Persona 3 the Movie #1 Sees English Release On May 20th

By Ishaan . April 8, 2014 . 8:30am


May 20th will see the release of the English-language version of Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth. Aniplex have released an English trailer for the movie, which you can watch above, and have also confirmed a collector’s edition release.


The collector’s edition will include the following items:


  • Soundtrack CD (including “More Than One Heart” by Yumi Kawamura)
  • Exclusive box art by Keisuke Watabe (character designer/animation director)
  • Newly illustrated cover art
  • 48-page Deluxe Booklet with English translation
  • 10 “Super P3 Stickers”
  • 4 Key art illustration cards


Meanwhile, both the standard and collector’s editions will include bonus content on the Blu-Ray disc, but this appears to be rather underwhelming. The major piece of bonus content included in both versions is audio commentary, but this will not be subtitled in English. Additionally, there is no English dub for the movie at all.


The collector’s edition will retail for $99.98, although Aniplex will sell it for $79.98. Meanwhile, the standard edition will retail for $74.98, but Aniplex will sell it for $59.98. Both versions are imports.

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  • 하세요

    Is this a normal price for things like this? I seldom buy DVDs since I’m not a movie person but I certainly don’t like Persona enough for that tag.

    • CaptPlaceholder

      For Anime, yes. The prices are absurd and is one of the reasons why I rarely buy anime. For an 11 episode series (Usagi Drop), I had to pay around 89 USD when it first released. Shit is expensive.

      • You should’ve waited for NISA to drop the Standard edition. It’s $52 instead.

    • darqred

      for a direct Japanese import they certainly are more expensive, it isn’t a domestic release, which will probably accompany a dub and be released later like a year or so.

      • Unlikely. Aniplex of America has become extremely notorious for not releasing dubs of movies. They did this import-only nonsense for the Madoka movies too, and they did sub-only for the Gurren Lagann movies.

        • darqred

          I still think the madoka movies will receive a dub, they did the show, and I think the demand is enough that they will do them, probably for a premium of course.

          • I’m really doubting it. I think the dub for Madoka actually wasn’t very well received. I still remember the premiere stream of the dub with everyone complaining how they sounded, especially with Kyubey.

            But the premium part’s definitely a given. Who wants to spend $180-$200 on three movies?

          • darqred

            I never watched the dub myself, I guess I just sort of auto assumed considering the fan base and all.

            I remember being pretty annoyed that the original fate/zero release was an import and something I couldn’t afford. But was pretty happy with the more domestic, still expensive release, but still got myself to buy that, just more over time lol.

            Guess the wait game is in order o/

    • Andrew Norris

      This is normal for Japanese DVD and Bluray prices.

    • This is not a normal price for literally every other company on the market in America. Aniplex of America is the only company that actively tries to gouge and discourage people from buying their products.

    • ZEROthefirst

      No it’s just Aniplex USA. They like to “localize” series’ and movies at a higher price than in Japan for the most part.

  • Six

    You can get the entire series of FMA: Brotherhood for the price they are asking for one movie that isn’t even dubbed.

    I am not looking forward to how much they’ll try to bleed me dry for Kill la Kill.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Probably should include the bonuses that one gets if they get it at the usa animate shop.

    【Persona3 THE MOVIE】 #1 -Spring of Birth- Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Animate Limited Edition (Import)

    Animate Limited Edition Bonus!!
    ■Persona compendium style Pouch
    ■Contractor’s KEY (Replica)
    ■Rubber strap – Elizabeth

    Animate Original Bonus!
    ■B3-size clear wall scroll featuring original artwork

    • MrTakeba

      I rarely use any retailer other than Amazon so if you come across any other places with bonuses I’d love to compare. Thanks for the tip!

  • MrTakeba

    As someone who doesn’t mind and sometimes even prefers a good English dub, I am beset with disappointment that there will not be an English vocal track for this. I understand the licensing costs that go into localizing a high-profile anime, but Persona 3 is my favorite game of all time and those English performances are ingrained in my memory. Michelle Ruff, Liam O’Brien, Vic Mignogna, Tara Platt. I will still pre-order it and love it, but I’m sad :(

    • ZEROthefirst

      Please do not support Aniplex USA with pricing their “localized” products higher than the majority of their Japanese releases. Wait for a cheap used copy at a more realistic price for a movie being $20-30 or someone selling it new at a real price too.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Point has been made — and yes, they do remain the unusual bird in the current anime landscape. Certainly not the first time ‘Japanese-styled’ pricing has been tried in the West. Aniplex does seem a bit more willing than most to live with the market reaction the price points create.

