New Fatal Frame Game Announced For Wii U

By Sato . April 21, 2014 . 7:41pm


The last time Tecmo Koei announced a Fatal Frame game, it was Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, a remake of Fatal Frame II. Now, it looks like a Nintendo platform will be getting another Fatal Frame game, as Famitsu reports that a new title in the series is being developed for Wii U.


According to the report, the new game is being developed by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. While details on the new game are light for now, the report also reveals that there are mixed media projects for the series being planned. This includes films, light novels and comics.


More details on the new Fatal Frame Wii U title and other media projects will be revealed in the near future.

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  • Roberto

    Yes about time

    just dont be japan only like last one

    • AlteisenX

      Wasn’t FF2 remake or FF4 released in Europe though? I get what you’re saying though.

      • Aunna Terrell

        FF2 Wii Edition did. FF4 was announced by the Official Nintendo Magazine, but later retcon by Nintendo, saying that it wasn’t going to be released in English.

        • landlock

          That because the controls were poor and the game glitchy and no one wanted to fix it.

          thankfully some cool fans made it possible to play FF4 and in English.

          • rurifan

            The controls were unforgivably bad. Because they had to use wii waggle trash.

            For the love of fans,Tecmo, please make the obvious wiipad gimmicks optional this time. Don’t ruin two games.

  • Quizler

    If this works like I imagine it, I think it could turn out to be really cool. I hope it gets localized

  • Six

    I’m pretty optimistic about this hitting the west, because Nintendo isn’t in a position to hold out anymore.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      uh they been localizing new games non stop. Even taking Atlus and Square Enix games outside of Japan.

      • Suicunesol

        He’s mainly saying that because Fatal Frame games don’t have the best localization history.

        • Link

          We did get that Spirit Camera spin off on the 3DS at launch, that gives me hope this will come over.

          • malek86

            If anything, the utter bomb of that spinoff makes me less hopeful.

            But anyway, I think it will be localized. Might take a while though.

          • E.T.993

            I’m sure XSEED will probably be the ones localizing the game.

        • Card

          Technically, only one major Fatal Frame title has been kept within Japan. Though the II Wiimake didn’t make it to NA, it did get released in EU with dubbing and all, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to get that to play than getting the english patch for IV up and running.

      • John Pena

        yeah, no Dragon Quest VII still isn’t here!

        • Link

          It’ll be coming soon…i hope :( Need something to pad out the latter half of 2014 for the 3DS.

          • Adrian Duran

            Professor Layton v Ace Attorney and Persona Q as well

          • Josh A. Stevens

            Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is out in Europe though. So chase up NOA for that one.

      • GH56734

        yeah, especially Dragon Quest X and Taiko no Tatsujin (and before you call me out on mentioning that last one, Ninty did localize those as Donkey Konga games to help flesh out the Western GC library)

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          Let me rephrase my statement. Nintendo of America has been localizing more Japanese Games since Xenoblade in 2012. Miiverse is now the key to getting games localized. Earthbound is one example.

  • TheGioG

    This is a pretty sweet announcement. The gamepad (possibly) being used as a camera is gonna take this to a whole new level of pisses-self scary. May this pave the way for a childhood sequel in Pokemon Snap in the near future.

    • rurifan

      I’m afraid it’s true. Tecmo, please, please, please make gimmick controls optional… For me, holding a plastic toy in my face is the opposite of scary.

      I’m still upset they ruined Fatal Frame 4 with incredibly awful waggle-control you couldn’t opt out of.

      Hopefully this new game reverts the camera outside of camera-mode to fixed positions. Fatal Frame 4 was far less stylish, and less scary, because they took away the artist’s control of camera angles (it was changed to shoulder-chasing for the godawful waggle controls).

      • Satori Satya

        If holding a “plastic toy” to your face is such an issue to you, then you probably have no love for Oculus Rift or PS4’s Project Morpheus or even wearing 3d glasses to watch a film like GRAVITY at the movie theater. Unlike you, most people don’t place silly restrictions on themselves when they wanna have fun. (I keed! toys aren’t for everyone) ^___^

        Anyway, dramatics and hyperbole aside, the Wii U Gamepad was superbly used in ZOMBI U. It added to the fear factor and tension. The Gamepad was used to scan the surroundings in stages. But there was no waggle in the same way it was present in Skyward Sword for instance. It was well done in that game. Lets hope they do something similar in this new FF game.

