Destiny of Spirits: Absolutely Bland

By Jenni . April 19, 2014 . 12:31pm


I’m not really sure how to start talking about Destiny of Spirits. Usually, when I play a game, I develop some kind of strong feelings about it. Even games I hate, like Aliens: Colonial Marines, are able to amuse me in some way. It’s odd to encounter a title that leaves me feeling absolutely blank, and yet, here we are. For the first time, I have absolutely no feelings, good or bad, about Destiny of Spirits. I suppose the best I can say is that Destiny of Spirits reminds me of Puzzle & Dragons, which I enjoy from time to time, but doesn’t hook players in the same way.


There’s the slimmest of stories in Destiny of Spirits. Chaos Spirits are running rampant around the world. The only way to reclaim areas and is to summon peaceful elemental spirits and wipe out the evil ones one battle at a time. Once an area is cleared, you can travel to surrounding areas and start securing it.


Said battles are turn based. You’ll click on an area of Destiny of Spirits and go into there. Indicators will show available battles. Tapping one will let you select it for battle. You get a certain number of points, which gradually increase, and determine how many spirits you can take with you. So, as an example, you could summon three weak spirits or one strong one and another weak. Spirit points can be used to rent a random stranger’s spirit for battle as well. Once a roster is picked out, battle begins.


This is where Destiny of Spirits players get to take a little break. I’ve found as long as it isn’t an event raid, as long as you’ve picked the right spirits, you don’t need to pay attention. All spirits have an element assigned to them, and an icon showing which ones are strong and weak against one another is always displayed on-screen. Send them out and they’ll attack automaticaly. Yes, each spirit does have a special skill that can be used, but unless it’s a Raid boss, there’s no point.


If the Baptism of Light first raid event is any indication, those will be the only challenge. It’s running until April 16, 2014 and features a fight against a rather strong boss and two minions. Since they’re dark and light element, standard elemental spirits won’t be able to deal bonus damage to them. In fact, it may take more than one try to beat the event boss. Fortunately, any damage you do to a Raid boss carries over to future battles, so you can take as much time within the period as you’d like.


But by now, you’re probably wondering why I made the Puzzle & Dragons connections. Well, to start, you’re summoning creatures to use in battles. In both cases, there are free and paid summons, but it’s always random. So you won’t know what creatures you’ll be getting for your Spirit Points (free) or Destiny Orbs (paid). Also, you’re limited in what spirits you can take into battle by an arbitrary number that gradually goes up as you conquer more territory and gain experience. You’re also limited by how often you can play in each game, though Puzzle & Dragons goes by player stamina and in Destiny of Spirits you have to wait for spirits’ health to restore itself. You can only have so many monsters/spirits at a time without paying for a box upgrade. Not to mention, your creatures don’t get experience from battles, and instead do from fusions.


Fortunately, it is absolutely possible to play Destiny of Spirits for free. While you won’t get special spirits, like the Knack characters, you can use in-game Summoning Stones to get basic spirits. Each area can have different ones available, as can every region, and it’s possible to trade with other players to get new ones. Also, each time you log in, you get one free spirit that is shared with another player. Merging spirits is free as well, and only requires Spirit Points earned from battles.


It doesn’t feel very revolutionary. While Sony was touting the social elements, it’s no different from other free-to-play games when it comes to borrowing a stranger or friend’s spirits for a battle or trading with someone else. It’s all just very bland, and though the character art can be pretty, it’s stationary and relatively uninspired. We’ve seen this all before and I honestly feel like I’ve played better and more comprehensive free-to-play games on my Nexus 7 and iPhone. (Like Bread Kittens. Man, I loved Bread Kittens.)


I don’t really love or hate Destiny of Spirits. Really, I’m just disappointed. I thought Japan Studio could have done something special and made a free-to-play game worth playing. Instead, it feels like an RPG version of Puzzle & Dragons, only with less interaction. It’s like it’s a game you play while playing other games. Which is quite a shame. I’ll keep it installed on my Vita to help friends who want to play, but doubt I’ll spend much more time on it myself.

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  • KuroNathan

    Agreed, there’s nothing new here and I was always wondering why everyone was making such a big deal out of it. Dropped it after a few days

    • MXC


    • SlickRoach

      The big deal I made of it was that it’s probably the closest thing I know to a P&D on the Vita. If they made a P&D game on the Vita I’d obviously play that instead.

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

      Now that you mention it…I’ve forgotten I still have it on my Vita.

