Sheik Tickles Pikachu And More In These Super Smash Bros. Screenshots

By Ishaan . April 17, 2014 . 12:31pm

Nintendo have shared another large batch of Super Smash Bros. screenshots, this one focusing on all the new characters they revealed during their Nintendo Direct presentation last week. As always, the screenshots—both from 3DS and Wii U versions—are very entertaining.


General 3DS Screenshots:

CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_09Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_10Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_11Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_12Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_13Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_14Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_15Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_16Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_17Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_18Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_19Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_20Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_03Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_04Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_05Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_06Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_07Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnCn06_08Ev04a


General Wii U Screenshots:

Greninja_wiiu_26 Greninja_wiiu_27 Greninja_wiiu_28 Greninja_wiiu_29 Greninja_wiiu_30 Greninja_wiiu_1 Greninja_wiiu_2 Greninja_wiiu_3 Greninja_wiiu_4 Greninja_wiiu_5 Greninja_wiiu_6 Greninja_wiiu_7 Greninja_wiiu_8 Greninja_wiiu_9 Greninja_wiiu_10 Greninja_wiiu_11 Greninja_wiiu_12 Greninja_wiiu_13 Greninja_wiiu_14 Greninja_wiiu_15 Greninja_wiiu_16 Greninja_wiiu_17 Greninja_wiiu_18 Greninja_wiiu_19 Greninja_wiiu_20 Greninja_wiiu_21 Greninja_wiiu_22 Greninja_wiiu_23 Greninja_wiiu_24 Greninja_wiiu_25


Charizard on Nintendo 3DS:

CTRP_AX_scrnC23_08_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_09_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_10_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_11_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_12_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_13_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_14_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_15_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_16_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_17_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_18_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_19_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_20_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_21_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_22_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_03_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_04_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_05_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_06_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC23_07_Ev04a


Charizard on Wii U:

Charizard_wiiu_22 Charizard_wiiu_1 Charizard_wiiu_2 Charizard_wiiu_3 Charizard_wiiu_4 Charizard_wiiu_5 Charizard_wiiu_6 Charizard_wiiu_7 Charizard_wiiu_8 Charizard_wiiu_9 Charizard_wiiu_10 Charizard_wiiu_11 Charizard_wiiu_12 Charizard_wiiu_13 Charizard_wiiu_14 Charizard_wiiu_15 Charizard_wiiu_16 Charizard_wiiu_17 Charizard_wiiu_18 Charizard_wiiu_19 Charizard_wiiu_20 Charizard_wiiu_21


Yoshi on Nintendo 3DS:

CTRP_AX_scrnC22_03_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_04_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_05_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_06_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_07_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_08_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_09_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_10_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC22_11_Ev04a


Yoshi on Wii U:

Yoshi_wiiu_6 Yoshi_wiiu_7 Yoshi_wiiu_8 Yoshi_wiiu_9 Yoshi_wiiu_10 Yoshi_wiiu_11 Yoshi_wiiu_12 Yoshi_wiiu_13 Yoshi_wiiu_14 Yoshi_wiiu_15 Yoshi_wiiu_16 Yoshi_wiiu_17 Yoshi_wiiu_18 Yoshi_wiiu_19 Yoshi_wiiu_1 Yoshi_wiiu_2 Yoshi_wiiu_3 Yoshi_wiiu_4 Yoshi_wiiu_5


Sheik on Nintendo 3DS:

CTRP_AX_scrnC21_08_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_09_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_10_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_11_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_12_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_13_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_14_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_15_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_16_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_17_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_18_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_19_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_20_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_21_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_22_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_03_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_04_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_05_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_06_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC21_07_Ev04a


Sheik on Wii U:

