Freedom Wars Has Six Different Weapon Types

By Ishaan . April 24, 2014 . 9:30am

Sony have updated the Freedom Wars website with new information on the game’s weapons. (Thanks, Game Jouhou) Additionally, a new trailer for the game that highlights the different weapon classes in the game is available for viewing as well.



Freedom Wars has six different weapon types, Game Jouhou reports. These are:


  • Light Sword: Consecutive attacks with little opportunity for enemies to attack. Allows you to dislocate joints.


  • Great Sword: Great Swords allow you to charge up for either a light or heavy attack; however, with this weapon, you’ll find enemies have more opportunities to attack you. On the plus side, you can change the direction of your attack while charging up a light attack. Tachis and Hammer-type weapons are included in this category.


  • Spear: These enable you to attack enemies either head on or from behind. When you’re in a critical state, your attack power increases. (I assume that means when you’re low on health?) Spears allow you to charge up for light attacks, too.


  • Personal Equipment Firearms: Compact firearms that allow you to fire rapidly. Additionally, you will also be able to attack while using the whip you’ve seen in the different trailers for the game.


  • Multi-Purpose Firearms: Lower capacity, but higher thermal power.


  • Team Support Firearms: Excellent attack power and support abilities, but low mobility. Low capacity like Multi-Purpose Firearms. This category of weapons includes laser guns, gatling guns and even net guns.


Weapons will have rarity levels, with there being differences between even the performances of weapons with the same rarity. Certain weapons also have a “modular” effect, although I’m not certain just what this means.


While Accessories (your A.I. sidekicks) will only be able to equip a single weapon, players will be able to equip two weapons, including two weapons of the same type. Additionally, you’ll also be able to use weapons dropped by enemies.


Freedom Wars will be available in Japan on June 26th. A Western release is planned sometime in 2014 as well.

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  • nonscpo

    I’m curious how the firearms will perfom in battle against the monsters.

    • TheGioG

      Monsters = Mincemeat at the hands of those goddamn rocket launchers. You either go bombastically hard, or you go home.
      LEROY JEEEEENNNKKKIIIII-You get the idea.

  • RawrWata

    Dat spear.

    • Dat lance. Dat Nodachi/Katana charge attack. Dat minigun. Dose weapons.

    • I want a 1hand sword, and a gatling gun mostly. Maybe a 2Hand sword and an assault rifle. But they all look cool and seem to be potent.

      • Kronos

        Spear and assault riffle combo for me!

        • Nice! You can’t really go wrong, they all seem cool.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I may buy a PS Vita just for this game.

    • Lastlight

      This game is a system seller

      • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

        i own a vita… but this game isnt making me bite~ maybe im far too attached to the Monster hunter system to try out hunter type games

        • Lastlight

          This looks more promising than any hunter type game out there, just like god eater. Hell even more promising than Monster Hunter.
          The only game made specifically to combat the loss of MH was Toukiden cause the devs specifically said that. So personally I only count Toukiden as a hunter type game. Soul Sacrifice, God Eater (was made while MH was still on Sony platforms) and Freedom Wars look and feel more than a hunter type game. They have there own “soul” to em. In other words they don’t feel like mindless clones. (This last paragraph was just my thoughts, not really a response to you)

          • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

            i wouldnt care less about the Sony’s loss of monster hunter because im primarily a 3ds user. im just using my vita as a Glorified J Star Victory VS machine. Monster hunter needs skill to play which for me is better… any hunter game where you can jump is just too easy

  • Rose Spinoza

    I need to quit getting myself so hyped for this game or I will accidently sour my experience when I actually get to play it. …..It’s so hard NOT to get hyped though!!
    ….See? I still need to work on it XD .

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I think I know what weapon I’ll use when I get Freedom Wars later down the road.

  • Hexodious

    Whenever I read firearms I directly think about that hair flame-y dude in Hitman Reborn. He uses gauntlets that shoots fire things from it. That’d be a great weapon (for me) sadly it is just wishful thinkin’.

    • Lastlight

      The dude from RWBY had gun-chucks… Idea how they worked…but they were badass.

      • Kayseur

        Yozakura from Senran Kagura also has them, and that’s a load of fun to use (in this game at least).

      • ShadowDivz

        Rule of cool bro. Doesn’t matter if it’s even possible, as long as it looks cool. (⌐■_■)

  • Shady Shariest

    Was about to write “Pew Pew Pew”… But those swords were sold to me. INSTANTLY.

  • I like the idea of randomization within rares. It sounds a little bit like what loot RPGs do, but I wonder how far they plan to extend that. I imagine it won’t be as crazy as something like Diablo or Torchlight, since the focus is still on being a hunting game, but having any sort of randomized loot element always makes things fun.

    • Unless you’re that dragoon. You know the one I’m talking about
      Don’t be that dragoon.

      That aside, yes, that does seem like fun for sure. :3

    • Maybe you can raise the chances of rare drops or rare chest with accessories you make or buy doing missions fast.

  • Earthjolly

    So fucking preorderd. this is going to be one of the best games this year.

