The Great Ace Attorney Is The Start Of A New Series

By Sato . April 24, 2014 . 11:02am


Capcom surprised us with their recent announcement of The Great Ace Attorney, a new game in the series that takes place in the 19th century part of Japan’s Meiji Period. Series creator and director Shu Takumi and producer Shintaro Kojima shed some light on the game’s characters and setting in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


During the interview, Famitsu asks what kind of character Ryuunosuke Naruhodo—who is Phoenix Wright’s ancestor—will be.


“Well, the two keywords are ‘Meiji Period’ and ‘Phoenix’s ancestor’ so you might be able to get an idea from that,” responds Takumi.


All right. What about the new heroine, Susato Mikotoba?


“She’s basically the type of person that she appears to be,” replies Kojima. “Pretty much a graceful Japanese woman, a proper girl who does everything the proper way.”


Famitsu points out that by doing things the right way, does that mean she’ll be taking care of Ryuunosuke in such a manner?


“The Wrights will be Wrights,” says Takumi with a laugh. “I’ve barely met these characters myself, so I can’t exactly say too much about them. I think that we’ll get a better understanding as we go on with production. Some characters show up more while writing the scenario, sometimes when they speak their lines, so we’re kind of waiting for that as we write, for now.”


While on the subject of speaking lines, Takumi mentions that their current challenge is getting the proper Japanese dialect and expressions right. During the Meiji Period, it was a time where there was a lot of focus of jumping into the “new world” of westernization. Occupations such as lawyers were a new thing at the time. One thing they’re being careful of, is not to lose the balance of words and expressions that might be either too old-fashioned or too modern for the era.


Next, Famitsu asks if The Great Ace Attorney’s game flow will be similar to past games of the series.


“I can’t say anything about that for now. However, the image and feel behind its play will be quite different fromall the other Ace Attorney games up until now,” answers Takumi.


When asked if we’ll be seeing any new information on the game soon, Kojima says that he can’t say too much on that front, but they’ll be showing screenshots and all kinds of information in the near future, that will give people a better idea regarding what the game will be like.


Finally, Famitsu asks the two if they could share a message for the fans:


Takumi: “It’s been a while since I’ve participated in making a new Ace Attorney game, and things are a little different from the earlier days; however, as usual, I’ll be doing my best and putting all my effort into it, so that this one [The Great Ace Attorney] won’t lose to the past games I’ve worked on.”


Kojima: “While it’s not a main-numbered Ace Attorney title, it’s the start of a new series called The Great Ace Attorney. I believe that it’s becoming something that can show that it’s not simply just a derivative title. We can’t say too much about it for the time being, but we’ll be revealing more on the characters and their backgrounds next time, which we hope you all can look forward to. It’s really becoming something that we have high expectations for, so please look forward to it!”


The Great Ace Attorney is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • All my want.
    All my approval.
    All my my body is ready.
    All my fangirling.
    All my hype.
    Take it all.

    • God

      Huh, i thought you where going for a Gundam reference there.

      • The only thing I’m referencing is JUSTICE!
        The only thing I’m striving for is the TRUTH!
        TAKE THAT!

    • Sabin1936


      • J_Joestar

        Erupting Emptying WALLET?

      • God


  • AlteisenX

    #OperationRyuunosuke, go!

    But seriously, I want this and all the other Ace Attorney games coming… forever. Plz Capcom, plz.

  • LordHyper

    Now let’s see how they can pretend this game takes place in America this time.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Probably they won’t, if the setting really cannot be altered if it’s heavily Japanese-themed.

      However, they can make up a history that Phoenix’s family roots date back all the way to Japan or something.

    • surakian

      All they need to do is say Nick’s family was from Japan.

    • surakian

      But you know if they Americanize it, it better be exactly like this:

      • LordHyper

        I was waiting for that comic to be posted. You did not disappoint.

    • katamari damacy

      Add top hats, monocles, and handlebar mustaches and it will pass for 1890s America.

      • Lumi

        And they need to edit out the wooden Japanese style houses. And change the soundtrack to something American. Nah, if they did that, for once a straight translation would be better than any localization they come up with

    • Chip

      Well here’s the thing; They never did say how many generations Phoenix’s family is. Phoenix’s family still could have originated from Japan. I make a few minor adjustments as far as Maya goes that the game is set in California, so instead of taking a train back to the mountain village, she just takes a flight. Its just under half a day’s travel from the west coast. California has a pretty large Asian population due this easier access.

