Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets A Gardening System Like Harvest Moon’s

By Ishaan . March 27, 2014 . 9:00am

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gets patch 2.2 today, and the full list of patch notes is now available for perusal. Patch 2.2 contains new playable content and story scenarios, adjustments to the battle system, items and other changes to the game.


One of the major new additions to the game’s various systems is a Gardening system similar to Harvest Moon, which allows you to set up a garden on your estate grounds and cultivate plants.


Once you have a garden, you can prepare the soil, plant seeds, and tend to and fertilize your crop. Plants may yield high quality produce depending on how they were cultivated, according to the patch notes.

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  • otakumike

    dammit….that legitimately sounds fun to me. I don’t want to have any interest in this game though! :(

  • Slickyslacker

    I still sort of want to get into this.

    Timesinks aren’t attracting me right now, though.

    • Duo Maxwell

      This game is so casual that I only spend roughly a hour per day for it and still get to the end game after a month. You could play the game without joining any guild for your whole life. You don’t need to excessively play to get to any of those content, although currently there is no personal housing yet, so if you want one of those house, then it’s better to just join a guild.

      There were time I did nothing but roaming around watching the scenery and taking screenshot. The game is worth it just for its beauty and the OST.

      • Tinye

        Couldn’t agree more with this guy here.

        • Kornelious

          I agree as well, but the whole “Level is power thing” is getting on my nerves. It wouldnt be as bad if you didn’t start out with such crappy equipment for the first 30 levels…..But I will have to hope back into this soon.

      • Asaoko

        I once spent four hours straight in the game just chilling in the FC house with my friends. Didn’t know it was actually possible for it to not be boring, but yeah. ;D

  • Enma_Kozato

    The patch also alludes to hybrids potentially popping up if we plant different things at once, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works. One of my FC members is really excited about gardening, so I’m gonna have to gather some soil and seeds for them.

  • Raine

    Who put Farmville on my Final Fantasy? XD

    inb4 a woman killed her own newborn because she’s too busy farming for seeds and fertilizers :P *Too soon*

    • Vash bane

      O_O for real?

  • Corey Owens

    Gardening used to make me a TON of money in FFXI. I wonder if it will be as impressive in FFXIV.

  • Yuta Takemoto

    Yeah, I was looking forward to this till I realized it’s only for FC housing. Oh well :(

  • So I’ve just put together a special party and had a word with the Botanist and Alchemist; we’ve decided to and will be farming and manufacturing our own line of hemp tunics, accessories and potions. Our store will open soon, stay tuned!

    • Ferrick

      what world are you guys on?

  • Vash bane

    never played a harvest moon game and never will if this description is anything to base it of off…well I will never understand why its so popular

  • Cool, I’ll look at it when I get my free PS4 upgrade

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Let me guess what’s gonna be added next. The ability to harvest fruits, mine minerals and whatnot like in Star Ocean The Last Hope. Btw Star Ocean The Last Hope is badass.

  • Asukai Kari

    I’ll end up doing in the game that for sure come on for the PS4

  • CirnoLakes

    Ah! This is exactly what MMORPGs need more of!

    I love life sim aspects in virtual worlds.

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