What Kind Of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Team Will You Choose?

By Spencer . April 29, 2014 . 12:19am


There are largely three types of teams in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. Pictured above is the Drive type which locks the battle with a Sealed Barrier that always activates the Support Drive ability. Support Drives call in other team members to chain attacks with your main character or block for you depending on the type of support your three man cell provides.


Ultimate Jutsu type is a team that can do a heavy damage super attack. The type of attack you dish out depends on the team you choose.


naruto-01 naruto-02


Awakening team types can use an awakening at the start of the battle by using the right analog stick. When you trigger a True Awakening you can transform into a giant as seen with Mecha-Naruto.


naruto-03 naruto-04

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is slated for release this fall in Japan and sometime in 2014 for the West.


naruto-s01 naruto-s4 naruto-s3 naruto-s2

  • Melvin Kwan

    wtf is Naruto Mazinger now?

    • Namuro

      Nah, more like…

      “Gai Gai Gai Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking!” :D

    • Hentailover

      Finally, someone notices obvious Mazinger inspiration in Mecha Kurama… Everyone is so busy going “Lol, Gurrenn Lagann”… No respect for classics, I tell ya.

  • Game was fun when I first tried it with Storm 2 but it hasn’t progressed much and I’m tired of the same stuff

    • Nitraion

      I stopped after Storm 2….
      Storm 1 was fun but Storm 2 kinda lost it’s sparkle then i just assume the sequel same thing on Storm 2 over and over again….

      • David García Abril

        “Storm 1” was boring as hell.

        “Storm 2” was way better.

        • Nitraion

          but i don’t like they forsake wall battle and shorten Ultimate jutsu just for sake of online battle…
          Storm series stage is boring as hell…
          they is no stage interaction like PS2 days
          the one that better is QTE battle but after you see them all it will become boring

          • Hentailover

            Wall battles are gone for good, but if you are worried about Ultimate Jutsus, starting with generation they became epic again, and currently they are about as long as Storm 1 ones. They are still mixed with Storm 2 ones though… But at least, horrible mini-game during them is gone.

  • Shippoyasha

    Probably the very underused characters in the story like Lee, Tenten and Shino Aburame. The manga should have kept it an ensemble story like One Piece or hell, even Fairy Tail. It’s going to be a Naruto/Sasuke/Madara three way race until the very end.

    • Loli Summoner

      Errr who’s shino? lol jk jk XD see what I did there? because everybody forgets about shino. Anyway.
      Yeah Tenten and shino are really underused :T but lee is ummm…he’s not that under appreciated, he got his own spin-off :P

      • Shippoyasha

        I liked the comedic spinoff too. I just wish Lee had fulfilled his potential to be really special in the story but it just seems the author just has no uses for anyone not named Naruto and Sasuke anymore.

        • James Williams

          At least he bothers to use the character quite often unlike bleach, talk about wasted potential the series.

          • Shippoyasha

            Bleach might have the ‘core’ cast back at the very end. But yeah, they were a good, interesting group but the mangaka didn’t know what to do with them. After Soul Society, all the attention was on the Shinigami and Ichigo’s friends had very little to do. A true shame.

      • Tenten?

        Dude, have you not been following Naruto? She’s the best character and extremely OP. Hella character development!Tenten will defeat Madara next chapter, just you wait!


        • RichyGaming

          LOL nice one

    • TempestTwin

      Which is what annoys me. Instead of making the same rehashed and recycled game over and over again it would be so much better if Fairy Tail had some light in video games instead of only the PSP ones.

      • Hentailover

        I am so tired of the whole “rehashed” thing. This game adds more gameplay mechanics and new character than a new Blazblue sequel and I don’t see people whining that Blazblue is a rehash game… (no offense to blazblue, I have only good things to say about that series) It’s like people have never seen a fighting game sequel. They don’t really change the entire game from the ground up.

        • The games just feel like the previous game + DLC sometimes… plus they always have bugs that don’t get ironed out till next game, which prolly has it’s own share of bugs.

          Fighting games shouldn’t have to change from the ground up, correct. I just feel some of the new additions are lazily added/done.

  • Alex B.

    So where does this stand story wise? Is it a spinoff type thing like Generations?

  • InfernoCommander

    Doesn’t matter, the game won’t be balanced enough for team compositions to make much more of difference.

  • David García Abril

    Whatever the combination between Naruto and Hinata is.

    Long live the “Secret Lovers”! lol

    • greeeed

      Phoenix attack
      (last ed after naruto hold Hinata hand they show Phoenix attack->tribute to N)

  • I wish for 1 vs 1 ranked matches. Oh what a dream that would be.

    • RichyGaming

      Doesn’t sound too fun

  • mujokujeafataotkiva

    there will be a PC release as well..

  • Bobby Jennings

    The game releases in September 2014. It was confirmed at that event(not sure what the event was called.)

  • Byron Kerrison II

    The game looks visually appealing.

    The game-play is going to drive me batshit insane.

    Why don’t they just make cell-shaded anime films? (i.e. .hack//Trilogy)

  • Kornelious

    Looks like the game is already up on Amazon…It looks fun, but I’m a little hesitant that the might release a “Complete” version for this later on……

  • tylerc23

    September 2014 for US has been confirmed

  • Aspenharls

    Probably not going to be getting this. Was disappointed with Storm 3 enough to have nightmares(You think I’m kidding).

  • Vash bane

    will sakura have that diamond thing on her forehead? I’ve always been curious.

    • Asura

      If it’s included it will probably be her Awakening.

  • karasuKumo

    Would hate to be in their position, adding more characters but stripping more from the game as they do so. I’d like to see them spend a decent amount of time on one of these games. It was what made the first two so great.

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