Monster Monpiece Reaches North America And Europe Later This Month

By Ishaan . May 9, 2014 . 7:00am

Idea Factory have announced a western release date for Monster Monpiece. The game will be available on May 27th in North America and May 28th in Europe for PS Vita. It will be downloadable via PlayStation Network for $29.99.


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monpiece_18 monpiece_10

monpiece_19 monpiece_20

monpiece_21 monpiece_22

monpiece_23 monpiece_24

monpiece_25 monpiece_26 monpiece_27 monpiece_28 monpiece_29 monpiece_30 monpiece_31 monpiece_32 monpiece_33 monpiece_34

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  • Thats cool I was wondering when this was coming

  • Spider-Man

    All these Vita localizations, man. This is amazing. Though my wallet isn’t going to make it.

    • Schiller

      Seems like Sony had some serious discussions with some publishers :>

      • otakumike

        All hail Shahid lol

    • Dashaun Rutledge

      I bought this game and it’s FANTASTIC I love it it’s actually a really strategic game the rub thing is just an awesome bonus. ;)

  • Landale

    For the record for those regions that don’t use dollars, at the moment they have not mentioned a price besides the $29.99.

  • Tetris

    Same day as Watch_Dogs. That’ll go well. ;P

    • Landale

      Different systems, different audience, not that big of a concern.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Yeah, if anything being the same day as Mind=Zero is a bigger deal, since they’re both Vita JRPGs.

        • Ragnab

          Luckily for me, I can afford both. Having enough time to play both though…

        • Landale

          That is a more valid concern. Even then, the different styles between them possibly helps. And the $10 difference.

      • Tetris

        Not really, people like different things, such as me. But many aren’t going to prioritize Monpiece over Watch_Dogs.

        • Manny Being Manny

          The amount of crossover between a GTA style shooter and a naked anime girl rubbing game is minimal.

          • Landale

            Not exactly the most graceful way of stating it… But yeah, that.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I want both

    • nonscpo

      It’s actually a genius move on their part, by releasing on the same day as a major release Idea Factory can avoid any potential backlash from the media if any was expected. I kinda agree with Landale both games are on two different systems and cater to polar opposite audiences, if someone was looking forward to this game then I’m sure they’d prioritize the purchase.

      • British_Otaku

        Any backlash over this game would only lead to increased awareness and sales. Even a Japanese version of this game translated is far from being as any of JAST USA’s library of games or even a Senran Kagura game as far as I can see.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Sweet. Now I can hack into stuff AND rub up monsters~ :P

  • DyLaN

    Good to know it still alive.

  • Huh forgot about this one. The controversy completely blown over I guess. I’ll still try it out but there’s no demo right?

    • Landale

      No demo at the moment. Maybe later?

    • Nesther

      I wouldn’t say the controversy has blown over. It’s just that the comments of the unhappy people are being deleted.

      Hopefully we’ll get a demo.

    • nonscpo

      I agree id like to know whether or not there will be a demo. This game is too Japanese for people to not try it before buying it.

  • Firion Hope

    I like the uh… card designs. Not as much as the Japanese ones though

    Anyway any word on if this is actually good? Could use a Vita card game

    • nonscpo

      I actually think that’s going to be Monster Monpiece strongest thing going for it, with no major card game on the go in the west (No Yugioh and No Cardfight Vanguard) on any of the 3 Handhelds (3DS, VITA, SHIELD) MONSTER MONPIECE could cater to more than just the ecchi crowd.

  • Milewide

    I’m probably gonna try this out, but I’m not gonna tell ANYONE!

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      I think that is one of the advantages of it being a downloadable game…no one will ever see me or the case on my shelf :)

      • Milewide

        Closet pervert is best pervert, am I right? ;)

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          lol! Perverts or hentais? nooo…of course not…we are all just students of the universe, who desire the best harem ending :) – some might just have difficulty understanding.

          • Milewide

            Yes… yes! I see it now. Your wisdom is astounding, sensei. Teach me the ways of the universe. Onegaishimasu!

      • Plus, you can hide trophy data of games you don’t want people to know you have. :D

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          Exactly ;) – It’s all part of the master plan XD – I seriously can’t wait to play this one.

          • Glad to see your master plan is coming together. :D Me neither.

    • You just did lol =P

    • You can’t let others borrow your vita then =P

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Seriously guys, the censorship argument is getting old. There’s no reason to bring it up anymore.
    Please refrain from trying to start up something about it. Thanks

    • Taedirk

      Can I at least complain about recycling art instead of getting the removed cards redone?

      • DyLaN

        Recycling art? I’m curious as to what this mean.

        • Landale

          Using the lower level art for the higher leveled ones that were removed.

          • DyLaN

            Oh that.

