Could Series Creator Yuji Horii Be Teasing Dragon Quest XI?

By Sato . April 28, 2014 . 2:02am


Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii previously mentioned that Dragon Quest XI won’t be for smartphones in an earlier interview. During this weekend’s NicoNico Super Meeting 3, a special stage for Dragon Quest X was held, where Horii teased a bit on the next installment of the series.



The tease came when Horii was asked if he could share anything about Dragon Quest X, since so many fans gathered together for the NicoNico event.


“Huh? For [Dragon Quest] X? Well, actually, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this… but I’m working on the next one,” teased Horii.


While Dragon Quest XI has yet to be confirmed, if he’s actually talking about the next main-titled game in the series, we can expect to hear something about it in the near future.

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  • tubers

    How likely is this to hit as a 3DS exclusive?

    • Shuga Suenaga

      most likely and i bet it will since all the new DQ games have been on Nintendo consoles from the DS and so on… Just dont bring it to mobile devices r.r

      • Trotmeister

        Numbered Dragon Quest title is always released on a most popular console at the time, so it’s gonna be either 3DS or PS4. I’d bet on 3DS since it’s much cheaper to develop for.

        • PS4 would need to blossom in Japan. Unless the Western sales are convincing enough but DQ is always more marketed to Japan compared to other Square-Enix IPs.

          • keef

            Yeah actually DQ is marketed in Japan ONLY in recent times. They have something like five DQ titles on 3DS and not one has been localized. Makes me feel much rage.

        • CozyAndWarm

          Of the eighth-gen consoles, Wii U is more popular than the PS4 in Japan right now. (Although considering the state of consoles in general over there, that’s not saying much.)

        • I’m hoping its for PS4, only because that would equate to more effort on their part. DQ IX is kind of proof that a purely handheld DQ isn’t going to be up to snuff. The last DQ that had actual voice acting was made almost ten years ago. Its time for it to come back to consoles.

          • Brandonmkii

            It’s the only DQ with voice acting, and that was only for the non-Japanese version.

          • Kaetsu

            Surprisingly it actually has some really good voice acting.

          • ronin4life

            I don’t think the hardware has any direct relation to effort.

            Just more money. Which would be both financially and developmentally unwise and irresponsible.

            Plus, lower dev costs could actually lead to more effort, as you have more time, energy and funds that you don’t have to divert to just getting the thing to work at all.

        • Kaetsu

          PS4 is not the most popular console. It’s being outsold by Wii U and PS3.

    • I hope the gameplay is similar to DQ9.

      • God

        I rather have it be similar to DQ8.

        • You do realize the gameplay between both games are pretty much the same with a few minor exceptions.

          • God

            I do, i played them both, but i still prefered the gameplay in DQ8.

      • Presentation should be more like DQVIII. I didn’t really like that rotating camera much, and lifeless party members kind of killed the mood.

    • TerrenceEncore Jones

      I just hope they release for fans in the US and Europe to play.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Move on from 3DS please. AND LOCALIZE IT.

  • Andrés González

    PlayStation 4 PLZ.

  • Nas

    Not on mobile. So… Tablets.

    In all seriousness hope it’s for next gen or 3DS/Vita.
    But given SE track record it’s probably going to be for the 3DS and the latter being shafted.

  • Wake

    This better not be an MMO.

    • Wolfs_Rain

      Don’t worry, it’s not an MMO. It’s social game for cellphones. ;)

      • Already shot down mobile. Hopefully keeping their word on that.

      • tubers

        LOL damn

    • Kaetsu

      They’re not going to release 2 MMOs in a row. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Wolfs_Rain

    Crossing fingers for something like Dragon Quest VIII.

    • God

      One of my favourite games ever…

  • pokeroi

    Wii U plz. But personally I think there will be a cloud version for sure.

  • Liamv2

    I hope it will be like either 5 or 8 my two favorites.

  • Death Saved

    Wonder if its going to be a Wii U exclusive?

  • Would love to see the next DQ on PS4.

  • awat

    Please Just give us DQVII first :l *sigh*

  • I want to say this is good news. I want to say I’m looking forward to it. But the way Dragon Quest has been handled in the west lately tells me to not get my hopes up and simply walk away before I begin to cry.

  • Highasthesky

    We just got Togashi back and they pull this??

  • USA: Still waiting on DQ X…
    Japan: Oh, BTW, working on DQ XI…

    USA: Well, guess numerical order no longer applies here…

    • Morningstar

      I think this isn’t the first time DQ has skipped numbers for installments when it comes to exports.

