Tales of RPGs Are Growing In The West Says Bandai Namco

By Robert Ward . April 23, 2014 . 12:30pm

At Bandai Namco’s Global Gamer’s Day event, Siliconera spoke with product manager Dennis Lee about the reception of the Tales of series of RPGs in the West. Namco have begun to bring these games over fairly regularly now, and have committed to trying to grow the franchise in the West. Lee said this was entirely because of communication with the series’ fans.


“So, a lot of what we had done in the past—mainly the PS2 and GameCube era—of course, JRPGs were popular and the Tales of series had the most successful title in the series released in that console generation, Tales of Symphonia,” Lee said. “In the years after that, there were some ups and downs in the series. There were a lot of titles that weren’t brought over to the west—in fact, there was a span of two or three years where we didn’t bother to bring any over.”


“A few years back is when we decided to really focus on the series and the fans because they’re asking for these titles, so we started with Tales of Graces F and the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss, and we started to do things where we went to events and talked directly to anime and Tales of fans about what they wanted. A lot of those requests were things like Japanese and English audio options, shorter waits between Japanese releases and Western releases, and so on.”


“That being said,” Lee continued, “we’ve put a lot of work into making sure that Japan and America get Tales of games right around the same time. With each game we’ve released, sales have increased—so we believe that fans have been going out and talking to other fans. With games coming out on a more periodic basis, I think it conveys [to new fans] that this isn’t just a one-off game, it’s not just another RPG.”


“Working with our community and fans has helped the audience to grow, and we’re delighted to see it taking off so well in the west.”


I asked Lee if there were any other devices Bandai Namco were looking to bring Tales of games out on in the West.


“Right now the team’s very focused on getting us caught up to Japan with the new releases, and they’re looking at different platforms to get these games out to the fans,” he replied. “There were a couple of… experiments, you know, with games like Tales of Phantasia, which we released on iOS. That received some mixed results. In general, though, we’re looking at all of the ways in which we can bring the Tales of series to the fans.”


Note: Screenshot from Tales of Zestiria, the latest game in the series. It’s been confirmed for Western release, but has no release date yet.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Now bring us godeater 2

    • Ric Vazquez


    • NightzeroAX

      Yes plz.

  • psycho_bandaid

    How about that? You start to release games and you gain fans! You don’t release any games for a while and you lose fans!

    Bamco has found the answer.

    • AlphaSixNine

      It’s so obvious, you wonder why they didn’t know about it in the first place

      • There was a time where only Super smash bros. and Halo were okay to play without being joked. At least it was like that around here. During that time people rarely admitted to liking anime style RPGs. This was the late 90s to about 2006 (I live in Virigina). Maybe it was around that time Namco though they should avoid the west and stop hoping to find success there with Tales games.

        • Pyrotek85

          Yeah there was that awkward time where anything that looked like ‘cartoons’ wasn’t cool.

          • Exactly. Ever since I was 11 I’ve loves all action cartoons and ever since I played Chrono Cross I’ve loved RPGs. So I always wanted Tales games. But I would find few in my area who would agree. Some didn’t agree because it was seen as perverted or nerdy. Others just didn’t like it, And some only wanted to play what was advertised as the most popular.

          • Kornelious

            So true. While I do play some Western games (Dragons Dogma Dark Souls) my love for anime and JRPG’s is in the VAST majority. I personally don’t understand the hate towards them, I don’t know too many people who hate them but I get upset when I do. I don’t need all these fancy graogics to play a game because in my opinion, Anime beats all, you just can’t match the style. I never really feel as attached to a westen game as I do to an Anime or JRPG, the characters are usually likeable and the world and theme’s are always so interesting, plus I don’t see many western games that talk about emotions and issues involving the heart and such =) they usually just skip to the killing
            And where I live, being a nerd is awesome….Most of the time anyways :P

          • Cazar

            Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls are also Japanese games. Unless you just mean the graphics style. But I wouldn’t really call that western, it’s just realism.

          • Kornelious

            Huh, they are both Japanese huh, I guess that’s what makes them stick out from the others :)

          • Yeah, sorry. The more serious and realists stuff compare to cartoon and anime style stuff was what we were talking about.

          • John Pena

            That still exists today, especially with all the FPS games.

          • Yeah. My older brother only plays games with guns, if he plays at all. He doesn’t want any sci-fi or fantasy guns or plot. Just guns in the streets or some kind of war. Maybe a zombie, but not often. Too each his own. He’s good at them. But I like my games to be like LoRT movies. Deep. Long. And MIND-BLOWING!

          • Samsara09

            I imagine people are sick of those pompous realistic graphics,since all games have those,and are seeking something charmy,unique and simple….like the anime graphics.

        • Samsara09

          vesperia released on 2006…after that,there was down of the new world on 2008…and then…well,next we got graces on 2012.

          There is your math proof.

          • I think now things are mellowing out. Not too much xenophobia preventing people from liking a samurai or ninja or an RPG from coming over. I hope we keep getting Tales games and any other rare RPGs we missed out on.

          • Samsara09

            LOL,said “DOWN of the new world”….ahahahahahha,man,that was an awesome accidental joke

            people that think that anime is ugly are crapping from their mouth,usually.A good and colorful anime graphic can go toe-to-toe with those icky realistic graphics,at least to me.There is beauty in simplicity.

          • I agree with some of that. I prefer anime style over realistic. But games that look realistic but still have anime tones (like FFs 7-14) are good too. I’ve never been a fan of gritty dark stuff like Dragon’s Dogma’s look. Or Dark Souls. Those games just aren’t for me. They seem depressing.

          • Samsara09

            yeah.People who play rpgs usually do so to see an alternative reality.One more happy and where justice prevails in the end.

          • Yeah. That’s why I get into the games so much. They story is deep and beyond the stuff that I see in my life. It matches what I daydream about.

          • Samsara09

            yeah.Tales of usually helps me develop as a person,as I like how they develop their themes.They show us how to live better lives.

          • Ritsuioko23

            Your grammar sucks.

          • Ritsuioko23

            Graces f was great, fuck you

        • Bakuryukun

          Wow. I guess the place you live is full of xenophobic bigots or something? I’ve never ever seen that kind of thing on that big a scale in my life before, like sure where I live (British Columbia) there is the occasional person who just doesn’t play video games or is closed minded about them, but they are vastly in the minority, most people I know just sort of play whatever games they want.

          A little while ago my roommate had some of his construction worker buddies over while I was playing Okami, and they only really play CoD and the like, but they were actually taking an interest in Okami and asking me questions about it and in general they thought it looked interesting and they weren’t closed-minded about it at all.

          • I don’t want to paint the picture that I lived like a martyr or something. It was just like there were certain games you could play and still be consider a cool or popular person. RPGs on the other hand were considered nerd/loser games. I couldn’t get thru the opening of Chrono Cross without people mocking the text on the screen with squeaky voices and melodramatic Kung-Fu flick style talking. It’s not like that now only because I’m 28 and I play alone or sometimes with my siblings. If I talk to anyone else about a game it’s a work where people are polite since it’s a job and they know me.

            I’m just glad that games like these are a rarity anymore. Now I can buy them anywhere and not have to put up with the embarrassment of saying the title to a clerk. Or a clerk asking again and again “what title? Tales of what? EX-zee-lee-ah?” <—for example.

      • David García Abril

        Because “in the first place”, this didn’t happen.

        People are starting to forget that JRPGs suffered a MASSIVE decline in popularity on Western territories during the mid-to-late 2000s. They became the punching bag of Western video game media, and even part of Western industry (Remember how the founders of Bioware mocked them mercilessly, saying they weren’t really RPGs?).

        On top of that, most JRPGs didn’t cover localization costs (and let’s not kid ourselves: most of them still don’t), so not bringing these games was a no-brainer.

        The tides started to change after Operation Rainfall, and only because fans fought teeth and nails for it.

        JRPGs were fed up with “living in a closet” and started to re-vindicate the genre’s legitimacy, and thanks to that, people’s opinion started to change, making a friendlier environment for these games to come to Western territories.

        • Yuri_harmonixer

          Funny enough, decline of popularity was never an issue to DQIX, Persona 3, 4 and The World Ends with You sales. Even DQIV and V DS sold enough to justify localization.

          Final Fantasy and Pokémon are the ONLY JRPG franchises that consistently sell more than one million world-wide. Even Wild Arms, Star Ocean, Tales, Grandia, SaGa, didn’t reach million sales on PS1/Snes generations, world-wide. They sold enough to justify localization, though.

          And so did Abyss, Symphonia and a lot of RPGs on PS2/NGC era.

          What was your justification for no release of the original Tales of Hearts again,even if DS was one of the consoles with the biggest sales numbers ever and one of the biggest installed bases?

          Namco DID suck until some time ago. It really did. Thank godness it finally started to fix some of the mistakes.

          (btw, only Xenoblade was worth and sold significant between the three Operation Rainfall’ games anyway)

          • David García Abril

            Get your facts straight.

            DQIX was marketed by Nintendo, and not as a traditional JRPG (which was appropriate, since it wasn’t). Nintendo focused on its online and social features instead.