Sheik_wiiu_27 Sheik_wiiu_1 Sheik_wiiu_2 Sheik_wiiu_3 Sheik_wiiu_4 Sheik_wiiu_5 Sheik_wiiu_6 Sheik_wiiu_7 Sheik_wiiu_8 Sheik_wiiu_9 Sheik_wiiu_10 Sheik_wiiu_11 Sheik_wiiu_12 Sheik_wiiu_13 Sheik_wiiu_14 Sheik_wiiu_15 Sheik_wiiu_16 Sheik_wiiu_17 Sheik_wiiu_18 Sheik_wiiu_19 Sheik_wiiu_20 Sheik_wiiu_21 Sheik_wiiu_22 Sheik_wiiu_23 Sheik_wiiu_24 Sheik_wiiu_25 Sheik_wiiu_26


Zero Suit Samus on Nintendo 3DS:

CTRP_AX_scrnC20_18_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_03_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_04_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_05_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_06_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_07_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_08_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_09_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_10_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_11_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_12_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_13_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_14_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_15_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_16_Ev04a CTRP_AX_scrnC20_17_Ev04a


Zero Suit Samus on Wii U:

zerosuit_wiiu_30 zerosuit_wiiu_1 zerosuit_wiiu_2 zerosuit_wiiu_3 zerosuit_wiiu_4 zerosuit_wiiu_5 zerosuit_wiiu_6 zerosuit_wiiu_7 zerosuit_wiiu_8 zerosuit_wiiu_9 zerosuit_wiiu_10 zerosuit_wiiu_11 zerosuit_wiiu_12 zerosuit_wiiu_13 zerosuit_wiiu_14 zerosuit_wiiu_15 zerosuit_wiiu_16 zerosuit_wiiu_17 zerosuit_wiiu_18 zerosuit_wiiu_19 zerosuit_wiiu_20 zerosuit_wiiu_21 zerosuit_wiiu_22 zerosuit_wiiu_23 zerosuit_wiiu_24 zerosuit_wiiu_25 zerosuit_wiiu_26 zerosuit_wiiu_27 zerosuit_wiiu_28 zerosuit_wiiu_29

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  • DarthSithZero

    I can’t stop saying this but Samus LOOKS SUPER HOT!!!. I can’t wait for the 3DS Version.

  • Shouldn’t Sheik be a bit less… manly?

    • harmonyworld


      • I kinda assumed all that tape was for strapping down Zelda’s boobies

  • Prinnydoom

    RELEVANT!!!!! Slightly…..

  • harmonyworld

    Why’d they give Samus bayonetta boots??

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      You wanted this?

      • harmonyworld

        yeah, maybe~
        something like that just seems better for her character type and style~

  • Yan Zhao

    Lol @ Luigi in every screenshot involving him.

  • JMaster3000

    NIntendo uses too much AA on these pictures….

    • idrawrobots

      Since when does AA suck?

      • Guest

        I mean on pictures, not in games lol

      • JMaster3000

        It doesn’t, its just a shame that Nintendo shows the pictures with lots of AA (hinting at 3DS pictures) but the final product isn’t but i guess they can’t optimize it on XL.

        • Suicunesol

          How do you know the final product doesn’t have anti-aliasing?

          In all likelihood, the SSB on 3DS WILL have AA, but only with 3D turned off. It was like that for LoZ Ocarina of Time.

    • Link

      This is how the game looks lol.

      • Guest

        On pictures yes, in game no.

        • Link

          These are in game screen shots.

    • Heisst

      What AA? These pictures look jaggy as hell.

  • Nanaki

    Tha photo of Zero Suit Samus and Kirby on the water….
    I cannot unsee.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Greninja is the strider hiryuu of Smash bros

  • Greninja and lucario looking fabulous
    whats with charizard towards the end there? man I love these screenshots

  • J_Joestar

    is it just me or is one of the Charizard pics with Toon Link and Luigi look messed up?

    • PreyMantis

      Not just you. It probably corrupted during download/upload.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Greninja seems more like: “CONDOR DIVE!!!” XD

      • Naruto – specifically Mighty Guy – was the thing that came to mind when I saw it. But that works better though. :D

  • Momo

    With Charzard now its only playable character, does this mean Pokemon Trainer is out? Was an interesting character in Brawl and if thats the case kinda sad to see him go, unless hopefully they are using Gen 2 pokemon this time?

