Chibi Jecht, Noel, And Fran Are In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

By Spencer . April 2, 2014 . 11:09pm

imageSquare Enix still has surprises left for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call and Jump revealed Final Fantasy characters in it.


Eiko from Final Fantasy IX, Jecht from Final Fantasy X, Fran from Final Fantasy XII, and Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2 are confirmed for the music rhythm game.


I expect Square Enix will reveal more characters for Final Fantasy VIII and up since FFIV to FFVII have a full party with four characters from each respective game. Squall is right now the sole representative for Final Fantasy VIII… but on the other hand maybe he likes being a loner.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call comes out on April 24 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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  • komiko12

    Uhh. About Final Fantasy VIII… Seifer was a sub character in the original and Rinoa appeared in the iOS version.

    Still hope they can put Rosa, another FFVI character, Krile, Aria(FF3) and Leon(FF2)

    • I’d say it’s likely the iOs chars may show up.

      Gimme Quistis SE prease!

      • komiko12

        I think Laguna would be more likely to be confirmed. But other than him, Quistis would be sweet.

        • laoni

          Laguna has already been confirmed :) He was visible in a few trailers so far. These are the characters we’ve had confirmed from trailer appearances/official press releases so far. Oh, and all the iOS characters are in so I’m not counting them as new

          FF1-3 – No new characters (In the Collectacard books, there is no new spaces for FFI-III characters, so it stands to reason there aren’t any)

          FFIV – Edge (

          FFV – Lenna ( , Galuf (

          FFVI – Edgar (

          FFVII – Barrett (

          Advent Children – Tifa (After Cloud in the trailer

          Crisis Core – Zack

          FFVIII – Laguna (

          FFIX – Eiko

          FFX – Jecht (Rikku is a maybe, as she appears as a X-2 character which specifies it’s her second form. However this could just be referring to X-2)

          FFX-2 – Yuna (X-2 edition), Rikku, Paine

          FFXI – Lilisette ( At 2:33, she has a character Collectacard)

          FFXII – Fran

          FFXIII – None so far

          FFXIII-2 – Noel

          Lightning Returns – Lightning

          FFXIV – Y’shtola

          Mystic Quest – Benjamin

          Crystal Chronicles – Male Clavat (After Ramza in this trailer

          Type-0 – Machina, Rem, Ace

          • komiko12

            Wow. Are you actively keeping track of this game?

          • laoni

            …Maybe >_> <_<

            I'm just keeping track of the characters XD I have no idea about the songs, and a vague idea of the new game modes but when it comes to characters, I'm on the ball~

            EDIT: Oh, and from the Collectacards, other than the ones listed above + old characters, between FFI-FIX there aren't anymore spaces for new characters in the album.

          • komiko12

            Heh. It’s okay. I’m very excited for this one since the original Theatrhythm was the one that made me buy my 3DS earlier than what I planned (which is when a Pokemon game comes out).

            Still, it’s a shame they couldn’t include more characters from the earlier games. The art direction is very simple so characters are very easy for them to include.

          • Ty Arnold

            Faris has purple hair again? Must buy.

          • Yay! All the first arc party of FFV is there! Plus Edgar, Barret, AC Tifa, Jecht and dangnabbit Fran! Im so bought~

  • BlinkingRune

    …why Eiko? She joins really late in FFIX and isn’t nearly as interesting as the others. If Garnet, Vivi, and Zidane are in it, I think Steiner or Freya would have been the obvious choice…meh.

    • Agreed on Steiner just cause he’s fun.
      Freiya or Amarant? Not nearly as relevant as Eiko.

      • BlinkingRune

        She’s more relevant, I won’t argue with that, but she’s a whole lot less interesting and she’s not in the game nearly as long.

        • That’s quite subjective though.

          Personally I lost interest in Freiya and a lil bit Steiner when the second half of the game happened, they kinda became generic party members and Amarant was always a terrible, boring character.

          Eiko’s stay may have been shorter but until the end she kept being the charming little kid she’s always been. Plusshe’smypreferedwhitemageoverGarnetlol.

    • BeatTheGG

      I too yearn for Freya. She’s one of my favorite FF girls actually :(

      That said I don’t mind Eiko. Some people hate her but she was alright in my book.

    • Daniel Gulyas

      I’d still love to see some Beatrix love in a spinoff… however unlikely it would be.

  • new_tradition

    My Little Dad Can’t be This Cute?

  • Hell yeah! These are favoured chars of mine including Eiko!

    • komiko12

      I was glad they put Fran rather than Penelo.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Theres no reason they cant include all FF characters.

  • Misty Dawson

    I need my Celes! -cries-

    Fran is good though..

    • laoni

      Celes is in don’t worry. All the iOS exclusive characters of the original (which she was one) is in. Also she’s been in a few trailers already

  • 하세요

    Fran and Jecht ; ; two out of three of my top fav FF characters. Balthier, where art thou?

  • I wanted to say something nice and witty but all that could and should has already been said.
    All I can do right now is reaffirm my hype for this game!
    Harken forth April! 24! I command thee!
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  • AuraGuyChris

    When you play as Jetch, Overworld overrides the current track.

  • Kalis Konig

    I hope the localization time for this is not to long. I have been playing the original and IOS version like crazy in hype for this!

  • Altsein

    Hoping Ramza is in there.

    • Jonah Paley

      wasn’t he in the iOS version, and therefore will be in this one as well? Or was that some other Tactics character?

      Personally, I want to see Thunder God Cid or Agrias as well
      As for other Ivalice Alliance choices…I dunno…Llyud, Ritz, Luso, and Ashley Riot? Makes sense, I guess.

  • Omikuji

    *the grabbiest of hands* At this point I have accepted the first game to have been a beta/testing grounds to see how the concept would work out. I’d looooove to know if/when it’s coming out NA lands because, well, I adored the original but felt it was a bit sparce on the music (even with the dlc)

    Gib please. Or at least announce if it’s even possible SE. Pleaaseee I don’t want to have to buy a JP 3DS for this ;_;

  • Altumn

    Right there is a perfect reason to buy it. All good characters right there.

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