Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Shows Lloyd, Asbel, And Other Characters

By Sato . April 10, 2014 . 12:31pm


Bandai Namco recently revealed that they’re bringing their Tales tactics game, Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, to the Nintendo 3DS. Based on the smartphone game, you’ll be seeing characters from the series appear in the world of Revalia, a place dreams come true. Famitsu shares more on the game’s story.


The story of Tales of the World: Reve Unitia will be told from two perspectives: a “Young Child” from the Lufres tribe named Terun, and a “Dream Keeper” named Nahato.


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Terun and Nahato in their dream forms.


In Terun’s story, he gets helped from Lloyd and Asbel, who are said to have been summoned from the “Awake World”. Terun will be travelling with them to look for other people from their world.


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On the other hand, Nahato ends up meeting Yuri and Jade, who’ve also been summoned in a similar manner, and meets the Dream Keeper, except they’ll be journeying for a different reason.


Tales of The World: Reve Unitia is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • MrJechgo

    *waits for the moment when Yuri Lowell comes in and says “B*tch please” XD*

  • Liamv2

    I would definitely take the Yuri path first. (God I hate that man’s name)

    • Spirit Macardi

      It’s not his fault that it means something else in Japanese. After all, it’s a real first name (I think it’s of Russian origin).

      • celery

        Yuri actually means lily (as in, the flower) in Japanese.
        It’s a Russian name but it’s also an uncommon Japanese name.

        • MrJechgo

          Considering that we have names like Estellise, Flynn, Rita, Repede, Raven, Karol, Judith, Yeager, Gauche, Droite, Schwann, Alexei and Patty, I’d say that Vesperia has more European influences than Japanese ones when it comes to names, hence Yuri being more Russian than Japanese.

          • celery

            Yeah I agree. I just wanted to point out that it doesn’t always mean what people think it means in Japanese ^u^

  • fairysun

    Yuri and Jade … hmm this should be interesting …

    • Luis Camargo

      Troll Party detected.

      Now I want this game =(

    • David García Abril

      I think they shouldn’t do that.

      I’m not sure the universe can hold so much awesomeness at the same place.

  • Spirit Macardi

    So there’s not only a character named Nahato, but it also takes place in a dream world?!

    I think Baba-chan is trying to get Yoshizawa-senpai to notice him XD

  • Zoozbuh

    Any chance this will be localized, I wonder? I would much prefer a proper new Tales game on 3DS, but I’ll take whatever I can get really.
    OH. Or surely they could port the Innocence R/Hearts R games to 3DS somehow?!? The graphics weren’t exactly pushing the system so I’m sure it could be done? D:

    • ronin4life

      That would be wierd…

      “Let’s take our DS games and remake them on… VITA.

      I would like to see that happen, but… I wouldn’t count on it.

      Localisations though? Hard to say. They seemed more interested in localization of the series recently, but the most recent games were pretty much confirmed to be WW at announcement, weren’t they? I feel they were only talking about PS3 when they said those things…

    • I would LOVE for Innocence R and Hearts R to be ported to 3DS and localized. Make it happen BN! :)

      Wallet = Ready.

  • D-Omen

    Lloyd, Asbel, Yuri (main characters in their games) and… Jade? Luke am cry.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Localization please… and we’re still waiting on Digimon Decode on 3DS, Namco. (Thanks for Romance Dawn and Project X Zone, though.)

  • Nyandroid

    Loving Terun and Nahato’s dream forms!

  • Ace Esper

    I read Nahato as Nahatomb from Klonoa. I almost flipped, but Nahato looks cool.

  • awat

    A tales game we might never get in the west~ :L sadly

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