        • It’s mainly down to Aniplex positioning themselves as a premium company. And while I can appreciate that– and needless to say, their premium releases ARE nice (just look at that Gurren Lagann bluray set, wow), they make it extremely difficult to properly support these series, which is where most of the anger comes from.

          But yeah, the point’s been made in general.

          • MrTakeba

            I’m not big into anime so these issues concerning distributors and their price points is foreign to me. I just assume that everything that comes out of Japan comes at a premium price.

          • In general, prices for anime in America have gone way down for the past some years, especially with the advent of box sets and season sets becoming more of a standard. Funimation’s the cheapest of the companies if you want a collection, due to their S.A.V.E. line.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            At least they are going that REALLY nice route rather than situations before where things like Slam Dunk or Galaxy Angel 2 were being released at $50 for a 2-3 episode disk.

            And it isn’t as if they aren’t as you noted throwing their releases completely behind that pay wall if you can accept subscription streaming.

          • Ugh, yeah. And I’ll admit that there’s cases where Aniplex still at least tries to do better than their Japan side (like Madoka getting four episodes a disk instead of the two episode nonsense back over there). But it’s painful to swallow.

            Pretty much, and the streaming is one of the main big perks, and I’m very glad that the current trend is to do streaming, now. It still doesn’t mean I don’t wish to own the stuff at some point down the line, though. Ah well.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      Then wait a few months for the dub? I mean this release is releasing on the same date the bd goes on sale in JPN…

      • MrTakeba

        Ah see I did not know that a dub is still forthcoming. I think I’ll wait. Thanks!

        • There has been no announcement for a dub, and in general, it’s unlikely that one will come.

          Aniplex really only likes doing dubs if they think they can try to get the series onto TV.

          • MrTakeba

            Thanks, the other guy had me thinking it was confirmed already. Ugh, so frustrating. I’ve been waiting so long for this and am more than a willing customer but the product just isn’t exactly what I anticipated getting.

          • It’s a real disappointment. It might not hurt to wait around and see, but if you REALLY want the movie, don’t wait too long.

    • azureknight

      There will be a dub of it eventually, Aniplex usually double dips, and releases the subbed version first, and then releases the dubbed version later like they did with Fate Zero. I hope your wallet is ready to be violated though.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Aniplex USA tends to ignore dubbing movies if it didn’t get announced with one. So the fact that it has no dub right now more than likely stands as the only release for it.

        • azureknight

          awww, that’s disappointing. I really enjoyed the P4 anime dub, too bad Sentai couldn’t pick up the P3 movies.

        • doubleO7

          Not always, just sometimes. Blue Exorcist and Fate/Zero both saw subbed releases before they were re-released with a dub later.

          • ZEROthefirst

            Those are series’ not movies. Take a look a Aniplex USA’s releases specifically with movies and you’ll see they very rarely make more than 1 release and even a release with a dub.

          • doubleO7

            I’ll give you that, but its not like they’ve actually done many movie releases to begin with. Persona is very popular, I’d argue that it at least has a chance (however small) of seeing a dubbed release.

  • Everytime Aniplex of America gets something, I die a little more inside.

    No, really, I’m willing to spend a pretty good amount for my stuff, but the prices Aniplex of America tries to push really get me. I can’t buy Bakemonogatari because the series is not worth $100+. I’ll not be able to get Kill la Kill or Blue Exorcist. Forget ever getting Durarara. Madoka? Madoka’s pricing for the series was literally where I put my foot down about the company.

    I guess the one up point though is that Aniplex is pretty buddy buddy with Crunchyroll and the sort, so their stuff goes up for steaming. That and they seem to like to push for TV releases too.

    • ZEROthefirst

      I wanted the Monogatari series as well but $100+ for each series and then another $50+ for Nekomonogatari is stupid. I wanted Fate/Zero, Durarara the Garden of Sinners movies and Blast of the Tempest. I honestly want Aniplex USA to disappear. Also while I don’t like Sword Art Online at all, I have to say that their release for it is the biggest scam I have ever seen. For 4 separate releases on blu ray with about 7 episodes per release you would have to pay $90+ per release and the DVD releases are still ridiculous at $40+ per piece.

      • The saddest thing is, the bluray being so expensive is mainly because of the whole reverse importing fears that’ve been prominent between Western releases and Japan– namely that since we’ll get cheaper releases with more on them, and bluray is the same region coding between Japan and America, Japanese people have been importing more.

        And while I can understand protecting investments, sometimes it’s really too much.

        • ZEROthefirst

          I know it sucks, there are a lot of anime series that I want that Sentai are releasing, but so many of them don’t get a blu ray release for this very reason.

