Freedom Wars Shows Off An Intense Battle Against A Winged-Abductor

By Sato . May 8, 2014 . 12:00pm


There’s a city-state in the sky of Freedom Wars called the “Divine Punishment,” which will have something to do with “the harvest of arrogance that spreads across the lands.” While we don’t know too much about it just yet, Freedom Wars’ latest trailer shows a crew fighting a Divine Punishment Abductor.



The video shows off a “volunteer” mission,where the protagonist alongside NPC characters like Mathias and their android Accessory partners fighting against “Koushin,” the Divine Punishment Abductor with the appearance of a winged tiger.


The crew are seen using various weapons and putting their Ibara thorn-whip to use, by knocking Koushin down and using it for evasive and offensive maneuvers. They even manage to pry off a part of the Abductor’s wing, which looks like it can be done even while the Abductor moves around.


Freedom Wars will be released in Japan on June 26, 2014 for PlayStation Vita. The game will also be getting a Western release sometime in 2014.

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  • Postnjam

    This looks so damn fun.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    It looks like you, looking at the video, can latch onto it and try to sever parts of it.

    Which is pretty neat in my opinion.

    • Ryujin

      If a Space Owl says that, I’d be inclined to agree. :P

  • Tiredman

    This right here is the kind of game I wish they would occasionally release on consoles too. That action would just be a ton of fun in hd and on a flat screen tv.

    • Vash bane

      consoles already have a lot of neat games let the handhelds get some love too xP

      • Tiredman

        Whats funny, is I feel the same way about rpg’s on handhelds. I feel they get tons of those, including old school style ones that I miss on console, and I would love some of them on consoles. Sometimes I wish the 3ds had a hdmi slot like the psp, because even when its a bit grainy, those pixel based games are still more fun for me on the big screen.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      PS Vita TV

      • Tiredman

        Seriously thinking about it if they ever bring it to the U.S. and enough games are compatible with it.

  • Orichalon Hades

    oh cool they fixed up the animation.
    When Japon Studio first release a game play video the animation was choppy as hell. Glad they polish that up

    • Alex Shadov

      Is still looking a lot like God Eater, the AI is almost the same that Monster Hunter (maybe) and you have an actual limit to your bullets… … … MAN, I WANT THIS GAME!!! (◎o◎)ノ

  • Kotori Itsuka

    I finally decided to buy a ps vita next week, so I’m really stoked about this game. Can I download a japanase game or demo from my japanese psn from my ps3 and transfer to my eu account on ps vita, or do I have to import in order to play japanase games?

    • ZEROthefirst

      You will have to either import the game or reset your vita to go between regions to download the demo and such sadly.

      • Kotori Itsuka

        Oh, I see. Thanks for the fast reply! The internet is a fine thing.(well, sometimes XD)

  • ZEROthefirst

    In my opinion this looks underwhelming compared to other games in this category. The animations for the characters and monster there look stiff and awkward, the combat kind of reminds me of Phantasy Star Portable 2, and while I know some people like this, the health bar for a PSO, MH, GE, etc. type game is something I’m not a fan of. I’ll definitely try out a demo when it’s released, but I have a feeling I won’t be playing this past that.

    • planetofthemage

      Not even for 30 dollars?

      • ZEROthefirst

        Unless it really surprises me and I get sucked into the game when I play a demo I probably won’t bother with it at all. Especially whenever GE2 gets localized which I’m guessing will be announced when the online patch is released or if a Burst release comes out.

        • Alex Shadov

          I’m waiting for that one too, hope the story is as epic as the first game.
          Don’t run away from… Localization!!

          • ZEROthefirst

            Oh you~ *wags finger*

  • TheGioG

    Aww yeah, I’m loving what I’m seeing. And as awesome as player created avatars are in games, I will now be taking DOUBLE the already long hours just to design a monster slaying badass and his android wifey. The struggle in a nutshell…

    • Firion Hope

      I’m glad that the character customization actually seems pretty deep here too

    • MrTyrant

      Ha! everytime. The more customization option they mention in one game for me its more hours to spent creating a char.