        • gomas

          skyward`s motion controls ruined the whole experience (at least for me) I`d love to give them the benefit of the doubt but there`s still the possibility that they fuck the whole experience with that awful controller … same thing happened with wonderful 101, excellent game, fucked a little up with god awful gimmicky gameplay

          • Satori Satya

            Actually, the controls in the W101 are superb. The demo did it a disservice because its impossible for people to get the controls until they click while playing a first run.

          • gomas

            Actually I`ve played the ENTIRE game on HARD… at times the controls are superb but on some occasions they suck … and why do you always try to ban people who don`t agree with you?…

          • Satori Satya

            Its all anecdotal evidence. Yours and mine.

            Yet most people are of the opinion that W101’s controls are generally great. Very few think that the gamepad fucked up anything at all. IMO that’s crazy talk.

            Speaking of which….

            I’m not a mod, man. I don’t ban people nor do I report anyone here to try and get them banned. I don’t play that game.

            If people got banned, you could easily find out why. Ask the mods.

          • gomas

            well, you guys all use those otaku names so… considering the fact that siliconera is full of rage queens and considering the fact that Sato may be an abbreviation for Satori (the guy who wrote the article) and considering the fact that now I can comment (I got a “closed comments” on every siliconera article) … I don`t know, maybe, just maybe I was right…
            if there`s a lot of people defending the touch-motion controls on W101 … well, just one word for you: fanboys … or maybe they don`t play action games so often… or maybe they played on easy or normal (huuuuuge gap between normal and hard, specially on w101)… or maybe they are some kind of action-games-touch-controls-gods … I love platinum games, love clover studios, love godhand, love ninja gaiden, love acion, beat em up, hack and slah games… but that love doesn`t make me blind when it comes to play and analyze a videogame…

  • Shiki

    I hope it’s well done. Love the Fatal Frame series. Plus, it better get localized…Fatal Frame 2 for Wii didn’t and it was rather unfortunate.

    And despite how much I like the series, voice acting in these games were particularly rough. Cross my fingers for some decent voice acting.

    • Daniel Bui

      Shiki, shouldn’t you be out getting rid of those ghosts? Touko should have told you about now.

      • Shiki

        Yeah, yeah. Easy work with my mystic eyes of death perception.
        Speaking of Kara no Kyoukai, the most recent movie needs to get localized.

        • Daniel Bui

          I agree, but they probably wont do it. It was really good though. We got to see Mikiya and Shiki’s daughter.

    • GH56734

      It was localized for Europe.
      Ever tried looking for Project Zero 2 Wii Edition?

    • landlock

      Since Project Zero 4 was announced for EU and Project Zero 2 Wii Edition was released in Europe. I have high hopes that this ‘ll see a release.

  • otakumike

    hmmmmm….. :/

  • Namuro

    Cool! I was just thinking to myself about how they should make another horror game for the Wii U, after watching some some horror-walkthroughs on YouTube last night.

    Though I don’t deal too well with scary games, I’m glad they decide to make another Fatal Frame! Totally looking forward to it!

  • yipee!!
    I just hope this one doesnt stay japan only :D
    otherwise im excited to see what they do with this one

  • Zenthos

    Nice to see the gamepad being utilized in different/useful ways.

  • Thatguy

    Using 2 screens to double fear!

  • Zer0faith
    • PreyMantis

      My body is ready for more sleepless nights.

    • Servant BerserCAR

      The game that will test your manhood.

      • lordsofskulls

        I am still waking up from nightmares from last three games. + grudge 1-3 , Ring 1-2 . >.> didnt help either.

        -.- Evil Spirits in my Dreams always take on lil girls with long black hair and white skins…

    • TheRealMalek

      Oh yeah ! And with the sounds of ghost coming from the tablet it will be scary. Really a good news !

    • And to think people thought the gamepad was useless. This is going to be a good title if they play their cards right.

      • rurifan

        I don’t really undersand why everybody thinks using the wiipad that way is a good thing. Sure it’s an obvious gimmick, but why would you want to spend half the game looking down at a junky little screen instead of leaning back to play on your nice big HDTV?

        • D-Omen

          Play ZombiU for the (scary) answer.

          • rurifan

            But fatal frame already took away your ability to see around you when in camera mode… how does it help to do that on the wiipad instead of your TV?

        • You use it like a camera that’s why.

          • rurifan

            How is that more than a gimmick that makes you look at a tiny screen instead of your nice big screen for half the game?