            “Persona 3 & 4” got cult classic status, but financially they were still niche games at first, and they became popular only YEARS after they were release thanks to word of mouth . Not to mention that the fact that they were developed on PS2 made it easier to make a profit (something that can be applied to many of the games you mention, BTW).

            “The World Ends With You” is another cult classic. But financially? It bombed. Like, badly. Why do you think the closest thing we’ve had to a sequel in 6 years is the characters appearing on the KH series, and only out of Nomura’s hubris?

            On the SNES most of those game didn’t came to Western territories (or only came to the US), and the PS1 era was the Golden Age of JRPGs popularity in the West. A momentum that was maintained during most of the PS2 era, for the most part. And even then, many of them only made it to the US.

            “Tales of Hearts” came out in the middle of the JRPG lowest point of popularity, and right after “Tales of Vesperia” only made modest numbers (In Europe it bombed). Not to mention that during those days it was when Japanese developers were struggling with HD budgets (many of them still do), something that affected companies as a whole. Read: they had to keep in mind development costs for handhelds as well, since one affected the other.

            And yeah, “Xenoblade” was definitely the best of the three, but “The Last Story” still got good numbers. The only one that didn’t make them was “Pandora’s Tower”, since it didn’t have a good name to back it up (which is a shame… Such an underrated game…), and in the case of the US, it came out when the Operation Rainfall movement had died out.

        • Sylveria

          I think 4 things turned the tide. One was Operation Rainfall and that was probably the most well publicized. I think the second was the growing popularity of the Persona series as well as some other smaller series on the DS/3DS. Third was the growth of the other “anime” style JRPGs out of companies like NIS and Aksys. The fourth, I believe and this is fully subjective statement, is the shocking decline of the Final Fantasy series, leaving a huge void for other series to come in and fill.

          Also, in the Tales case specifically, I think its them pulling their heads out of their asses and putting their games on the console that actually had a large JRPG install base. If they hadnt spent almost 6 years dicking around with the Gamecube and the 360, we probably would have seen this upturn a lot sooner. A lot of people proclaim that Vesperia is the best the series has ever been, yet its the worst selling entry and the only western release it got was the 360… during that 6 month period that Microsoft pretended to give a crap bout the Japanese market.

          • David García Abril

            Good points.

            Although the “Persona” series took years to build up its popularity, just like NIS (and I understand that they REALLY struggled). Not something that a company like Namco can afford…

            “Final Fantasy” I think contributed more to the decline, though. After all, it’s still the most visible face in the genre, so when it came down, a lot people believed the genre as a whole was going down too.

            Although it’s true that it left a void, but I’m not convinced that it’s filled yet. At least, not completely.

            As for the platform thing, in Japan it may be true, but in the West not so much.

            I mean, when Vesperia came out PS3 was far behind the XBox in the US and Europe, and there weren’t many signs that indicated that the JRPG audience really was on PS3. Of course, this changed over time.

          • Russell Miller

            I disagree. Yes the total units sold and total numbers of 360 way out numbered PS3. However the fan base was not. I would argue that maybe 75% of the units sold of PS3 at that time would have gobbled up Vesperia where less than 10% would buy it on the 360. I would bet you they would have sold 2.5 times more on the PS3 even if with the small install base.

          • Russell Miller

            I agree that the 360 really hurt JRPGs. Early in the PS3 life cycle there were little to none JRPGS. All you had was folklore and Valkyrie Chronicles. Meanwhile 360 had Blue dragon, Lost odyssey, Star Ocean, and Tales of vesperia. Most of the hardcore fan base waited and got a PS3 because we figured the greatness of the JRPG would carry over from the PS2 to PS3. We had no reason to think otherwise. Microsoft threw lost of money at the industry to steal it away from Playstation and got a lot of exclusive stuff. Regardless on how YOU feel about the 360 the majority of the fanbase rejects anime/ Japanese style games. They will play a knock off of COD/Titianfall/ Gears of war/Halo till they are blue in the face. Those all sold poorly and we had this weird gap where there was not much to play on consoles.
            I guess people like of me should have bite the bullet and bought a 360 also to play those games at the time, but I really blame the industry loosing the focus of what fans in the west want in a JRPG. They kept on trying to appeal to the 360 crowd and make them more the style that would appeal to them and not realizing that they if there is any remnant of Japanese/pace/anime style they wont buy it. I feel the industry is finally seeing that Final Fantasy needs to return to glory, that games like Bravely Default, Xenoblade, and the tales series can sell well on the right systems. The fan base IMO never left they just tried to go after the wrong fan base :)

          • Ritsuioko23

            Vesperia was boring as fuck. I couldn’t care less about it.

        • That’s interesting to read, and yeah, as someone who is just starting to get into the Tales games I’ve always wondered about the issues fans had with Namco on their releases.
          I just assumed Namco shifted focus and pretty much forgot about the franchise, leaving the fans they already had bitter about not pursuing their interests (sort of like how SEGA is right now with their RPGs).
          Although, I believe the audience for these types of games were always there. But if a company is not consistent, or at least straightforward, then of course you’re going to get some hostility from your targeted audience.

          Well, better late than never, but as another poster said, there’s some ways to go.

    • Samsara09

      Sometimes the obvious seems to slip from those guys.At least namco remembered it.if only SE could too…

    • TalesOtaku21

      I laughed, but to be fair to Namco, it’s not entirely their fault. Running a business is hard, appealing to a fanbase that isn’t in their home country is harder. They took a risk with Graces f and it paid off.

    • Jirin

      That’s definitely a factor, but I think another big factor in the rise of popularity of Tales is market saturation.

      In the late 90s and early 00s the JRPG market was much more saturated, especially the console JRPG market. Now most of the market is handheld or mobile games, people have lowered their expectations from the next Final Fantasy, and big series releases have become smaller and less frequent. Except or Tales, who are still releasing a full size console JRPG once a year.

      • Samsara09

        yeah,there aren’t as many rpgs as before…not even series.
        the only consistently major series I know are final fantasy(which isn’t on it’s happier days),tales of and Shin Megami Tensei/persona…there is also kingdom hearts and bravely default.

    • Somerandomperson

      But you see, majority of the west only enjoy competitive FPS. Games like this make publishers and developers take large financial risks. Imagine A AAA jrpg against the recent Titanfall in the west<–

      If there are enough fans support though, I doubt they wouldn't localize newer titles.

      Conclusion: Western release is Risky

    • Naryoril

      well… this is not entirely true, if you overdo it you can kill a franchise or even a whole genre. Go and ask the producers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

    • fairysun

      I think international fan need to thank this guy. I heard he tried hard to make the series released outside Japan more often.

    • terranoie

      And actually spend the money to advertise them right?! BD

  • Liamv2

    Well I just recently discovered the franchise so I suppose im evidence of this.

    • azureknight

      I’ve known about the franchise for a while, but I didn’t really get into the series until I bought Xillia 1 and got hooked. The only other Tales game I was interested in before Xillia was Vesperia, but I still don’t have a 360.

      • Liamv2

        I did the same thing and now i’ve played Graces F, symphonia, vesperia and i’m currently playing abyss.

        • I started with Abyss a few months back. Good game. Then I beat Xillia, which was also good.

  • DesmaX

    Well, it does fill some of the void that Final Fantasy can’t these days.

    Good luck for them. “Tales of” is a nice franchise

  • Spirit Macardi

    “So, a lot of what we had done in the past—mainly the PS2 and GameCube era—of course, JRPGs were popular and the Tales of series had the most successful title in the series released in that console generation, Tales of Symphonia,” Lee said. “In the years after that, there were some ups and downs in the series.”

    No duh, because Symphonia received a ton of advertising from Nintendo, and all the games afterward didn’t get any advertising from Namco.

    Good on them for realizing that the Tales games indeed have a fanbase here, but good lord does Namco have a LOT to learn about how marketing works. Not just with Tales, but with all their games. So many franchises of theirs have been screwed by lack of advertising.

    Then when they did do some awesome marketing work in the form of ShiftyLook, they went and shut it down before it could really be put to beneficial use.

    • DesmaX

      True. Xillia had a decent marketing by Namco, and it managed to be the best selling game of the franchise here (After Symphonia, at least)

      • Spirit Macardi

        Even with Xillia though I never saw a single commercial for it. There were some online banner ads, but that’s all I ever came across.

      • shadowneko003

        it also helped that there a whole mess of sales in the months following Xillia’s release. It was even $10 on PSN for Plus members.

        • DesmaX

          Oh yeah. Hope they give a Tales game for free on PS+ one day; that could bring more customers

        • Slayven19

          Well it was the best selling tales game within the first month of release without the sales. I guess that’s why they went ahead and offered a 20 dollar price cut for a short time the next month for the regular edition.

    • Pyrotek85

      Yup. As popular as the games might seem to us and sites like this, we’re only a tiny fraction of potential buyers. They really have to do some traditional advertising as well.

  • Kanamion

    I’m so glad they are finally putting effort into marketing and localization! It’s unfortunate it took them a while but it’s better late than never.

