanille’s thing was called.

          • Your Face

            What’s actually funny is how XIII tended to require far more strategy and non-button mashing to win.

            You could quite easily beat all of FF VII with nothing but physical attacks, and FF IX is to this day one of the easiest games I’ve ever played.

    • Lordshade

      “They don’t listen to their fans”

      When said “fans” only want them to remake FF6 or FF7 forever, why should they?

  • leingod

    One can only wish this’ll help them to be more in touch with what series supporters want…

  • fairysun

    Hmm, there should be a Final Fantasy game about those 4 producers. Final Fantasy: 4 Producers of Fantasy (yea, yea, sorry for the lack of creativity)

  • malek86

    Does there really need to be a committee for that kind of stuff? Unless by “committee” they really just mean “occasional meetings once every two months or so”.

    But chances are that this whole thing was more of a marketing idea.

  • Neophoton

    If this committee means they can turn things around, then so be it. FFXIVARR is a step in the right direction, and it remedied one of their major blunders. The thought process to that game was to make a game that is fun and enjoyable, as opposed some of the more recent outings being more focused on pretty they can look.

    Past that, they’d just need to look to taking up different people for dealing with the narratives and scripts aside from people who are… less than capable of handling the job.

    I don’t think Square is incapable of developing good games anymore, because there’s been Type-0, BDFF (albeit co-developed, but definitely had some of Square’s staff on board), and FFXIVARR as signs that they still have some potential to make a game that — at least, from my perspective — is enjoyable and on par with their older works which felt like they had more love put into them.

    • Chip

      To be fair, BDFF was an outsourced game, and barely qualifies as a success of Square. They only published it. So its not a mark of what the internal teams of Square are capable of. Its actually a little ironic that a team of mostly outsiders created a game that is more reminiscent of the earlier Final Fantasy games than anything the actual in-house developers have done in a very long time.

      • Neophoton

        A number of the staff who worked on BDFF actually work at Square Enix (Asano himself directed several titles with Square, such as the DS remake of FFIII and Hikari no 4 Senshi).

  • Why am I not surprised, reading these comments…? Same ol stuff.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      It was to be expected. Lol

    • MrTyrant

      Yeah of those people supporting SE…*sign*

    • Samsara09

      Every time I see an predictable post on their part,I could charge them 10 cents.Would be fucking in a month or two.

  • Espoir

    So they just talk talk talk, way to go! I can’t wait to see the day Bravely Default destroys the FF franchise.

    • Lol.

    • Lordshade

      Bravely suffers from many of the same problems that people have with the current series (it has more fan service than any ff game, it has pointless fetch quests, not to mention it has the worst form of padding imaginable.)

      I’m beginning to wonder if people just hate the FF games because they’re popular, and magnify their flaws while ignoring flaws in other series.

      • Chip

        You could not be more wrong about BD. So very, very wrong. It’d be a waste to explain it to you though.

        BD is made up of everything that was good about the series BEFORE things started stray too far from the formula. Its a welcomed return to form.

        People hate FF right now because it’s chosen style over substance, and has little else in its favor.

        • Lordshade

          How is it style over substance? I’d say ff6 was serious style over substance, yet people worship it. Nostalgia filter much? FF6 had pretty flawed gameplay as well.

          The complaints I see are about LR having fetch quests and fanservice, which BD does pretty bad too.

          The performer sidequest requires you to go back to every town you,ve been to without an airship, just to get something that was in front of you the whole time. How is that a good sidequest?

          How is repeating the same thing 5 times minus plot 4 times a good time? Its awful padding.

          Unless you can tell me where they are lacking in substance that the old FFs had, you clearly have a nostalgia filter. the series has been that way since FF6.

          • Chip

            SImple: For every thing BD got wrong, it got far more right. Where as LR just got a lot of things wrong.

            End of subject.

  • Slickyslacker

    I doubt that one of their core points of discussion would be whether or not we finally get to see Type-0.