          • Pretty much, even Funimation had to go along with that too for a while. I’m glad I waited when it came to them though, cause they eventually released things like Panty and Stocking onto bluray after only doing a DVD release. Though I think Funimation had to basically get around it by making the subs permanently on if you have it set to Japanese, cause I guess Japanese fans don’t like English words all over the bottoms of their screens.

          • ZEROthefirst

            Yeah, and the only series that are still going like this that I know of are Deadman Wonderland and Future Diary. I’m sure there are more, but those are just the 2 I know of specifically.

      • chroma816

        Oh god, the Monogatari series prices are a crime.

    • chroma816

      Have you seen their prices for the Monogatari series? Goddamn.

      • God, yes. I get angry everytime I think about them.

        • chroma816

          I would *love* to show support for the series by buying the BDs, but it’s disgusting the amount of money Aniplex wants for them.

          I mean, I’d rather just buy individual disks of episodes for 20 or 30 each. Sure, the stuff that comes with it is cool, but those extras should be optional, not mandatory – that would bring down the price.

          • Of course, they don’t even give that option for the Monogatari series, though I’d rather just have a full set.

            I mean, if they were charging between $50-$80 for these full sets, I might be a little more willing to put down the money. They have the Baccano! bluray series for $50, so why can’t they do that for other series?

            By the way, if you really wanna see how bad Japanese company fears of Reverse Importing blurays is, look at the Oreimo pricing page.

    • Thrasher429

      They definitely are really expensive….though I must admit I still tried buying this anyway, but for some reason rightstuf decided they couldn’t ship to Australia even though the product page says otherwise.

      • ZEROthefirst

        It’s not that Rightstuf won’t ship to you, it’s because of this being an “import” title from a company in the US they’re legally not allowed to sell and distribute outside of the US. If you want it you’ll have to find a 2nd hand copy pretty much.

        • Thrasher429

          Ahh so that’s what it was, I figured it was probably something like that. Kinda weird that it was listed as one of the available shipping territories on the Aniplex website as well for the movie. Oh well I don’t mind waiting for it to get dubbed.

    • Xerain

      I’m willing to pay the same price the Japanese pay for anime….. I’m just not able to. And even if I were able to, then a choice has to be made between this anime… and 2-3 video games.

      The the $100ish price point for a single movie, it’s making Bakemongatari Collector’s Edition look like a bargain.

      • When comparing $150-$190 to a single collector’s edition movie… yeah, it’s a little amazing what the difference is between them.

        The only set I’ve ever considered going along with Aniplex’s crazy prices about is the TTGL bluray set, but even then, they’re around $200 over what I am reasonably comfortable with spending for.

    • Ric Vazquez

      The Gurren Lagann set is easily the worst scam ever, $500?! Seriously?! Screw you shittyplex of murica!

  • dmysta3000

    Its sad that you can actually buy the entire Persona 4 anime on BD for the excact price that Aniplex is charging for the STANDARD edition of a single movie.

    • doubleO7

      You’re kinda comparing apples to oranges. Buying Aniplex’s imported version of the movie is much cheaper than importing all of the JP discs of the P4 anime.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    “Additionally, there is no English dub for the movie at all.”

    First the Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania, and now this. Truly a week of disappointments. Now all I need is for Smash U to be announced for 2015, and I will just go on ahead and cry.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Also, I wish Siliconera didn’t mislead with the title. I at least, see “English release” and think dub. This is more just “Porting the film to the West”

      • I don’t think it’s misleading. This is their “English release” of the movie. Other publishers often license anime in the west without dubs, too. NIS America comes to mind. It’s a headline, dude. We get less than two lines to work with.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          Yeah, I know. Mislead was the wrong word. I doubt whomever came up with the title was thinking “Hurr, I bet those fools will think ‘English Release’ means dub, free clicks, suckas!”. Just saying that I wish the wording was less… ambiguous? So I wouldn’t have gotten so excited before clicking. Though I’m sure there is no easy way to do that in a headline. I can’t think of one anyway. I’m willing to take the blame, I must learn to read the fine print first. Life lessons Ishaan, you just taught one.

    • DyLaN

      Maybe it will have one for later. This is just the imported edition.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Aniplex tends to not re-release movies with a dub. If it was a series then maybe, but because it’s a movie and there’s no dub already then it is very un-likely.

        • DyLaN

          Ok then. I’m not very familiar with all these things.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Be glad we got it at all

  • MrTakeba

    Does anyone know why this release is considered an “import?” That’s really going to confuse people like me who don’t know much about these things.