      • Testsubject909

        It’s good enough to give it a shot.

        I’m still playing it, but it’s mainly just to pass the time. And that’s what this game ultimately ends up becoming, a time killer.

        One who has the limit of requiring an internet access and for them to have a functional server.

    • KyoryuOrange

      Why does it need to be new? That’s a silly thing to hold against a game.

      • KuroNathan

        If a game has nothing new, why am I playing it again? A game is a balance of gameplay, story, and graphics and this game has nothing extraordinary or appealing in any of those areas.

        My time is limited so if I’m going to play something it’d best be spent on something that’d I’d enjoy.

    • Testsubject909

      It’s mainly the collect-a-ton bit that appears early in. It’s interesting to see new spirits and to collect them. So that feeling of interest and investment lasts for a short while.

      But relying solely on that, yes, the interest in the game fades away.

      I myself already have a few SR, Rares that can only be obtained overseas, maxed level Rares and etc.

      But the game’s novelty and interest is rapidly in decline. And the many limits and caps doesn’t make me gain interest, it makes me lose interest.

      It makes me lose interest in every single Common spirits. It makes me lose interest in a vast number of Uncommon spirits. It makes me want to toss out half of the Rares that I have because they’re useless to me.

      The limits are playing heavily against them and even discouraging me from putting in real money into the game, as the lowered interest, the many limiters (Level limits, level limit cap increase limits, spirit inventory space limit, purchasable spirit inventory space increase limit, trading limit, combat limit pending your spirit inventory space limit, raid boss battle limit which I know was designed solely to attempt to draw out more money from the Destiny Orbs purchases limit).

      All of those limiters aren’t “Encouraging” me to play or to purchase Destiny Orbs. They’re discouraging me from getting involved.

  • Umbaglo

    PAD isn’t really the best comparison. Destiny of Spirits is basically a better designed Heroes of Dragon Age, but neither game is all that good.

    It’s amazing that Sony thought that this was what the Vita needed.

    • KyoryuOrange

      Sony isn’t doing anything in the West for it, so on that end, they would do anything.

  • Oliver Teigaga

    Im actually enjoying it, Ive only played for 2 days, probably around 30mins each day but Ive found it strangely rewarding.

    The battle system isnt very deep, but the artyle and music are lovely and gaining new spirits and leveling the ones you already have is quite addictive. Not sure if it will keep my attention in the long run but its a great time passer for me currently… Dont think I could see myself spending any money on it though.

  • otakumike

    Puzzles and Dragons? The better comparison is Rage of Bahamut. The two are similar in almost every way.

    • Indeed.

    • MrTyrant

      Is Rage of Bahamut any good?

      • mockturtle

        I think so. I was addicted to it until my iPod broke. Withdrawal wasn’t pretty.

        Be warned, though, that it’ll consume your life and your wallet.

      • Ferrick

        in all honesty? no
        it has good art and that’s about it on the ‘pro’ section
        but i can make a bucket list on the ‘cons’ section and one of them being that it requires you to pay money to get more cards or stamina

      • FZFalzar

        You should give Kan-Kaku-Sei Million Arthur a try though :) I’ll leave you to explore the game yourself

        • MrTyrant

          I didn’t like it. I like the story but those autobattles are really a turn off.

  • هاكو ممممممممم

    just like me i only played it once and left it untouched till now

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I figured this game wouldn’t be any good.

    • KyoryuOrange

      Try it yourself and see. It’s free. You might be surprised.

  • Anewme…Again

    I tried this game with low expectation since it was a F2P game and yet it was still able to dissapoint me.

  • Ferrick

    i tried this game and i gotta say, it’s not as bad as the author depicts it to be, while it’s nothing revolutionary, it does veer away from the whole “pay $$$ to keep playing” concept that other f2p games of the type had, so i can easily play destiny spirits while playing other games at the same time

    • Fen Y

      This isn’t actually true, sadly.

      • Ferrick

        do explain

  • Mace

    It got its claws into me pretty deep. I became very attached when I got Lady of the Depth and a Spy suit Raven. I enjoy it. Both of those spirits are pretty OP and I’ve been getting enjoyment out of maxing their levels. The problem with not paying attention to battles is that you’re taking unnecessary damage, and you can’t really do that once you’re in the lvl45+ range.

