The Gamindustri Goddesses Fight Each Other In Planet Destroyer Black Heart

By Sato . April 18, 2014 . 12:35am


Planet Destroyer Black Heart is an upcoming strategy RPG spinoff for PlayStation Vita from Sting that features Lastation goddess Noire as the main character. In the game’s latest video, we get to see what the goddesses do best when they’re not saving Gamindustri—fighting each other.



The video starts out with Noire and her army of video game parody friends, taunting the other goddesses in Neptune, Blanc, and Vert, as she confidently asks them if they really think they can stand a chance against her.


All four of them go at it, but in the end, Noire shows her true strengths, wiping them all out at once. She then reminds Neptune that the main character is different this time around, and as we all know, the protagonist always prevails.


Planet Destroyer Black Heart is slated for release on May 29 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • John Hayabusa

    This game is so cute and amazing.

  • TheGioG

    The pudginess is truly strong in this trailer. Goddamn adorable, if I do say so myself. Noire please, contain yourself, your spinoff game ain’t titled Planet Destroyer for nothing.

  • wererat42

    No, don’t stab your sword into the ground, it blunts the edge! Geez I thought Noire was supposed to be the smart one.

    • Landale

      Out of the four, that’d be Blanc. Counting in the sisters, Nepgear overall would be the smart one. Noire is the one who works obsessively and has no social skills.

      • TheGioG

        *Noire has no social skills*
        *Is neck deep in cuties in this here spinoff game*
        Dang, if that ain’t a turnaround for the better, I don’t know what is. Tsundere-led harem, here I come.

        • Liamv2

          Tsundere’s get all the luck.

          • Pipe

            I want a Uni game next that plays like Vanquish + cute girls being badass.

          • Demeanor

            Platinum Games + Neptunia series, both swordfighting (Bayo/MGSR) AND gunfighting (Vanquish)? Now, THAT would be something to see!!! (*o*)
            Some sw houses specialized in specific genres (like Platinum or Ninja Theory for action games, Arcsys for 2D anime fighting games…) should really lend their horsepower for epic “border-crossing” spinoffs :D like P4A; that’d be quite interesting for us rpg aficionados :D

          • Histirea

            Someone get on this. Please?

  • sherimae1324

    i want this!! well since most neptunia games got localized even the idol sim game, im sure this one will come over too ^_^

  • Mαdασ「マダオ」

    ”Noire crushes all.”

    Seems interesting. I’ll have to wait and see gameplay.

  • Kayriss Wins

    Noire is God-tier!

  • John Hayabusa

    Don’t you just love Noire?

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      Always a favorite :)

  • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

    This is just too ridiculously cute, I’m done. Definitely a day one purchase when this gets localized.

  • s07195

    I just realized this, but the Noire who’s the main character is Kami Jigen Noire. Obviously the final boss will be… Chou Jigen Noire!
    Only another Noire can stop a Noire with MC plot armor!
    Or even better, both Noires join the party and have a combination attack!

    • DyLaN

      While that an amusing idea, its been revealed that Arfoire Mysterious Woman is the villain.

      • refrain

        I like Arfoire

    • Whats the differences between the two versions of Noire? I never played Neptunia before because I dun have ps3 (although I plan to buy the remake on vita once the english version is out and if there’s a physical copy). Is the game is set in parallel universe that have similar characters but from other dimensions?

      • Landale

        The differences are kind of annoying to explain. The first game is a completely different continuity from the rest. mkII and Victory are within the same continuity, but involve alternate timelines hence the two Noires.

        However, assuming that this Noire is the same Noire as either of those is kind of pointless as the mkII Noire’s design was the same as the original Noire, much as this Noire’s design is the same as Victory’s primary Noire. Not to say that this isn’t Victory’s Noire, but the series does have a tendency to hop around with continuities and timelines. Even the interview about Victory 2 that someone had pointed out in an article on that game had answers contradicting if it had a connection to Victory, likely due to the plan for it being 3 different stories in a single game.

        • I see, but I remember reading somewhere that the first game of the vita version will remake some of the story so that it have some continuity with the second game right?

          • Landale

            I’ve not seen that officially stated, only speculated prior to it’s release, and as I recall the map for it still has the landmasses as being in the sky, which would leave it unable to match up to mkII. It works in the sisters, but beyond that I don’t believe it has any more connection to mkII than the original.

          • zazza345

            While Re;Birth1 remade the story, Re;Birth2 is still in its own continuity. They remained separated.

    • zazza345

      She’s not the Kami Jigen Noire. The entire game takes place in another world called Gameshijokai (can be translated as the World of Game Business).

  • Jadfish

    This game looks cute as hell and if it really is a Tactics SRPG, I think I might finally budge and buy a Neptunia gam- I mean Noire game

  • zazza345

    This is supposedly the prologue movie, in which Noire defeats the other goddesses and prepares to control the entire world. Then, something odd happens…

  • Demeanor

    This trailer made me realize they weren’t just being lazy going with the SD models, it’s a choice of style, they look very good, way better then I expected :D (I’d still rather have standard models though, it’d be cool – oh well, there’s always HNVII for that I guess :P)
    Wonder what trick did Nowaaru pull off to get something like that, definitely not normal Black Heart powa… :D

    • God

      Not main character power either… Neptune got owned when she fought the other 3 godesses by herself… Maybe it’s endgame main character power?

      • Demeanor

        Mmm it could be, one of the posts (by zazza345) mentions this is the prologue, but on the other hand Nowaru has the whole cadre of ladies behind her though, so it could be a “peek-into-the-future” kind of prologue… still, this sort of debate over who’s the strongest seems a little too petty for endgame material XD can’t freaking wait to play this! (anything Nep-related, really, please keep milking! XD)

        • God

          I meant she has endgame main character powers, without being on the endgame, that’s how Noire is, Heil Noire, LONG LIVE TO LASTATION!! (And since in Neptunia endgame powers are not world-wrecking it would explain how she will end up being a planet destroyer).

  • Zak Ledward

    Hyperdimension Warriors…please

    RPG-style is nice and all, but honestly I want to wreck sh*t with my girls sometimes. Guess I’ll just stick with SW4 for now ;_;

    • Liamv2

      Well the neptunia U game is hack and slash so you may enjoy that.

      • Histirea

        You mean slash-and-boing, right?

      • Zak Ledward

        REALLY!? God that just makes my day

  • alixraen

    Oh man, I am so looking forward to this game, but I also am not a fan of the ridiculously cute chibi/nendoroid style going on here…Nowaru in her own game should be gloriously full size, not fun size!


  • Takane Shijou

    Really interested to see how this Hero Secretary bit plays out in this. From the magazine scan, really wondering how big of a role he plays in general.

    Still, can’t wait to see more from this.

  • That was a fun trailer lol. Can’t wait to play Noire’s game =^_^=

  • Kornelious

    “The Gamindustri Goddesses Fight Each”…………..What else is new! JK lol
    Hopefully NISA will pick this up in due time, I’d give !f International a chance but…….Let’s see how they handle rebirth first…..

  • I really can’t wait for this, though I’m still hoping for a western release so still holding off for now

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