  • David García Abril








    • JustThisOne

      Why yelllooowwww….. ;__;

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        30 years to soon

    • Suicunesol

      Really? I think they look really cool and sexy. I mean, yeah, they’re probably uncomfortable. But the fact that they’re jet-high heels makes it better. Also, the yellow suits her.

      • David García Abril

        No. The fact that they’re jet-high heels doesn’t make it better. On the contrary, it makes it even worse.

        Why you ask? Because it’s like Nintendo is thinking we’re stupid.

        “Hey, guys! We wanted to pointlessly sexualize Samus even more, so we gave her high heels! Which, as any woman would tell you, it’s the worst possible type of shoe to wear in combat imaginable, but it’s hot and sexy, huh! But hey! We don’t want the feminazi to be mad at us, so they’re actually jet-high heels! Now it’s justified! So it’s all OK, am I right?”

        F*** THAT SH**!

        • Aaron K Stone

          And yet it’s ok for Peach how?…

          • It amazes me that the argument was never even thought of back then when Peach debuted in Melee.

            Argument is invalid on that point alone.

        • Suicunesol

          If Samus was going for combat-efficiency, she would wear her trademark suit, which is still available to you, buddy.

          The rest of us will be somersaulting in a pair of HIGH HEEL JET BOOTS.

    • Ixbran

      yes, god forbid that Nintendo over feminizes her by giving her shoes that were originally designed for men as a sign of fertility and masculinity

      > – >

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Because you know you can’t handle them as well as she can?

    • Tumblr’s over there dude, this is Siliconera.

  • itsameluigi1290

    Sonic looks so much better in these games than in Brawl. :D

  • FlobotingIt

    Hmm… Was that an alternate costume for Little Mac in one of the Yoshi Wii U screenshots?!

    • Chaos_Knight

      Yes. It’s Wireframe Mac from the arcade game. It was shown on the Direct.

      • FlobotingIt

        Oh, awesome!!! I didn’t know that, so thanks!!!!!

  • Ren Yuumei

    Samus makes my lower region act funny

    • AuraGuyChris

      Stop tapping the floor, dude.

  • JustThisOne

    Sheik is really breakin’ down with the WiiFit guys.

  • ZetaSiren

    I’m actually surprised at how good the 3ds graphics are. Colour me impressed.

  • Dianatos

    Quite a few of those screenshots show the inside of Greninja’s mouth. Huh. The question still remains: does it have a lower jaw…?

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Is no one going to comment on Samus aiming a gun at Luigi? No? Carry on then.

  • Is ZSS much taller than Little Mac as well?

  • Weird Al Yankovic
    • Jrocy247

      Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s touchy Tiiiiiime!!!! :D

  • CozyAndWarm

    Man, Pikachu got huge…

    • AuraGuyChris

      No, everyone’s a midget!

  • There should be a picture of just Shiek and Greninja facing off where Shiek’s like “There’s only room for one ninja in this world, bitch.” I know I’m going to have a fair few matches of these 2 going at it and it’ll be epic. Also, I’m convinced that Shiek and ZSS are always pissed in these screenshots

  • Namuro

    Kirby: “Hey y’all. Guess what ‘a found durin’ ma mornin’ stroll on the beach. Oh yeah…”

    Also, Samus’ yellow boots really look out of place at first, but the more I see, the more I like! I guess it kinda even out the yellow (well, blonde…) on the top part of her body. It would be awesome if they have this version of the Zero Suit in the next Metroid game!

  • s07195
  • NeptuniasBeard

    Lol 3ds Samus pic (4th from bottom on the left) The legendary “Break Wind no-Jutsu” inspired by Naruto Uzamaki himself

  • Raltrios

    In case anyone still had any reason to doubt, Samus is indeed very much a woman :3

  • ykr1113

    Why does charizard look so stoned.

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