    I’m still upset that we only got the weakest versions of Phantasia though (GBA with a poor loc job by Nintendo, and iOS) so they think people don’t like Phantasia in general. It’s my favorite Tales game and it deserves a better representation in the West.

    • Carl B.

      You can play the PSX version of Phantasia via the translation patch. I did. I recommend it.

      • Kanamion

        That’s probably a good idea but I’ve already played the PS1 version more than once. I’m probably going to pick up the most recent PSP version next since I want to play the Narikiri Dungeon remake as well.

        • Pyrotek85

          That’s the one I’m dying to play. It was my first Tales and still one of my favorites. I don’t expect them to release a UMD nowadays but a localized digital version would be nice.

    • Spirit Macardi

      We got the OVA though, with the always awesome Johnny Yong Bosch as Cress.

    • GH56734

      Phantasia iOS won’t even be playable after June 2014.

      • Kanamion


        • GH56734

          Absolute Zero may have canned the Tales of Hearts translation (like some of their now-members did earlier with Graces Wii) but they did however decide to continue the translation for Phantasia X for the PSP which uses the same script as the iOS one.
          However! They won’t be using Namco’s iOS English script due to how bad it is and mainly to avoid their wrath. They would use their earlier PS1 Phantasia script and fix/expand it with new translations…

    • Zefiro Torna

      “with a poor loc job by Nintendo”

      Work on the English script was entirely outsourced to Brown Global Solutions. I don’t know if you’ve played many games actually localized by Nintendo of America themselves, but there’s really no such thing as a “poor loc job by Nintendo” in that regard.

      • GH56734

        And despite what many people say, outside of the Kangoroo mess caused by Office 2003’s spellchecker, and the sound test being cut, the script was pretty good, even the bath scenes and the ship scene were pretty faithful to the Japanese ( =! DeJap’s “translation liberties” for the SFC one).

        The GBA port itself was sadly inherently bad. The localization wasn’t.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Glad they finally realized it. Keep it up BamCo.
    Don’t forget to make Dual Audio a regular thing from now on. :3

    • Pyrotek85

      Heh one thing at a time lol

  • Carl B.

    Hope they do a re-release of Tales of Rebirth on the PSVita.

    • ZEROthefirst

      This, just update the visuals a bit but keep the battle system exactly as is.

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Digimon and God Eater 2 could get bigger if localised too ;)

    Seriously just give me God Eater 2 already :(

    • Kaien

      [email protected], too.

      (my body is lady).

      • Cazar

        I’m not sure the west is lady for [email protected]

        • Kaien

          Neptunia PP is coming, let me dream. :(

        • Keko

          Didn’t the west get Shiny Festa as an Android game?

          • Cazar

            As an iOS game, and for $50 each with unnecessary censorship. :( …I never really liked Shiny Festa anyway though.

            I think Bamco is afraid of how the west will react to something like [email protected], so they intentionally released it in a realistically unobtainable form as an experiment. PP is more along the lines of just fan service for HDN fans; it’s more likely to stay under the radar of negative press than something as huge as [email protected] But NISA is also a lot more daring than Bamco and is accustomed to niche sales figures. I’d like to see it happen but I’m not expecting anything at this point, and I wouldn’t want to see it become the center of misplaced controversy either.

          • Naryoril

            Well put.

            And luckily the Japanese in the [email protected] games is relatively easy. It’s possible to understand most of the text after about 2 years of serious and focused study (i’m talking about 1 to 2 hours a day).

            But i’d still like to see reasonable a release in the west. That iPhone port is NOT reasonable.

          • At Anime Expo 2013, I spoke to a Bamco Namco rep. (I believe it’s the same gentlemen that was mentioned in the article) about Imas but the general response was that there just wasn’t enough concentrated effort by fans that made a noticeable effort to really let them know if they wanted to games to be released out west or not. Even compared to the Cross game that they were promoting at the time.

            An interesting point, though, was that they originally wanted the iOS games priced more reasonably, but the honchos in Japan wouldn’t allow it, hence the equivalent pricing. I still want a follow up interview about their stance on Imas, though, especially on why they’re being so selective on releasing content for other games, but not games themselves.

    • decus

      Have to say this a lot, but we won’t be getting God Eater 2 until after all the updates are done in japan. They know they’ll release another retail edition with all the updates already in it and other new things like they did with the first game and they won’t release before then, same as we didn’t get MH4 due to internal knowledge of MH4U as a thing. That said, we will be getting it, that’s all but guaranteed–just be patient.

      Or import it. If you played the first game it’s not a bad import even if you know little to no japanese. Plenty of boards to help you with plot details if you need them and the menus are basically the same as the first/easy to figure out where they’re different.

      • That gives me hope. I was hoping the N.A. release would get all the DLC that Japan got, too, but hope be gone with me… I think it stood a chance to get more attention if they marketed it a little more.

        • decus

          Well, with burst we didn’t get any of the dlc that came out well after the game’s release, but we at least got burst itself rather than plain god eater and some of the dlc for burst.

  • Adam

    Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Innocence R are sounding more and more possible each day.

    • Samsara09

      Well,I don’t know about vesp PS3…but Innocence R I can almost feel it on my hands!Also,sorry for my earlier reply.

      I was having a chat with another fellow who also responded to you and well,was with that talk in my head and responded to you without thinking much,at least on the first half of it.

  • kaotron

    always wondered why tales got the short end of the stick when they keep doing the naruto, dbz and even power rangers games..

  • Kroz

    A couple years back I would get so mad at Namco when they would announce a new Tales game. Only because I love this series so much and seeing the crazy new Tales game would only tease me because at the time its was as if we had no chance at getting it. Now we in the west are pretty much caught up with the released tales games (I think all we need is Innocence and rebirth). They’ve proven that they do care about their western fans, Baba especially. Total 180, thanks namco.

    • brian

      If we’re talking about exclusively mainline games, I think we’re also missing Destiny 2.

      • SMT

        And don’t forget the Destiny remake, I’d say it technically counts apart from the original in terms of effort put into it, and how the original Destiny did not age well, and didn’t have that great of a localization in the first place.

        Though unless Destiny R gets a Vita port, only Innocence R stands a chance of being localized, provided Hearts R sells well. I doubt even getting released as PS2 classics could help them get localized, as they’re unwilling to even release Vesperia for the PS3, the time gap since the releases means those ships have sailed…

      • John Pena

        Love destiny 2, had a very interesting story!

    • GH56734

      Rebirth is… unlikely to say the least.

      • No Items Ever

        Well at least there’s the translated series of youtube videos going over the entire game for it for people who want to know it plot wise.

    • John Pena

      I know how you feel, my favorite jrpgs are the tales of and the dragon quest series.

  • AlphaSixNine

    They should put all PS1 and PS2 Tales game on PSN!

    • DesmaX

      Tales of the Abyss HD, please

      • Spirit Macardi

        It’s already on 3DS. We don’t need another dang port.

        • DesmaX

          I woudn’t mind having an HD port with japanese voices (Voiceless Skits are so lame).

          But, heh. Maybe it’s best to give it some more time before releasing it

      • AlphaSixNine

        actually meant as a PS1/PS2 classic on PSN

        • DesmaX

          But they don’t have trophy support

  • Shinobikens

    See this is what Japanese companies need to do. They need to talk to their fans and listen to what they want instead of simply ignoring them and doing what they think is best

    • Pyrotek85

      And then acting surprised when no is buying a game that hasn’t been released in their language.

  • Adam

    Starting to feel like we have a real shot at getting Vesperia PS3 and Innocence R out of Japan.

    • Pyrotek85

      I wouldn’t expect Vesperia so soon since it was released on the 360 fairly recently, and they might not want to saturate Western audiences with too many Tales games at once. I’d bet we’ll see it in some form on the PS4 though, years from now.

      • Adam

        Well I didn’t say this year. :P Just period and I doubt Microsoft give a darn anymore with how old it is and the fact they’re focusing on Xbox One now. I don’t think it’d be too odd to see it as a summer release next year. With Zestiria probably being fall of 2015. Then Innocence R can be Spring 2016 if nothing else.

        • Pyrotek85

          That would definitely be nice, but since they’ve been denying it constantly, it probably means they’re not going to deal with it for a while. But that’s just the impression I’m getting. Then again just recently we never thought we’d see Hearts R, so who knows what could happen.

          • TalesOtaku21

            Hearts R is only one year old. Namco never said they weren’t plans to translate Hearts R either. They’ve stated a few times now to stop asking for Vesperia.

          • Pyrotek85

            They didn’t say there was plans for Hearts R though, and we didn’t get the original DS releases either. So yeah it wasn’t looking good, but not as bad as the Vesperia PS3 denials. I’m pretty sure we’ll get the latter someday, just not anytime soon. They no doubt have a timeline on how they want to release things, and there is such a thing as market saturation.

          • Samsara09

            Yeah,but if that were to happen,we would probably get a port of the XBOX360 version…while japan got the PS3 version.
            it is better than nothing.They could pull symphonia chronicles and dub the new content…but ah…it was rather bad.

          • Pyrotek85

            I don’t know about that, we just got the previously Japanese only PS2 version of Symphonia when they re-released it here. If they release it on the PS4 later on (for the 10th anniversary maybe?), they’d probably use the most complete version.