          • Satori Satya

            Jeeesus, dude. Cut it out with the silly “gimmick” angle.

            People who have used the Gamepad in games like ZOMBIU are trying to explain to you how it could be done in a way that adds to the gameplay.

            How about you wait until you can try it yourself before you knock it. Its obvious you never played games on the Wii U (or used any portable system like Vita) when you keep calling the gamepad’s screen “tiny”.

          • rurifan

            But nobody has explained how the gimmick would add to Fatal Frame’s gameplay. Since Fatal Frame already had a camera mode on-screen.

            And the gamepad’s screen is certainly tiny compared to any TV.

        • Card

          A sense of immersion?

          • Heath Bunch

            Absolutely this. There’s looking at a camera on a tv screen…and then there is holding the camera itself. Not to mention they could pull off some real creepy stuff if they use the gamepad’s speakers to do seperate stuff from the noises coming out of your tv. You could be faced one way using the camera attacking a ghost, and then the tv speakers behind you surprise you with another ghost behind you or something.

    • rurifan

      Oh oh maybe it can use gryoscopes so you have to stand up waiving it around the room like that crappy bundled 3DS AR demo-game.

      Am I the only one who hates the idea of being forced to use this idiotic pad to play the game? :(

      • Satori Satya

        I think you’re the only one making baseless negative assumptions about the game before its even in playable form.

        • rurifan

          They burnt me bad with Fatal Frame 4 being ruined, I can’t trust gimmick controls anymore.

  • Martian Wong

    I just dont know why. Everything that seems to be once on the Playstation is now moved elsewhere. Monster Hunter, Breath of Fire, Fatal Frame, Megaman Legend, Bayonetta etc etc.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Nintendo actually has a stake in the Fatal Frame IP. And if Platinum’s comments are anything to go by, Nintendo is great to work with. (And Bayonetta had its worst version on PS3, it’s hardly a PS franchise)

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Until Bayo 2 releases, it’s not even really a franchise :p

    • Vinny hawj

      True that.
      But I heard Nintendo brought the Fatal Frame series after 3 because it went bankrupt.

    • Nanashrew

      Things are always shifting in the industry. Most of the big IPs we know from the PS1 to PS2 era have moved to handhelds or moble for ease of development and low cost to develop. Others linger by or hope for a publishing deal because the devs believe they can’t continue with a franchise any further.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Now this is news. Day 1buy…if it actually gets localized for the US. 4 really needs to find its way to the states in some form.

    • GH56734

      For now there’s the fantranslation.
      And the remake of II that carries out its gameplay is already out in Europe.
      Hopefully NoA doesn’t shut Fatal Frame localizations any more.

  • Yan Zhao

    Im surprised I didnt think of how well the Gamepad would work with a game like Fatal Frame. Now lets just hope Tecmo Koei dont blow this game. This is something the Wii U needs to boost sales, even by a little.

    • Heath Bunch

      Since the gamepad’s reveal people have always been mentioning 2 specific games it would be perfect for. Fatal Frame and Pokemon Snap.

  • Serge

    Yes! Prepare to drop the gamepad everytime the music stop.
    PS: Please bring back Amano Tsukiko.

    • Aunna Terrell

      She retired from using the name Amano Tsukiko for music iirc. But it would be great to hear some more songs by her in video games!

  • Richard N

    Am I the only one caught off guard about the “films, light novels and comics” part of the news report!?!

    Film sounds awesome, everything else I’m willing to check out.

    • Aunna Terrell

      The other FFs also had light novels and/or manga. So it’s not something new in Japan. The movie though… (Besides the unofficial AV…) That was just a matter of time~ lol (Outside Spielberg’s version that’s currently in development hell.)

  • nefisto


  • Paul Rodriguez

    Awesome. This news makes me happy I have a Wii U. Also looking forward to the live action film. I’m a huge fan of the video game franchise (since 2001).

  • hazelnut1112

    Not gonna care unless they bring it over to the west. We never got the previous Wii title so who cares?

    • Heisst

      But we did get the latest game in the series which was on the 3DS. We didn’t get the Wii one probably because it was bugged as hell and the fan translation patch also needed to fix gamebreaking bugs.

      • CozyAndWarm

        Yeah, I’m hoping Tecmo actually has a little integrity this time around when it comes to bug patching.

    • Nanashrew

      We don’t know really but Spirit Camera came over worldwide.