      Smart script writing can solve any problem.

  • Liamv2


  • J_Joestar

    “Petty much a graceful Japanese woman, a proper girl who does everything the proper way”
    so basically… they aren’t recycling a typical Maya-style assistant?

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t say Maya was proper and did everything the proper way. She was sometimes more of a pain than a pleasure…although always loved and coming through when it counted. :)

      • Aerii

        They said they aren’t recycling Maya.

      • As long as she makes it happen she’s fine in my mind.

      • J_Joestar

        which is why i said they are not recycling her…

    • Tarkovsky

      Maya is anything but a graceful Japanese woman. She’s such a nuisance in certain situations, too loud and cracks too many silly jokes to be one.

    • RajaNaga

      Maya does not at all act like the stereotypical “proper” Japanese woman from those days >_>

      • J_Joestar

        How is almost everyone reading “They AREN’T recycling a typical Maya” into “They ARE recycling a typical Maya”?

  • surakian

    I swear if Capcom USA doesn’t localize this…

    • Ty Arnold

      Honestly, I’d be more understanding about this than Investigations 2. This game does seem like a localization nightmare.

      • Never understood why companies are afraid to bring games so heavily inspired by other cultures; do they think countries are living in autarky and in complete denial of others? Plus Old Era Japan really appeals to westerners especially with ninjas and samurais and such. Missed opportunities if you ask me. Moreover Capcom never truly advertised the series and pushed it in the West so they don’t have the right to call out the culture differenciation part. It’s just BS from their part.

        • Ethan_Twain

          Capcom USA hasn’t even said anything and already you’ve denounced any announcement but the one you want as BS.

          • Oh no no don’t misunderstand I was calling out their previous actions when they didn’t localize Investigations 2. That was their opinion on the subject. My statement was also more of a general thing on the whole industry too.

        • From what I’ve noticed, America is one of the tricky ones.

          • Enzo

            Which is funny, because America boasts about its ethnic diversity.

          • lol I wanted to parallel that so much! but was afraid of offending someone. remember they are the best in the world. they win the olmypics even tho they dont lol

        • Tarkovsky

          Because it only appeals to gamers who are interested in old Japanese culture which is in itself a niche group in millions of people who are just into Japan because of anime and manga. Old Japanese culture is much much more than ninjas and samurais. Also, find me a game that is heavily inspired by old Japan that sold well. I can name plenty that bombed. Okami, Muramasa, Genji and etc. Add to the fact that AA games are visual novel-esque games that are super text heavy, you have a recipe for disaster. No amount of marketing will help this game.

          Furthermore, those really interested in old Japanese culture would have some grasp on the language.

          And I’m sorry but games like Demon’s Souls and Dragon’s Crown proved the whole games need advertising to sell well myth wrong.

          • Ah good point..You really think that marketing won’t help these series? Hopefully the Layton crossover will help ease people into it.

  • Guest

    I’m glad to see Takumi at the helm of a project of his own again, even if that means get back to Ace Attorney. I would like to know how they are going to transform the game mechanics to the new settings, but personally I’m pleased by how the characters look so far, I wish they kept the sobriety in aesthetics for this title.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Now I am interested to see where Takumi is going to go with this. I hope it possesses that magic that the original trilogy had in terms of character and feel.

  • I’m all for it; new gameplay mechanics that will be original and specific to the era and will deal less with technology (which sometimes did not make sense-see Apollo Justice), new characters to look forward to with new quircks and gimmicks, old Japan FTW!!!

  • Yeah, this was never going to be replace the main series, but that’s great in my opinion. I love that we’re going to have two Ace Attorney storylines running again. Also, when we interviewed Eshiro last year, he expressed interesting in doing another Investigations game, so there’s potential for that, too.

    Still… even if this isn’t the main storyline, with Takumi himself actually behind the “Great” series, I could easily see it gaining a large following very quickly. He’s a genius mystery writer, and you could really tell when he left the series to go do other stuff. People will definitely notice the difference in quality.