          • kaotron

            yeah, it almost seems as if they hold some kinda personal grudge against vesp being ps3. The game, at least the 360 version is about 6 years old and it’s super niche so from a business point it wouldnt be worth porting over again anytime soon.

            I hope in the future vesperia can get ported like the abyss but that probably wont be anytime soon.

          • TalesOtaku21

            Vita port! I actually wouldn’t mind that.

            Around the time Vesperia becomes like, ten years old, we might be seeing something.

    • Ladius

      A Namco spokeperson on PSBlog said that anything is possible regarding Innocence R, provided Hearts R does well, so that game does have a chance apparently. The fact that Namco is localizing the SAO game and Hearts R means they’re trying to gauge the Vita userbase’s interest in jrpgs, so depending on sales we could have more announced games in the future.

      Vesperia PS3’s localization, on the other hand, has been denied multiple times by them on social networks, and considering they’ve skipped while localizing lots of other games (Abyss 3DS, Graces f, Xillia, Symphonia Chronicles, Phantasia iOS and the upcoming Xillia 2, Hearts R and Zestiria) I think people should focus on what we’ re getting rather than continuing to ask for it. Maybe Vesperia will get another chance if they ever port it to another platform, though.

    • TalesOtaku21

      Innocence R is a maybe, though doubtful. They are more interested in catching up with Japan’s releases, as stated in the article. ToV, no chance. It’s a six year old game, and it’s dead in the water.

      • Samsara09

        Well,if that is the case,they could have skipped hearts R…and done,we caught up to zestiria.

        • Ladius

          Hearts R is the remake of a game never released in the west, and it was released in Japan in March 2013. Vesperia PS3, on the other hand, is an updated port of a game that has a western release and it was released in Japan in September 2009.

          • Samsara09

            yeah,your point is?You usually have a good one.

          • Ladius

            My point is that Hearts R was a new, recent, viable game to localize (same for Innocence R, which we still have a chance to get if Hearts does well), while Vesperia PS3 is an update of a game we already got, it’s rather old and Namco has explicitely denied it would be localized and asked fans to stop asking for it.

          • Samsara09

            vesperia PS3?That game is a lost cause.it won’t be coming here and i already forgot it a really long time ago.

          • Ladius

            Sorry, I thought you were implying Vesperia PS3 could still be localized. Innocence R definitely can, though, and that’s enough of a goal considering we would have got pretty much every Tales game released on viable platforms aside from Vesperia and the upcoming Reve Unitia (which could very well be announced later).

          • Samsara09

            Don’t worry about it.I didn’t mention vesperia PS3…but considering it was mentioned before,should have been more careful.Sorry.

        • TalesOtaku21

          Except Xillia 2 is being released in August, and Zesteria isn’t coming until sometime next year, probably like spring. That’s a huge gap.

          Hearts R is a ‘shoo in’ to keep revenue flowing in between the major game releases. Hence the winter release.

          That’s why I’m somewhat expecting either low budget or sub-only localization for Hearts R.

          • Samsara09

            Please,you are thinking like a novice.Imagine if Namco did that and the game didn’t sell.Who would be blamed:the fans or Namco itself?Namco would be responsible for the mess.

            Namco is probably gonna localize it as good as xillia 1/xillia 2…if the game doesn’t sell,well,they will say “guess it was a mistake to localize hearts R”…and then,poof,no innocence R.

          • TalesOtaku21

            No, I’m thinking like a business. Because Namco is a business, despite what you fans believe: while they aren’t heartless, but their primary concern is money. Period.

            Basically you’re ‘expert’ logic is that good localization means the game will sell great, and that is a complete load of bullcrap. News flash that localization costs money, and lots of money, and lots of time, to recruit and hire voice actors, form intellectual contracts, transportation arrangements, shipment fees, tax conversion, text translation, exporting, division communication, data conversion, proof reading/beta testing…it’s not just ‘oh hey let’s flip the switch!’ and bam we got a localized game.

            Assuming that you aren’t a novice like me, you must realize that they most likely have no interest in actually bringing Innocence – Hearts won the #jrpgvita poll, and most likely there is collaboration between Sony and Namco for the Hearts R project. We would have seen it earlier, but Baba said that Vita sales were too poor, and Vita sales have been pummeling recently. Even with the demand, Namco wouldn’t just localize a game without knowing that it’ll bring in profit or least break even. The sales of the game aren’t always the biggest concern, there are also internal and development/production costs that go into the project. If sales don’t cover these costs, the game is a failure. Hence, Namco needs to make good business decisions, and worrying about if a crappy outsourced Vita port has comparable localization effort as their main stream games is a little unorthodox.

            I didn’t say it will be subbed-only or low budget localization (which doesn’t necessary mean god awful, just not expecting high quality voice actors like uh Jennifer Hale or something), but due to the game looking like a shoo-in especially as its a one store-exclusive and fitted in between the major titles, it’s quite likely, far more than your logic.

          • Samsara09

            Well,they will lose money either way.If they do a terrible job,people will be itchy to buy it…and if then they ditch the localizations,they will waste a potencial western market for tales of on the vita.There will be no way to know if the game didn’t sell because of bad localization or because there weren’t people interested on it.

            if they do a wonderful job on Hearts R and still sells bad,that means there is no potencial market and that futher localizations are a waste of time and money.They will waste money here,but they won’t waste money with more localizations

            also,in a business,nothing is more important then the image,with how well they are seem and trusted….if namco does a bad job here,they will lose face with the fans….and that will make em lose money.

          • Samsara09

            Also,you said about bad localization.And said Star Ocean 4 and XIII.That is subjective,your statement.

            many rpgs wish they could be as well localized as xillia 1 and 2.

            A localization is good,supposedly, if everything that was in the original version was properly translated to english,and all the jap VAs substituted by preferentially good eng VA.i believe star ocean 4 and XIII pass on this definition of a minimally good localization.

          • TalesOtaku21

            Except Comcast is rated the worst company in the US, and it’s still a Fortune 50 company. Image is important, but if a company doesn’t have assets, it will fail. Which was what my entire post before was about, balancing assets.

            It may actually cost them less to dub it on a low budget than sub it, since contracting Japanese voice actors outside of Japan is surprisingly expensive.

            They already probably know it won’t sell well, hence the low budget comment. I really doubt they think it’ll do even remotely as good as Xillia 2. Therefore, the costs they put into the game are going to be as cheap as they can make it, in order to increase the revenue they might gain in return. Thus, profits.

            Therefore you might actually prefer the game be a lower budget because it means higher profit.

            And considering there are many games (Star Ocean 4, FF13, virtually every JRPG on the Vita) with horrible dubbing and localization, I really don’t think it impacts sales as much as you think.

          • Samsara09

            well,we need to put it into perspective.How much are they positively expecting,at a good scenario?Let’s call it X.
            How much are they expecting for xillia 2?Let’s call it Y.
            Y is obviously way bigger than X,since Namco already tested the market with graces and xillia and got more then what they expected with each game.They can predict how well it will go.

            But Hearts is different,since it is the first tales of for vita we get.If we get X+1 sales for hearts R,that is fine,it surpassed their expectations.I said positively because they can expect that it will sell like shit.if that is the case,then we will be needing way more sales than that to get innocence R,but if it at least impresses them by selling more than X,it is a victory.

          • TalesOtaku21

            Basically, they have a budget for the game, and if they make it a lower budget they have some wiggle room in regards to how well it sells.

            If you want Innocence R released, it might take a lot more than Hearts R passing expectations. The Vita is a really tricky market and Innocence R didn’t have as many votes as Hearts R. It did get some attention though so is a release possible? No idea, personally.

          • Samsara09

            the original innocence was shit,it was developed by alfa system.

            Meanwhile,the original Hearts was rather successful,at least to Namco’s standards,and since it was way better than innocence,it was somewhat popular with the fans.Hearts is also Baba’s favorite tales of,or so he says.he even said it was so good he wanted us to play it.

            Innocence R is WAY better than the original version and fixes most of it’s mistakes.However,the stigma of the first innocence is still there with the fans…so I suppose they settled for Hearts in order to test the fanbase.

            Many fans pratically groveled and begged for hearts R’s localization at every chance they got.There is the “demand”.It is rather weird though…to get hearts R before Innocence R…
            But,when you play Hearts R,you will get why we need Innocence R.If I just tell you now,you won’t get it,I think.It is related to the bonus caracters.Ah,you will get it when you play it.it is easier this way and I won’t be spoiling you.

          • Adam

            Well, if they want to catch up to Japan then Vesperia PS3 is a must. It is one of the single most requested JRPGs ever (remember that Gio Corsi guy at PlayStaton whose in talks with 3rd parties to get localizations going? Vesperia was one of the most common suggestions in the blog post. Like holy crap) and age doesn’t really matter when there’s money on the table.

            Yes, it has gone down a lot in likelihood but its not impossible like people want to believe. I just rather be optimistic about it. I think if Hearts R, Xillia 2, and Zestiria all do well enough they could reconsider. We’ll see though.