  • i just want a dragon quest game with a ni no kuni like worldmap. is that so much to ask?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    …Now we wait………*waiting for Re7,10, and Monsters*

  • Kaminari683

    I posted this on destructoid and well, some things bear repeating.
    PLEEEEEASE Squeenix, do NOT make this into an MMO!!!! Speaking as a jrpg gamer and a hardcore DQ fan, I think I speak for many when I say we do not need another MMO, especially a Dragon Quest one. I was stewpyd excited when I heard about DQX…then lost any and all hope when I found out it was an MMO.

    If this is a traditional DQ, I’m in; more so if they sweeten te deal by bringing DQVII to the US, but you know the Video Game industry today, they ask us what we want, promise to deliver, then we get the exact opposite & they dont expect backlash…so I will hope for the best, but expect the worst.

    Forgive my somewhat jaded rant, but I’m taking the “one bitten, twice shy” approach.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Well I don’t think it will.. I think its going to have the same gameplay as 9

    • Nyum

      Doubt it would be another MMO. Wouldn´t make much sense to create another DQ MMO to directly compete with DQX which is still up and running, and wasn´t released that terribly long ago.

  • CozyAndWarm

    DQ’s been popular on Nintendo systems, I’d love to see a full-fledged, non-MMO console DQ on Wii U. I’m worried Square in their infinite penny-pinching will probably relegate it to handheld though.

  • AuraGuyChris

    We’re not getting it since SQEX thinks the outside world is never prepared for DQ games, are we.

    Nintendo, do us a favor here, please.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    They are planning for DQXI yet we haven’t played X in english yet. T_T

  • rurifan

    Did DQ X fail as miserably as I imagine?

    I never hear anything about it, so I assume everybody else ignored its existence too.

    • NickyArmstrong

      It’s probably the only game SE released in 2012 that actually MADE money.

      • saxophone15

        Did Kingdom Hearts 3D not make a profit? That was released in 2012. There’s Bravely Default and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy…both of which released in 2012.

    • Suicunesol

      You never hear anything about it because there’s nothing to hear. It’s Japan exclusive until SQ says otherwise.

      It’s not as popular as the other DQ titles, but it’s far from a failure.

      • rurifan

        I thought I remembered headlines like they were giving it away trying to get people to try the game, which didn’t sound like a big success.

        • Suicunesol

          That’s possible. MMOs can obtain popularity over time, however. DQX wasn’t popular right off the bat, but with its release on PC, there’s room for growth.

  • Taylor Greene

    3DS is most likely. Considering how successful the DS data swap was. I can only imagine what they will do with the 3DS SpotPass/StreetPass.

    • James Todd

      gear swapping streetpass maybe

  • James Todd

    have a custom character like dqIX and im in

    • No way, preset characters are way better. There’s like no emotion when its a custom character. Clothes should be changeable, but not the actual character.

      • Brandonmkii

        Have to disagree, my favorite ones were III and IX, so I’d love for a custom party again.

        • Beat

          Custom party with friends like dq ix is the way to go.

      • James Todd

        i get what you were saying but a custom character makes me feel more like i’m in the actual world of the game

        • God

          Maybe, but custom characters get no development at all, and unlike silent protagonist who still get development and whose games can have amazing plots, you rarely get anything above mediocre when you have custom characters, and it’s hard to care for someone who has no past, no story and no personality.

          • James Todd

            true there is no past or story but you build a story and a future with a custom character

          • God

            You can IMAGINE there is a story, but in reality, there just isn’t one.

          • James Todd

            ouch but ok you gotta admit custom characters are fun to make

          • God

            Yeah, it is, one can spend hours in a good character creation screen.

      • God

        Amen to that brother.

  • Dystopiq

    Release it on the PS4. Let it grow in Japan and it’ll give me a reason to get one

  • Adrian Duran

    Dragon Quest is almost exclusive to Nintendo consoles, with a few exceptions

    my guess is that is will be on the 3DS, much like IX was on the NDS

    • awang0718

      Agreed. Looks like Nintendo will be getting another Monster Hunter-like system seller…soon…

  • NimbusStev

    I know Japanese game sales have been declining across the board, but does anyone know how Dragon Quest has been effected? How were sales of DQ9 and DQ10 in comparison to past game entries?

    • Anime10121

      X’s sales were REALLY low for a DQ game, however its an MMO and they make their money off subscriptions, same as FFXI and FFXIV. IX on the other hand outsold VIII at the least…

  • KiTA

    He could have been talking about DQX’s second expansion.

  • Kaetsu

    I just want Level-5 to be working on this next game. 8&9 are my favourites :)

    • raeldor

      Totally agree. 8 was mind-blowing and 9 was the best game I had on my DS. They squeezed SO much into that cart. Playing 7 atm, but it’s a little tedious compared to 8.

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