  • Cheesy04

    It’s actually fun. I saw the gameplay video of it before it came out and already concluded that the battle will be meh. But that’s not where the game’s strength lies! The fun thing about it is the collecting part and making your spirits the most powerful there is. Well with the number of spirits available atm I’ll probably get bored of it soon but right now I’m really enjoying it!

    • Landale

      The collection joys go away real fast when you realize that’s a pretty quick way to screw yourself over. Let’s say you go for a few days with a Blessing. So many stones for summoning, but no spirit points for fusion. You’ll quickly run out due to fusions and renting. You’ll be finding yourself throwing spirits away, that you wish you could hold on to for when you finally start getting the stuff to able to fuse again, just to have room. Not room for more necessarily, just room. You can’t do any battles if you don’t have at least one empty space.
      And “the most powerful there is”? Ha, that won’t happen. Even if you get your hands on some rares or super rares without spending money, did you get your hands on duplicates of them? Commons and Uncommons are easy enough to cap, and duplicates are easy enough to get to raise that cap. Pity they’re utter crap. Once you get about 4-5 spaces away from where you started, you pretty much need rares and you need them capped, and you need to surpass the cap. Which won’t happen unless you have the most insane luck, or shell out a ton of cash.

      • KyoryuOrange

        Some of the best cards are uncommon. Basilisk is easy to get and easy to max out – it’s a complete monster and better than all the Rs and one SR I’ve gotten – further, maxed low cost cards like them provide a great advantage. If you have 1.0-2.0 left over when making your team, a good common or uncommon makes great filler.

        Further, you can’t blame the game for the player making poor decisions. If you don’t have money to spend on fusing spirits? Save the summoning stones until you do. That’s not that difficult a concept.

        • Landale

          That bit about not summoning until you can afford to fuse, great advice. If only that were the only way to end up with new spirits. Sure, you could ignore a lot of those sources too, but eventually you’re stuck ignoring almost all of the game just because the game isn’t providing you what you need to fully play it.

          • KyoryuOrange

            What exactly are you talking about?

            Spirits you get through gifts, rewards, or trades all go to your inbox and can remain there indefinitely. If you don’t need Jokers or other manipulating things yet, why bother taking them out? If it’s a spirit you won’t use, why take that one either? In the rare case you get something from battle, it’s usually something fairly common or something you’ll want to fuse anyway (like a Prince).

            This is not a game that is meant to be sat down and played the same way other games are – that’s just not how this genre works. The game isn’t not providing you with anything it isn’t supposed to – in fact, it provides us with more than most games like this do.

            You start with 30 stones and the game hands more out pretty regularly, so with them you can expand your limit. Beating bosses also often expands your limit. Sell or fuse spirits you don’t need if you’re finding yourself out of room. No one complains about inventories in other games having limits, this is just a double standard. Why do it here?

            I think the game does much more than you’ve given it credit for, and certainly more than the author here has.

          • Landale

            No one complains about inventories in other games having limits, this is just a double standard. Why do it here?
            The limit isn’t the complaint. It’s that the limit prevents you from doing almost anything, including play the main portion of the game, if you hit that limit.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. That’s the main issue with the limits really…

            If the game provided some method of bypassing it. Say, you go in a random battle, a spirit you defeat goes to join you. AFTER the battle, it could ask you to “Make space in your spirit library by selling a spirit” or “Do you want to sell the spirit you just obtained?”

            This would remove that sudden stop and let the game flow a bit more easily.

          • Nana

            “This is not a game that is meant to be sat down and played the same way other games are – that’s just not how this genre works”

            The only reason that is so is to milk you. Literally. There is no other good reason to do this. None whatsoever. I can take literally any 3DS game and play it in short bursts like this, if I want to – or play it longer. Limiting this possibility is not game design, it’s monetization design.

            It’s not how the genre works. It’s how the monetization works. The genre actually works without this, and does so better.

            “No one complains about inventories in other games having limits,”

            Because the limits in other games are reasonable and don’t hinder you, instead they have actual gameplay reasons and BENEFIT the gameplay.

            For example, the limit on healing items in a Tales of game is not to monetize you, but to make encounters more challenging, because you can’t spam them forever.

            Here, the limit is solely to limit you into paying. It has no actual gameplay benefit.

            Again: Arbitrary limits to stop you from playing for a while are BAD DESIGN. They do not improve a game in any way. Are you a child that needs a game to parent you when you can or cannot play?
            No? Then you should agree that you should be able to make this decision yourself.

      • Testsubject909


        Great Blessing days were oddly the days I disliked the most. Spirit Points are far more valuable in the end.