    • Zeik56

      I wonder. He was the scenario writer for the WrightxLayton game and my impression is that it wasn’t that well received, even from a writing standpoint. (Especially compared to 5.) But that could very well be due to a lot of different factors.

      • Honestly, I think we can chalk that up to crossovers just being hard to do in general. When you’re collaborating with another company, you have to strike this balance between what you want and what they want.

        Takumi has a wicked mind, and while I don’t think that came through in Layton vs. AA, I do feel we’ll see it return here. Any time he’s done a pet project, we’ve seen he doesn’t pull any punches. A lot of his stuff is extremely sinister underneath the humour and gags, and I think a less technology-focused setting (without the constraints of a crossover) is perfect for that.

        • What type of genre do you think it might be? Also, if ip to you, what kind of genre would you prefer? I’m afraid players might be shocked or let down. I would love to make the Great series my cornerstone for Ace games :) all dependant on the play style of course.

          • Oh, I’m fine with pretty much anything, as long as the focus is still on the writing and characterization. Ghost Trick was very different from Ace Attorney in terms of gameplay, and I was totally okay with that.

          • I have heard so much about the ace series! I want to jump in haha. I will be anticipating some new videos then^_^

      • D-Omen

        EU reactions to Layton vs Wright (including my own) have been much more positive than what could be read on the internet before its release. The story is amazing.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I dunno. I still feel like this is a long con leading to some sort of ridiculous murder trial spanning one hundered years. Mia Fey must channel Phoenix’s ancestor to unveil the truth.. BEHIND HIS FAMILY.

      It’s just the Ace Attorney pattern – the finale almost always not only resolves a present day murder but also resolves some long past injustice or mystery. AA 1 (Edgeworth Sr.), AA 3 (multiple past cases), AA 4 (Phoenix), AA 5 (Space Station Murder), AA I (finally resolving the Yatagarasu)… AA 2 is the only one that DOESN’T revolve around miraculously closing a case long past that somehow also has everything to do with the case in the present.

      Given how incredibly reliable Ace Attorney has been about this trend how can they NOT leverage a prequel for some sort of ridiculous cross generational murder mystery?

      • Shippoyasha

        I think the danger with that is making the plot way more implausible than it normally already is. Besides, I hope they wrap things within the game and not drag it across too many games if they can help it.

        • Ethan_Twain

          Oh no, I don’t think what I propose is a GOOD idea. I just think that it’s a likely scenario based on what’s been done in the past.

      • The fact that Takumi wanted to end the series with 3 tells me that he isn’t really interested in trying to follow the set pattern any more. I mean, when he was asked to do Apollo Justice, he threw everything we knew about Phoenix right out the window. That’s why I have high hopes for this.

        Now, I’m sure there will be little winks and nods to the present day stuff with all the ancestry going on, but I think “Great” is going to be its own series for the most part. I mean, the fact that they’re already saying it’s the start of something new means Takumi probably has things planned out for the next game, just like with the original trilogy.

    • God

      When you started talking about genius writers i inmediately thought of a Phoenix Wright-ish game with the plot written by Lovecraft… and now i must have it!!! I MUUUUSST!!!

      • If you want something sickeningly Lovecraftian, try Saya no Uta. It’ll send you right into depression for a few hours after you’re done with it.

        • God

          I’ve heard about it, and it looks kind of awesome, but really into eroges without skipeable sex scenes… So i’ll have to survive with regular reading… if only they made more games based on the Lovecraft mithos *sniff*…

          • Lumi

            Everything should be skippable, just hold down Ctrl. Although, the sex scenes is part of the horror

          • In Saya’s case, I can’t imagine those sex scenes are actually meant to turn anyone on. If you ask me, their only purpose is to make it even more horrifying.

          • God

            Hmmm… i might give it shot then, everything Lovecraft related is a must read/play/watch in my eyes.

          • Shippoyasha

            I found it to be a bit of both.

  • Shippoyasha

    Pretty nice spin on the franchise. Though I’m a bit sad that the high tech elements of it obviously won’t be there for this one. The series was like a legal Inspector Gadget with all the scientific tools,aside from the spiritual/psychic tools of course.

  • nonscpo

    Hmmm…is asking for a physical release going to be a headeach this time?

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I want this more than I’ve ever wanted any other Ace Attorney game.

