Tether Recovery Has Increased Range In The New Super Smash Bros. Games

By Ishaan . April 29, 2014 . 11:01am

Tether Recovery is back in the new Super Smash Bros. game. Director Masahiro Sakurai showed the feature off in a new screenshot on Miiverse, featuring Samus and Link.


“Tether recovery? Yes, you can! And from even longer range than before,” Sakurai wrote. “Multiple fighters can latch on—who actually grabs hold is determined by the same rules as the standard ledge grab.”


Super Smash Bros. will be available on Nintendo 3DS this Summer and on Wii U in Winter.

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  • KingGunblader

    Hmmm it looks like Samus and Link are both able to successfully tether the ledge in this shot. I guess whoever gets back to the ledge first is the one who survives?

    • otakumike

      I can see many a hilarious moment and curse words being tossed around due to this. Looks like fun. xD

      • ronin4life

        Would be cool if you could just hang there with Samus’ Beam like in her games too.

        Or can you, but if Link grabs the ledge it dislodges the Beam?

        • lackofstyle

          I know link can hang for a bit without retracting the hookshot in brawl but I don’t remember if samus can

  • Twilleppac

    What’s with the small wires stemming from Link and Samus? Is it like to represent that they’re both fighting for the same ledge or something?

    • Guest

      Those are vines hanging from below the floating structures in the background, I think.

      • Göran Isacson

        I dunno, it reeeaally looks like the vines are connected to the fighters, not the background. It COULD just be an optical illusion of course, but I’m not seeing the vines elsewhere in the game, soo..

      • Twilleppac

        Yeah, I think they’re just chains hanging from the structures in the background like you said, after looking at some screenshots of the stage.

    • “Guest” is most likely correct. Like, 99.99% right in that it’s a background element and there’s a tangent issue with the picture.

      Link: http://emptyeasel.com/2008/11/18/avoiding-tangents-9-visual-blunders-every-artist-should-watch-out-for/.

      But wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a Team-based multiplayer mode where you were physically tethered to your teammates? That would actually make 1 v. 3 matches more interesting, because whoever fights solo would be able to move freely? THAT would be an interesting new mode to see.

    • Johzho

      probably chains linked to their wallets, new form of money mode, gotta yank them wallets out.

  • Liamv2

    My what a big chain you have.

  • SlickRoach

    Is it just me or are their tethers nearly twice as long too? If Lucas makes a reappearance I hope his Rope Snake sees some improvement too.

  • Vash bane

    lol I remember never knowing what this ability was called (never reads the manual unlike how I do now) we actually thought it was just a weird grapple ability we couldn’t mimic lol.

    • God


  • David García Abril

    So, their making Link’s longer to make up for his lackluster recovery?

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Some of these new additions kinda make me wonder if Sakurai played Brawl- lol

    • BalmungX

      What do you mean?

    • 하세요

      It’s obvious they’ve observed all gameplay mods: Minus, Plus, and Project M. All have their merits.

      • And Super Smash Flash 2 counts, too! The Cuccos! Never forget those fowled-feathered hellspawns! They made it as items in Flash 2. Samurai played that game. And added them into this one, too. To Link’s dismay…

  • They should add “hook points” to all the stages, and add a whip item to the items list. Then any character with a whip could use them, but if you play as Samus or Link, you could do it whenever you wanted.

    Would’ve made simply moving around feel fresh and unique compared to the past games to add in stage features like that.

  • gulabjamal

    (all the dames collapse)

  • MrJechgo

    “Multiple fighters can latch on—who actually grabs hold is determined by the same rules as the standard ledge grab.”

    I… don’t get it…

    If multiple fighters can latch on the ledge, but only one can actually grab by the “rules”, does this mean that only one fighter can successfully latch on the ledge???

    I’m confused… ugh… why don’t they just modify the whole thing so that there’s no limit to how many characters can grab the ledge? That would eliminate voluntary edge-hogging for good.

    Both Ice Climbers can grab the edge at the same time. If they can, why not the other characters? Have 4 (or 5) characters being able to grab the ledge already.

    • DoctorButler

      Edge-hogging is a good strategy. Never reduce the players tactical options.

      • MrJechgo

        A rather cheap one IMO… unless they either make the edge-grabbing character vulnerable all the time… or they make the edge grabbable by more than one character at once.

        • DoctorButler

          Nothing’s “cheap”. Every puzzle has a solution. Figure out a way to counter it.

          • MrJechgo

            Which there’s none for egde-hogging ¬_¬;

  • Guest

    In May 2 Meta Knight will be revealed unless Sakurai trolls again…

  • Yan Zhao

    I hope this means Link will be more viable now since he cant go for throws without taking huge risks and has terrible recovery potential when knocked far away.

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