    That no one will buy :(

    • Why wouldn’t people buy it? Not enough exposure?

      • Lastlight

        Because the stigma of “Monster Hunter Clone” will be slapped onto it.

        • True. MH is a big and popular founder of this style of game, but it has it’s ups and downs. I tried MH and found making gear and weapons too hard. In GEB it was hard but there was so much focus on story there were other things driving me forward other than just the desire for better gear and harder foes.

          • Kronos

            MH is not the founder of this style of games, only made it more popular. Just do a liitle research and you’ll see the real origins and see any that yells MH clone at any game deserves a slap to the face. This is the only genre that I see people doing this, I don’t see the same with say Shooter, fighters or any other type of game.

          • True. But some people do claim other things are Halo or Call of Duty clones. It doesn’t happen all the time but if you go on Youtube or a forum you’ll hear that noise.

  • Mace

    I’m a fan of the giant cinder block hammer.

    • tubers

      It looks ridiculous.. in good and funny way :P

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    Now I have a reason to buy PS VITA. Hell to le FAWKING YES! :D

  • Learii

    that a lot of missiles lol

  • Nanajana

    Yep, this trailer sold me to a day-one-buy. One of the biggest reason why couldn’t get into God Eater was because the weapons felt like nothing. Gigantic weapons swung like its wet noodle and there was no weight of each blow at all. (Mean while, MH’s weapons are ALL about the “weight” of each attack, especially with my favorite weapon, GS.)

    This game circumvents this by having high mobility similar to God Eater and having a bit of heft with each attacks, especially with their charged attack. Three melee seems very little, but it looks like there over 3 variations within those three, so I’m super hyped for this now!!!

  • Kayseur

    That might be just me, but I hope they’ll add more later, through update or whatever. I think a whip would be nice (you know, since we *do* have a thorn, or better yet, thorns abilities to attack instead of just grabbing), dual pistol, dual swords, stuff like that.

    But, I think we saw there was in another trailer someone with fist weapons. (Two actually, a big guy and a girl.) Maybe they’re waiting a bit before revealing the rest then?

    • It’s because of the thorn that I think this might actually be better than God Eater or Monster Hunter. Using it you can get on foes or hide high up and blast them before they notice you. If I could do that in GEB I’d have never lost as much as I did.

      • tubers

        I just wish it had less spinning attacks. Hope they change some of the weapon attacks in the sequel or something.

    • tubers

      I think there’s a sniper rifle too. This one’s carried by what I assume an enemy NPC is:

      As for thorns, it seems you can lay some sort of “thorn bombs” or what not (no official term yet) and they can “spiderman-stun/incapacitate enemies” other than pulling them onto the ground:

      Yeah.. also noticed the Fist type months ago :D

      • Kayseur

        Yeah, I even liked your post on the fists back then it seems. :p

        But you’re right, there’s also a sniper weapon we saw several times. So there definitly are other weapons yet-to-be-introduced. That’s good.

      • That’s a lot of variety! I know stun bombs are best in most games like this. So if you use you thorns to stun they’ll likely be less panic than when you run out of stun bombs like in other games.

        • tubers

          There are also things like “Land Mines” and “Sticky Grenades” (Magnetic Grenades in the Taiwan Demo).. other than what your Thorns can do.

          • Sweet. Even more methods to win.

    • ishyg

      At this point I’m actually more worried about the variety of abductors, since we haven’t seen much.

  • Somerandomperson

    I will gladly buy two copies of this game

  • Valtiel Ikari

    man, am I glad I bought a Vita!

  • Very cool, Sold. Day 1 purchase. I’m glad you get NPCs to team up with you too (like in God Eater), because I don’t do a lot of online co-op (weak internet). Plus story and battle are my main concerns.

  • tubers

    Nice. Each sub-weapon type has a a slightly varied move set ala Souls game!

    This IP has mad potential. Hope it garners a sequel.

    • ishyg

      If this still doesn’t sell, then I’ll just conclude that Japanese have some mad love affair with Monster Hunter or something.

      • tubers

        It will sell but don’t expect anywhere near close MH.

        Probably around SS or GE 2 numbers.

  • The Thorn mobility that gives you wide range movement and the ability to climb high up like in Attack on Titan is what makes this game it’s own. But now that I see these special attacks with weapons I’m even more impressed. I kept wanting characters in God Eater and Toukiden to have their own personalized skills (like limit breaks or special attacks). But everyone attacked the same (fast hit, slow strong hit, wide area blast or shots). This seems to move more into the area or more individualized powers and skills. So everyone won’t just be a clone of each other in battle. Especially when they all look for vibrant colorful and cool. They should stand out with their own ways of fighting.

    • tubers

      GE2 has Blood Arts tho w/c changes certain attack attributes and moveset.

      Wonder when we’ll get NGS/DMC/Bayonetta-class hunting-action game.

      I wonder how much varied each sub type actually is in FW. It isn’t really shown here.

      Example, the Murasame MK9 only showed Square, Square + Triangle attack combo in the vid.

