Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival Rated In Australia

By Ishaan . April 17, 2014 . 3:30pm

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival has been rated for release in Australia. The game will be published by Konami for the Nintendo 3DS.


The game was released in Japan late last year. It features a story mode and a free duel mode. Story mode starts at the beginning of the World Duel Carnival and lets you choose from Yuma Tsukumoto, Reginald Kastle, or Kite Tenjo at the outset.

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  • Adrian Duran

    I hope this means an American release is imminent

  • Yes! Hopefully we hear something soon for EU and NA.

    • John Diamond

      i’d be happy.
      if arc-v wasn’t announced.

      and if 75 cards weren’t just released

      • luckgandor

        And since it’s clearly Zexal centric and Arc V introduces a new card type, I don’t see them going the DLC route for new packs either. Oh well, maybe next game.

        • Yeah, this is the trouble with games having localization gaps. Hopefully any future games will have smaller gaps if people buy this game, though. Actual sales do help say a lot to Konami!

          Also, I can’t see new sets getting added to these games for one big reason: They need to be able to program in the AI reactions and rules to any new cards, and if the Tag Force games and the 2011 WC game is any indication with how they can slow down with too many cards around on the field, those AI reactions and rules for all of the individual cards is a pretty big processing thing.

        • John Diamond

          they could put in the new hero cards

        • Nightstar1994
  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Oh yes, one yugioh game on ps3 this month, and now this on 3ds…if only bushiroad could do the same for us cardfight!! vanguard fans.

    • Not Bushiroad, but FuRyu are the one’s not interested in bringing the game over. Plus, there’s a second game in the works. Which is a shame, since the game looks really good.

      People continually ask Bushiroad to bring it over but continue to redirect such request to FuRyu.

    • Actually, the PS3 Yu-Gi-Oh! game isn’t even out yet, only the 360 version, unless if it somehow managed to sneak in and go unmentioned by the PS3 blog posts. If it has, please tell me.

      • JonathanisPrimus
        • Oh dang, thank you! April 29th, huh? Geeze, why’d they wait so long.

          Ah well, gonna get that once it comes out.

          • JonathanisPrimus

            One month XBL exclusivity deal?

          • Maybe, that’s the only thing I could figure there.

            Ah well, at least we’re getting it before it goes too out of date, like Decade Duels really was by the time it showed up on PSN.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    ARC-V Tagforce 7 on Vita plox

  • Doesn’t seem like this is going to be localized anytime soon..it is a start however.. We’ve gone from 3 Games every Yu-Gi-Oh! Series to 1 game that didn’t even get localized… kind of ridiculous that Konami did this considering how big of a success Zexal was.

    • This is most likely partially to do with the climate of the systems in question. Had the 3DS sold a lot better in the beginning (or even the Vita), we would’ve most likely had a game a lot sooner. Doesn’t help that since they’d have to make a new engine for either system, it took more time to do, resulting in the big gap we saw. By the time the 3DS was seen as viable and they were wrapping up making the new game engine, we were already in ZEXAL II.

      It doesn’t help that they tried to repackage Decade Duels from the 360 and put it onto the PS3, with only a bunch of vanilla old cards added, to test the waters, and was pretty obviously a cheap cash-in. Though it looks like they at least fixed /that/ mistake with the Millennium Duels game.

      • So true. I was waiting for localization for this game when it first came out in Japan in hopes that I could get it for myself during the winter season, but I guess I was being a bit too optimistic.
        I though with Zexal being successful in both the Northern audience and Japan it’d come over inevitably, but that was not the case… at this point I’d be happy with getting it at all.

        One might think that after nearly 2-3 years since the last World Championship game and approximately the same for the last Tag Force game, that Konami would pull their A-Game together for the singular game that would be representing Zexal. Heck, I thought that after the release of WDC it’d be such a success that they’d be forced to make another revolving around the Barian arc… Honestly, I was borderline disappointed with the gameplay.. They didn’t utilize the hardware and the World championship and Tag force games look better by far, especially the latter. (I was thinking 3D models like tag force for the majority or all the characters, a couple finishing moves for signature monsters, and voice acting…Obviously, I was asking for far to much from Konami.)

