Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Goes Online In Europe And Australia This July

By Ishaan . May 14, 2014 . 12:01pm

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be available in Europe and Australia this July, Bandai Namco have announced. The game will be released as a download.


As previously reported, Hollow Fragment will also include Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment contained within.

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  • Masa

    As someone who hasn’t watched the anime would i enjoy the game? As a huge rpg fan this does looks great.

    • I don’t think you’ll need to watch the anime to enjoy it, just makes it easier to choose the girl you prefer beforehand. Though two(?) of the girls in the game haven’t appeared in the anime, just the light novels, I think. Someone correct if I’m wrong.

      There are some gameplay vids of the game.


    • All Fiction

      You should wait for reviews first I guess, licenced games can be a hit or miss

  • jchill


    • All Fiction

      I hope there’s none, it takes too much data space, especially on those overpriced memory card

      • Ric Vazquez

        Agreed,plus the dubs on SAO are terrible.

        • Ledah Azuryu

          there are people that seem to preffer english dubs so I hope there’s atleast a dub option if that’s the case

          • Ric Vazquez

            It would be very convenient

    • DivinePhoenix69

      Probably not unfortunately.

      • jchill


        • Natat

          Source for a “probably not”…?

        • DivinePhoenix69

          It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but the fact that it’s digital only means that it probably won’t be dubbed since most localized anime games that were digital only weren’t dubbed.

          Of course i could be wrong and it could end up getting a dub, but i wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    • Will John

      I doubt it. Just look at the other games Namco localized that are digital only releases.

  • lordsofskulls

    XD my question is if they getting it in July. Those that mean NA is getting it in June ^-^ cause if it true I am going to be a Happy Camper ;p

    • Kornelious

      I sure hope so :D

  • Alex Sargeant

    Bandai Namco love Europe. They really do.

    Shame it’s digital but also completely understandable, and it’s coming out in July which is way damn sooner than I was expecting given how far behind we used to be on say the Tales RPG series.

    • Ladius

      They’ve improved a lot even on the Tales front, Xillia and Symphonia Chronicles are both Multi 5 releases and yet they were released mere days after the US version, with Xillia 2 getting the same treatment next August.

      • Alex Sargeant

        I had no idea it would be as long a wait for Vesperia as it turned out to be.

  • Liamv2

    The vita BADLY needs a bigger or cheaper memory card. So many games to download.

    • rawrinate

      You should get the 64 gb card if you don’t already got it. I’ve got ~10
      digital games and 15 physical copies installed on it and still got 30 gb

  • Linyian

    Oooh, this is kinda neat! Too bad it’s only digital, but at least EU and Australia get it! I need to buy a new memory card…

  • nonscpo

    Europe sure is getting a lot of love today, what is up with today so many game localization announcements.

    • Don’t question greatness lol

    • God

      A localization got anounced for Europe BEFORE North Amercia, and that can only mean one thing…


      • Harvey Tejada Loto


        • God

          Care to explain for people who don’t read/watch naruto?

          • Mikari✘

            Madara can summon meteors, no big deal.

          • God

            Holy shit, last time i checked, Naruto character’s needed a giant beast and a whole arc to FAIL to destroy a village!

      • Will John

        It was already announced for NA last month wtf u talkin about?

        • God

          There was no release date. And you missed an “are” between “what the fuck” and “you”, and before anyone asks, yes, God is a grammar nazi.

  • Kornelious

    That’s strange…Europe wasn’t even announced for a release and now that they are they get a release window too?…..So when is it coming out in the US? :(

  • Nate

    Sorry if it’s been said. I don’t see where it says the US release is.

    • Hexodious

      US is already getting this game, it has been announced a few weeks ago.

      • Nate

        Thanks I got that. I was more wondering if it’s July like these or later or earlier.

        • Hexodious

          While Europe will get it in July, the US version only said that it’ll be released in Summer. It could be earlier or later, or at the same time.

  • Hexodious

    As a european i’m pleased. We’ve been getting the short end of the stick so many times or screwed over multiple times.
    I admit that i’m not a big fan of Namco, but I highly appreciate Namco’s work for Europe these past weeks/months.

  • Kotori Itsuka

    Holy sweet mother of Naruto, this is amazing news!!! Buuut since I just spent a lot of money on buying a vita and shit, and currently going to pre order drakengard 3 for the japanese voices……Goddammit….If the japanese voices comes out later, I might buy this instead. Damn, I need more info on dlc and shit before making a decisio-I can’t spell properly. I apologize for that. I would appriciate it if someone could enlighten me with answers.

  • GamerLegend

    SAO: Hollow Fragment box art looks similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening box art!!! Look at Virion and Sinon.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Silica’s face looks retarded on the box art of SAO: HF

  • Prinny Dood

    So what about the US dood!?

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Do you live under a rock? US one was announced like a month ago.

      • Prinny Dood

        Yeah but no specific date dood! They said summer release, that could mean now or the last day of summer dood! Btw the answer to your question, yes i do live under a rock tons of rocks. IM IN HELL DOOD!

        • Lol

        • ShinNeoGranzon

          You’re in Hades, not hell dood. Secondly, good job following Prinny Rule #1 dood, Lord Val is proud dood. Thirdly, I NEED THIS GAME NOW DOOD

          • Prinny Dood

            Thats what im talking about dood!

          • Ledah Azuryu

            I feel like I should mention, most NA games tend to be released about a couple weeks before the EU releases so you’ll probably get it later this month

  • Lucas


  • David García Abril

    Second time I’ve been proven wrong with this game…

    Guys, I don’t even know the world anymore!!!!!

    If on top of that they also announce that they will localize it to other languages, specially Spanish, I’ll start to look for Morpheous to give me that red pill, because I’ll know I’m in the freaking Matrix! lol

  • So does the US get a physical version? I’d rather import a physical version to save space on my Vita’s overpriced 32gb memory card because there’s going to be heaps of games to download. Anyways, now all I need is confirmation of Soul Sacrifice Delta and Disgaea 4 in Australia and me and my Vita will be happy. ^_^

    • Ragnawind

      China is the only region with a physical copy in english, but it will probably use a different translation, since the menus aren’t even going to be translated, supposedly. You could also transfer games to and from your PC for saving space. You don’t really need too many games on your card at one time.

      • True. It’s no big deal, really, I’m just thinking of the long run as this and SSD are “digital only” and I’ve had to buy new consoles/hard drives in the past when I ran out of space on both my PS3 and 360.

  • Aquarius

    I bet we are going to get a ninja PSN release for SAO: Hollow Fragment here in NA. Just like Atelier Totori Plus and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

    Those ninja marketers are following their code very well.

  • I wish everything would stop as digital download as my vita is already full as it is

  • SHSL Big Bro

    Comes out with a PSP game for free, but download only? I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR THIS

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