        You have a spirit summoning cap, so you’d be aiming to fuse away spirits moreso then keep them and only keep the handful that you like.

        Because of that cap, the whole collect-a-ton ends up being halted pretty quickly. There’s a cap to how much you can increase your cap as well so that puts a big hamper on things.

        Also the Level Limit breaking, that is, pushing the limit, is also capped. Which I dislike as well.

        Common Spirits can only have one level break, maxing them at level 20. Why? Why not just forego limits altogether?

        For a game that relies a lot on people being invested and continued interest, it’s putting too many caps.

        Even if you were to remove all level limits, SR spirits would still beat out common spirits, but removing any and all limits on level limits would provide additional interest and continued interest as well outside of the raid events. As people would have a continued interest in maintaining and upgrading whatever spirit they want. Plus it would aid with the sensation of progression which is severely hampered by whether or not you get Rares or Super Rares as it becomes more and more difficult to continue to liberate areas.

        Additionally, because of the level cap, the difficulty rises nonstop and you’re left searching and scrapping for only the strongest of spirits, it becomes heavily selective as to who or what you bring to the party. Commons are nothing but fodder and might as well not exist after you’ve liberated about 50 or so areas. Something that, again, could be fixed very simply by removing the level limits.

      • ishyg

        “Which won’t happen unless you have the most insane luck, or shell out a ton of cash.”

        I’m glad I’m a lucky guy.

  • Cheesy04

    Also using “Absolute”, is that really necessary?

    • Nana

      Seems absolutely needed.


    • Absolutely.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    To be honest, I’m rather enjoying it. Granted, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s definitely good enough to play for time-killing. Yet to pay for anything so far….

  • Learii

    I want the released date

    • harmonyworld

      It already out on psvita~

      • Learii

        wow really? why not I never heard about it

  • KyoryuOrange

    This looks more like the author disliking/not being familiar with the genre and judging it based on it not being some epic thing it was never trying to be. It also sounds like they didn’t really even get that far – there are over 100 areas to explore, and the vast majority of players haven’t broken the 30-50 area, slowly working at it bit by bit (I’m among them). The enemies and area bosses continue to get harder as you continue playing -of course it seems easy if you stop.

    Compared to a lot of the games like it on phones, this is exemplary. The concept of different areas is very unique and the execution of that has been quite good, and there’s been very little need to pay unless you want to – surprisingly, many of the really good spirits (ignoring limited ones) are actually in the free lottery, not the paid one. In most games like this, you have to pay just to access rare cards. Here, I play without spending a cent and I have more rares than I know what to do with.

    If I judge this for what it actually is, then I have to say it’s very, very well done, and has ruined me for other games of the genre. I can’t wait to see where it goes, and I hope negative reviews like this won’t dissuade people from trying it out. They might just get hooked.

    • revenent hell

      Actually I am a person whom is very hard on game reviewers but I have to disagree with your statement that this person is not familiar with this type of game in my opinion.

      I can pretty much tell straight away by the dialogue used and how they compare and critique things on whether a reviewer is used to the “type” of game they are “reviewing” and from this persons post
      I get the feeling they have played this class of game type before, even if its not one played terribly often.

      That aside if a game, even if early on, doesn’t require a persons minimal attention during a battle there is a problem with the game and I think would bore more than a good few people and prevent them from continuing on since their impression would be ” Whelp, I’m not really needed to play this.” and that’s not really fun for most people.

      When playing a game a person doesn’t want to read a book, they want to be involved in the game and if the game detracts that by making the player feel unnecessary in one way or another I think its chalked up to not a very good game.

      A person shouldn’t have to force themselves to play to a certain part of the game for it to be fun, it should be fun from the beginning.

    • Nana

      If you judge it for what it actually is, then it’s a bad game. The fact that some Iphone games are even worse does not improve this game in any way.

      The concept isn’t unique, it’s downright cheap and bland.

      ” there are over 100 areas to explore,”

      ‘explore’ You literally make me laugh here.

      Even Dragon Age 2, with its copy pasted caves and locations, had more to explore. You don’t explore anything in this game. You just get bigger numbers.

      My gosh, gamers actually think copypasted crap is content nowadays. How far we have fallen. Thank god for indie games like Transistor or games like Ubisofts MMX/Child of Light actually delivering REAL content, otherwise I’d need a new hobby.

      • You criticise one game for being “copy and paste” and then go about saying another that has copy-and-pasted caves and locations as having more to explore?

