Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Video Shows The Gang Taking On A Boss

By Sato . April 21, 2014 . 12:29pm


In Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, you’ll be exploring a rebuilt version of Aincrad as you work your way up to the 100th floor, while taking on various dungeons and boss fights. The game’s latest video shows Kirito and his buddies fight one of the first bosses of the game—the Ghastlygaze.



The video starts out with Asuna rallying the troops, which consists of a player-made Kirito, Leafa, and others, before the entrance of the Ghastlygaze fight. Once the fight starts, the characters start out with what appears to be some buffs, followed by a barrage of skills.


It doesn’t take long for Kirito and his partner Leafa to perform a Switch Skill ability, but judging by the health bar located on the top-right of the screen, you’ll be needing to do a lot more of those to take it down.


As the group continues fighting the boss and dodging it’s cone-shaped attacks and circular area-of-effect hits, they’re finally able to take it down, and get their reward. Kirito also manages to get a “Last Attack” in, meaning he might also get some extra loot from the fight.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released on April 24, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Fayt

    I didn’t know the parties got that big with other NPC’s. I thought it was just Kirito and his harem party.

    That’s awesome. I can’t wait until May!

    • Vash bane

      might be only for floor bosses

  • I wonder if they’ll have any signature moves from the anime

  • planetofthemage

    I’ve played the PSP one, and honestly I haven’t been as impressed as I’d like to be by the content in this one. A ton of it seems rehashed. I’m excited to see the new burst system (waiting on autoattacks to rebuild SP is awful in the original) but the more I see the less I am inclined to import at full price.

  • God

    Dude, supposedly having no casualties in a boss fight was nigh impossible, yet here, except for Kirito’s at one point, no one’s HP went below 75% at any point in the fight… please tell me this was the first boss and they were insanely overleveled, or i’ll be extremely dissapointed of the battle difficulty.

    • Zaig

      I’m expecting there to be “casualties” if an NPC happens to get the last hit in and snags that special loot from me because there’s no way I’m doing that boring battle over again.

      • God

        It did seem dull and kind of repetitive… i hope other bosses are harder and more entretaining to fight.

        • darke

          Sounds like they’re properly emulating FF11/EverQuest and the like which SAO seems modeled after. :P

  • David García Abril

    Watching this video I realize this game lacks something to be a truly awesome adaptation:

    Yuki Kajiura’s score!

    But I guess you can’t have it all. :P

  • Symbol de Au

    That looks like the evil eye from Dragon’s Dogma. Is it based on some kind of folklore?

    • Kornelious

      They had something like that in Dragons Crown too, so I’m guessing a Gazer probally is some fictional creature

      • darke

        As far as I know, no. I’m pretty sure they’re all references to the Beholder in the original D&D. But named differently due to, well, probably lawyers. :?

  • abysswalker

    I’m wondering if you’ll get the chance to actually go through the 100 floors
    Edit: Also, lvl 100+ when fighting one of the first bosses? Plot related?

    • Kornelious

      Unfortunately I think you start at floor 76….But hey, who knows what this game has up it’s sleeve!

  • Namuro

    At a glance, I thought that was a Gohma…

  • Vash bane

    hm seems a little iono slow paced. it looks interesting tho just that like after a skill is used they pause a few sec which gives enemies time to counter attack.

    also I am sorry lol he looked like a genderbent mikasa (don’t know if I spelled it right)

  • Kornelious

    This looks freaking awesome, Why must you make me wait till May :P Knowing that I’ll be able to play such a cool game and understand what’s going on (hopefully) just gives me good vibes. I just hope the game is a good length :) (And properly subbed)

  • カイ サトシ

    Is it just me or I didn’t see any jumping abilities? and there’s a delay for every move?

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