Capcom Hope To Sell 3.9 Million Copies Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

By Ishaan . May 9, 2014 . 10:59am

As part of their forecast for their ongoing fiscal year, Capcom have announced their projected sales for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, scheduled to launch in Japan this Autumn and in North America and Europe in early 2015.


By March 31st, 2015, Capcom hope to ship 3.9 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate across Japan, North America and Europe. That figure includes download sales of the game, and when Capcom say “Japan,” they mean other Asian countries where the game will be released as well.


Meanwhile, Monster Hunter 4 has shipped 4.1 million copies in Japan, and Capcom say the game has seen a high number of download sales as part of that figure.

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  • chibidw

    Capcom studying from the Square Enix big book of sales projections, I see.

    • Can ya blame ’em?

      Monster Hunter has repeatedly sold well these past few installments.

    • RampagingSoul

      With MH4 already selling 4.1 million in Japan and this being 3.9 million predicted for Japan, Europe, and North America, I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits or exceeds its target, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit its target also.

    • 60hz

      well if the previous incarnation sold 4.1 million EXCLUDING downloads (as the article states), then 3.9 million INCLUDING downloads total (as the article states) may not be too out of this world…

      • No no, the 4.1 mil. includes download sales.

      • subsamuel01

        Yea, but this is essentially the same game with a few add-ons. Would all 4.1 million be willing to buy the game again, especially with the recent tax hikes in Japan I guess we’ill have to wait and see.

        • Heisst

          Portable 3rd sold way more than the original game it’s based on (Tri), it also sold more than MHFU which was also on PSP, had more content and was released years prior, not to mention worldwide, unlike P3rd which was japan-only and even then the latter still sold more.

          • The thing is, Tri was never going to sell 3-4 million copies because it was a console game. Consoles aren’t where people in Japan are interested in playing these games. So, when Portable 3rd came out, to the vast majority of people, it may as well have been the first third-gen MH title as far as they were concerned.

            P3rd had a lot going for it in general. It hit when the popularity of the series was at its peak, and at a time when the PSP had sold millions upon millions of units. Best of all, there was absolutely nothing else on the PSP that could compete with it—it had that platform all to itself.

  • flameraver64

    If they mean 3.9 million units worldwide, that’ll definitely be easy to hit

  • d19xx

    Sounds feasible. It’ll be surprising if they didn’t hit those numbers.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Do all MH4 gamers in Japan have to buy MH4U to get the new content? If so, that’s 4.1 million potential customers in Japan alone, and 3.9 million worldwide will be a cakewalk.

    It’s great to see such enthusiasm for worldwide sales from Capcom too, after P3rd on PSP just floundered around in localization hell.

  • eilegz

    it wont happen while asia and japan likes MH, for america its a crappy offline MMO with dated graphics, dated mechanics and the need of adhoc its not good neither.

    Those expectations are out of place and hopefully they dont base this as a success or a failure in a way that they wont release the game overseas because of this.

    The same happened with BASARA, those kind of games are cheap and should be released like dynasty warriors which it wont sell millions but some people enjoy it.

    • Kouji Tamino

      Erm… This game has online multiplayer, unless you’re saying that people are so ignorant as to think otherwise.

  • MasterScrub

    Yeah, 3.9 mil seems pretty feasible for a Monster Hunter game.

  • Tarkovsky

    I see it reaching it’s target but not within the first month. Do think it’s entirely possible though. Not unrealistic by any means.

  • Capcom’s forecasts for Monster Hunter are usually pretty conservative, but I think they might be overshooting a little here. I don’t know how many people one can realistically hope will double-dip for 4G in Japan.

    Monster Hunter is still very popular, but unless there’s some sort of huge upgrade in 4G that they haven’t revealed yet, I don’t see the game doing over 2.5 million or so in Japan. 4 was already a pretty vast game, and this isn’t 2008 any more. I don’t think doing another “Freedom Unite” will be as effective this time around.

    Western sales should be interesting to see. I have it on good authority that 3U has sold fairly well at least in North America, so Monster Hunter 4 should do even better, considering that this time the online multiplayer exists on a successful platform.

    • Anewme…Again

      MH4U will reach 3.9 millions copy sold worldwide at some point, i have no doubt about that, but i’m not sure if it will reach that much by the end of march 2015.

      • Right, that’s what I meant. Doing it by March seems harder. It depends on just when in “Autumn” they plan to release it in Japan.

    • subsamuel01

      If at least half the people who bought MH4 buy this game that’s at least 2 million, I don’t see this game selling over a million overseas so it might pass 3.9 eventually depending on how much Japanese gamers are willing to buy the game again.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I accounted for quite a few of these 3U sales. Bought it twice on Wii U simply because I wanted to have it on there without having to switch disks, and I bought the 3DS game 5 times, 2 for similar reasons as Wii U, and 3 being gifts.

    • Happy Gamer

      I was genuinely surprised how many people played 3U around my campus. It wasn’t even close for 2 and 2g.

      • Yeah, I think Monster Hunter has benefited from the constant reiteration over the years. Each game has gradually become a little less intimidating, a little more accessible.

        I wouldn’t say it’s perfect (3U still has major issues in terms of teaching people how things work), but with the help of the community and the gradual knowledge that’s been gathered over the years, each game since Freedom Unite has gained more and more recognition and acceptance.

        It was kind of interesting to watch, actually. Back when the reviews for 3U were starting to roll out, a lot of people in the press just seemed to “get it”. There was this sense of everyone just treating Monster Hunter as its own thing, with no pre-conceived notions or comparisons to other multiplayer games. It was the first time that had happened.

        I think Capcom have noticed that over the years, too, which is why they’re okay putting these games out and letting them do their thing.

    • malek86

      I can see the game easily reaching 3 millions in Japan (where it will have six months to do so, including the holiday season). So if they can ship 900k copies between US and EU for launch, it will be done.

      The latter might be hard though, especially for Europe, where retailers barely stock any third-party 3DS games anymore.

      • Yeah, Europe is mainly why I’m worried. I think the software market for third-party 3DS games is very healthy in America. Stuff that had no business selling even “decently” has done fairly well. But Europe is a whole different ballgame.

        (Granted, that might be partly because data for Europe is so scattered and rarely made available, so we have very little idea of how games there do in general.)

        As for 3 million in Japan… I guess we’ll see. I mean, so far, the game sounds like MH4 with a couple of new tricks up its sleeve, but nothing groundbreaking. Back in the Freedom Unite days, when the MH phenomenon was still taking off, that was sufficient. Now? I’m not sure that would work.

  • Dystopiq

    And I want a horse made of diamond

  • Ric Vazquez

    Can’t wait for this one, online multiplayer with your buddies now :)

  • Nobody

    Why 3.9 million as opposed to 4million? Sems like an odd number to go with.

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