5pb Have Been Working On A Visual Novel Remake Behind The Scenes

By Sato . April 13, 2014 . 5:00pm


To fans of visual novel series, 5pb/Mages are known for series such as Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes and many others, and according to a special rumor’s article in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, the developers revealed that they are indeed working on a remake of one of their popular visual novels.


“Yes, although I can’t reveal the name of the title, we are currently working on a remake project for a certain visual novel title,” said marketing director Akiyoshi Yamazaki. “I believe that we’ll be announcing it in the near future, so please look forward to it!”


5pb recently announced that a port for Robotics;Notes will be headed to PlayStation Vita, which will include new features and adjustments, so it’d probably be safe to cross that one off the list. So, what 5pb/Mages visual novel title would you guys like to see be remade?

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  • Shippoyasha

    All recent 5pb stuff are too new to be remade. Makes me wonder if they’ll do 11eyes or Chaos;Head and revamp it again. Chaos;Head may make sense considering Chaos;Child is coming later this year. I wouldn’t mind stuff like Muv Luv, Ever 17 and others getting new releases too. Even if many of them already got their remakes.

    • Link0306

      Chaos;Head already got a director’s cut in Chaos;Head Noah.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        That isn’t the umm fanservice one?

        • Link0306

          If by fanservice you mean people getting slaughtered and bad endings all around, then yes.

          But really, the fanservicy one is Love Chu Chu. Chaos;Head Noah is more creepiness and whatnot.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            No I meant the chu chu one I forgot about it so i wasn’t sure if it was noah or something else.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            I did see some stuff from Chaos;Head Noah and it seemed insanely brutal. Just how many bad ends does it have?

  • Izzeltrioum


    Uchikoshi recetly stated that he will be cooperating with Mages for a yet-to-reveal project.

    All I can think of, is:


    (For the sake of fixing that True Route/Ending)

    • Richard N

      Remember 11 would be sick, if not just of the off chance it finally gets an official english release.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And a great starting point would be the existing patch which is about as ‘official’ as patches get.

        • Richard N

          Yeah, for most of us here I’m sure we already did that. But what I’m hoping for is that the game and the genre get’s more exposure. Normal folk won’t bother with going online downloading the game and patching it and what not.

          Something like a Steam release would really help it get some noise, especially when they tag that it was developed by some of the people who made the Zero Escape series.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ya, but the introduction to that series for folks really needs to be Ever 17. That the 360 remake was not so accepted makes me hope the remake is indeed 17. It is the one most clearly (and the author has admitted) tied at the hip to the 999 arc.

            One of my honest desires is that as many folks as possible experience Ever 17. If you are a male who would not make the same choice Takeshi did in Tsugumi’s arc — sorry, but I would judge you poorly.

    • ReMeDyIII

      I’d play it just for whatever better ending there is supposed to be. Kagome Kagome…

    • zzzSleeping

      That would be nice.
      Which reminds me i should read never7.

      • Eilanzer

        nah…if you expect something like remember 11 or Never 17…Look elsewhere…Too much slice of life crap =/

        • AlexIDV

          The Izumi Curé path was great, though. But yeah, there was quite a lot of romance/slice of life.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Remake Ever17-remake, put in on PS3 and localization please

    • Himegami Aisa

      Ever17’s the Infinity series novel in least need of remaking or localising, though. None of the rest were officially brought over, Remember11 and 12Riven were rushed/incomplete and Never7 is looking pretty dated. That said, getting a compilation in English would be a dream come true. A pipe dream, yes, but a dream nonetheless.

  • GHAmer

    Robotics;Notes for PC please
    so I can use translator app on that one

    • FlamingFirewire

      They recently announced a Vita version – maybe bug Aksys about translating it?

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Ever 17 for the PS3 or Vita? I would love that and since I’m getting japanese lessons and that game could be a great challenge :D

    • brian

      That was just ported pretty recently, though.

  • FlamingFirewire

    This almost sounds too good to be true! Really hope one of the games they are re-making is something from the Infinity series. It is key that they have writing staff from whatever they are remaking though – from what I understand, the 360 version of Ever17 was very poor and changed key characterization and plot by changing key details from the original game.

    Really hoping that whatever they’re remaking it gets a PC version too so that we have a greater chance of seeing it localized either by fans, or by an official localizer. Maybe if it gets a Vita/PS3 release we’ll see Aksys or someone pick it up? (Assuming it’s Remember11 or something along those lines)

    Please just let this be what we’re all hoping from this one. Can’t wait to here more about this!

  • Niyari

    Chaos;Head is the only thing that makes sense since they’re releasing a game (Chaos;Child) that’s related to it soon

  • Jesse

    I know people are saying they want 5pb/Mages to remake some of the Infinity Series games, but…do they even have the rights to them? D= I don’t see any mention of them on their Wikipedia pages.

    • FlamingFirewire

      Well, when KID went bankrupt, Cyberfront ended up with the licenses to most of KIDs titles, and when Cyberfront went under, I’m fairly sure most of those assets went to 5pb. Considering Cyberfront worked together with 5pb for the Ever17 360 remake, it’s also very possible that 5pb currently holds the rights to the Infinity games.

      • Jesse

        Oh, alright. I did not know about those things. =o

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