    • Eslende

      Criticism towards a company’s actions isn’t ‘starting something’. Commenters should be allowed to express their opinion, even if it’s negative.

      • Landale

        Except it’s rarely ever just criticism. Or trying to discuss anything. It tends to go places it does not need to go.

        • Eslende

          Then remove comments when they become toxic. But deleting anything critical is just silly and counterproductive to any real discussion.

          • Landale

            This is still here is it not? I’ve seen 3, I think, of the deleted posts here. They weren’t in any sort of position to go anywhere.
            And going beyond this article to the general behavior; Death threats or perhaps a better wording would be death wishing more often, wishing failure on the company as a whole, assuming the company is actively malicious rather than acting within what they are permitted. The list of bullshit just goes on and on, and most of the hate is very much misdirected.

          • Eslende

            It is still here, that’s true. It certainly lasted longer than my post saying it would be nice if cut content could make it as DLC or the like.
            I can understand wanting to head off antisocial behavior, but at the same time people should be allowed to express their opinion, even if it’s been expressed in the past. I’m sure this article isn’t the first time that someone praised the game, so surely people should be allowed to continue to express discontent as well.
            I’m just not used to commenting on a website and being blammed within seconds because my comment doesn’t fit within the accepted opinion.

          • Landale

            That pleasantry doesn’t usually devolve into vile shit is probably the biggest reason behind repeated praise being fine while repeated discontent is not so much.

          • Eslende

            Sure, but I’ve managed to take a critical stance to the modding actions without insulting anyone’s mother or questioning anyone’s sexuality yet, and I’m sure I could do so in future, and that there are many people out there who could do the same.
            There’s always the possibility someone could go off on a hate tangent, it doesn’t mean that someone always will though.

          • Manny Being Manny

            They always become toxic though, thats why they delete the posts now. If there wasn’t any modding then every Monpiece topic would become 90% whining about censorship instead of talking about the actual game.

          • Eslende

            If people have an issue with censorship, they should be able to express it. It’s a negative factor of the game, the same as if it was poorly made or unfinished. Discussion should be allowed until it turns bad, not just shut down everything because it could possibly do so in future. That’s just living in a bubble.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Here’s rule 5:

            5. Express yourself clearly, but not repeatedly: Don’t like a particular game or piece of news and really want to voice your thoughts? OK, fine. But if you intend to express your disdain, make sure to provide well-articulated reasoning with proper grammar, or people will laugh at you. Snarky one-liners will not be tolerated. Additionally, once you’ve had your say, let go. You don’t need to post the same comments about a game in every new article unless there’s a very good reason to do so.

            I don’t have any much more to say than that.

          • Eslende

            I’ve never commented here before. So can I never express an opinion that someone else may have expressed in the past?

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            You’re not getting the point, where in that deleted post was any particular reason you dislike censorship? I am being strict here because I do not want the comments here turning into chaos. I probably do things very differently from the other mods and it might be more harsh than the others.
            If it’s your first time posting, sorry. But now you know, so we’ll just move on from here.

          • Eslende

            Well, I’ll keep that in mind. I just assumed that a long spiel on my issues with censorship would be more disruptive and offtopic than ‘I want to support this game but can’t support censorship. If only there was DLC’.
            I appreciate the clarification, at least. Immediate deletion isn’t the kind of welcome I’m used to.

          • Nesther

            How would you even keep up with who said what unless you dig through every past article? Seems needlessly time consuming to enforce this rule.

          • Landale

            Mods have tools.

          • Nesther

            Censorship filtering tools? Sounds neat.

          • Arrngrim

            Censorship of talk of censorship! *head exploded*

      • DyLaN

        The same criticism which has been repeated several times by possibly the same person and it keeps going nowhere.

      • Dystopiq

        No. Take your free speech argument elsewhere. The censoring argument has been beaten to death, brought back to life, then beaten to death again. We’re tired of that shit. It always ends up being used to troll and start inflammatory discussion. So instead of doing more work and having to delete comment after comment, just ban the topic. Problem solved. It’s already been discussed multiple times to hell and back so it was never censored. Mods are human and they too get tired of people’s shit.

      • Guest

        The issue isnt censorship. The issue is people have not seen these type games in years and have no clue how to rate or react to them. Japan stopped porting these style games because someone said last gen they wouldnt sell. Japan made itself look more appealing to the western market and companies started going in the red.

        In the states, neo-feminism has become the big thing in the games industry. In the case of dragons crown, Kotaku created buzz about the over sexual nature of the sorceress and amazon in the game and how they aren’t to western standards of feminism and the mud hit the fan.

        Devs and reviewers in the western games industry dont get harem or ecchi games and those that do are a small voice. Which is why most reviews for kagura burst or conception 2 focus on what they do understand which makes the game look like soft porn or fan service.