    • Alex Shadov

      Yeah, about that… my character always look the same… and the android… well… Phantasy Star… … … Yep, they will look pretty much the same that in that game.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    So is this an action RPG or an MH clone?

    • planetofthemage

      More like a God Eater clone.

      • Schiller

        And God Eater is an MH clone soooo… But after all I wouldn’t call those games clones… It’s more an genre these games share.

        • Dede Ogbe

          Exactly what i’ve been trying to get across to people. If people are gonna use that line of argument every game in the genre would be considered a Phantasy Star clone, including MH. They’re not. Sure they have similarities with one another but they’re definitely not clones.

          • planetofthemage

            I feel like the steps from PS to MH and then to GE are probably a lot bigger than other games in the genre. The jump from GE to this to Toukiden to Ragnarok doesn’t feel as big. I don’t know where I’d put Toukiden or LoA though.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          And MH is a PSO clone, sooooo~.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Mega Man Legends clone

      • tubers

        I wish.. so we could have some sort of exploration :P

    • tubers

      It’s God Eater + Lost Planet x Modifications.

      2 Weapons + Thorn

      -simultaneous wall cling and attack (both range and melee)
      -Thorn can be used as sort of a sub weapon (“spiderman” incapacitation, thorn “bomb”[?], pull down)
      -Generally more rescue oriented
      -More emphasis in dismemberment of large enemy types (Abductors)
      -Direct command AI partner
      -Regenerating health

    • Syn

      far from a clone, has one thing none of the other titles in the genre are using greatly, free form grappling and verticality, not QTE based monster riding, also has a story.

      EDIT: what Tubers said^^^

      • natchu96

        There is also a severe lack of MH clones in general in the genre.

        Only thing in common in this genre is “hunt really big enemy” tbh

        • TheExile285

          THIS GUY GETS IT! :P

  • Schiller

    Why are comments always blocked under japanese youtube videos`?

    • Ferrick

      because it’s youtube? ever seen a constructive comment on youtube?

      • MrTyrant

        The funny comments on space jam’s quad city video parodies? man I love seeing those ones xD

  • God

    So you can only Lock-On by using the weed-hook? Lame… still gona buy it, but that is lame.

  • Kroz

    Im not gonna jump the gun and say this will be the “monster hunter killer” but i will say that if this game has the amount of depth monster hunter does it will certainly have potential……i mean im blown away from what i am seeing on the surface

    • Godmars

      All a “monster Hunter Killer” needs is to be more dynamic. Be more like Dragon’s Dogma.

      This is just typical. Good looking but typical.

      • MrTyrant

        I betting more on this one for your android servant which reminds me a little of creating a companion in Dragon Dogma.

        • Godmars

          Talking more about grabbing onto a monster, Hacking at a wing to keep it from flying, rather than what’s shown here which is just a static exchanging of blows. A player will get knocked off their feet once in a while but that’s it.

          PS1 era titles like Vagrant Story worked on a basis of effecting hit areas yet nearly twenty years later such things have been forgotten rather than developed.

    • tubers

      This IP “does” have potential specially as a handheld game.

      It even implies variances within the same weapon category (ala Souls).

      Throw in some exploration and ride-able Abductors and you’ve really got something going on for a handheld. That might need a higher capacity game card tho (specially for “exploration”).. maybe if the IP becomes remotely successful and near the end of the VITA’s cycle were card production might be much more cheaper.

      “MH Killer” can be subjective but sales figures aren’t. This is unlikely to do “MH Killer” sales figures nor dent MH Sales.. at best, get some of those “hunters” to shell some cash to play Freedom Wars but not exactly “convert” most of them.. and that’s fine.