          • Samsara09

            honesty,if they wanted to “catch up”,as you put it,they could simply skip vesperia PS3 graces,xillia,xillia 2,Innocence R and Hearts R.

            *EDIT:ahhh,sorry.Pal,i misunderstood you.Tought you were saying the same as talesotaku.I won’t erase it because that is cowardly.Need to stand for what I said.

            They already said they won’t localized vesperia PS3.Well,I think they said they wouldn’t localize Hearts R,and now they did.

            I don’t know exactly what to say to you,see.However,my intuition says that,about vesperia,they intend to keep their word.

            But don’t worry about Innocence R.Buy hearts R and maybe convince your friends that like rpgs to get it.If everyone does it,or most people at least,we will be getting innocence.

          • TalesOtaku21

            They never said they weren’t localizing Hearts R. Baba only said that the Vita sales are dismal, and he’s not wrong. They still are dismal, it’s more likely Sony is helping localization costs because they are hoping Hearts R will make their system not dismal.

            The particular titles aren’t what matters, but keep in mind that Vesperia was released six years ago, thus if they skipped everything, that’s six years without any games localized in the west…their market here would be dead.

            Think, man. They aren’t just catching up, they are focusing on their more current games because those sell better, and so they don’t have to keep nose diving into one to three year old games for localization when Japan is already far enough ahead. Many companies are world wide releasing games now.

          • Samsara09

            I said that purposely absurd exemple in other to say the following:”To catch up means not only to get to the most current tales of(in this case zestiria)but also to get all mainstream games that came after vesperia”.

            I said it mainly because you said they wouldn’t localize Innocence R in other to catch up to zestiria…when there is Hearts R and they could and probably did consider skipping it.And as we can see,they changed their mind.

            if it happened to Hearts R,it may very well happen again with Innocence.We may still get it,even if it is on 2015.
            that way we will truly catch up to them.

          • TalesOtaku21

            You can be optimistic all you want, there’s nothing stopping you.

            They want to catch up as in, they want to be recent with Japanese releases. Vesperia is a six year old game. It’s as dead as Rebirth and ToDr’s chances at making it to the west. Age does matter, because the game has a product life, and Vesperia’s life is dead. There’s no purpose in reviving old products when they are focusing on new ones.

            But if you want them to cancel Zesteria and future products to focus on a six year old game, well, it’s your choice.

      • John Pena

        We must support Hearts R, and if it does well then we may see Innocence R really soon.

  • Rose Spinoza

    Who is this friendly company and what have they done with Bamco????
    Hee hee, I kid, I kid. I hope Bamco learning these new ways of marketing continues to do well for them. Aaaaaaand, if it leads to a release of God Eater 2 someday I’d be even happier :D !

  • s-

    Great, now they should stop removing the original Japanese voice acting so I can start supporting the North American releases. I bought the Symphonia collection and I’ll gladly support any future Tales games that don’t get altered in the localization process.

    • TalesOtaku21

      It’s a western game, it’s going to be localized. You want Japanese voices, import the game. You’re welcome to have preferences, but understand that keeping the original Japanese voices is incredibly difficult and expensive for the producers.

      • 0nsen

        If they can’t even keep what was already produced they’re doing something horribly wrong and shouldn’t even bother at all.

        • brian

          You don’t get it, seiyuus sometimes refuse to let their voices be licensed for overseas release.

          • Why?

          • Takane Shijou

            It’s mainly an issue of how contracts are drawn up for the voice actors in these roles. It’s a messy situation in general.

          • Oh ok. I was thinking it was a personal or private matter.

      • s-

        No, I’m pretty damn sure it’s a Japanese game. It’s okay, you tried though. It’s really not that hard to keep them in either. I don’t care if you have shit taste but the jrpg fans who actually want the original game with English text get the short end of the stick most of time. Also, telling people to just import it solves nothing. The whole fucking point is to be able to play the game with English text and Japanese voice acting.

        • Micrologos

          I believe it costs more to license the use of the Japanese voice track than it does to grab some cheap non-union English voice actors (or some random dudes off the street) and have them say some words into a microphone at ten cents a sentence.

          • Dimentionalist

            While the lack of union voice talent in this series is a crying shame (Dawn of the New World’s non-union recasts make me seethe), you vastly underestimate the cost of dubbing. Legendia and Abyss, both non-union projects, had significant voice cuts (the character quests and skits, respectively) simply because the dubbing rate was too prohibitive for their budget. And keep in mind, they’re not just paying actors (which in itself is fairly expensive): they’re paying the directors, the engineers, studio coordinators, and the Namco producer(s) that sit in the booth with the voice talent.

            The last I checked, Cup of Tea (the production studio that’s done most of the Tales dubs) doesn’t grab “random dudes off the street”. That’s Bang Zoom Entertainment’s forte. :P

        • Uvers

          I used to get angry about there not being Japanese voices as a hardcore anime fan, but much to my dismay I found that a significant number of people in America/Europe actually watch anime dubbed and prefer JRPGs to be dubbed sounds crazy I know but what can you do I’ve given up on expecting dual audio and learning Japanese is tough endeavor

          • kaotron

            dual audio’s never been a big deal for me, after gameplay and story the voices don’t even make a third on my list. I watch my fair share of subbed animes and I still prefer english dubs in a game, having the dual audio setting is nice if you like more options but doesnt seem like it worth the extra trouble for the makers.

          • Uvers

            I think it matters more to hardcore fanatics such as myself, when you’ve got big name voice actors/seiyu from popular anime doing the voices of the tales characters you would want to play the game hearing their voices as opposed to the no-name second rate hacks they employ to dub stuff, for example my favorite voice actress Sawashiro Miyuki voiced Milla in the Japanese tales of Xillia I would have loved to play the game listening to her instead of the oldish woman with the lisp that voiced milla in the english version, the english voice cast of that game like most dubbed games did grow on me, but I still lament not having dual audio for Xillia and listening to Miyuki as Milla

          • TalesOtaku21

            She has no lisp. It’s an audio recording issue. They fixed it throughout the game, and it’s fine in X2.

            If you want Japanese voices, you can always import the game and follow a guide. However I have friends who don’t understand Japanese at all and make it through the game just on limited guidance, so it’s not that big a deal. It also helps you learn Japanese.

          • kaotron

            yeah, it takes a while to remember which options and buttons do which but after that it’s really easy to complete a game in a different language, only problem is not knowing what’s going on story wise.

            Some people actually imported vesperia ps3 and followed the guides, I would’ve tried to it too but it’d get annoying looking back and forth from computer to game.

          • Slayven19

            She didn’t have a lisp, that was due to namco not recording crap right.

          • Keichi Morisato

            and she does have range, her voice when in spirit mode more than proves that much.

        • KingNigma

          Nothing wrong with dual audio, but not having it shouldn’t be a reason to not bring it over or a priority.

        • kaotron

          as you probably already know in japanese games/animations their voice acting/ “seiyu’s” is apparently serious business so I wouldnt be surprised if it’d be cheaper to just use typical english actors than going through the trouble of contracts(some game localizations have even been canceled due to troubles relating to voice acting)

          so pretty much, dual-audio is expensive for a business trying to make as much profit as possible and it makes sense making games in english for a game being sent to english speaking countries. but when a localized game is in japanese alone and someone who prefer dubs or someone outside the niche hears that the game is only in jap they see it as lazy/low budget.

        • Slayven19

          Yes its a japanese game so go play it in japanese. If you want to play the english version that’s why the game is dubbed in english and translated in english, so that we can understand the game.

      • Takane Shijou

        If they put effort into casting talent and scripts that ends up turning out like Tales of Vesperia dub, then I’m all for more dubs of similar quality. But that is basically the issue we’re having. We don’t see that many quality dubs in general as time goes on. Heck, with Neptunia Victory they didn’t even bother to dub a good portion of the game, so you’re left with these odd bits of silence throughout.

        But in general, I enjoy hearing the voice direction for a character in it’s original tongue. A lot of the feeling and emotion in a character loses something when it’s being dubbed. This is the same for me and everything else. No matter which region the movie/game/series/etc is from, I want to view it in it’s original form. Not being able to feels like I’m not getting the whole picture.

        • TalesOtaku21

          Namco actually does put effort into their voice cast for their main games.

          Not necessarily true. There are some characters I like hearing their Japanese voices for, and some characters actually sound better in English. That is your personal preference to prefer the original voices, but that doesn’t mean that the quality automatically drops when the character speaks in English instead of Japanese. In fact, some characters are outright irritating in Japanese. Most female characters are barely distinguishable to me and are so unbelievably high pitched that it’s annoying. Maybe in Japan 15 year olds sound like little girls but I much prefer Jude’s my-balls-actually-dropped-recently voice.

          It’s preference, but boycotting the games because it’s not in Japanese with English dubs sounded not only bratty but also hurts Namco and isn’t gonna convince them to include subs any time soon. (not directed at you)

          • Uvers

            I beg to differ on that I laughed through most of Xillia’s serious scenes cause the voice really didn’t portray the seriousness of what was going it just felt like a Saturday morning cartoon

          • Slayven19

            Xillia’s script in general for some characters were like a saturday morning cartoon japanese or english.