    • Import means they’re basically just bringing the movie, mostly unaltered aside from subs, to America from Japan. Because the region coding between Japan and America is the same, they don’t have to do much other than translation.

    • doubleO7

      It means exactly what you’d think it means. This release is basically identical to the original JP release, except they’ve added subs.

  • Pdugna

    Jesus fucking christ man, what is up with that price? that is like paying $60 for 1/3 a game.

    • ZEROthefirst

      lol as ridiculous as the prices are this is on the more generous side of Aniplex USA. They want your money, and if you want their stuff you REALLY have to work for it.

  • César H. Sandoval

    If this doesn’t get dubbed by the game cast, no buy.

    • MrTakeba

      Dammit I really want to agree with you. I’m sure the Japanese cast is great but their voices aren’t the ones I know and love.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Agree, I can only deal with the dubbed version of the P4 anime because of the same reasons.

    • doubleO7

      A dubbed release will happen eventually, this is just an import release for the people that want the JP release.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Agreed buddy

  • Wait, so this is just pretty much Subbed?

    • Yep.

      • That’s… dumb. What’s the incentive for NOT waiting for fansubs, then?

        I loved the voice acting in this game, it’s shame I won’t be able to hear them in this movie.

        • Mostly, it comes down to what they offer in their physical package, or supporting the company themselves.

          Not that the prices help, but that’s generally the basis behind it. But I do agree, Persona 3 and 4 both have a great dub track, so it’s a real shame.

          • I see… Well those physical extras don’t look too enticing, not to mention that one audio commentary is a flat out RAW.

            Even if I didn’t care about dubbed versions, you make a pretty convincing argument up there; no one likes overpaying for things.

  • Alex Sargeant

    This is actually disgusting. I don’t think I’ve been more blown away by a ridiculously over-priced release of a movie.


  • Revorse

    Anime is too expensive.

  • otakumike

    100 bucks??

    Just…buy…Persona 3?

  • DivinePhoenix69

    My god those prices… I’m sorry but that’s way too much for a movie that’s not even dubbed. I understand that these prices are considered to be standard in Japan, but come on this is just ridiculous. This is why i don’t bother buying anime in the first place.

    • doubleO7

      This being an import release, its not entirely fair to compare it to most other R1 anime releases, which are much, much cheaper.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Aniplex does local releases too and their prices are still extremely over priced compared to the rest of the Western anime releases. Aniplex USA is well known for over pricing and at times pricing higher than the Japanese releases.

        • doubleO7

          Very true, but DivinePheonix’s statement of “this is why I don’t bother buying anime in the first place” makes it sound like he/she is equating Aniplex’s pricing to the entire R1 anime industry, which is simply not true.

  • Tienron

    so…’s not being dubbed why?

    • AuraGuyChris

      Because if it was, it’d be $2000. This is actually the “cheap” version.

    • doubleO7

      Because its an import release. This is the exact same set that Japan got, the only difference is they’ve added subs.

      Like a lot of Aniplex’s other releases, a dubbed, non-import release will likely happen at some point.

  • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

    Wait: so they expect people to pay 74.99$ for a hour and a half movie with almost no extra content (yeah, there’s audio commentary but it’s not translated) and the movie it’s not even dubbed? Are you serious Aniplex?

    • doubleO7

      I think you’d be surprised how many people like to buy the initial JP releases rather than waiting for a proper, licensed English release.

      • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

        in the anime industry, that happens because nowadays the english release gets a downscale on quality, and since too many people are crazy about getting the “truest HD experience” they are willing to put up with the costs

        • doubleO7

          I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that. There are always exceptions of course, but generally the US licencors are provided with the same masters that Japan used, and the English releases are basically identical in visual quality to the JP release.

          • Andrés Ortiz Ozeta

            i dunno about that… read the intro (sorry my english is not that good) of this
            And after that, this one:

          • doubleO7

            Ah, did you mean gimped releases in general? I thought you just meant video quality, which very few listings in that 2nd link of yours are actually about.Yes, there are quite a few releases that have some kind of restriction placed on them (usually by the JP licensor), and while bitrates, compression and such may vary, the difference in video quality is more often than not negligible, if there’s a difference at all.

          • Revyatheworldeater .

            Depends on the release and type of compression used.
            This generally affects either the video and/or sound quality. (I am looking at you F/Z and Maoyu English blu-ray)
            Or in some cases the “proper” English release is done in a gimped format. Such as Blast of Tempest being DVD only or P4 and Kurokami having only English dubs.