      And there were a lot of factors going on with the Wii at the time.

      Fatal Frame 4 had bad game breaking bugs that did not pass any Q&A and Tecmo Koei would not fix it. So Nintendo refused to really support it or release it overseas.

      Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition in 2012, got a release in Japan and Europe at least. And at that time things were a hard sell because the Wii started spiraling down.

      The circumstances were understandable. But I’m holding out hope for a localization with how Nintendo is trying to localize more. I never thought Tomodachi Life was ever going to leave Japan.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        What was the bug in 4 anyway? i finished it just fine?

        • KuroNathan

          Pulled from the Wiki:

          Glitches and Bugs

          Coded Memo Glitch

          After receiving the Encrypted Memo (暗号のようなメモ) in the Third Chapter, going immediately to the Doctor’s Lounge on the 2nd Floor will cause the game to freeze. To avoid this glitch, be sure to go to the Director’s Office on the 1st Floor and enter the three-digit code (276) on the intercom first.

          Ghost List Glitch

          It is impossible to get every single ghost on the FFIV ghost list (there are 233, but you can only obtain 227 of them). Completing the Spirit List is supposed to unlock the Festival lens, but the Festival lens is unobtainable through normal means due to the glitch. However, through the use of Ocarina codes or using a hacked save file with the lens unlocked, it is possible to obtain the Festival lens without completing the ghost list.

          Spirit List entries affected: Numbers 32, 101, 107, 176, 182, and 211.

          Spirit Points Exploit

          Because of the above glitch, the six affected ghosts can be photographed repeatedly for their full points value. This makes it possible for players to earn several thousand points per ghost.

          Item Glitch

          After clearing the game, there is an “unlockable” item on the Extras menu that cannot be unlocked.

          Not sure which one is the one in question but they all sound horrible

        • Nanashrew

          Lock-ups when a certain condition is triggered. After you got the coded memo and went to the doctors room on the second floor the game locks up.

          To avoid it.
          After you get the coded memo go to the director’s office on the first floor and enter the 3-digit passcode on the interphone first.

          There were also a host of collision detection problems where you can just get stuck on walls and corners.

          I believe the english fan translation patch helped in fixing many of these bugs.

  • anthony apduhan

    Hope this will be on E3 as well…

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Man, I’m so glad Nintendo got that 80% something stock in Fatal Frame! Do us good Nintendo (As you’re prone to doing) and bring it on over! A nice E3 trailer is juicy!

  • Link

    Hope they do another live action trailer for promotion like they did with Spirit Camera.

  • CozyAndWarm

    OH BABY. The gamepad’s gonna get some great uses out of this. Oh, and LOCALIZE IN AMERICA THIS TIME

  • Raw

    Tecmo, for fk sakes. Stop releasing your great games on inferior consoles. Your games deserve a PS3/4 release.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Nintendo has a stake in the Fatal Frame IP, and the gamepad is an amazing accessory to have for a series like this. How on earth is the Wii U “inferior”?

    • Vinny hawj

      As much I wants it to be on PS3/4 but Nintendo owned Fatal Frame. Sony could of brought them.

      • Raw

        Releasing FF4 (on Japan only) and FF2-Remake (Jpn-Eur only) on Wii has stunted it’s growth. It was one of the best (if not the best, sans Silent Hill) horror series on the PS2.

        • CozyAndWarm

          Is this a joke? Fatal Frame 4 on Wii is the highest-selling game in the series in Japan.

          • Raw

            And it still didn’t get imported to the West…

          • Link

            And that was Tecmo’s decision not Nintendo’s. Yet when up to Nintendo they were happy enough to bring the Spirit Camera spin off over here, considering they’re actually involved in this FF’s development theres a good chance this one does as well.

          • I also think it was the bugs that they refused to fix I recall.

    • PreyMantis

      Ahh, the simple ignorant mind of a jealous fanboy…

    • revenent hell

      Oh, get over it already. Every time someone wants a game that comes out for the Wii U, but obviously they don’t want to spend their precious money on it, they just cant help themselves and must mention how inferior it is and how its unfair it is they have to buy another console after buying a PS4 or XBoxOne blah,blah,blah.

      If people like you want to play the game(s) that are released for the Wii U you’re all going to have to suck it up just like everyone else and penny pinch until you have enough saved to buy the console.

      If you don’t want to buy a Wii U get used to not being able to play Wii U games.