    • -Misaki-

      This is unfair, hell some people did not even know about this game in the 1st place, you can’t disallow others to bring this and blind the rest….

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        Misaki lol! I love it.

      • Landale

        Considering it was several people all at once doing it, I’d say what he did was completely justified. You’ll notice that since the warning, the subject has continued to be brought up, but with more than simple trolling type posts.

        • Nesther

          Well if you have a gun pointed at your head you’re going to be careful not to say the “wrong” thing.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The past articles are all linked above so one can see why we are taking this stance. The game is certainly not new, nor is the history of ‘pipe bomb’ posts on the subject of this game and the business decisions regarding the artwork limited to this site.

        • -Misaki-

          How about we take it on the good side, if someone mentioned SMT has epic battle system, are we not allowed to mention that again? I agree that we should focus on what the article says, but sometimes things should be mentioned over and over when the problem does have main role in the game’s core such as this and other problems.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            If the same poster continued to drive their point into the ground yes we would take notice. However that is not what we see. Sappy positive posts do not turn threads into battlefields. Sorry.

    • Arcueid Brunstud

      isn’t the original uncensored? just asking.

      • Landale

        Yes. Different regions have different laws and standards though.

        • Arcueid Brunstud

          is the original Japanese game uncensored?

          • dboyz


        • Nesther

          And the US wouldn’t have any laws prohibiting what’s depicted in the original version. But hey, that’s just according to the Supreme Court, what do they know?

          • Landale

            The US isn’t the only place getting this. And actually in previous articles I did bring up a US law that is worded in such as way as to present potential problems for this game. Could they still win against charges based on that law, possibly. Would it be wise for a company that just opened up to go blowing money on defending themselves, not likely.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And the companies we love don’t have the means and resources to do versions for every individual country. So things happen the way they happen. Again, not the point of the article. And why the original request from Fang was made.

    • Shippoyasha

      To be fair, this is not an easy thing to pin on the commenters, the gaming industry or just the way the ratings systems work.

  • ZetaSiren

    The art is really beautiful

    • specs10

      Agreed! I especially appreciate that they got several different artists to contribute card art. The different styles add a lot.

  • SupaPhly

    they could always just re-release the game in asia with english translation and removed cards intact
    win-win for everyone I guess :P

    • michel

      Well, it happened for Demon Gaze, so… who knows?…

      • Eric Harris

        What happened with Demon Gaze? I never heard of anything missing in that.

        • Landale

          I believe he’s more so referring to an asian release with an english translation than any sort of censored material.

          • Eric Harris

            I see. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

  • Strain42

    As much as I love monster girls, this game just doesn’t appeal to me. Most of the monster girls don’t even look like monster girls. They just look like normal girls in slightly monster related costumes.

    • Landale

      That’s my biggest concern about the designs as well. They’re nice and all, but more monster girl-lite than actual monster girl. They should look into getting someone like Okayado to do their monster girl designs for any possible 3rd game in this series.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Is this what you want? Is this the thing you seek?

        • Landale

          I don’t need to seek it, I’ve already got all 3 english volumes. But yes, more of that would be nice.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Lol I see I’ve never read it and was actually trying to find something else but I can’t remember the name of the game I wanted to find. Anyways what’s the appeal of monster girls?

          • Landale

            I don’t know. The appeal just is. At least for me anyway. Always enjoyed it ever since the original Shining Force.

          • Online Card Game, sexy lolis ~ (some cards got censured btw)

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          I plan to start this series this weekend. Looks hilarious and yes I love those designs!

          • Landale

            It is pretty hilarious. It starts to drift into dark stuff after the orcs though.

          • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

            Thanks for the info. That’s cool. I love a funny story with harem ecchi elements that actually gets into some serious plot.

          • Please do! I love monster girls even more because of this series.

        • Strain42

          Kinda, yeah. I mean I’ve never gotten super into that particular series (I know of it, just haven’t read much) but stuff from that, or the stuff from Monster Girl Quest (NSFW) or…and I know saying this will turn a lot of people away, there’s an iOS game called Dungeon & Girl, even that has some pretty decent Monster Girl designs (some are a bit on the light side, like the zombies, but still, stuff like Harpy and Chimera look awesome)

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I’ll have to look it up, if I ever get a itouch.

        • Harvey Tejada Loto

          no no my eye’s

    • Joshelplex

      I know, complete bullcrap.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Since censorship was mentioned, I will bring up that at least they are bringing the game over. Although I don’t agree with it, when dealing with rating boards and this style of subject matter, then little alterations need to be made unfortunately.

    Don’t worry…you still get to rub your Vita. :)

    • Guest

      Someone paid over $100 to play this.