      • brwcrw

        Maybe, but I’ve never seen any actual numbers to say whether it actually cost so terribly much more or not. That said, I get trying to save a buck by dropping it, whether I agree with it or not.
        “incredibly difficult”
        That’s a load. Dual Audio is not such a rare phenomenon that you could claim it to be all that difficult to accomplish, especially when more even smaller, niche companies pull it off consistently.

        • TalesOtaku21


          Usually those smaller niche companies have bad quality games as they focus too much on dual audio. The money has to come from somewhere.

          Kinda like how Ni no Kuni and FF14 focused too much on graphics that the entire quality of the games fell apart. Same sort of instance.

          Example being Atelier games, which aren’t exactly high quality.

          I have nothing against dual audio, it can make a nice change, but there are reasons that a majority of companies actually don’t do it. It’s just becoming more of a demand because consumers think they are entitled, and companies may choose to fight and meet those demands.

          • kaotron

            yeah, whenever I went to the settings of a game to change the difficulties, text speed etc and I saw the dual audio option there I never really cared much for it.

            I also never understood the high demand for it to the point where some people even say that they wont buy the game simply because it’s not dual audio, which is just weird, why play a game just for japanese voices?

          • Cazar

            I can sort of understand in the case where they’ve come accustomed to a certain characters voice then they suddenly have to adjust the to the English dub, or in some cases where the English dubs are just unbearably bad. But yeah most of the time it’s no reason to not buy a game, but they could have been on the fence about buying the game in the first place.

          • kaotron

            I wont deny that in the past there have been cases of horrible dubs but sometimes I think that the fans of the japanese voices exaggerate frequency in which they get bad english voice actors.

            Besides, most tales game actually have pretty good english voice actors, they match the characters pretty well(most of the time) and they unbearable, sometimes what annoys me about japanese voice actors is that the voices for men are seriously too high pitched like goku..

          • Cazar

            > sometimes what annoys me about japanese voice actors is that the voices for men are seriously too high pitched like goku

            I can’t really think of any modern examples of that. Goku’s voice was high-pitched because a female voice actress was cast to play child Goku and they never recast the role after he grew up. The industry has matured since then.

          • brwcrw

            Fair enough. Though I’m not sure I’d say that those companies only release poor quality games. They’re not AAA, but that’s why they’re a niche company to begin with.
            And I dont think Atelier is a very good example for this topic as the second TK got their hands on it the Dual Audio vanished, despite every previous game having it. But after the shitstorm it stirred up they did a 180 and proclaimed it would never happen again. Things like that tell me its probably not about difficulties getting the voices or not being able to afford it, but simply increasing the profit margin, which as said before, I understand even if I disagree with it.

          • Cazar

            Those niche companies are publishers, not developers. So how can including dual audio in their budget make games that they didn’t even develop worse?

          • Dimentionalist

            Piggybacking off of that, look at Symphonia Chronicles. It’s the first Tales with dual audio. They had the original English cast record new lines, but you can barely hear them because the mixing quality is too quiet (even though it could be fixed in even the simplest of sound editors). The skits still aren’t voiced, even though every actor came back. Chances are they sacrificed some of the budget and QA time traditionally reserved for the English voice acting for the implementation of dual audio. It’s all about resource management, and the more publishers do, the busier they get, and the harder it is to manage those resources.

            And these were maybe about 150 lines of dialogue or less. Imagine a whole game of that quality!

      • Zenthos

        How would it be “expensive or difficult” to keep the voices? If anything , it should be easier, I mean wouldn’t it be harder to remove it? I fail to see any logic in that specific text.

        • Arcana Drill

          Voice acting in japan is much more complicated than that, you have to negotiate with the seyuu (Voice actor) to let you use his voice outside Japan, if he says no, you cant do nothing, or you dub the game, or no voice, and if he says yes, then sometimes you have to pay more than an english dub to the japanese voice actor. And i’m simplificating a lot of things, the legal stuff is many times a headache.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      The topic of dual audio for the Tales series has been beaten to death. Take it somewhere else. The discussion of it in this article ends here.

      • Samsara09

        talk about a broken record…those guys.I wonder if they think that Namco is browsing this comment section…and that it values their opinion to the point of not only considering but also putting dual audio in their gamees.

        • Zoozbuh

          People who don’t buy English releases for that reason are NOT true fans, and (in my opinion) are not worth listening to. Support what you love.

          • Samsara09

            well said.

    • Fallen_Persona

      Hey, Vesperia, for example, was a great localization. I can understand if you want it dual-voice tracked, but you have to understand: The problem isn’t dubbing/localization, the problem is *bad* dubbing/localization. And if you think Tales is bad…don’t try Star Ocean.

    • Keichi Morisato

      you know that hurts your chances of getting dual audio right?

    • Kai2591

      Same here. Same here. I bought the Symphonia collection after knowing they included Japanese audio.

      Hmm. Some people really hate it when we declare a ‘no Japanese audio, no buy’ stance, simply because they don’t understand why we do so.

      Its simply our preference; for me at least, I want the product to be perfect, or I won’t have it at all. I just LOVE, and PREFER, original voice-overs over dubs. Its THAT simple. It doesn’t matter if the dubs are bad or good (although I admit some are excellent), I just PREFER the original audio, no matter what. And not just Japanese media for that matter; I’d rather watch a French film with the original French voices instead of dubs (with subs). The point is, original voices brings us closer to the original intent, expressions and meaning. Also, we’re fans of the Japanese voice actors and actresses.

      “Then learn Japanese and import”. True enough, but not everyone can learn and become fluent in Japanese so easily or quickly. I myself have been struggling in it, but I’m working on it.

      And really now, what we do with our hard-earned money is our basic human choice, our freedom. Nothing sinful about that. Others shouldn’t dictate what we should do with our own money, and they shouldn’t force their ideals and preferences onto us – especially when we are not doing such things to them.

      You like/don’t mind dubs? Sure, please go ahead and buy them. We’re happy you all could enjoy them like that. We won’t stop you, we won’t tell you you’re doing it wrong. Please respect our own individual preferences, as we do yours.

      Why can’t they just leave us be with our preferences; we’re not even attacking them in the first place.

  • AnotherTime

    Tales of the World 2 and 3, please. If you’re confident in your sales, then you should localize those two games!

    • Ladius

      The first Radiant Mythology was the worst selling Tales game in the US according to NPD leaks, and releasing PSP games in 2014 is unfeasible outside of extremely niche releases like the ones by Gaijinworks or Trails in the Sky SC (which is a multiplatform PCPSP release, too).

      Maybe they will bring us Tales of the World Reve Unitia for 3DS, though.

      • TalesOtaku21

        Well, no one knew that RM existed. Just one day, it was on western shelves, without any advertising or announcements. That would hurt sales. The sequels are too old now though. The only way we’d see older games is if they were to remake them as HD collections or something. Otherwise, translation costs wouldn’t be worth it.

        • Ladius

          Honestly, I think we are better off trying to catch up with mothership releases.

          The fact that there are no Tales spin-offs on currently viable platforms (and PSP really isn’t) outside of 3DS’ upcoming Reve Unitia makes getting the RM games frankly unrealistic, and Reve Unitia itself could face some issues since it’s a purely tactical jrpg without LMBS combat, which could make it less appealing to the series’ fans.

    • kaotron

      I seriously doubt it, those titles would be a waste of time for them to work with now. There’s also tales of vs and twin brave no matter how better namco gets I doubt they’ll ever do another mixed game like that.

    • Samsara09

      No,if they sell was “well” as the first one,we won’t be gettting anymore tales of for the vita.

      • Samsara09

        * as well….can’t edit it because someone is replying to it.

    • れいか

      I’m a huge TALES fan… but I didn’t really like Radiant Mythology… sure, we get to see different characters from different series but it got boring as the game progresses. I could never bring myself to finish it.. >.<;

  • MaximDualBlade

    nothing wrong with that?
    nothing wrong with that!

  • CozyAndWarm

    After Nintendo’s help in making Symphonia such a smash hit overseas (the highest-selling Tales in the west by a large margin, in Namco’s own words), it’s weird that Namco hasn’t done a joint publishing project with them again. Hopefully this all means we get Tales of the World: Reve Unitia localized though!

  • Now is the time for a collection of Tales of Destiny R, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Destiny 2. Make it happen like Mariah Carey!

  • Fox

    Indeed. I was speaking to a girl the other day who had never heard of Dragon Quest, but was a huge Tales Of fan.

    • shuyai

      i never played a dragon quest before too and i dont think i am alone since the recent one are either DS title or mmo

    • Audie Bakerson

      I’ve heard Tales’s fanbase has an incredibly high percentage of female fans in its home country, though I’ll admit I’ve only ever heard heresay and no original source.

      • Fox

        Given how much they play up bishounen archetypes, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • John Pena

      Never heard of dragon quest that is an outrage!!! No a Travesty!!! Lol

  • ZeoAbyss

    I’m assuming Tales of Vesperia for PS3 would be too much to ask for?