    Moreover, “appropriate for Final Fantasy” is such an ambiguous phrase that it’s impossible to anticipate anything at this point. They’ve clarified that – especially with XV – they’re centrifugally shifting the essence of the franchise. It’s difficult to foresee another game in which the player commands a knight, charged by his mad king to assault a village of summoners; only to find himself abandoned by his partner and brother-in-arms post-catastrophe, burdened by the sole survivor of the village’s destruction, and his sweetheart fatally ill at a desert oasis. Final Fantasy has become realism: “A Fantasy Based on Reality” is XV’s tagline, right?

    …If anything, I can’t wait for them to conclude Fabula Nova Crystallis. They confined themselves to such a narrow canvas on which to paint, even if it is only a mythos. By that virtue, I’m still moderately concerned about XV.

    • Yet somehow people are still somehow attached to the brand. Is there some common ground left that distinguishes it from other RPGs?

  • Izzeltrioum

    -Obligatory Gaia series remakes petition comment-

    People, let’s move on already. We have Bamco, Atlus, Falcom and Monolith (Heck, even FromSoftware), with their respective awesome JRPG franchises, bringing us high-quality titles as of today.

    We are happy fanbases without any grudges, and should coexist in harmony.

    • Lordshade

      Atlus is ignoring that the early Persona’s exist, And the recent series has been the same game twice (P3 and p4). Not to mention the recent Persona Milking they’re doing…

      Bamco has a worse DLC policy than SE, they also rushed ToX out for the anniversary, people had issues with it, and they made a ToX2 to address these issues.

      So don’t act like SE is thee only one who does questionable things.

      • Chip

        The first two are ignored because nobody (Generally speaking) really likes those games. They set the ground rules, but lacked a lot of the charm or memorable characters of the later two games.

        • Lordshade

          So you prefer dating sims with worse plots than P2?

          The P2 cast is more memorable than the mostly stereotypical cast in p3, P4 was better, but still not as good.

          • Chip

            My my, aren’t you the spiteful one? Do you always have to lash out so? It’s not my fault people don’t enjoy what you do.

            You should be happy with what you have, even if its not as popular or interesting.

          • Izzeltrioum

            To be honest, I’m not quite enjoying P3 FES that much. I’m having a total jizzstorm with YS Celceta though, which I consider far superior than P3. I am yet to get through P4, but I guess Celceta will still be better (I plan to buy P4G anyways. I’m open-minded when it comes to JRPG).
            Maybe it’s because of my hatred towards Meguro Shoji. His music is god awful in my opinion.

            I really really want to play P2. I’ve seen a lot of praise from hipsters, enough to making me interested in it. But I doubt it will even beat Kiseki SC.

      • Izzeltrioum

        In-house/game issues only the fanbases will understand and argue, not “losing its personality/nostalgia” cyclejerk SE threads turn into.

        Things like “being cliché/reuse of assets/milking of the same 2 games/DLC that is obviously just luxury and nobody is making you buy it nor it consist on P2W and game functions properly without it structure” are present in pretty much every franchise. (Though those Star Driver/Madoka costumes were stupidly high priced, I admit). Do you want to complain about reusing same worlds, forgetting the first entries and not localizing games while playing/feeling them as they use to OR complain about how your game feels CODish in quality or doesn’t even reuse in-game known trends/tropes or it’s just totally a different game? I know for sure you would love complaining about extra stuff or excesive use about XY thing, It’s NORMAL. You want to argue “what, another 4 crystals plot?” or praise “So this is the Esper x Materia with Jobs system 2.0. Nice, I like it”

        TOX was rushed due of being the 15th anniversary title. Baba admitted it during an interview. TOX2 just was a bliss-caliber game (Sure they addressed all major complains). Easily the best in the series, if not only beaten by Hearts or Rebirth. I can’t decide yet.

        SE it’s pretty much the worst gaming company to ever exist. Bamco at least keep their shit together with Tales of. Falcom I don’t even need to explain; Monolith as well; Atlus… I agree with P3/P4, 100%, but their games don’t focus on the “cinematic experience FPS give –Toriyama Motomu”.

        People got blown away by Bravely Default, because you, SE fans, are equal to a prostitute not being able to get crucified in, like, 20 years. Other Jrpg’s fanbases get the daily dose, and just complain about clichés those franchises are known for, not because of playing a totally alien thing.

