Toukiden Extreme Shows Off A New Wolf-Type Monster And A Spear-Wielding Ally

By Sato . April 3, 2014 . 1:30am

Tecmo Koei are currently working on Toukiden Extreme, the updated version of the PSP and PlayStation Vita hunting game, which will have new demons, weapons, twice the story volume, and more. The official website updates us with a look at one of the new monsters and a new ally.


Although things were starting to look normal (at least somewhat normal) at the Utakata Village, it looks like the Slayers won’t be getting much of a break, as they’ll have to return to action shortly after the events of the first game.


“Imihayahi,” who has arrived from the Northern lands, is one of the new demons they’ll be fighting. In addition to the new wolf-type monster, there will be plenty of other new demons, with about up to two times more than in the first game.


The demons won’t just be increasing in number, as their movements have also been powered-up, so old foes will also have new tricks up their sleeve in Toukiden Extreme.




However, players will also be getting their share of enhancements, from new weapons, Mitama, and more. A new spear-wielding Slayer ally by the name of Reki (not “Koyomi,” as previously believed) will also be joining you on the fight against the demons in Toukiden Extreme.


Toukiden Extreme is currently halfway through development and will be released in Japan sometime in 2014 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Darn… another waifu?

  • Ryujin

    That wolf oni kind of looks like a Nono Orugaron from MH Frontier had some time alone with a Marduk from God Eater. :P Ahh, love~

  • gretan

    i hope that wolf oni won’t be as agile(annoying) as windshredder. XD

    • Keine

      might be just OP like the cerberus though… :/

      • gretan

        oh come on, it’s really easy to dodge cerberus n he’s not that tough anyway.

        • Jadfish

          neither the Windshredder or Cerberus are even close in terms of difficulty and/or annoyance that is the hipchecking motherf****r Plesioth

          • Naryl

            I feel you man, those body slams that hit you using wind pressure or something cause I’m sure as hell that plesioth didn’t hit me >_> and in MH1… 75% of the mission time wasted cause plesioth was in the water.

          • Vash bane

            lol I remember that. lucky I had a friend nearby sometimes but the times I didn’t …. yeah no comment there

  • Virevolte

    Twice the content? I was so sure that I wouldn’t be interested by an extension but now…
    Do you think we can hope to have new “types” of weapons as well ?

    • Keine

      like the tonfa (from MH) or a gun or boots (this might actually be pretty badass imo)

    • Naryl

      naginata is confirmed as new weapon. I think they also mentioned something about firearms.

  • Ixbran

    That is a Naginata. There is already a spear weapon, owned by Ibuki in the original game.

    • Keine

      hopefully she will have a different moveset??
      I wish there was a halbard/polearm though

      • Virevolte

        A polearm would be cool. =)

      • Naryl

        it was announced as “the new weapon naginata” so I’m pretty sure it is a complete different weapon from the spear. Spears usually are focussed arround stabs while naginatas are more likely to use wide-area slashes.

        • Taedirk

          Ooh, really? The couple of sites I’ve seen kept referring to it as just a spear and no mention of new weapon or naginata. Fuck yeah, naginatas.

    • Altin

      Cut it some slack. In the long end – how many games do exist in which you can play with either a spear or naginata? The answer is: not enough! ;D

  • Schiller

    Will this be an update or DLC for the existing Toukiden? I don’t really want to buy Toukiden 2 times at full price just for some new content…

    • Keine

      Just like SSD and ROA probably

    • Virevolte

      I understand the feeling but if there’s really “twice the story volume”, for an extended version, I think that’s sounding good.

  • Sakota

    Doesn’t help when God Eater 2 also has a similar looking monster (Marduk) on their cover too.

    • Kornelious

      Hmmm…….Maybe they’re working on an “Enhanced” version of God Eater 2 and that’s wht it hasn’t been localized yet….RIGHT BAMCO!? >:(

      • Sakota

        Haha I wish. They’re still working on it via DLC patches. Next update already confirmed to have survival mode and infrastructure online play.

        • Kornelious

          Well, if Toukiden (Which little knew about before it was announced) God Eater 2 should hopefully come over….Eventually :(

          • Vash bane

            one of the only reasons I even bought a vita lol

      • Mugen555

        Looking at climate, they probably waiting few month after MH4G/MH4U release first.
        If the gap is too short it would hurt the maker and fans who played both game

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      Jinouga is the one to blame. he is just that beautiful to be your hunting game poster monster

  • Kornelious

    wonder what kind of personality this new character will have, I like the new armor though but kinda wish we got something like a Scythe or Twin Blades instead of another type of spear…….
    Really hope this gets localized, I really like Toukiden and will but this first thing when it comes out :)

    • Virevolte

      I bet she’s a tsundere. ^^”

  • I wonder what kind of role that Naginata will play in the game i suppose it will be less jumpy and stabby compared to spear and more swinging.

    Hopefully they fix the monster AIs in this game since the subspecies is not much different with its variant

  • Ben Sylvia

    I assume we can transfer data from the first, but I wonder, will we pick up where we left off, or will we have to start from the beginning?

    Because once I get all the bows and all the Mitama, I’m not gonna be to keen on doing it again. T.T

    Edit: And I bet the armor from the wolf looks badass.

  • nonscpo

    As long as the variety of chapters is reprisented with various new oni ill be fine.

  • Bach Le

    is that a tenko?

  • Croix Zapp

    can’t say i like how they are selling games nowadays.

    from DLC to ‘updated version’? >_>

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