  • Dom

    and Tales of the World RM 2 and 3… PLEASE…. PLEASE?! T_T

    • Ladius

      They’re spin-offs, they’re PSP games and they’re next in line to the worst selling Tales game in the US, which makes them extremely unlikely localizations.

      We’re better off asking them Innocence R (and buying Hearts R to support Vita releases) since they already told us that one could still come.

      • Dom

        As true as that may be, I don’t care, XD I played the first one, and it wasn’t bad, but I can see how there’s truth in your statement.
        I know from a marketing perspective, bad idea.
        From a fan’s perspective, GUUUUUD idea >:D

  • Learii

    us tales fan love the games don’t you know we always want more tales series

  • Samsara09

    Man,if anyone said something about future of the series between 2008-2010,I would have probably laughed at it,thinking it was just an illusion.Now,it is real,and it is here!

    • They’ll likely be a time when that come over less and less again. The market’ll fluctuate and all. But for now at least this is a blessing. It’s like when FFs were new people loved them. But after a while when they became popular people deemed them “too mainstream” or “a sell out series” and they started running into problems trying to get new fans and bring old fans back (like with the 13s). Tales might have this problem one day, though they experiment less than Square. And that’s a blessing and a curse. But if they do go thru what Square faces now, I hope they bounce back. I hope SE does too.

      • Samsara09

        Imagine you are going up on some stairs…you can walk step by step,like Namco,or you can skip steps like SE.the second way will get you up there faster,but you can trip and fall.The first one is slower but has consistence.You won’t be disappointed.

        • I see what you did there.

          • Samsara09

            SE experiments too much with the series,consistence isn’t guaranteed and if it gets too messy,they will waste too much time on a game.Ever since XII…they are taking 5-7 years to make a FF….while good ol namco only takes 3-4 years to make a tales of.They are so punctual it is almost chilling.

          • Hats off to Namco for keeping the Tales series going and not taking long. But I think there’s something to be said for Square having the guts to change things up. Sure it’s blown up in their face now and then, but I think they’ve come a long way and done some innovative stuff too with the risks they take sometimes. They just need to make games with decent graphics but they don’t have to be breath-taking EVERY TIME. And mix old and new with the games. Don’t re-invent the wheel every time.

          • Samsara09

            This is the reason why I refuse to leave them.There is much potencial in SE.

          • Macros

            Yeah well, say what you want guys (and/or girls :P ) , (and you’ll probably be right on most things) but SE’s reinventing this game each and every time (welp, almost) is part of what i respect in FFs. Sometimes friends that what to try out FF ask me where to start with and does it even make any sense to start in the middle of the series. Then i can explain them, that each and every FF is different (while still being clearly a FF game). And so i say – “Start with FF7 that was a great game, but maybe you’d hate graphics and main character, then start with more casual FF10. You hate that guy even more? Want something more core/hardcore? Ok, then you should love FF6, no? nice but too old and you want a main protagonist? Then you gotta love FF9. Something with more technologically advanced setting? Maybe FF12? Uh, you ended up loving FF8? What the f… ” People love fighting over different series but you’ll never find so many fights over different games in one series as in FF :) . One of their biggest strengths is their own foe, kinda funny.

            On a side note, imho the problem with FF is that it lacks the old crew, and that what kills it, but what do i know.

          • Ladius

            To be honest, the Tales series is exactly the same as FF in that regard.

            Most mothership entries are completely stand-alone (the sequels are obvious from the title, too, like in Final Fantasy with IV TAY, X-2, XIII-2 and so on) and they’re different enough that you will see Tales fans discussing endlessly about the best story, battle system and cast of characters.

          • Macros

            I was going to write about it’s rising popularity but somehow never did. There’s really something about that, 2-3 years ago i didn’t even know the series existed and i know quite a lot of jrpgs. Then suddenly i started seeing news about “that classical jrpg series tales of… that (supposedly) every one knows right next to FF, DQ, SMT etc.” (I had similar situation with Phantasy Star, but that’s another thing) and it really got me wondering “If it’s so popular the how come i’ve never heard about it”. I suppose that’s because most of the series wasn’t released till after around 2005 in EU and what was released was mostly for PSP, DS and Wii which i don’t have and never really tracked games for those.

            Anyway it got me interested and i’ll probably check some title when i have time, only that first i need to find that time :/ .

            Still, doesn’t get anywhere near how ferocious “in-house” FF battles can get. Nowadays you can get banned right away for naively and genuinely asking “should i start with FF7 or FF6?” on some forums.

          • I concur. A loyal fan stick around thru the hard times and tries to see if the devs can bounce back. That’s why I hope 15 does great for them. I know it’s gonna be fun. But will it sell so well it can put them back where they used to be? Or at least put them on the road to fully recover financially? Whatever happens I hope SE doesn’t go out of business or loose anymore of their great staff. If Nomura left at this point I don’t know who’d they have to go to for great ideas. A lot of their dream-team people left to go freelance and come back now and then or joined Mistwalker and left permanently.

      • John Pena

        Well I believe what you are saying may happen, buy I think that FF’s demise has to do with Square Enix’s greed and trying to appeal to the “casual gamers”. If they stick to their “hardcore fanbase” then they will just do fine. Just like Altus has been doing for years.

        • Now that Bravely Default did so well in the east and west they said themselves it was time for them to settle down and focus on their core fans and stick to doing their usual RPGs (big on story, turn-based gameplay, class system, big super moves). I think they can bounce back. It’ll just take time to override the harm done by some of their games.

    • Rogerrmark

      Tales fans are living the jRPG fan dream nowadays :P

  • shuyai

    “we’ve put a lot of work into making sure that Japan and America get Tales of games right around the same time”

    have that even happen even once? i am happpy we actually get them at all but 2 year delay doest seem “around the same time”

    • kaotron

      yeah, even though zest doesnt have an official release yet, it’s still nice to know that it already has a confirmed localization.

      Most of the time, at least how it goes with tales game as of late would be japanese release –> no news of localization until some kind of event like e3 or tgs for a year –> working on localization –> final local release. Since this one is already confirmed it may either come out a little later(i doubt it’ll be a joint worldwide release like poke xy).

      but honestly, I try not to take these interviews with a grain of salt because it tends to just be lip service most of the time..

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Yes, Vesperia and was planned for localization while being developed. I think ToS2 was as well, but not totally sure, there was a 4-5 month-long wait between JP and NA release, which I don’t think is long at all.

      Vesperia (X360)

      JP: August 7, 2008
      NA: August 26, 2008
      EU: June 26, 2009

    • Ladius

      They’re doing the best they can, especially since they can’t release Tales games back to back. Symphonia Chronicles and Zestiria were announced at the same time for Japan and the west, and after we catch up with the Japanese releases I think the delays will be even shorter.

  • Izzeltrioum

    The only method/way/form for us to gross ourselves with Team Destiny’s Trinity of 2D-based entries is a HD Collection.

    Though, as it uses sprites, would require some “extra” work, which I don’t think Bamco would gladly muster resources for it; Ehm, well, neither 3D models would be the best route as costs would escalate stupidly.
    Maybe if the brand is big enough there would be a chance.

    • We might have to let past games go and just focus on a guarantee for all future games of the Tales series main line-up (flagships).

    • Ladius

      I think we should concentrate on supporting the games they announced and asking for those already released or announced on Japan on viable platforms, asking them to develop new ports and remakes or to localize old games on dead hardware won’t make a difference.

      • Izzeltrioum

        Yep I agree.

        But I was writting in response of those “few” that still complain about the yet-in-gaijin tales titles.

  • new_tradition

    Well at least for me, their overseas push for the series is working.

    I had Tales of the Abyss for PS2 but I never really got into the series until the PS3 games, so I feel kind of spoiled since I got into Tales pretty late. I already got Graces F, Xillia and ToS:Chronicles within just a few years.

    Now I have Xillia 2 and Zestiria to look forward to ^^

    • Ladius

      Hearts R is coming too, if you have a Vita.

  • RichyGaming

    Can we get the sequels of Radiant Mythology? But above everything else, I’d like to have a remaster of Tales of Destiny (the PS2 one). Seriously, that game looks so interesting. I don’t even care for dub, either.

  • Izzeltrioum

    Oh I forgot to mention.

    If tales gets even bigger worldwide, chances are that Bamco will stop limiting Sakuraba’s freedom when composing. Somehow, he did manage to make a succulent OST with TOX2 and those new tracks in Hearts R.

    Come on! Eternal Sonata, Baten Kaitos or even Beyond the Labyrinth got–In my opinion–delicious soundtracks. It’s like only Tales gets the leftovers of his already-punishing schedule (Sadly, that orgain-filled music world from TOD2 will never return).

    But you know what would be wise? Letting Nakamura steal the main stage and giving Sakuraba some rest. I seriously digged his RM2/3 and R’s soundtracks. I know most of you guys prefer Shiina (Myself included), but this man can pull some astounishing work that, if budget rises, could get better and in-theme loops would be longer (If you listen his music will understand why).

    • Keichi Morisato

      Tales of Legendia is where he did his best work in my opinion.