      • PragmaticSoul

        Atlus has indeed been milking P4 to death and it’s pretty tasteless; but to compare the fanbase satisfaction of Atlus to Square? You can’t be serious. There’s a reason when an Atlus article comes up the comment section is full of happiness and when a Square article comes up the comment section is full of bitterness. Persona 5 actually has a release date frame. FFvsXIII? “Please wait longer.” (I refuse to call it XV out of principle alone)

        Also, it’s not that Square is the only one who does questionable things, it’s that they do the MOST questionable things.

        • Lordshade

          Well, loking at the Atlus forums back when they were up, they were definitely heading that way, or even their twitter, which had a lot of “Wheres P5” on it.

          I didn’t say they were the same, but the fanbase of FF has just gone to naming scapegoats rather than actually seeing how messed up the company is.

          Even good games from SE, like Bravely Default, seem to have a lack of polish and playtesting. Did anyone test the final chapters? That nearly ruined the game and made it a chore to finish. Everything else is so good that people tend to forgive that, the game certainly did’t have as many problems as its spiritual predecessor, 4HoL, but it looks like it still has a way to go before it can be called perfect.

          (I know I’m being harsh on BD, but as much as I like the game, someone seriously needs to be slapped for that endgame loop. It almost made me not want to finish a game that I was enjoying before.)

  • neo_firenze

    Whatever they do, I hope Yoshida’s opinions are given LOTS of weight given the amazing job he has done with the MMOs. If not for him, there’s no way they would have succeeded with the highly improbable revamp of an absolute disaster in XIV 1.0 into a really good game in ARR.

    Oh, and that’s not the first time he’s saved an MMO for Square Enix. FFXI was incredibly stagnant in 2009-2010 while the old leadership (Tanaka & Komoto) went over to build FFXIV 1.0. Yoshi-P stepped in and really revitalized the game with the Abyssea expansions. I still think XI would be gone today if not for the inspired design of the Abyssea era (and not surprisingly, XI stagnated again when Tanaka returned after being exiled from XIV in the wake of its terrible launch, not recovering until Tanaka left for good).

    I’m a longtime XI player and I still play. Haven’t really gotten into XIV and probably never will, even though I tried both 1.0 and ARR. But I can recognize good design and massive effort, and Yoshi-P not only has good ideas but he also LISTENS to the community in a way so completely opposite from his predecessors and typical S-E management that it’s a refreshing change. Not to say he’s beholden to the fans’ whims, which would be a bad idea. But he’s AWARE of what people think and want and takes it into consideration. That’s what Square Enix desperately needs these days.

    • Chip

      As someone who’s only known for his work on FF MMOs and quirky DQ arcade games, what sort of perspective would he have on single player FF’s? Legitimate question. I don’t know his background or virtues beyond his reputation for raising XIV from the dead. He seems to have less versitile experience compared to the other members who have had various roles through out the Final Fantasy series.

      • Leonesaurus

        The fact it’s an MMO has zero to due with what he’s talking about. He’s the only guy on that board that I’m convinced actualy knows what fans want and knows what Final Fantasy really is.

        Just give him a good team and he’ll make it happen. I’ve seen enough of what Yoshida’s done to know that he’s got the gamer in mind when making these games and actually plays these games as well. I’ve played all the latest FF games, except for Type Zero (since it was never released over here) and I can confidently say that what Yoshida did with FF XIV is the best thing that’s happened to Square-Enix and FF in years.

        I don’t have any faith in the rest of those people. I’m sorry, but they have zero interactions with their fans around the world, unlike Yoshida that makes you feel involved and know what the hell is actually going on with the game. Plus, he makes things fun with the live streams he frequently does.

      • neo_firenze

        It might not be hyperbole to say that Yoshida literally saved the company by salvaging the massive investment that was XIV. For that alone there’s always going to be some measure of deserved respect for the guy.

        But beyond that, if you look at what he DID with ARR it was focused on playing up the lore and history of the entire FF series (something XIV 1.0 ignored to a large extent), so he gets that there’s something special in recognizing the FF lineage.