      There you have it.

      If you had have phrased your comment more like this ” Tecmo games are so great they should always have multiplatform releases so everyone can play them” I would have ignored your comment but you didn’t and frankly from what you said I get the impression you just don’t want to buy a Wii U because its hard for you to save money so you would rather complain.

      • Raw


        • revenent hell

          Im glad my comments could so amuse you, you know what I find amusing as well?

          People like you who cant even articulate the reasons for why they dislike something so they just leave comments such as yours in complete ignorance.

          In future I suggest if you so desire to complain that something is not a worthy device to play your “to great for this console to play” videogames on than you should at least have the common sense to verbalize in your post what those “inferior” qualities are before you hit the post button.

          Otherwise statements like yours just scream out to everyone with the obvious fanboyism that is so inherent to your kind , there simply is no denying it to anyone.

          You may wish to post more intelligently in the future if you wish to not be so obvious.

          • Raw

            You have spent too much time in the Internet. Now it’s the time to show yourself out of the door.

          • NintendoPSXTheSecond

            That’s always a piss poor “argument”. Get over yourself. You were being childish in your post, you got talked down twice and you felt the need to say that to feel like a big dick. Get over yourself.

          • Raw

            Mama told me you shouldn’t feed the trolls.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Find somewhere else to be a judgmental little (whatever).

    • Kenny Loh

      Nintendo buy the fatal frame titles, what can we do? I guese it same happening to Harvest Moon too, that nothing else we can do except Tecmo betray Nintendo but it unlikely to happen.

    • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

      Hmm, the gamepad is perfect for this game….How is WiiU inferior for this game?

  • ICHI

    I have been hoping for this announcement since day one! In times like these we often have to turn to poets, actors, writers and entertainers for explanations of how we truly feel. So in the immortal word of Ravishing Rick Flair “woooooooooo!”

  • Ricardo C

    Welp… looks like Im gonna have to save up for a Japanese Wii-U then. I love Fatal Frame so I’ll stick with the series no matter what system its for… even if NOA decides not to bring it over.

  • Asuna Ilano

    Wow, another reason to get a WiiU. Whelp, time to save some money.

  • Ethan_Twain

    That makes a lot of sense. Nintendo and Tecmo Koei are tight, the Wii-U gamepad has a lot of potential in terms of controlling Fatal Frame, and there isn’t a ton of survival horror competition on the platform.

    The question is who the talent behind the game is. They pulled on Suda 51 for Fatal Frame 4 and my understanding is that some strange control decisions aside, that game was pretty great.

    • rurifan

      By strange you mean the controls were so broken you couldn’t believe it was a final game? :)

  • revenent hell

    Fatal Frame movies would be awesome especially if they didn’t change the story or characters like most movies have the habit of doing but then again this is probably a good franchise to play with movie wise more so than any other.

    As much as I like the idea of Fatal Frame movies the word “film” gives me the impression of something like short live action type promos with sub par actors in bad outfits… I guess this isn’t such a bad idea for people who do enjoy live action stuff based on video games but I find most of it horribly done and silly looking.

    I just wish game developers would stay far and away from doing live action things with their games, its a waste of money and unnecessary. When I see an add or video for a game I want it to reflect the game and be in the graphics and art style of the game I have played or will be playing…..

    I can only hope these “films” will be generated in the style that the games implement/will implement or get done in anime form…..

    The light novels and comics also scream for my attention but in a good way :) I look forward to hearing more about those.

    • Aunna Terrell

      It’s already reported that the Fatal Frame movie will be based on the upcoming original Fatal Frame novel by the MPD Psycho writer. So it won’t be based on any of the first 4 games.

  • Spirit Macardi

    How is it that Tecmo-Koei, arguably one of the most juvenile developers (these are the people who invented jiggle-physics), is about the only company willing to make quality games for Nintendo’s home console?

    Good on them for doing so, but if they’re able to do it just fine then there’s absolutely no excuse for other companies to not do so as well.

    • revenent hell

      sorry wasn’t finished_

  • Vash bane

    this will be the perfect chance to finally get into the series and I agree with ethan there is a lot of potential specially with the gamepad (you know what I mean lol)

  • Go2hell66

    OMG Wii U got a game!? what is this witchcraft!!!

    • PreyMantis

      Are you talking about Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. 4, Monolith Soft’s X, Sonic Boom, Monster Hunter Frontier G, Watch Dogs, Child of Light, Project Cars, etc.? Or are you talking about the over 120 indie games* coming out for it?