        • Nana

          I hate Dragon Age 2. I don’t praise it, I use it as an example of a bad game that is still better than this game. That was the point.

          It had copy paste dungeons. The thing is, they were modified to, at least early on, feel somewhat differently. In the case of destiny spirits, it’s not even that.

          They are so cheap they didn’t even do that. They just change some numbers.

  • harmonyworld

    I played it a bit and…it was so boring~
    like….there’s next to no interaction, everything is mostly done for you (in battles btw)
    it looks nice, but just…meh, not my type of game~~

  • Caleb Kinkaid

    Pretty spot on. I wanted to like it more than I do. It seems to have ingredients which should be addictive, but after a few days of playing I just stopped caring.

  • Pnklmaonade

    I’ve been playing DoS for about a week now. It’s a fun timekiller, really. I’m not deathly invested in it, but I do find the battling and clearing of areas a bit addictive, and I like using the ‘Hunt’ feature when I’m away from home to look for spirits in different cities and states. I actually kind of like it, as far as F2P games go. I play for about an hour or two total a day, including the raid boss events…it’s perfect for winding down just before I go to sleep BECAUSE of that slight disconnect between the player and the actual action of the battle. I can just watch it, make my selections and watch some more, and then just quit anyplace when I’m ready to go to sleep.

  • Thelastgunstar

    I found it pretty entertaining but that dropped off pretty quickly. I find myself only logging in daily for the reward and free summon. Maybe a battle or two. If we got Puzzle and Dragons…well, there goes all of my productivity.

    I really like these kind of games and wish the Vita had more of them.

  • revenent hell

    I have no desire to play this game since I don’t really care about free to play social games but I think its horrible when people don’t actively have to pay attention to a game in a battle phase.

    Don’t get me wrong I love auto battle in grindy games (and frankly I think it should be a mandatory staple in any grind heavy type game) but I kind of feel ripped off when its not really necessary for me to pay attention when it comes to the majority of games and battles in them.
    It just makes me feel like I’m not even needed to play the game so… what’s the fun in that? Battles are a major chunk (besides story) of what I find fun in a game. Choosing actions and such should require the player so it kind of grates on my nerves when for the bulk of the game I could read a book while playing through the battles.

    Ever since a certain game I played I have just been terribly hateful towards games that don’t require me to even watch what’s going on during a battle. A good game should make a person want to watch the screen and be involved in the battle.

  • Hector Velar

    you don’t have to force yourself to like a game. i appreciate your honesty. it is best to show game flaws so that then the makers can learn from it and make better games. how can they make better games of there is no honest negative feeds?

  • Luis Es.

    I got the special Gravity rush spirits- Lady of the Depths and Gravity Panther without spending money because i used Gamefaqs to find some trades. Skills are useful on things other then raid bosses.. Especially later one when you fight 2-3 battles against higher level spirits that are like lvl 50+. Could help you from taking little to no damage on some turns so you can keep battling.. SO skills aren’t just useful on raid bosses only.. And the enjoyment i get from this game is collecting all the spirits i find to be cool. The game does give you free Destiny orbs so you could use that for your chances on advance summons and the special event summons like GR and Knack.

  • Doctor Nebula

    The art style was a major turn off for me.

    • Testsubject909

      The art style varies heavily pending the region.

      JP spirits are very different from NA spirits, for example.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Games like Rage of Bahamut really make it clear that they don’t care at all about the user. Even Angry Birds was constantly getting updates and improving every little detail but Rage is still using load screens after every action. The UI is just despicable. Who the hell uses long pages in a video game?
    Fix the UI and the passionate community these games have will probably rejoice at the first act of respect they’ve ever seen. And the ui here doesn’t look that bad.

  • michel

    I’m not familiar with this kind of games, and had low expectations, but I’m having fun. Approaching the 100 free sectors, now. The game gets harder as you advance, and you can’t be distracted a second in battle, as you carefully have to plan and execute the right attacks and quickly decide on the skill to activate. Didn’t spend an euro on it, but I’ve been playing for three weeks and I consider it an OK game. In Europe, at the moment, we are in total Vita software starvation, this is fun and free, you do the math…

  • Earthjolly

    Game looked crap from miles and miles away

  • Greek-God88

    i really like it i stopped playing my ps4 because of it lol!