      “When you’ve got the melee weapon equipped, square and triangle are your light and heavy attack buttons, respectively. Similar to Dynasty Warriors, the triangle button heavy attack changes depending on how many square button attacks you perform prior to hitting triangle. For instance, after performing four quick slashes with the square button, hitting triangle will activate an attack that looks similar in spirit to Ken’s Shinryuken in Street Fighter.

      • I wish I could play GE2.
        And now that I think about it you could bite foes in GEB and gain a new projectile. But again, that wasn’t something only you could do. But I guess it’s a start.

        Are you saying there are individual skill unique to each character in GE2?

        • tubers

          We could be both using the same weapon but if we use certain and different Blood Art, we won’t have the exact same combo endings.

          Check out each weapon’s Blood Art and read them on how they change it depending on the equipped Blood Art.

          Unique Skill per character? Each Story NPC have unique passive buffs that you can get if you don’t bring them in combat.

          There is some sort of “Support Slots” mechanic for God Eater 2.

          I wish GE 2 or it’s ver. 1.5 game get localized even if it’s for 2015.

          • I was GE2 also. This is starting to sound like a vast improvement over GE1, which I loved already (though it was hard as hell to beat).

  • MaximDualBlade

    Ok I have taken the bait so take to the release date already :)

  • The only thing that could make me not like this game now is if the story isn’t good or it’s all too short and just about missions and not character development.

  • tubers

    Extra info from Gematsu; New Char.:

    “..Silvia Anastasi. She is the elder sister of Beatrice, and a commanding officer of the anti-ground troops of Divine Punishment. She’s generally quiet, but is militant on the battlefield. During a certain mission, you’ll follow her, who disappeared from Divine Punishment back down to the earth.”

  • This might be one of those stories where humanity has gotten so lawless due to war and poverty that a computer is created to regulated how to fix society. And the computer goes HAL on everyone deeming everyone selfish and evil and punishes all. And since the people who were in charge either can’t stop it ,or are out of ideas on how to fix the world, so they give it free reign.

    This is what I think the story is based on not-fully-translated trailers I’ve seen. But I could be wrong.

    • harmonyworld

      Not just “Allied Mastercomputer” but AM!
      Cogito Ergo Sum: I think therefore I AM!

      • I think I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, a thinking, learning, evolving, A.I.
        Deus from Xenogears comes to mind too.

        • John Pena

          Its from Descartes.

          • ishyg

            I didn’t think Descartes would have thought about AI from that era. I get what you’re saying though, about that quote.

  • Prinnydoom

    Oh wow this is looking better all the time. Its like god eaters more stylish cousin. Still going through his “End of the world and some bastard is responsible for it” teenage angst faze though. Uh yeah looking forward to this release date can’t get here soon enough.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Its all about the Great Swords baby …

  • JustThisOne

    Okay okay okay this is important:

    When you mean you can equip two different weapons (including weapons of the same type), do you mean at the same time? I’m assuming this isn’t a dual wield, but a weapon swap mechanic, right? Because if it is dual-wield, I’d be mad hype to see a guy swing around two spears.

  • xXDGFXx

    I really don’t like how he stays in place when he spins :X

  • Arz

    I wish there’s more weapon options, I’m really picky when choosing weapons in hunting games.

    • The Watcher

      Understandable, Games like this you usually experiment with all kinds of weapons till you find the one that calls out to you.

  • Guest

    Out of all the hunting games. Do you guys think this one make a bit more dent into monster hunters reign than the others? (GE, Soul Sac, Touk)

    • tubers

      Dent? Doubt it.

      I also doubt this 1st game would do much better or much worse than SS sales or GE 2 sales.

  • SirusRiddler

    I’m deciding between whether to give my Android a minigun or sniper rifle.


  • Pythia Brixham

    I’d probably use the personal equipment firearms. I like being near the action, but I still like playing more of the support role.

  • AnotherVistor02

    only thing i can say as i hear more about this game

  • Matthew Leung

    My Vita is ready, I switched to HK PSN, downloading it day 1.

  • Naryl

    It seems even weapons within the same weapon type have different movesets, for example with the greatsword/katana/concretehammerthing there are variations in the basic combo and the charged attacks. So from the point of view of other hunter games there are quite more than 6 weapons :o

  • TrueDefault

    Spears for me, please! Wait, firearms sound good too!!!

  • LazuliteLiamz

    The weapon system feels like a mix between PSO and DW weapon system, sounds awesome!
    And ranged weapons for me.. but omg.. so many too choose from O_o

  • isotrex

    Holy freakin’ awesome!!!! First time I’m actually interested in using those firearms/range weapons. :D

  • Draparde

    I wonder how many subcategorys they have in the game. considering that the katana’s and Hammers are under “Greatswords” it makes me wonder

  • It’s odd. But there’s absolutely no walkthroughs of this got on Youtube. And no other vids at all except official ones and ones from cons it was shown at. All vid show the game missions and screen….

  • CervantesPR

    im liking the pole with concrete on it a lot

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