Bust-a-Move 4 Coming To PlayStation Network This Spring

By Ishaan . April 16, 2014 . 2:31pm

Natsume are bringing Bust-a-Move 4 to PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita. The game will be available this Spring.


Bust-a-Move 4 has eight playable modes, including Puzzle Mode, Versus Mode and an Edit Mode, where you can create up to 25 of your own stages.


Bust-a-Move 4 was a very successful and popular title, and fans have been asking for a re-release for years,” said Hiro Maekawa, CEO of Natsume Inc. “We were very happy to bring this classic back to new systems as a digital download!”

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  • LustEnvy

    Love the BAM series, though they should also release it on PS4 considering that’s the new console. Ah well.

    • .:Raphællius:.

      Then they might as wel make an entirely new BAM game while they’re at it. Just like how Sega released that Puyo Puyo Vs. Tetris game earlier this year.

  • shadowneko003

    YES! I LOVE THIS GAME! I brought the PSX version 1.5 years ago and would so buy it again!

  • Roberto

    i read as bust a groove
    oh well this is still good

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I used to mistake the title for Bust-a-Groove, I still do.

    • DragKudo

      thought they were the same game or spiritual succesor

      • ShinStar

        [Bubble Bobble Puzzle Games]
        Japan: Puzzle Bobble
        International: Bust-A-Move

        [Enix’s Rhythm Game]
        Japan: Bust-A-Move
        International: Bust-A-Groove

        They were originally gonna call the rhythm game Bust-A-Move in America but then they remembered the American Puzzle Bobble games already took that name. I don’t get why they even changed it. There isn’t a speck of Japanese in that title.

    • Cheesy04

      Same here!

    • Ronldbx6

      They should release Bust-a-Groove 3 on PSN as well. It’s a game that I never really got to try as kid, only playing the demo and failed terribly. I would like to take another shot at it.

  • DragKudo

    yES NOW I CAN FINALLY BEAT IT. Idk if it was this one but I remember getting so mad at this I took it out my ps1 and snap that shit in half and threw it out the window. F#%# you oldman sage.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    So…When are we getting a new Bubble Bobble? Never? Okay…

  • Tg

    Yesss! I can finally have it on the PSP! I hope this is like the arcade version I played years ago in Taiwan. Just got to figure out how to get my wi-fi to recognize my PSP since the home internet doesn’t let me in. (Will have to check over my settings, eventually.) ^__^ Strangely, the mall wi-fi worked well with my PSP compared to my home wi-fi.

  • Zefiro Torna

    This was like the only North American Bust-A-Move release of its era that didn’t have any weirdo Acclaim-ish box art. Of course, Natsume is probably one the few publishers which treated Taito IP as respectfully as possible, and still does if this article’s quote is certainly an indication.

    If Natsume is still able to re-publish this game, it looks like Square Enix is still willing to trust them with Taito IP. The giddy Taito fan in me loves seeing stuff like this happen.

  • tubers

    Almost my entire family and extended played this! xD It was so fun :)

  • Oh sweet! I remember playing this in arcades back in the day… (Well, probably an earlier iteration.) Fun little game, and who doesn’t love Bub and Bob.
    Will be picking this up for Vita. :>

  • Have this on Dreamcast, and it’s probably still the best of the series out of the fair lot I’ve played. I know the newer ones have fallen a long way…

  • harmonyworld

    I keep thinking this is a dance game and get hype
    then I see screenshots and I become disappoint

    • Ronldbx6

      There’s nothing to be dissapointed about with this game. It’s a fun classic.

  • landlock

    Since it’s only going on the PSN network why the hell wouldn’t SquareEnix release it themsleves rather then licensing it out to Natsume. Glad it’s coming just seems weird.

    EDIT: Nevermind thought it was a new game and not a re-release my bad. ;P

  • れいか

    Ah~ <3 I LOVE THIS GAME. Day one purchase! :D

  • MisterHoot

    Oh shit, i love bust a move. It’s such a nice thing to have on the side

  • phayroent

    I wish Natsume would bring some of their other games to the Vita. I play them on 3DS, but show the Vita some love too. All the new games announced recently should show that people care.

  • Ronldbx6

    Holy s%#& I will be buying this! I used to play the s#%& out of the demo when I was a kid and still have it today. Loved it! It’s a shame that I never had the actual game and wanted it. This is my chance!

  • ddh819

    is this a port of the arcade game or a ps1 classic?

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