Tomodachi Collection English Screenshots And Survey Indicate European Release

By Ishaan . March 28, 2014 . 12:38am

A survey from Nintendo of Europe indicates that Tomodachi Collection: New Life will be released in European territories. English screenshots of the game have been leaked from said survey (thanks, Tiny Cartridge), with French and Spanish versions available as well.


Imgur user VogelImKafig has posted the screenshots you see above to the Imgur photo-sharing website. Judging by the survey, it would appear Nintendo are trying to figure out how to market the game in the west, as they’re asking for opinions on what features seem the most exciting and so on.


While this report pertains only to Europe, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime hinted at a release for Tomodachi Collection: New Life in North America in the past as well.


Tomodachi Collection: New Life is a life-simulation game for Nintendo 3DS uses Mii characters, and allows them to live out their lives in an apartment complex and interact with one another.

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  • Ethan_Twain

    This is one of those games that I’m super curious about, but I’m not convinced makes sense outside of Japan. I just don’t really get streetpasses on my 3DS, one or two per month on average. I live in a small city a couple of hours away from the nearest real urban center for reference. I think I would really enjoy this game if I were in New York City or some other metropolitan population base, but I don’t so even though I’m the target audience buying the game just doesn’t make sense :(

    Animal Crossing at least I really enjoy playing mostly by myself. But coverage of this game leads me to believe that it’s even more dependent on communication than AC.

  • rubin

    Looks SO much like The Sims. I might have to give it a go after all, haha.

    • GH56734

      Considering the falling out between EA and Nintendo, it would be an interesting development.

      Much like how Sega, after EA dropped support on the DreamCast (not that the 3DS is anything like that), they made their own sport games with much higher creative control and polish than the yearly releases.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    This is. going. to. be. GREAT.

  • Really looking forward this, I just hope they don’t completely erase all the japanese cultura references since I think that’s one of the main sell-point of the game.

    • GH56734

      Animal Crossing’s English release was actually very different from the N64 original, all traditional holidays were replaced by generic ones or English localized ones and they’re even different betwen regions (the European version obviously doesn’t have Thanksgiving, no-Japanese don’t have Hanabi…)

      If they can pull off something similar, it would be more than enough.

      • That’s exactly what I don’t want since I love Japan culture. Also, Animal Crossing has nothing to do with this game so yeah.

        • Nexus

          They’re both life simulators and while Tomodachi shares a lot more in common with The Sims, Tomodachi and Animal Crossing are more of a ‘casual’ take on the genre.

          The problem with keeping some of the Japanese cultural reference stuff in-tact is that a lot of it would be lost in translation. And again, this being a casual game, that sort of thing doesn’t fly so well. Most Siliconera readers wouldn’t mind it since most of them are somewhat versed with Japan’s culture but for the more common westerner, it would leave them scratching their heads.

        • GH56734

          I don’t think so, with Nintendo’s recent track. Kid Icarus had a single AR statue removed (even though it’s translated in the code) because it’s tied to a Japanese-exclusive event, and “Nobunaga no Yabou + Pokémon” aka Pokémon Conquest was localized a lot.

          I care enough about Tengai Makyou Zero to play it in Japanese, yet keeping track of Japanese holidays in the game is a big pain in the ass (and they are only side-quests, imagine how even more important they’ll get in a life-sim game).

          It shouldn’t be.
          A good localization would makes things more relatable to the most wide audience possible. It makes sure first and foremost nothing gets in the way of gameplay.

          Keeping such things as is would be bad, for not everyone is versed in Japanese culture and even the ones who do would be better off with the Japanese version rather than a half-assed translation missing context and such (it would be like trying to figure out the original sentence after Google translator spewed it out)
          …for example, in Phoenix Wright III, Phoenix (who has Ryu) in the name, and Furio Tigre (Toranosuke, tora for tigre) and in legends tigers kill dragons. Hence why Phoenix is so scared. All of this is lost in translation.
          This is a bad example since it doesn’t affect gameplay that much, but these holidays do.
          I’m not a fan of removing them altogether, but finding equivalents or generic made-up in-universe names for them would be fine.

          • Then I guess I’ll just skip on it :/ Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to it, but for the japanese culture things mostly.

  • antochi

    I hope they allow JP versions of the game to interact with NA/EU versions.
    I have the JP version and it was fun for a month or two, then it starts to get a bit repetitive. (mostly because obviously no one owns the game here and I can’t mess with the streetpass functions…)

  • Dsvkb

    Please bring this to NA!

  • Learii

    NA please

  • Zoozbuh

    Oh wow, from those screenshots it looks like NOE is really going the whole mile to localise this properly… I didn’t think such a weird game would work in English, but actually it looks like quite a cool concept. I can imagine the same crowd that loves Animal Crossing etc picking this one up.

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