  • Adrian Duran

    If this game is in America for the US edition, I want to meet Teddy Roosevelt and use muckraking tactics to take big wigs down

  • Exkaiser

    Everyone is missing the obvious ludicrous localization choice for the setting:

    Victorian England.

    It will star the young Lord Wright, aspiring attorney.

    • Thomaz Barros

      Ah yes, the good old English Rapier.

      Folded over a thousand times by the finest blacksmiths of the queen’s country

      • Getting Black Butler feels from this whol scenario. Add some chainsaws!

      • Göran Isacson

        I… I realize that you’re all joking here, but you know what? I would TOTALLY be onboard with this! If they just decided to make this over the top super british and just completely brazenly ignore all the Japanese stuff going on and flat out lie that this is Victorian England, I would laugh until I could no longer breathe.

        Like, I’m all for them just saying that Phoenix has japanese ancestry and actually have this take place in Japan. But this version? I am totally down with this version.

      • Robgoro

        I laughed.

      • I laughed so damn hard at this. It’s so ridiculously silly that who knows, it just might work.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Yeah, Dual Destinies not having Takumi’s guidance was really noticeable to me. Personally, I don’t think he would have had such a fragmented structure or the extreme focus on one case. Takumi’s ultimate final cases are payoffs for playing the game, They’re either extensions of the themes explored (as in Justice for All) or of the overarching plot (Trials, the original, etc.). DD’s final case was just part of the same case that had been explored before, and that felt really weak to me.

  • David García Abril

    “She’s basically the type of person that she appears to be,” replies Kojima. “Pretty much a graceful Japanese woman, a proper girl who does everything the proper way.”

    You mean the kind of female representation that misinformed Western feminists believe to be sexist?

    I hope I’m wrong on this, though…

    • Lumi

      Maybe? But Yamato Nadeshiko archetypes usually have some sort of hidden depth. Like yandereness (probably won’t happen here) and actually really good at getting things her way (might happen here)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Yup. I’ve also seen the honorable motherhood element highlighted. Such as with Sakura’s mother in CCS or Kyoko’s ending with Godai in Maison Ikkoku.

      • David García Abril

        I know, but the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype is not well known in the West, and the “submissive housewife” usually stand out more than the “strongly-willed-yet-kind matriarch” that it’s supposed to be.

        Although there is a lot of confirmation bias in most of those observations.

        • harmonyworld

          Like the grandma in summer wars :3

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. You know, if this is a spin-off series that happen while other Phoenix Wright games are produced concurrently? I have no problem with it. My fear was that this would sort of “take over” the meager scraps-budget Capcom dedicates to Ace Attourney games and be the “replacement” deal, but if it’s like an “Investigations” side story I am cool with it. Bring on the anachronistic fun of late 19th- early 20th Japan AMERICA.

    Also ha ha I gotta laugh at everyone here who says that the ~Feminist Menace~ will find faults with this new girl character. Like, you people are so far the only ones who are talking about this. Persecution Complex much?

  • Morningstar

    So this is a spinoff huh. Was Investigations 2 ever localized? The answe might provide some perspective on if this game may be localized or not

    • Rock

      It was not, but Dual Destinies, which came after, was. So far we’ve managed to get every game except Investigations 2 (which there’s a fan translation of available as a patch to the Japanese ROM).

  • Robgoro

    This is the most exciting news I’ve heard all week! The localization team is going to have a hell of a time after deciding that the original games took place in L.A. (maybe, hopefully, they’ll just forego any connection between this and the other games), but the Meiji period – how perfect! Rapidly changing their legal system to mimic that of France and Germany, a desire to approach the west…this is such a rich and ripe topic that I never expected a game of this genre to explore.

    That note about maintaining proper dialects and speech styles, too – it makes me want to pick it up in Japanese just to appreciate the work that’s going in to its subtleties! I really hope it gets released in the west, though…jidaiteki can be a touchy genre for localization…

    • Chip

      I don’t see any need to break continuity. Just say that Phoenix’s ancestors emigrated to California from Japan at some point, problem solved.

  • Arcade Bumstead

    Presumably if it’s a prequel the three day trial rule won’t exist. Should add a little more unpredictability to it.

  • James Enk

    sounds very promising

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