Rune Factory 4 Still Selling, Reaches 200,000 In Japan

By Ishaan . April 16, 2014 . 11:33am

Marvelous have shipped 200,000 copies of Rune Factory 4 in Japan, the publisher announced this morning.


That figure includes both retail copies shipped and download copies sold. We know for a fact that the game had sold at least 150,000 copies at retail as of late 2012, so chances are that actual sell-through isn’t too far from the 200,000 figure.


In light of successes like Yo-kai Watch and even the latest Harvest Moon, 200,000 copies doesn’t really sound like a large number, but what’s important is that Rune Factory is growing. The first game in the series sold a mere 42,000 copies at launch. By the time Rune Factory 4 was released, launch sales had increased to 86,000.


The game appears to have done well in North America as well. Back in February, Xseed reported that Rune Factory 4 was selling beyond expectations.


At present, select members of the former Rune Factory development team are working on a Nintendo 3DS RPG called Forbidden Magna, following the closure of Neverland, the studio that developed the Rune Factory games in collaboration with Marvelous.

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  • malek86

    Not that it helped Neverland. It feels weird, the dev closing right after their most successful game yet.

    • I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Neverland’s closure wasn’t connected to Rune Factory and probably to something else they were doing.

      • MrRobbyM

        It’s a shame they closed after being in the business for so long. I really enjoyed Tides of Destiny so I hope Rune factory will somehow continue :/

  • Taedirk

    That sound you hear is the knife twisting for EU fans.

    • It really is a shame that bringing the game over to the EU was literally not feasible. If only they’d been able to hold that lead programmer a bit longer…

      • Erde

        Only reason it was not feasible is because of ze Germans and French. Acording to publishers that is. I’d rather have it just in english if that means we can get the game in the first place. Let the european superpowers learn some humility.

        • malek86

          There are so many english-only titles among JRPGs, I’m sure that wasn’t the reason.

          They probably just thought it wouldn’t sell. The market for RPGs is much worse in Europe than in the USA. Even Bravely Default barely made an appearance on the charts here.

          • Zoozbuh

            “The market for RPGs is much worse in Europe than in the USA. ” …Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure that’s not true. There’s a reason why we got Bravely Default released in EU first, as well as all the Wii RPGs (Xenoblade, Last Story, etc.)

            RPGs do great in Europe most of the time (at least the UK), so that’s not a valid reason why they couldn’t bring it over.

          • malek86

            I have no hard numbers to speak of, but I’m pretty sure it is true.

            During the DS/PSP age we got, like, one fourth of the RPGs that America got. Maybe one fifth. Anything by Atlus was a crapshoot, generally not coming over. Xseed was iffy as well, Aksys too. NISA was more reliable, and even then, we usually got their stuff late. Things only started improving a bit once the PSN got more popular.

            I can’t say how things are now, but that certainly didn’t sound like a good market to me.

    • JMaster3000

      I’m bleeding too much……

    • persona_yuji

      It’s twisting pretty goddamn hard…

    • Aetheus

      Man, I really feel bad for you folks. About the only break you guys ever got was getting Bravely Default earlier than NA.

      If I were living in EU, I’d probably just import a NA console. I’m not an American myself, so my games and console are technically already being imported. Nobody sells the EU versions here, for the obvious reason of them taking forever to localize anything.

  • Alex Sargeant

    Next drought! I promise I’ll import you then!

    Not using the PAL XL will be very painful though.

  • $23890725

    well that good and all maybe now they can take the already translated US version release it on Nintendo store for EU so we don´t need to buy a US 3ds just to play it. I bet even allot of German and French fans don´t give a F about it being in there language I bet they just wan´t to play it even if it´s is in English only. But no F Europe like always when it comes to games.

    • Pyrotek85

      I honestly wonder how many EU gamers just end up buying NTSC systems and importing everything.

      • JMaster3000

        I almost did it but then i was like naw, i think its better to get a Vita cause i don’t have one.

      • $23890725

        not me I don´t buy a console for 1 game.

      • I did and I don’t regret it.

      • Milewide

        Here’s one!

    • TheRealMalek

      You can’t “just release” an eu version. You need to modify some smalls things (even if the game is the exact same one) so you need a dev team to recompile the game for eu and eshop version.

      If you don’t have the source code, it’s… not doable.

      • JMaster3000

        I actually find it pretty weird.
        The game was announced and 1-2 months before the release it got canned…. i mean, did they waited all that time doing nothing at all to the game’s code?

        • TheRealMalek

          Or they “hit” something with the eu version that made the game impossible to release without working a lot on it.
          See what happens with devil survivor overclocked on 3ds on EU. Bug happened even if the source code was “nearly” the same.

          • JMaster3000

            Lets say they they got in some kind of bug, i still don’t think that the RF main coder aka the Japanese dude didn’t code the game from Japan for Europe, there probably was someone from Europe who assisted in the game’s code change.
            And anyways, why should they drop the release?
            The IP is secure and the RF coder was working on it, Neverland bankrupting shouldn’t really make any problems with the game’s release.
            I mean the time frame was 1-2 months, the only thing could be that Marvelous AQL Japan dropped the release here, cause they didn’t want to release it here.

          • Zenthos

            I really don’t see why your trying to justify here.

      • Erde

        The 3DS authoring tools do not require you to recomplile the source.

        • TheRealMalek

          Uh ? What you are telling me seems awfully strange, it would means nintendo has changed a lot their build tools.

          For ds when you were making the build you were including headers informations inside CODE and inside banner before compiling then creating the final “rom”. If you only have the “final rom” you had no official tool to change it (but homebrew ones exists). As far as i know it was the same process for 3ds roms (can’t say anymore don’t have access anymore to warioworld)

      • Zoozbuh

        For a boxed retail release, I understand what you’re saying… But surely, an english-only eShop release would not need any extra programming? If they don’t decide to add extra languages, I don’t see what would need to be changed? And I would much prefer digital only to nothing at all!

  • persona_yuji

    *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* … I thought I closed that wound… but it seems I was wrong…

  • Tortinita

    Considering that the team continued their plans with their other project, Forbidden Magna, I try to remain hopeful for Rune Factory 5.

    • luckgandor

      I think another RF is a given. The only question is how different it’ll be from past iterations.

  • Diego Almeida

    RF series is awesome, I’m in love with RF4 and want RF5. They could bring back the series, buy the rights…

    • dragonknight337

      Marvelous themselves owns RF, so it’s not going anywhere. With ex-Neverland devs under their wing with this, hopefully we’ll see it after this.

    • Milewide

      To some extent I’d like some other developer to have a try at making an RF game. I think the series could use some new people working on it.

  • Liamv2

    Every time I think i’m getting over it something new comes to open up the wound.

  • shuyai

    meanwhile Rune factory 4 continue to perform expectedly badly in Europe market with zero copy sold up to date

    • Lumi

      Another instance where region locking is fail. Maybe they could just wholesale region copy the entire NA version instead of trying to do a proper EU release with all the languages…

  • Astromime


  • Lemski07

    Ill get this maybe later 2nd hand :P

  • AnotherVistor02

    Another game I need to finish…

  • Silent

    I still cannot understand why is it so difficult to localise a version of this game (even on the eshop?). Really, that story of source code cannot be that tough to resolve. Men develop video games and cannot just overcome some little bug?

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