      • Thatguy

        Where is your sarcasmeter? Did you lost it again? I will not buy it for you.

        • PreyMantis

          Can’t you tell that I have it? I thought it was obvious…

          • Thatguy

            Eh… you mean… MINE IS BROKEN?! NOOOO!

            How i can live on Internet without sarcasmeter?!

  • raitouniverse

    With the Wii U being in the situation that it’s in, here’s hoping NoA jumps at the chance to localize it. PLEASE.

  • Slickyslacker

    Every Fatal Frame fan should know that this is a thing.

    Turn your volume down.

  • Anthony Hadow

    Was hoping this was announced for the west but its just japan.

  • TheSegaMan

    So excited! The idea of films, novels, and manga being made along side it also makes me happy. Fatal Frame is one of the best horror franchises with Fatal Frame 2 being one of the best horror games I have ever played, and its always nice to see the series get some love.

  • kandori

    The day they announce a localization is the day I buy a Wii U.

  • DragKudo

    Damn took you long enough. Man Psychadelicsnake is going to be happy when he hears about this.

  • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

    Quick question, off topic, does speaking about another game result in your comment being deleted?

    • Shady Shariest

      Umm… If it’s somehow relevant, it won’t.
      Bu-uut if you wan’t to talk about other games… Go to the OT. It will steal your soul, but you can safely talk about all games there =W=

    • revenent hell

      If you have been warned to stop talking about it or have been warned about going off topic in the past then I would assume so.

      • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

        I see, was just wondering, I spoke about another game and comment got deleted

        • revenent hell

          It kind of depends on the comment really.

          I just happen to think the most obvious reasons for an off topic comment being deleted would be the person has been warned about doing so in the past because they make a habit of it.

          Though I find that to be rare if don’t at all here on siliconera. People do tend to verge to other topics in the commenting section often so I cant really see them deleting something unless it would have started an ugly argument and even then you would be warned first.

          I haven’t seen a deleted post here in the comments so I’m thinking maybe you didn’t post it and just thought you did?. Even when comments are deleted replies are left behind as is the mention of “deleted comment” being left behind in the posters place. Not seeing this I think its safe to assume your post didn’t go through.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We do ask folks to keep to the topic of an article and not to console request. Especially in a case where asking for Siren on the WiiU would be sort of like asking for Fatal Frame on the PS4. Console manufacturers usually don’t allow IPs they have involvement in go elsewhere.

      • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

        Oh….Sorry. I just want to say though that I know it will never come there, I’m not really serious about it, it was merely to highlight how perfect it would be on the gamepad…I’m not really requesting…Anyway, will be more careful when commenting

  • landlock

    I’m fairly sure they announced a live-action Fatal Frame film many many years ago that never happened. Anyone else remember?

    • Aunna Terrell

      Yes. That was for a US live action by Steven Spielberg’s studio. He and his son were fans of the games and Spielberg was going to help write the script. I recall they did at least 4 scripts but still couldn’t agree on something.

      • landlock

        Ah! cool. Good to know I was remembering right. :)

  • malek86

    Nintendo eased up their policies about M-rated games this gen, so I’m fairly sure we’ll see it localized this time. Now the problem is hoping it turns out better than that terrible 3DS spinoff.

    But mixed media projects… ths is kinda weird.

  • DyLaN

    Fatal frame anime soon?

  • I guess it’s good that the Wii U is getting a new exclusive, but I’m mainly interested in this out of the hope that Nintendo/Tecmo will finally bring over Fatal Frame IV. That’s the one I want to play.

  • shuyai

    so it is confirmed to be brand new game not remake? loved every fatal frame game but dont have high hope for it since last game is not localised and it wont have a fan translation on wii u

    whats mixed media project anyway?

  • Charmchar

    Well I just found my reason to buy a Wii U, so excited for a new Fatal Frame.

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Here Nintendo take my money!

  • tubers

    Cool :) Wonder if it’ll be a timed exclusive.

    Hope not. I want a few more exclusives for the Wii U.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Nintendo has a stake in the Fatal Frame IP. It’s highly doubtful the game will go anywhere else.

  • David García Abril

    The “Fatal Frame” franchise now belongs to Nintendo, folks.

    Of course it will be localized!

