Anime PlayStation 4 MMORPG Onigiri Expands With Two New Stages

By Spencer . April 17, 2014 . 4:10am

Onigiri, an anime style MMORPG for PlayStation 4, is live in Japan. The game also has two new stages Sekigahara and Kaga.


Sekigahara is a desolate plain where forces in the East and West fought. Kaga is covered in thick forests and has a unique monster to fight.



oni-01 oni-02



oni-03 oni-04


Onigiri is a free to play game. The developers are selling onigiri coins which can be used to purchase items:

1,000 yen gets you 100 onigiri coins
2,000 yen gets you 200 onigiri coins
3,000 yen gets you 300 onigiri coins
5,000 yen gets you 515 onigiri coins
10,000 yen gets you 1,050 onigiri coins
20,000 yen gets you 2,140 onigiri coins


PlayStation Plus subscribers in Japan can also get a bonus item. Items for free to play games like Dragon’s Dogma Quest and Destiny of Spirits have become common gifts for members in Japan.

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  • TempestTwin

    can the environments be anymore dull?

    • Hector Velar

      this is PS4 not PC…can’t ask for too much…you know, inferiority is a reality.

  • Zexill

    Generic :(

  • Mikey

    Can’t believe that invert Y aim isn’t an option. Played it the other day but just couldn’t play for long cause of that.

  • greeeed

    actually it’s not bad for free mmorpg in ps4
    if you want better one in ps4 than play paid mmorpg -> FFXIV

    • Nana

      Lol at the shills.

      • greeeed

        lol at smart ass kids
        Yes I am FFXIV fan and proud to be one since 1.0
        (Legacy account)


    Good luck to them bringing it to the west.

    • I believe they had a beta for the PC in the west, but yeah, don’t know if the PS4 version will make it over lol

    • Kaitsu

      There was a beta for the west. I participated in it. But I’m more confused to why they put this on the PS4. The game was really mediocre at best to me. I didn’t even play that long before dungeons got really difficult.

      • Loli Summoner

        I too was in the west beta and japanese beta too(The full ver lowered the difficulty). Onigiri felt like a console game tbh, maybe thats why it’s on ps4. I think this game should have been on ps3 as well, the graphics aren’t all that good and the game doesn’t seem all that advance, pretty sure the ps3 could handle it well.

        • Kaitsu

          Yeah, the graphics was very underwhelming especially when I realized it wasn’t an old game. But I guess they want to push the PS4 more. Which is fine, I had a feeling PS4 would try to get a lot of MMO’s. Especially free ones. You don’t even need PS Plus for that.

  • Amber XLeonhart

    I like the style of the game. It actually reminds me of PSO a little bit. I’d rather play it in English though.

  • fairysun

    FFXIV:ARR set the MMORPG bar quite high in PS4.
    But this is free to play game, so maybe, it some shot in the West.

    • Nana

      Not that high, really. It’s not that good, just mostly okay.

      • Pythia Brixham

        I would say that it FFXIV:ARR is a good MMORPG (and I want to put the “G” in parenthesis), but not a good “game”. I played for two months, and even though tactics in battles were important to some extent, I never felt like I was playing a game that required a lot of skill, I only had to know “Okay, the red areas are bad so I should move away”. Honestly, I prefer Guild Wars 2 in terms of gameplay. The story was okay.

        Maybe 5-7 years ago I would like it, but the gameplay feels dated.

        • Flandre Scarlet

          Very few players killed Twintania pre-2.2. I’m on Exodus, and while we’re by no means a top progression server, we’re not backwater either, and off the top of my head I only know about 5 Free Companies that downed Twin before 2.2 nerfed her.

          At most, I’d say about 100 players on the server ever downed Twin pre-2.2. Maybe a bit more, 150 at the absolute max. That’s really not a lot.

          The game is definitely not as difficult as other MMOs on the market, but it’s not as easy as you make it out to be.

          • Pythia Brixham

            Honestly, from the bosses I fought (Can’t even remember anymore since I only played some of the beta and two months after the commercial release) the parties I formed never really had any problems with the bosses, even when we had no idea what the strategies were to beat it. I don’t know, maybe we lucked out or something. Maybe it was because I played as an archer/bard and just sat in the back shooting arrows while I had everyone else do the hard work.

            Either way, my point is, the gameplay, for me personally, feels dated. The more in depth systems are fine and I like how you have to be strategic in boss battles. I know a lot of people who legitimately enjoy the game. I just do not, on the basis of gameplay alone. While I have not really played a lot of games that had “systems” like FFXIV:ARR, but I feel like I have “played” it for hours on end already in other MMORPGs.

          • Loli Summoner

            Awww. It saddens me you didn’t like FF14 ARR but to be fair only two months on release? Well…no wonder you felt bosses were easy and you was bard at that? Yosh- P said it himself that ranged don’t have deal with as much mechanics as tanks and melee dps, maybe you should have played a melee to make things a little harder? Anyway, two months on release is nothing.
            There were NO hard bosses or anything, it was just farming for philosophy mat’s and fighting tank and spank bosses.

            I assure you that now, it’s way more challenging and more involved boss battles and such, even ranged classes aren’t safe now, so you won’t be just sleeping through the battle while the tank’s and melee do the hard stuff.
            You should check out “Mr.Happy” vid’s on youtube to see how much mechanics bosses have. Maybe you might give FF14 ARR another chance?

            Also why not try a challenging but fun class like monk? with monk you won’t ever just be standing there meshing on keys on the same spot because with monk you have to be on a certain position so your atk could do more dmg such as flank and behind [:

          • Pythia Brixham

            It’s also a matter of “I don’t have time”, I have two part time jobs to help pay for my apartment and I’m a full time college student, so when I DID play for the two months, I actually had time but now… I can’t really afford to sink time into it. I only get like 3 hours of sleep a day nowadays so I can keep up with my real life and be able to play video games for even an hour a day. MMOs are just too much of a time sink, even if doing quests speeds up the EXP gain a lot.

            Even if I did pick it up again and sacrificed my last three hours of daily sleep, none of my friends would be up, and I really only like MMOs when I have at least ONE of my friends with me. Strangers are nice, but I like playing with RL friends too.

          • Loli Summoner

            Oh I see, I didn’t know that :( wow I guess you can’t afford to be playing games much. You should get a roommate to help you out. That seems like way too much stuff to handle pythia-san.

      • MogCakes

        I disagree. It’s a fantastic game that manages to fit a JRPG narrative into an MMO design. Traditional MMO design aside.

        • icup ✔️

          reaching endgame become less fantasitc. you are left with the options of grinding dungeons, grinding other jobs/class, grinding this, grinding that.

          end up feeling like you’re paying a subscription just to work for free.

          • MogCakes

            That’s endgame. People have split opinions about that. I’m talking about the main narrative leading up to it. Easily worth the initial entry price and free month of sub.

  • Kornelious

    I’d say this would be cool in the West, but I’m kinda on an MMO overload at this point X(

  • Firion Hope

    I have this downloaded on PS4 with a Japanese account. I’m going to give it a go, honestly it doesn’t have to be great since its free, and I actually like the art style

  • Hector Velar

    oh wow look at that pricing, gah, this is why I rather pay for monthly fees. Seems pay to win if you ask me, just like the many mobile garbage out there now they are filtering into the consoles too :(

  • Eden’s Cross

    Looks absolutely terrible.

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