      I doubt there’ll be as much “depth” as MH for PvE and out of combat specially if gears in this game are mostly cosmetic and there ain’t no farming/cooking/fishing/bug catching/etc.

      I think it’s fine for the developers of FW to keep a bit more tame and simple for its first entry and a good way to contrast to MH overall, to see if the consumers like the core first hand gameplay and mechanics.

  • KuroNathan

    I really really hope this is one of the early game bosses, it looks sort of slow. to me

    • tubers

      I think the theme will be generally slower moving “bosses” but packing punches.

      I’m sure there’ll be times where 3-4 of these things will still be PITA.

  • Vash bane

    ah so the whip cant be spammed lol I guess players would be OP if it wasn’t and no one will be touching the ground XD

    game sounds like its going to have some pretty good music attached. the characters move human like (you know no crazy movement speeds beside the whip) that abductor looks cool

  • This looks awesome! So can’t wait to play it!

  • tubers

    Nice vid.

    Wish they’d get polish the lazy suzan turning animation.

    The Tiger Abductor sprinting doesn’t look too good.

    The player’s Accessory was standing dumb on the corner in the final seconds of the vid. I just hope that was a “direct command” by the player not bad AI.

    Still didn’t improve that awkward upper body sprinting animation for human models.

    • Alex Shadov

      They have guns with actual limit on their bullets… I’ll curse a lot of people over that feature while playing the game, but right now is the only thing that separate Monster Hunter, God Eater and Soul Sacrifice from it. BTW in Monster Hunter you can make bullets while on the field… is actually necessary most of the times.
      And yeah, the game needs a lot of polishing, hope they do it right, it seems it’ll be a lot fun.

      • tubers

        It’s not just the traditional bullet usage that makes this game unique.

        MH, GE and SS don’t have:

        -A weapon category has varied movesets (not all short blades attack exactly the same)
        -8 Player max count
        -rescue-escort orientation
        -Heavy 3rd element use (Thorn)
        -Verticality (sticking to walls while simultaneously
        shooting and attacking)

        -Non QTE dismemberment

        -Direct partner commands
        -Partner voice customization (by the letter, by the syllable)
        -Simple decal edit
        -Character girth, extremities, height edit
        -Two tone hair edit

        The biggest problem I see right now is the enemy and stage variety. I hope they give some free bosses DLC unless the developers/producer/publishers will reveal a decent roster much closer to release.

        I kinda see FW cheapening out of variety by going with part swapped Abductors and day-night stages… but hey.. it’s the first iteration of the game and cheap 5K yen/30 USD.

        So far I am speculating that armed abductors actually pick up some environmental objects (this was cut off in the 11 min tutorial trailer), Thorn “Skills” (AOE Heal, Traps, etc.) and more..

        • Alex Shadov

          You have quite the hype for this game, don’t you?
          And that’s a nice list of differences…
          ( ̄□ ̄) Now I’m more worried… I hope those guys don’t rush the game or anything like that, a lot of good games had crashed that way and this one is looking better by the moment.

          • tubers

            I guess it’s my most anticipated VITA game for 2014 but I’m trying to destroy my hype as to level my own expectations.

            I expect lots of bugs and glitches for this game.. it’s the first entry so I’ll give it some leeway.

            I imagine rubber banding and visual glitches. I think we’ll see a lot of people complaining about little stuff.

          • Alex Shadov

            Still, it sounds like it could be a pretty nice game.. and beside…
            (;¬_¬) I’ve played worst… way worst… and a lot more expensive games (눈_눈) I don’t think this game will be money wasted. Well (._.) I did buy the FF XIII-2 so… I guess my opinion about that it’s worthless.

          • tubers

            For $ 30, yeah.. I don’t think this game is much of a gamble. Probably Sony’s most promising handheld title for the VITA just yet (doubt it’s gonna be selling as much as UCGA, let alone CODBOD or AC3L).

  • Looking good. How about more details on character progression?

  • Earthjolly

    Looks great. Nice and Fluid and the Animation are pretty good.