    Worst case scenario, it will be so in Europe. >:D

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    The only issue I see is that we haven’t gotten the last 2 FF games, what is there to get excited about when it won’t likely be ported west due to previous titles not being, as well as Wii U doing poorly in the US, and around the world. From a publisher stand point, our chances of getting it are slim. And Nintendo’s asinine region locking…

  • King Chibi

    It’s fair since Fatal Frame 2 did not come to Gamecube. Remake it for WiiU. Fair game.

  • megaten666

    Now that’s what I call good news.
    Love the Fatal Frame franchise. It’s easily one of my fav besides Silent Hill and Siren.

  • ajneez

    i want to know something, what´s happened with this franchise, Nintendo bought it or what???? i don´t know the story. i want it in PS…

    • PreyMantis

      For simplicity’s sake, yes, they pretty much own the IP since they own the majority of it.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Oh boo hoo. Yes, Nintendo has a stake in the IP, and Fatal Frame 4 on Wii is the highest-selling in the series. Not to mention that the gamepad is a great accessory for this type of game.

  • Unlimax

    I don’t know how to feel about this announcement
    It was pretty much expected to be on the Wii U no doubt
    Still mad at TK for selling the IP and ignoring the majority of their fans
    I guess times like this forces me to get a Wii U for a game that i love, Again :

  • lyhthegreat .


  • Keiji Johnson

    This better be released in the US! We already missed out on Fatal Frame IV and the Wii remake of 2 and all we got was a mediocre AR game for the 3DS.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I can’t wait to see how the Upad is going to be used.

  • Guest

    I’ve never played a Fatal Frame game before, but this looks interesting with the possible uses of the Gamepad… so why not? Sold! :D

  • ajneez

    i´ve never played Fatal frame and maybe never will play because i won´t buy Wii U for this game…. :(((((

    • Michael Richardson

      Your loss.

    • CozyAndWarm

      Well, now you have one more reason to reconsider that stance.

  • fairysun

    Meanwhile, the English version of this game ….

  • Positive it will be localized this time. They’d be stupid to leave titles in Japan when the console needs games on all regions.

  • Card

    Oh my goodness I am literally fangirling out over here at work. I’m getting weird looks.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks take the console wars elsewhere. It doesn’t take much effort to educate oneself on the facts of this IP and its ownership.

    • Kaetsu

      It’s like Bayonetta 2 all over again.

      • rurifan

        Not sure why anybody would expect a different reaction.

    • rurifan

      Or you could be smart and informative and actually tell the readers this factual, easy to find information.

  • Kaetsu

    First Hyrule Warriors and now this! Nintendo and Tecmo should work together more often.

  • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

    If this gets localized in the west, I’ll buy a wii U.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I could not be happier about this news.

  • NeoPancho

    Yeah, probably the best videogames related “surprise” i’m getting this year! This must be the reason for which i bought a Japanese Wii U.

    I liked a lot the PS2 games, but i really love the Wii games (specially the first one). I can’t wait to play the Wii U game (hopefully they won’t mess too much with the formula like with the 3DS game!).

  • leingod

    Man, hope they localize this. The Wii U doesn’t have many games, but it sure could use another awesome one. Love the series.

  • KoRLumen

    I get really sad when people call the Gamepad a gimmick. Kinda wish more people were a little more open-minded (including developers).

    • Paladinrja

      Devs are, the people funding devs are not. More people need to jump on this bandwagon if they want things to improve.

      Its not just the GP, the console MCM has the ability to expand on game logic (eDRAM expanded instruction) which is a first in this industry and something that no amount of off chip RAM can accomplish. Despite gains in memory hierachies through all ISA’s its been a limitation to logic and AI in general since the P4 and Power 4 days. Every ISA manufacturer apart from middle providers like AMD are now producing IBM paved expanded instruction multi-chip modules. Intel are doing this with Skylark and Broadwell.

      Game logic and AI, impliment mechanics, or gameplay, they also impliment further facility for graphics through co processes. Nintendo didn’t make another Wii but its not designed to be exclusively for gamers either, just involve them by not being another Wii alone.

  • Paladinrja

    I get the impression this will end up being another Bayonetta 2 issue. Ya know… I’ve been gaming for just over 30yrs and just like everyone else I got bored stupid by 2010/11. I actually considered getting out of gaming altogether, what makes this statement significant is that I do not ever watch TV. Music, Games and Books for me.