  • Crevox

    Where’s the usual last section

  • xPhoenixMoon

    Just weird when everyone watched the same reveal of this game and probably knew it would end up exactly like this based on that. So to me it just seems like you are going out of your way to make other feels the same way you do and the reason I say that is because you probably knew very well you weren’t going to like this game that much to begin with when you actually saw the reveal.

    I mean it is your opinion but like I said you sure went out of your way to totally dismiss this game. Especially when you compare it to trash like Alien Colonial Marines and how you got more out of a crappy game like that, it makes it seem overly excessive.. In the sense of “we get it” you don’t particularly enjoy this game but it is not nearly as bad as this article tries to make it out to be.

    It clearly is just not a type of game you enjoy and comparing it to Puzzle & Dragons is a bit off, they aren’t really the same type of games or that similar.

    You must “absolutely” think card games are bland also but you are the minority. I mean this is really no different than most card based battle systems and again that was very obvious from the reveal of this game.

    • neocatzon

      Are you sure “a bland game” verdict is bad? It’s not even a “bashing the game” article. This article does not only state the writer initial opinion but also the hard fact about the game. What we do in the game. What can be expected. Aside from elements and skills that do nothing outside raid, I think this review is a spot on. Even the fairness of free to play aspect of the game.

      Like you said in the last paragraph, this game is not really different with the others. But, in the article the bland game verdict came from how it’s not so much different from the usual games in its kind. “I’ve seen it before so.. what?” attitude can be understandable. Comparison with A:CM gives an impression that this game is not even as memorable as a bad game.
      In my word: Not even a hate, but hardly notable.

      Personally, I would say this a good critic for Sony for making a game that not only a late bandwagon to mobile card games, but failed to make it revolutionary.

    • revenent hell

      This game wasn’t really compared to Aliens: Colonial Marines other than for the author to point out that normally even completely bad games like Colonial Marines will get a reaction, good or bad ,out of them.
      This game wasn’t even capable of giving anything good or bad reaction wise to the author hence the comment. For as bad as Colonial Marines was it at least it gave the author some feelings of which this game wasn’t capable of doing.

      I actually think that was a rather good way to impart the game was neither good nor bad, myself and I completely understood what the author was verbalizing with their statements.

    • Fen Y

      Why do people like you always get so mad when others don’t like a game you like and give it a fair, balanced review?

      Game reviews aren’t there solely to praise games to high heavens, you know.

  • neocatzon

    I came with an expectation and left disappointed but I won’t say it’s crap in hindsight. This review is spot on. Before anything I’ll say this, I’ve tried to love this kind of “card games” and at most I can only stay for 3 weeks (Brave Frontier, to note). It’s safe to say I do not hate this genre, but it is not my cup of tea.

    Let’s laid out the charms. It’s a free to play card games exclusive on Vita. We have the usual spirit collection, merge, trading, and raid bosses. It’s interesting but not unusual so far. The things closest to revolution might be the area liberation (still it’s an “exploration”), regional differences, and multitude ways to gain spirits. I’m also surprised DoS is totally playable without spending a penny. R and SR can be easily caught. Should I mention generous daily bonuses? They gives you enough Destiny Orbs to do anything considered limited on similar games. I won’t lie, this is the most generous “card game” that I’ve ever played.

    It fell short on.. everything? They introduced the lore, but done less than Million Arthur. I kinda like the battle and they can be actually controlled. Still, It’s slow for a mobile game. For now, I feel the game is incomplete it still lack in everything. The spirits (no evolution?), the lore, and the whole gameplay. Maybe future updates and events can make this game more interesting, but for me I’m done with this game.

  • Osbook

    I have had luck with this game but it cheats alot. Specially on the raid bosses. Up until their level 14 i was beating them one try easily , then i got to the level 30s and it took a couple of tries each, then from my friend list a lvl 13 with its health on the 7000’s appeared and i had to go twice to beat it which was bs tbh

  • Lumi

    If you want a social game freemium(card based) RPG that’s actually good and has nice visuals, play chain chronicle. It plays like an actual RPG, chibi characters that move on the battlefield and stuff. But it’s still a phone game.

  • ishyg

    I kind of liked the battle system in that it’s essentially an ATB-based one. No other options except attack, but at least you get to choose your target, and I think of skills like they are limit breaks or something like that. It has some form of strategy. But I don’t like the trading part, it’s too cumbersome, especially if you don’t use forums. Also, I haven’t seen any spirits compendium available in the game. I’d appreciate if there is, and if the spirit you already got will register there. That way I know which spirits I’ve already encountered and owned.

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