  • fireemblembeast

    I wonder if their online ads have anything to do with sales? I see ads for Tales of games on anime/manga sites and forums a lot every time they are released…maybe they know the audience better now?

  • Now they realized that? JKs aside, it’s definitely hard to keep making great games. I love the tales of series but there’s some ups and downs on the last entries. It will always be a niche series, I don’t think they can hit worldwide mass appeal, but there a lot of tales of fans around the world already so If they keep focused on it they’ll be fine.

  • LonelyGuardian

    That’s great to hear that they’re growing the series in the west, but why use only the PS3? Unless Abyss sold poorly, it would’ve made sense to develop a new Tales for one of the most popular and widely owned systems to further their series and sales. I know there’s a SRPG Tales being developed for the 3ds, (which is great) but why no main title for it? Also, the Phantasia ios port was not the way to do a port. I was excited for it and then I tried to play it…sigh. I wonder if they’ll do a collector’s edition of anything for the PS4…

    • Keichi Morisato

      it’s because in Japan (who they actually make games for and the western market doesn’t really matter to them) only buy the games on the PS3, at least when we are talking about major consoles. when it comes to handhelds, most games are spin offs and don’t really matter much.

    • dark-kyon

      bandai namco have problems for putting tales of mothership titles in several consoles,case graces wii,vesperia xbox,the fans was too angered for this,they demanded what banco stop making tales fans buy a console to play a single game what later gonna get a enhanced version in playtation console.

  • Daverost

    Imagine that. Releasing new titles brings in existing fans and creates new ones. Can’t believe it.

    • Kornelious

      Never would have guessed it lol :P

  • Kornelious

    Good to hear that they plan on supporting the West from now on.
    That 3-year dark age left a big wound, but it has almost healed :) (Well except Vesperia but we dont talk about that anymore)

  • Firion Hope

    Hopefully they bring over all the ones they haven’t yet

    • Keichi Morisato

      even if it is a text only localization.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    -_-..some have been fans since the PS1 days…I’m so overjoyed that we are getting more and more

  • HerosLight

    So glad it is growing in the West.

    The most Tales game I wanted for localization was Hearts R ever since I got into the series 2 years ago and it finally did. The day it releases is the day I’ll buy a Vita with it.

    I assume for future mothership titles, it’ll get localized without a question from now on.

    I also have hopes they’ll localize Innocence R too, unless that is too late like Vesperia PS3 faced. I don’t mind importing it.

    • John Pena

      Ive already imported innocence R but I rather play and English version. We must support hearts R and show them there is a demand for tales game on the vita, and by pestering them about innocence R we may just get also since its still quite fresh!!

  • Black Is a Status

    Tales took the reigns from Final Fantasy.

  • Keichi Morisato

    now if they finally bring over Tales of Phantasia PSP over to the west, as i am itching to play the definitive version of the original game.

    • John Pena

      That would be great I would live to see a anniversary with a complete remake.

      • Keichi Morisato

        how about something like Tales of Eternia, 3D overworld, 2D dungeons/towns and HD character sprites that are proportionate to their official art work.

  • Seven of The Scions

    Please bring Tales of Destiny Director’s cut too, it’s one of the awesome gameplay and story that i’ve ever played~

    Bring it to Vita please~

  • Slickyslacker

    I’d bitch about Vesperia if the horse wasn’t entirely dead. I’m just sucking it up and learning Nihongo, at this point.

    To constructively comment, Hearts R means new hope for Innocence R. The original DS game may be younger than Vesperia, but its enhanced Vita port is barely older than Hearts R.

  • Kalis Konig

    I’m really proud of Namco bandai. the last of their western followers they have to answer to now is the Digimon fanbase, which is coming if them opening a section for the games in the official forums is anything to go by. Never thought I’d say this but a lot of companies (Level 5!) can learn from NB’s current example.

  • Jadfish

    Square Enix: “If we make the kinds of games that made us rich in the first place, instead of games we THINK will make us rich, we’ll get rich!!”
    Bandai Namco: “If we release our good games in the west, more people will buy them!”

    I would love to find out how much market research it takes to come up with these kinds of results

    • darke

      1) Common sense isn’t actually very common.
      2) People who make decisions are often more focused on finance, or organising; and aren’t necessarily actually in touch with the consumers.
      3) Market research only tells you what you ask, and also requires you to interpret the results properly. What they got from their market research was “our game sell X, other games sell X*10; we need to make our games like other games”, and so they ‘westernised’ mindlessly without realising why people liked their games and why they liked ‘western’ games.

      And honestly, if you’re a AAA game and getting a million sales over the life of the product, while another company sells a AAA game and gets 10 million in a week, you’re probably going to think “we’re doing this wrong” rather then “the other game style is simply more popular”. :(

      You’ll probably find Bandai had the same issue. They probably released games they thought “would be popular in the west”, rather then the games that simply were popular because they were good.

      Anyway, it’s all speculation, it’s just nice they’ve realised where they were going wrong and corrected it.

  • LustEnvy

    Loved Vesperia the most and would love the definitive version, but it makes sense to bring out the games that have never made it to this side of the world.

    I just wish we would’ve gotten Destiny 2, Rebirth, and the other 2D Tales games. I’m a sucker for 2D RPGs, especially the Suikodens, Tales and Star Oceans of old.

  • Vash bane

    last tales of game I played was vesperia (which I stopped playing 1/3 in) but I didn’t really like it but Symphonia for the cube back in the day was….hm might be because I actually had friends and family to play with un like now days XD
    (we enjoyed to no ends…still own it til this day lol)

    • Ladius

      Give Xillia a chance, I think it has better story and pacing than Vesperia, better production values than any previous Tales games and a fresh take on the series’ battle system thanks to the Link mechanics that let two characters fight as a pair, unlocking special abilities and performing Link Artes together.

      I think you can find it rather cheap nowadays, it should be discounted on PSN right now in some regions.

      Also, its sequel, Xillia 2, seems to be even better than the first game, and after playing Xillia you would be able to enjoy it too.

    • Rentekabond

      I disagree with Ladius. I’m not what you’d call a fan of the Tales series, but I gave Xillia a chance and got bored with it really fast. The gameplay and story are meh at best and the characters aren’t all that special either.

      • Ladius

        Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, even if Tales fans are usually really positive about Xillia’s narrative it’s obvious people can disagree, especially those who aren’t into the series.

        How far did you get?

        • Rentekabond

          I got to the Town where you get the butler and played a little bit past that before I realized I didn’t care what was happening in the story and the gameplay had always felt stiff in comparison to Graces F, which I did actually manage to beat.

          A friend of mine, who actually really enjoys the Tales series and keeps trying t get me to buy Symphonia, actually beat the game and still regrets buying it, so it’s not just me speaking as a non-fan.

          • Ladius

            Keep in mind you left the game halfway through its first chapter, when you reach Sharilton the first time you’ve barely scratched the game’s story, character development and battle system.

            Of course you are free to do what you want with your time, but you could change your opinion if you give the game another shot.

          • Rentekabond

            Not likely to happen, as outside sources have basically confirmed that I won’t like where the story goes afterwards, plus I’ve already sold the game back anyway. Imo, the game shouldn’t have taken 10-15 hours (I forget how long I played) just to not get interesting.

            Maybe 2 will be better and I can enjoy that one, as well as Hearts when that comes out. But Xillia is a solid pass for me.

  • Go2hell66

    yea well after having 7 tales games announced i’d be quite shocked if they werent

  • KrazyBean
    • HerosLight

      How exciting, I hope they’ll show more in-battle gameplay.

    • Keichi Morisato

      from the looks of it, they finally decided to push the PS3 to it’s limits.

  • Prithivi

    Great news, I’m really happy that now they are bringing almost all Tales of games to the West (and to Europe). Now if they started releasing them without a two years delay would be just awesome…

    • Ladius

      Keep in mind they can’t release Tales games back to back on the same platform, they need to give each game some breathing space. Having some months between two releases, instead, means fans will have likely completed the latest game and will be ready for the next one.

      That said, they’re catching up with Japanese releases and the last two Tales games (Symphonia Chronicles and Zestiria) have been announced at the same time for Japan and the west, so things are definitely looking good.

      • Prithivi

        You’re right about that. We really can’t complaint now after all we have been through! xD

  • benbenkr

    Glad that Namco Bandai finally gets it. Reward your fans and the fans will return the favor. It’s a very simple mechanic.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I am simply happy that they are releasing these games in the West. I started my Tales fix with Tales of Graces F and have progressed to Xillia and Symphonia. Thank you Bamco for listening with this franchise…and hopefully more such as the recently announced Sword Art Online Western release.

  • TrevHead

    Nice to see bamco in a round-about way stating that releasing in regions the same time helps sales. Now if only Japanese publishers could extend the process to PAL rather than treating it like a 3rd wheel and losing a ton of sales because most of the game’s hype and PR happened months even years before the PAL release.

  • Lastlight

    Good for them
    Now when is SAGA gonna realize the phantasy star fan base in the west?

  • Ecchitori-san

    I haven’t played a main Tales of Series (first game I played was tales of world.) and at first, I am not into the tales of but seeings as its growing I want to know more about the game. Are the DS games worth a shot?

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