    I fail to understand why so many people that find compelling software on Wii U refrain from purchasing it, simply due to (as far as I can see), brand barracking or some strange loyalty based on some weird prioritization.

    I also understand that not everyone can have multiple systems. Either by virtue of funds or balanced parental entitlements. I myself do and I find myself regarding PS4X1 as being more of the same, thus I was prompted to delve into Wii U and although I understand that Wii was so popular and innovative, the gamepad does inspire a larger sense of gaming innovation to me where my concerns lay.

    This is important because I dislike stagnancy. PS4X1 are going far away from what PS360 was, which was excellent. Their focus is on adopting x86 technology and having PC’s I am just not compelled to be there at all.

    I can only say that no one, not me either, should dictate where your interests lay in gaming. If you feel compelled by the games, I mean really compelled. Then you should get yourself a Wii U even if that means its your only system and have those games. I dunno, its alot easier to convey these things in person but I’m hoping some people at least find value in this.

    • rurifan

      People complain about WiiU exclusives because they have experience with Nintendo platforms being a poor investments in the past and they would prefer the games they love be able to take advantage of more modern hardware.

      It’s a logical reaction for people to be annoyed when they don’t actually want another console junking up their media stand. (I already have a full 5-way HDMI switch, personally…)

      • CozyAndWarm

        “they would prefer the games they love be able to take advantage of more modern hardware”
        This argument is just a bunch of hypocrisy to begin with. Modern/powerful hardware was never, ever, ever an issue during the PS2’s heyday, or when the PS3 versions of every multiplat game were the worst ones. But for every Wii U game, suddenly every gamer is up in arms over the hardware? It doesn’t make sense. And if hardware was THAT big of a concern, people would be arguing here to see Fatal Frame on PC, and not Playstation systems. /end rant

        • rurifan

          Not sure what you’re saying, since people have complained about games being inferior on PS3 all along, and now they complain when games aren’t made for PS4.

          People want their favorite franchises to be the best they can be, and that’s not going to happen on 360, PS3 or WiiU.

          • Paladinrja

            WTF did I just read.. Nintendo are smashing it with their franchises. Are you sure you’re talking about gaming or something else?

          • rurifan

            You may love Nintendo franchises, but that’s not the subject of discussion here. We’re talking about why people complain about Nintendo buying exclusivity for third party franchises.

          • Paladinrja

            No one complains apart from Sony sponsored sites, backing Sony sponsored fans that troll collectively 24/7. Everyone else wonders why you are all attacking Disney, basically.

            Gaming is effectively back, somewhere between Gen 5 & 6 – with 140+million people (and counting) still engaging Gen 7 and not adopting Gen 8. Why? precisely because of this and you don’t know because they can’t be bothered. You need to talk to real gamers in the real world offline and they will tell you -exactly- what they think of gaming these days.

            As for the rest of us, no ones complaining that Nintendo are saving and funding great IPs which I’m sure their competitors would attempt to head off if they had a fucking clue in the first place.

            Sony’s business was DVDs and TVs, they shoulda stuck to is no matter how good or bad the PS4 is and now they have nothing but media generated apathy. The end.

        • Paladinrja

          The hardware they’re up in arms about is based on an unfinished tweets over the system less than 36hrs after lauch by a hardware cracker whom himself asked for moderation but because a buncha jerks wanted to make sure you knew, they went to everyone from Anandtech to gundagai and proliferated that spec. The cracker wouldn’t even furbish anyone with how it was done and no one to date has cracked the system or been running software on it. Unlike PS4 which was cracked just before Christmas.

          To date, there had been no official statement by Nintendo or any of its manufacturing and/or development partners over the actual spec of the Wii U. Not one. The only developers claiming its inefficient have had their own companies publicly retract statements as none of them develop for the platform.

          This is not the PS2 days and yes it was an issue because every delusional PS fanboy told the world that it was the most powerful hardware platform. Utter rubbish then and utter rubbish now.

          The games on Wii U speak for themselves. You, those like you and some of the media, are the only thing speaking against it. No greater sense of public hypocrisy has ever been displayed by so many, and you are right, none of you care. That though is not Nintendo’s fault.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    Koei is really making a lot for Nintendo, and i love the Fatal Frame series :( to bad i am like a budding when it comes to this kinda game, aside from the fact i dont own a Wii U…im seriously considering buying one

  • James Enk

    my dream is becoming a reality so excited for this. Nintendo don’t forget gamers here in EU and USA

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