New Oreshika Details On Growing Your Family Tree, Job Classes, And More

By Sato . April 15, 2014 . 5:52pm


Sony recently announced that they’ll be bringing Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines to North America and Europe. While we’ve previously covered details on how you’ll be passing along your genes to your family, job classes, and more, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares some more details on those features. (Thanks, Hokanko-alt.)


In Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, there will be eight basic job classes. While details are still light on the final two to be revealed, one will be a long-ranged soldier that uses cannons to fight, and the other will excel at close-ranged combat with high evasion.


The goddess Nueko, who sacrificed her own life in order to bring back the family to life after they were killed by the ventriloquist villain, Abeno, will be joining your party later in the game. According to the latest report, she’ll be a unique summoner-type class who can summon spirits to help her and the rest of the party in battle.


Oreshika is set in an entire nation, and you’ll begin with a faction of a family that has been spread across the country. Since the family is cursed, they can only pass on their genes to their offspring through a ritual with gods.


However, it seems like there will be an exception to it, as you’ll also be able to visit other lands and have kids with those from other tribes. In addition to traveling to other lands through an “expedition” feature, you’ll also be able to adopt children from other tribes, and you can also hire temporary soldiers.


We previously reported details on how you’ll be expanding your family tree in Oreshika, through various gods and deities. According to the Famitsu report, there will also be certain gods that have been captured or sealed by enemies, and upon liberating them, you’ll also unlock them as possible candidates for the ritual for passing along your genes to an offspring.


A demo will be available on April 24, that will allow players to get a basic feel for the game, as it will give you about a year’s worth of in-game time to try it out.


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be released on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and it’ll also be coming to the west.

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    Waiting for the angry reviews for the making babies fanservice >=(

    • Shiki

      Conception II that came out today might already be in for that. Plus, these games are popular.
      Record of Agarest War, Oreshika, Conception, plus titles I probably don’t even know about. Generational series.

      • katamari damacy

        Fire Emblem Awakening did the concept correctly and thrust it into the mainstream.

        • MrTyrant

          Agarest and Phantasy star (I think the second or third) did it in the correct form by dividing the games in arcs for each generation. The main problem with Agarest is the part of sacrificing the parents and the other two girls because “magic and saving the world” (lol) instead of seeing them raising the child (future main character) in the main storyline while watching all the other npc getting older.

          • Kornelious

            I fully support the “making babies” concept. It’s in some of the best games :D

          • God

            That always seemed weird to me… So, 3 girls have a crush on the MC, and the 2 that aren’t chosen by him die? Isn’t it kind of unfair?

          • MrTyrant

            I think the same as you. Now God please do something…

          • God

            Tell the developers, you have “free will” i have no power there… i could make a version of the game that is exactly the same but without that… but i doubt you would be able to play it, since it would be on a higher plane of existence and all…

          • Kai2591

            Then do something, God.


          • God

            Yeah sure, beacuse i can’t influence you thanks to that “free will” barrier, and you think i can influence the videogames you make?

    • tubers

      I don’t think this game has explicit/very suggestive scenes of making babies.. Plus it looks like they “babies” become young adults after the ceremony.

    • revenent hell

      I don’t think its the making babies bit itself that “some” may take issue with . I think its how its portrayed that “some” can take issue with/have problems with.

    • darke

      I’m surprised there isn’t more complaints about the breeding in the pokemon games.

      I’m sure PETA dislikes the whole breeding-small-animales-to-stuff-into-even-smaller-spheres thing.

  • WyattEpp

    By the way, if you really must shorten it, it’s probably best to go with “Seimei”. Looking at previous news, it’s 安倍晴明, which is read as あべ の せいめい (lit. “Seimei of [the] Abe [clan]”). He’s kind of a common villain/mystic in all sorts of media, and the first thing anyone thinks of when that given name comes out.

    • Guest

      Err… if you mean the title of the game, Oreshika is its English title. As in, the one Sony announced a few days ago.

      • WyattEpp

        Not even slightly. How did you come up with that idea?

    • Kai2591

      OH. So that ‘Abeno’ is actually THAT Abe no Seimei..that did not even go through my mind…lol thanks for the clear-up :)

  • leingod

    The “Live only 2 years” part still doesn’t make sense to me. Guess I’ll have to play to know.

    • Yeah, does everyone just age extremely quickly, or do your children just magically show up as young adult demigods. I’m thinking it’s the latter?

      • I’m guessing you age extremely quickly, since that would explain how your children are adults right away and how they can only live 2 years.

        • God

          But if they become adults really quickly, shouldn’t they also become elderly very fast?

          • Which is why they die after two years.

          • God

            Then how is it they spend their 2 years of lifespan being young adults?

  • This game is sounding more complex than I expected. Seems to me that there will be a ton of choices to make, thus lots of interesting possibilities and different ways to play the game.
    The adopting children aspect sounds particularly intriguing–they technically wouldn’t be part of the curse, right? So some characters could still be around from one 2-year generation to the next?

    • That’s what I’m really looking forward to >.<!

  • Is the demo for America or Japan-only?

    • darke

      Japan only most likely since there’s no release date for the west.

  • Loli Summoner

    The whole baby making thing sounds interesting, I hope the ladies are cute.

  • HassanJamal

    Their family were killed by an evil ventriloquist? Thats a pretty sad way to go.

  • natchu96

    Wait, the descendants are born by ritual and not by natural conception anyway . . . so is the ritual heterosexual-only?

    What? It needs to be asked.

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