      • Letrico

        I bought my Vita to play this.

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          I love your avatar! ^_^ – I already had my Vita, but I wouldn’t be surprised. You certainly get use out of the touch controls.

      • Arcueid Brunstud

        that’s how some imports work.

  • landlock

    Don’t like the censorship but since I don’t really have a choice i’ll be downloading the game anyway. Looks interesting.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Gah and my vita is still broken,I’m missing so many games.

    • RedSuisei

      Buy the game from the PS Store, play it later when your Vita is fixed?

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Ohh yeah that’s right I can do that can’ I. I forgot about that.

  • Uvers

    I wonder if they’re gna pull the $30=£30 pounds crap on the UK PSN when it’s released

  • Demeanor

    All this flood of niche (and awesome) localizations for the Vita are starting to resemble a mounting tsunami that will soon crash upon both our wallets and our gaming time XD what with MonMon, Shinovi, all the Nep titles, Akibas, Monokuma 2, and if you’d rather have the portable versions we have new Rorona, BB, Disgaea 4 ret and God only knows what I’m forgetting XD
    One thing is sure, it looks like the Vita is following the usual Sony trend of picking up the pace in time, being weaker at first but delivering a slew of awesome titles later on.
    A really really good time to be a Vita owner if you like these series (currenty playing wonderful stuff like Demon Gaze and Diva F 2nd, just finished Ys Celceta). :D

    • Crazy_O

      Yes! I’m really happy Vita owner.
      It’s exactly what I wanted it to be with those releases. I would also add Oreshika to your list. From what I’ve seen it will be a great game.

    • Gigan22

      With all of these Vita releases, I have felt zero inclination to buy a next-gen console(specifically a PS4). Between all of the localized games, new indie game releases, PS+ freebies, PSP games(currently playing Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and still trying to make my way through Black Rock Shooter), and PS One games I want to buy, my Vita is flooded with backlogged games to play.

      Btw, you forgot the two BlazBlue games. XBlaze and Chronophantasma. As well as Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice Delta. I feel there are others as well, but there have been so many announcements recently it’s hard to keep up.

  • Ash_Riot

    All anime looks the same to me nowadays. Meh.

  • Kornelious

    Awesome. I’ll probally have to get this later though, gotta get Mind Zero that week. I do wonder though if it’s dubbed or not….probally not…..

  • Splinter

    Great news! Buying on day one.

  • pimpalicious

    I’m not sure about this game. I might buy it later though after a discount or at full price if impressions sound good. What could convince me is a demo but I doubt that will happen.

    • That is the thing I want with digital-only titles – since refunds and reselling are out of the question.

      • pimpalicious

        I will generally buy games without a demo if they appeal to me but I’ve never played any of these japanese card game/RPGs before so I’m not sure I’ll like it.

  • Aristides

    Looking forward to getting this :P

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Perfect. Can’t wait to get through this month~

  • Welp. There goes more money out of my wallet this month -_- lol

  • Would like to get it to support games like this, with cute girls and all that but I don’t have much money right now :/

  • Dystopiq

    Is this the game where one can rub lolis in suggestive places?

  • Censorship be damned I am excited to get this!

  • Eric Harris

    Eh even with censorship and digital I’m still urged to get this somehow. Hopefully IF might consider physical releases on future localizations.

  • shadowind

    I’m going to buy it even if certain people do complain about it being censored…

  • Gustavo

    The sad thing is, IFI will learn nothing of this fiasco. Or worse, learn the wrong thing.

  • Aaron Boal

    As Idead Factory confirmed it wont be coming to the Australian/New Zealand stores, I will be importing it. Kind of a let down on their part there

  • Kyle81290

    I don’t care about the censorship… hell, the cards look even better with their clothes/armor on… I’m addicted to collectible games so i’m getting this Day 1

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I will keep my eye out for the site that shows the before and after of the censored cards LOL

  • alixraen

    I’m really seriously torn about whether or not to get this. I can’t decide! /redundancy

  • Jet Natchapol

    I hope they release it on Asian PSN, I don’t really want to change my memory card back and forth and have trophy on different account.

  • Brandonmkii

    It’s a really fun card game! I’m actually looking forward to being able to see what skills do now :3

  • DarkLight

    Was gonna buy it,but gonna pass cause of censorship,but might get it at a later date.

  • b’awwww no censorship! no buy!…jesus christ guys.

  • Hector Velar

    sooo, question this is a card evolving game…so the price is 30$ download for Vita. I gathered that so far. My question is are they going to be like mobile social games that you have to keep buying random card packs or this is you unlock as you advance in the game?

  • Kamakuma

    I thought this was going to be retail as well? :’o

  • artemisthemp

    So ready to play this game :)

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