  • raulrain

    The way I see it? quick cash, it`s painfully funny that the BD realease of Persona 4 doesn`t have the japanese track, and the P3 movie? no dub XD, What`s WRONG with the persona anime? half and half? these things have a new item`s price tag, and sometimes new means COMPLETE in some places

    • ZEROthefirst

      The deal with no Japanese track on the P4 Blu ray from Sentai Filmworks has to deal with people in Japan importing the blu rays at a cheaper price (Japan and the US have the same region codes for Blu rays so they can get a cheaper blu ray). The P3 movie is really just an Aniplex USA thing, they hardly ever dub movies so it pretty much speaks for itself.

      • doubleO7

        There’s also the fact that P3 is being treated as an import release. The lack of a dub isn’t terribly surprising. As they’ve done in the past, its possible that it will get a non-imported, dubbed release later down the line.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Be right back, people. I’m cutting off a finger to pay for this…

    Screw that. No English dub is a no buy.

  • Ping92

    No english subs or dub? what????

    • It has English subs, but only for the actual movie. The commentary track is unsubbed.

      • Ping92

        oh i see, then it is rather pointless to get the disc plus it is overpriced. i’d rather stream it

  • Learii

    too much for a movie

  • Steven Higgins

    Sub is better than nothing IMO

  • Firion Hope

    getting the special edition of this fo sho!

  • Kyle15

    On Amazon Japan you can get the limited edition for about $70 SHIPPED to the USA. If anyone wants to save a few bucks hop on that before the sale is over! (I don’t mean to sound like an annoying spammer, just thought I’d let ya’ll know!)

    • doubleO7

      The problem with that is the lack of subs on the JP release. That sale won’t be helpful to most people. But if that doesn’t bother you, go for it! It has all the same bonus goodies included.

      • Kyle15

        Aniplex USA claims it’s an import release with the only difference being an extra translated booklet. If they’re the same discs but re-authored with subtitles then my mistake! I assumed since they call it an “import release” that it’s the same thing barring whatever physical translation booklet extras they throw in.

        • doubleO7

          No biggie, I assumed that too at first, but I just researched the JP discs a moment ago and they don’t seem to have subs.

  • artemisthemp

    I never understood Aniplex and their price.
    Specially when I discover the price for Blu-ray set of Garden of Sinner

    • doubleO7

      Because its an import. Given that, Aniplex does offer their import releases at a discount from the JP MSRP.

      A proper dubbed, non-premium-import release is extremely likely to happen later.

  • Sabin1936

    so mad

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    what, that price is insane

  • No dubbing from the english P3 cast? BOOOOOOO!

  • Skye Johnson

    …If they’re going to charge that much they can at least translate all the Japanese on the disc.

    Though the chance of seeing a re-release with a dub is (apparently) likely low, I think I’ll wait a year and see what happens. If I still want the movie by then I’ll buy it for (hopefully) a more reasonable price.

    • doubleO7

      A dubbed release later is likely. This is basically the same situation as with Fate/Zero.

      They release a direct import of the JP sets first, and a year or so later they’ll do a slightly cheaper, dubbed, non-import release.

  • Setsu Oh

    throw in the hero’s headphones only sold in japan and taiwan for some reson and i might barf up the money.

  • Edzo04

    well my love for persona 3 trumped my love of having money. hello collectors edition

  • Aww Aniplex. I wish it was Sentai like Persona 4’s release…

  • Makoto Yuki

    I already bought the CD… Also it would be better if I could get something I could bring along with me like Keychains. Though being a hardcore P3 fan I will skip this as it will not worth 80$

  • rurin

    Want. But too expensive ಥ□ಥ

  • No English dub? ****! Completely ruined my day. :(

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    no dub?! and that expensive?!……oh my collector side wants this ….nope burn my dread

  • FreeLancers

    let me guess, NO english dub . Just asking

    • brian

      He stated that in the article?

  • Kornelious

    You know I’ve gone to great lengths to get mant a Collectors Edition, But Aniplex…..They’re just TOO expensive, which sucks cuz they have some of they have some of the best Anime releases :(

  • keithmaxx

    Practical reasons for the cost include licensing fees to the Japanese companies, and of course import fees. Really, if you’d not want to pay for these versions, then why not learn the language? Which do you think would be less expensive for you guys in the long run?

  • bluegarigari

    I was actually excited for this…. then I saw the price…. that is way too much for 1 movie, and un-dubbed at that, I would like to support Atlus and Persona… but….

  • Keiji Johnson

    Uhh… Yeah… I’m going to pass on this, thank you. I’d rather wait until they actually release the movie with an English dub. And seriously… 60-80 dollars for a standard edition? That’s just… criminal.

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