        • Voice acting, sadly, is a near impossibility. The reason why Tag Force games in America didn’t have voice acting was due to contracts with the voice actors in general, and just Sony being Sony. But… yeah, you can’t expect too much from Konami. Yu-Gi-Oh! games are sorta that weird minor thing they don’t really focus on, MGS is where it’s at, you know. We’re just lucky it’s only a $10 game.

          But yeah, I’m glad it’s at least coming out at all outside of Japan, and we have more of a solid idea on things. However, unless if they want to give Arc-V a good gap to build up on and release a game next year, we’re not gonna be seeing another Zexal game. This is basically all we’re going to get. On the bright side though, at least it’s got a lot behind it in terms of characters and fan service for them, since it’s based off of Zexal II.

          • Yah… I mean, it’s great they even made a game for Zexal. That’s for sure. I just wish it was as good as it could’ve been. Voice acting wasn’t a big deal, but they could have at least put the option of “Japanese voices” or “silent mode” back in tag force. Well, when a Arc-V game comes out, let’s talk ;)

    • Adrian Duran

      same can be said with the Dragon Quest games

      • :/ I don’t understand why we’re not getting the DQ Games localized. Not one bit… The sales would probably sky-rocket.

  • Guest

    Finally … After 3 years without a proper Yu-Gi-Oh videogame !!! I just hope that the latest expansion packs and structure decks are in the game !!!

  • CozyAndWarm

    Hoooo baby. I’ve been waiting for a proper new English TCG game for a long time. Good times with Pokemon TCG on the Game Boy…

  • AJ

    I got hopelessly addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh right after WC2012 came out. I’ve been waiting so long……

  • Finally!

    By the way, his name is Yuma Tsukumo, not Tsukumoto.

  • Ben Green


  • Tonton Ramos

    First Inazuma Eleven GO and now Yugioh Zexal? Australians are so lucky!

  • nonscpo

    NO no don’t you dare do this to us Konami don’t give us false hope for a full western localization after all these years, you better follow thru otherwise you’ll dissapoint us again :(

    P.S. on a more serious not congratulations to our ausie Brothers and sisters, youse guyz get some rough luck too so hope you all enjoy the game…Card games in outer space (its gonna be awhile before I get the motorikes out of my system)

  • Overlord Val

    It’s probably a bad idea to localize this game considering the fact that many people dislike & bash the show. Do I like the show? Yes, but sure not as much as 5d & gx…

    • I think actually the dislike of the show is not as bad as you think. A lot of the people who say they don’t like it are generally of the same group, and you can usually tell if anyone actually watched it, or just defaulted to the same old arguments of it.

      Frankly, I’ve enjoyed Zexal a lot, if only for the fact that it was actually a mostly consistent storyline with ample foreshadowing and interesting characters. After how 5D’s fell absolutely flat after Dark Signers, and GX was really at the whims of whatever cards were gonna be pushed at the time (and then had to wrap itself up in a half-season due to contracts and pushing 5D’s), it was really refreshing to see.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I like the show a lot, so i don’t have any prob.^_^ Even though the second season after Heartland arc sucks though.T_T

  • Renaldi Saputra


  • Slickyslacker

    Aww yeah.

    My history with Yu-Gi-Oh goes back eleven years, and constituted my childhood alongside Pokemon, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. I’ve fallen out of and gotten intensely into it multiple times. I’ve never missed a WC entry, though, and I’ve replayed Capsule Monster Coliseum so much that it’s hurt my memory card.

    Konami has been teasing a 3DS game ever since Tag Force 6 and WC 11’s releases. I’d absolutely no hope for this game when it was released, but now I’m more hopeful than ever.

  • natchu96

    It’s the world duel carnival arc though :(

    Barian Emperors was the best part of the season.

    • Technically, the elements in this game, while it’s called “World Duel Carnival”, are actually based off of the first half of the Zexal II, or Barian Emperor’s part. Basically many of the characters, like the Barians, Rio, Rei, ect, appear in this game and have their own storylines.

      • natchu96

        Well at least that turns out slightly better.

  • Hexodious

    Zexal doesn’t interest me, I rather wait for ARC-V.

  • I have been waiting for this!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Yuhuuuuu. Time to fuse myself with ASTRALLLLL

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