        And as I said before and Leonesaurus explained well, he listens to the fans and you really get the sense that this person understands the community and knows how to interact with fans. That empathy is what SE has been so blatantly lacking for the past several years, and having that kind of person represented in high level decisions is absolutely critical for the FF series as it moves forward.

  • Zezlar

    I don’t feel Yoshida has earned a place on this committee. He has never released a product of 90%+ quality. If this is a quality committee I don’t see how he has earned that place. Toriyama is questionable since a lot of the decisions he makes come out of left field.

    • Godmars

      Still, you’re talking politics rather than art. And unfortunately by the mere existence of the FF13 “trilogy” Toriyama has proven that he’s better at one of the two.

      Overall however, not seeing what good a committee is going to do other than enforce rather than solve the problems of the franchise.

      Damnit – did I actually type Yoshida instead of Toriyama the first time?!

      • Lordshade

        You just want them to make FF6 clones, don’t you?

        The problems with the series comes down to management, not taking risks. And it’s “Fanbase” will whine no mater what it does.

        • Godmars

          Where are you getting that, mistake or no, from what I typed? I’d like to see them continuing building new worlds and histories rather than doing what they seem bent on doing. Which is revisiting and unifying past ones.

          Would I like to see a character build around a fighter or mage archetype rather than say Vanille or Hope, both who just happened to pull out their weapons from literal nowhere? Then yes if that’s what you mean.

          • Lordshade

            I was mostly talking about some complaints people have about the series in general, not you, that was a mistake.

            Making 2 squeals in such a short time is what I think really hurt FF13, anyway. I think the problem now is that they listen TOO MUCH to their fanbase, which is to say they felt like they needed to “fix” FF13, And FF13 might have had partially due to complaints about FF12 being “too open”

          • Godmars

            There was no awareness of fan complaint with FF13: Toriyama and his team didn’t understand HD hardware, were further pressed into making the first game multiplatform, and he snipped off assets which became FF13-2. FF13-3 were just more leftovers with less to build an original story.

            As for being “too open”, FF1 had more of an open world than FF12. Its overworld offered more travel options than just walking at least.

          • Lordshade

            But it was rather small, there were only a few landmarks with like 2-3 NPCs each, so it really isn’t a good comparison to make.

            FF12 took place over a few contintents, which made it with more people besides. so it still felt more open.

          • Godmars

            And look at all FF12 did do right, namely cities and towns, which was just thrown away.

            Also FF12 didn’t involve “continents” it involved regions. Largely took place in a small European country which boarded Russia and Africa.

  • Rogerrmark
  • mike dickson

    so am i the only person who hates Hajime Tabata ?

    • Yep. But I’m sure there are some others who would think so. Probably those who are only hating him for T3B.

      • mike dickson

        that and type-0 not being localized

        • But Tabata doesn’t have the power to do that. If Tabata had any power over localizations, then believe me, this bit of info would make him far from well known. Way more than today’s favorite target, Motomu Toriyama.

          • mike dickson

            Yeah u have a point about toriyama lol but tabata has the power he’s not enforcing the idea enough

  • Your Face

    How did this article rouse all the FF haters into angry posting action?

    Seems like a pretty innocent, short update to me.

    • Lordshade

      You should know why, the fanbase is hypocritical morons.

      • PragmaticSoul

        Because when a company does nothing but shit on its fanbase for a few years, they are supposed to just take it sitting down and smiling about it, correct?

    • Chip

      Its less FF haters and more Toriyama haters. He’s become the George Lucas of Final Fantasy, only without any actual success in his past as a director. Just the insanity bits.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I was waiting to read something like “Then someone asks if FFXV is still coming out. Then we burst in japanese onomatopoeia laughter”.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Think the other members of the committee should just take turns smacking Toriyama upside the head for ruining the reputation of the series, along with whomever is responsible for FF14 original and all the mobile titles. I also find it concerning that the guy who’s handling FF15 and basically is going to be responsible for trying to undo an entire console generation’s worth of damage isn’t involved in the committee.

  • 1Truth

    OK, Siliconera, I speak for many people when I say this:

    Did you ask Yoshinori Kitase if Hiroyuki Ito is also on the FF committee?

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