  • Fatalystic

    I like how whoever’s playing this failed to read and dodge that frontal charge with the really obvious tell not once, not twice, but four times.

    The gameplay looks slower than I imagined…don’t get me wrong; that’s not bad by any means.

  • PreyMantis

    I hope the difficulty in this trailer is on easy and the monster is an earlier boss because it felt like that to me. I mean it makes Great Jaggi look like a high level monster with that slow, very predictable, and weak monster.

    • Harmonic

      I see what you mean. I hoping we’ll get some Dyaus Pita (Live Prey) level of difficulty with some of the boss monsters on this game.

      • Fatalystic

        Thor’s Banquet, anyone?
        I still have nightmares about that one.

        • Harmonic

          Oh I most definitely remember that one, but I didn’t have as much of a hard time with that mission as I did with live prey

          • Fatalystic

            Live Prey is a 1v1 with Dyaus Pita, right? Equip a Chevalier EX and go crazy on its forelegs.

          • Harmonic

            I don’t have problem with it now since I completely memorized his movements, but the first couple of times his fucking jumping and speed were what overwhelming me.

    • tubers

      It’s slow and predictable but I don’t think it’s weak damage output-wise.

      Pretty sure you’ll be fighting a few of these (or mixed Abductor types) in a single arena later on so it’s still likely to pose some challenge for some.. they’ll likely mitigate the predictability of a single ai with numbers. Hope they make it hard to separate these things (“pulling mobs”).

  • natchu96

    POV player going “stall this tiger and take hits for me while I spend 60 seconds cutting off its wings!”

  • DanielGearSolid

    That monster looks coooool

    So cool I cant even get mad when it mudstomps the s*** outta me so successfully that I’ll be mistaken for the aforementioned s*** that would be lying on the ground next to my battered corpse

  • Guest

    God Eater + Lost Planet = Freedom Wars?

    im buying a vita next month.

  • Jadfish

    I liked the music and boss monster design a lot, and I think that those aspects are at the very least on par with other recent hunting games. The thing I’m most interested in though is the rope (or whatever they call it).

    I really want to see good players play this, since I am anxious to see 3-6 players swing around like monkeys in a rope factory.
    One of the earlier trailers showcased how you can move fast through the terrain with the rope, so I would like to see someone go nuts with it and be all over a boss at all times instead of running around its ankles.
    I just really hope that this feature isn’t super limited or something…

    • tubers

      Several trailers have shown other players having longer “Energy Bars” of the “Thorns” (Ibara).

      AFAIK, Siliconera reported long ago that Thorns will have a growth/upgrade system.

      Try observing carefully on how much energy the Thorn costs in the articles video.

      • Jadfish

        the thorns have energy bars? Aww man, that puts a damper on the hype…
        I hope you can upgrade it so that you can use it a lot and swing much faster

        • tubers

          I don’t think you’ll be swinging much faster but yes, there’s proof of longer energy bars on the early gameplay trailers.

          It’s ok to have some limitations on the thorns as long as it fits in the overall gameplay.

          I personally don’t want the game to keep revolving on swinging around most of the time.. I’d enjoy if FW balanced the viability of every strategy including ground combat.

          They’ve already mentioned there’d be areas where you can barely swing around so you can have a form of varied playstyle (desert area).

    • Alex Shadov

      Have you ever played Terraria… Grappling hooks… search for that.

  • Oliver Teigaga

    The monster looks cool, can’t say that the combat excited me though. Other than the hook shot everything feels a bit flat… Hope it does well anyways.

  • Kai2591

    I’d be the guy shooting baddies from far, far away :)

  • Darkwing7

    That is some badass music

  • Asian_Jesus

    gets hit by a running tiger, the dude just bounces up and down?!

    physics is a little off, i think.

  • Chee Yang

    Wow! I didn’t know Dimps was also involve in the development. Know I’m interested.

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