Could This Be A New Clue For Square Enix’s Upcoming Light Novel-Style RPG?

By Sato . April 4, 2014 . 12:32pm


Square Enix recently revealed a new “light novel-style RPG” that is in the works, featuring a cast of over 25 high-profile voice actresses in the mix. Following that, they recently uploaded a video featuring the voice and sounds of a “new game,” which sounds like it could be the RPG in question.



While the trailer doesn’t show any footage, it recites several lines from characters that will give you an idea of the kind of drama that will unfold in the upcoming game.


Here’s a look at the translations of what’s being voiced out in the video:


“The flow of time in this place is different compared to where we’re from…”


“It means that things such as common sense no longer have any use, whatsoever, around here.”


“Please, just send me back to the normal world.”


“Even now, numerous members continue to fight secretly.”


“I’ll take it down! Regardless of what happens to my body!”


“This is where I belong!”


“I always believed that you’d return!”


“Up until now, I’ve always longed to have someone change this world.”


“No matter how important something is to you, they can still be lost.”


“Do you think even someone such as myself could be of use to the team?”


“I… just want you to watch over me.”


“Because if I don’t kill… I’ll be killed myself.”


“When this fight is over, I’d like to do the things I’ve been wanting to do.”


Additionally, Square Enix recently opened a new site for this mystery game, with the title of “Stellaprisma” in the link.

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  • idrawrobots

    Does any body remember that Sound based adventure game Capcom was working on for the 3DS? What ever happened to that?

  • Manny Being Manny

    “Do you think even someone such as myself could be of use to the team?”

    I’m 100% sure that line was spoken by Kana Hanazawa, so its probably that LN RPG she was announced to be in.

    • Theob Vious Choice

      And “I… just want you to watch over me.” was definitely Ogura Yui, I recognized a few others but those two were the most obvious to me, lol. Hopefully this will be a good game, first time I’ve been curious about anything Square Enix has done since the Star Ocean franchise ended.

  • shuyai

    hmmmm wtf is LN novel style game, LN is basically a normal book with a few picture in between, sound and background then it is sound novel, with choice then it is Visual novel. and i can understand part VN game which is like Virtual last reward,Agarest war but why the fick they specifiedly say LN? are they gona cut out sound and picture and somehow make it a selling point? makes no fricking sense

    • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

      Your picture certainly does suit your comment lol. Just saying..

    • BlackC#Bro

      Pretty sure “LN” style game means it’s going to have a nice premise, decent opening, and quickly descend into unreadable garbage that looks like it was written by a 13 year old who gets bullied but can escape to his writing fantasies.

      • darke

        … that sounds like you suffered reading Ero Manga Sensei as well. My condolences. -.- (Book has main character who’s an author, and has all the standard “I suck; my writing sucks; I’m not worthy to write” and so on angsts of a standard writer, an no personality what-so-ever. I’d complain it’s a self-insert fanfic, but the author has an entire 10+ volume series written before he started this. :? )

      • DyLaN

        Because clearly Spice & Wolf/Hataraku Maou-sama/Toradora/any other decent/good LN doesn’t exist. Sure SAO was a mixed reception but one single work should not reflect the entire medium quality.

    • Kai2591

      Good point actually.

    • DyLaN

      Contrary to popular opinion, LN does not equal to “book with pics”. It simply means its targeted at young adults/high school-ers and uses more simple writing.

      • shuyai

        ? not contrary to popular opinion, 99.99% of LN include 2D drawing cover and image in-between and it is obvious LN aims at young adults/high school-ers as with vast majority of 2D media(and so is most Jpn games) so i dont know what you trying to point out.

        • DyLaN

          I’m just pointing out the “proper” definition of LNs cause I’ve seen a “LN” style work being classified as novel technically.

      • darke

        Simple writing? The Monogatari series would like to disagree with you; Mahouka is also painful due to the technical language magic explanations. I recall there’s actually quite a few that require quite a solid Japanese skill if you’re a non-native, so they can’t be all that simple for native speakers either.

        Like that article says, they’re basically a novella targeted towards the YA demographic (late teen/early 20s), that’s about the only thing you can say about them as a group. Usually they’re a series released a couple of times a year; usually they feature high-school level protagonists.

        But the most reliable sign you’ve got a LN in your hands is the cover picture prominently features a pretty girl drawn in moe style. >.> (Well at least for the male targeted ones anyway; male drawn in shoujo style for the female targeted ones. :P )

        • DyLaN

          I purposely left it out, but yes it has exception just like everything else. Like how KyoukaiSen is consider as a LN even with it surpassing LOTR word count. Though I’ve seen LH being classified as a novel too.

          (Wait, Monogatari series is considered a LN? I thought it was a novel all along)

          • darke

            Searching on for 化物語 and filtering by ライトノベル pulls up all the novel covers for that series I recognise, so amazon thinks so.

            And yeah, at 450 pages it really stretches the definition of ‘light’, since the usual size I would expect is in the 150-250 page range.

            Honestly, there’s really such a broad selection of novels that get stuffed under the ‘LN’ title, I really think you can only paint it in broad strokes. Like “targeted to young adult” and “tends to feature pretty ‘moe’ anime girl on the cover”. Even the harder sci-fi like HEAVY OBJECT and Mahouka can’t escape the girl-on-cover trope. :P

  • surakian

    Whatever it is, I just hope it is good. The world needs more visual novel games and SE has plenty of talent to make a fantastic one.

  • Slickyslacker

    Though the message is rather morose, this entire project carries a Kingdom Hearts vibe, to me.

    Let’s pray in unison that it isn’t iOS based.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I hope it is so people can whine more about things they don’t understand

    • RablaAndrews

      I hope it is so I can play it wherever I want.

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Alexandra Cordes

    I’m trying not to get super excited over this, BUT I CAN’T STOP.

  • Mr. Sweeney Todd

    Hmm, I hope we get some news next week. Intriguing.

  • Lightning Returns 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Some sort of Chrono Trigger/Cross follow up?

  • Kayseur

    Alright, I think I’m fairly interested now. It might turns out being for naught, but it sounds (… yeah) good. Thought it still lack some Marina Inoue if it truly is the Light Novel RPG game (and I agree with some others, what is that even supposed to mean?).

  • surakian

    I guess I should also note that I’d love this game to be good AND localized.

  • Love that music being played in the background. I’ll keep an eye out for this.

  • revenent hell

    Ok SE…ya got me……. I will buy this if its made available to me. On whatever device no less.

  • Will no doubt release before XV as well.


  • Kai2591

    I hope the main protagonist is a guy, and that this isn’t an all-girls affair.

  • Ace

    Mobile phone game. Calling it.

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