A Look At Some Heroine Action In The To Love-Ru Vita Game

By Sato . May 13, 2014 . 4:33pm


Unchained Blades makers FuRyu are working on “ultra-pleasant harem game” To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasy, where you’ll be exploring dungeons and handling awkward situations with the ladies. In their latest trailers, we get to see some of the main heroines in action.


The videos all focus on different heroines, which starts out with Rito having a conversation with the girls, followed by battles against them, for one reason or another. Afterwards, they show the “Trouble Touch Time,” and you can probably guess what that means just by the name.

Lala Satalin Deviluke and her sister Momo.

Golden Darkness and Mea Kurosaki.

Haruna Sairenji and Yui Kotegawa.


The Trouble Touch Time can be performed after fighting with a heroine, and the purpose of it is to increase your relationship parameters with them. There are also other parameters and combos that can be used to get a higher score for better relationship points in this feature.


To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasy will be released on May 22, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Aquarius

    You know you are going TO LOVE RUbbing that screen…

    • Highasthesky

      Or rubbing something else….

      • Yep, the Rear Touchpad.

        • Highasthesky

          Naturally, what else would i be talking about. <__>

  • Moontei

    Every time I read a post about this game it always gives me a good chuckle. Too bad the chances of this being localized are close to nil.

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

      Honestly, I’m not too concerned if this doesn’t get localized. i doubt there’s much interest in it for Europe and N.America. But that’s my opinion.

      Who knows? Maybe it will. Time will tell.

      • nonscpo

        Sadly its very unlikely that it will make a western appearance due to licensing issues. Pretty much any anime game that isn’t Shonen is guaranteed to not leave Japan.

        • Tyler Beale

          Not true. We got Fullmetal Alchemist games on PS2…Senran Kagura, SAO…and maybe a few more…oh yeah, and that Attack on Titan 3DS game might be localized too…

          • $51888021

            Senran Kagura was a game before an anime. SAO and FMA are shounen.

          • darke

            To Love-Ru is shounen as well; it was serialised beside One Piece, Naruto and Bleach in Weekly Shounen Jump. :) (To Love-Ru Darkness is currently in Jump Square if I recall correctly.)

          • Renaldi Saputra

            FMA wasn’t shueisha IIRC
            and to love ru game isn’t by Bamco

          • British_Otaku

            The important thing is high demand.

            FMA was huge from FUNimation’s takes on the two anime to the manga. SAO was the biggest streamed anime back in 2012 and has had novels and anime released in the States. Senran Kagura had a strong niche fanbase building up for years based on the numerous works on top of it being a safe pick for Marvelous in house or anime/manga licensors thanks to the additional exposure. Attack on Titan 3DS coming over won’t surprise a soul.

            This? I’m aware that the anime is being licensed by Sentai or someone… I don’t think it has that much of a shot otherwise.

    • Aquarius

      That’s what I used to say about Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Senran Kagura (Burst and Shinovi Versus) and they all got localized.

      So, who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised.

      • Kotori Itsuka

        Wait, are you saying that shinovi versus just got localized?

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          it is

  • leingod

    Every new video is more shameless than the previous one. I love that :P

  • FTM

    Jeez— at this point, I don’t know why games that are literally porn aren’t allowed. These games are cute/funny, but each and everyone is inching just that much closer to porn.
    I say open the gates! …of full penetration!

    • Renaldi Saputra

      depends on the audiences. They who are rather fans of animanga, literally the 13++ series one seem don’t have any problem with this.
      Meanwhile for the others, this kind of game could be a problem for them

    • Jadfish

      one day gaming as a medium will have grown up. Then we’ll have the HBO series of videogames

  • X_Bacon

    I wish Mikan was there too.


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