Pokémon Company To Celebrate 100 Million Trades With “Fancy Pattern Vivillon”

By Ishaan . May 23, 2014 . 11:31am

Around 90 million Pokémon have been traded worldwide thus far via the Global Trade Station, and to celebrate the 100 million landmark, The Pokémon Company will distribute a new Fancy Pattern Vivillon.


Vivillon is a Pokémon that is unique in that the colours and patterns on its wings wary based on the real-world region in which a player lives. Due to this, Vivillon is a frequently traded Pokémon, since a number of players try to collect all the different regional patterns.


The “newly discovered” Vivillon will become available to players worldwide once 100 million Pokémon have been traded via the GTS. Just when that will happen remains to be seen.


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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Pretty useless pkmn for such a wonderful achievement. Leave it to ninty to always make the wrong move when something good happens. They should have given a special coat patterned Jolteon or Minccino.

    • Namuro

      LOL. I can just imagine them doing that, and then get told off by people, saying that they want a special-patterned Vivillon.

    • ZnTxn

      To be fair, it has a good ability and makes use of it with Hurricane and the powders moves… if only Game Freak didn’t give it such awful stats just because it’s a gimmicky early bug.

      • Raltrios

        It doesn’t need stats because it has Quiver Dance :/

    • wububu

      There are no useless Pokemon, only incapable and unimaginative trainers. And special coat patterned Jolteon? Not going to happen, like ever.

      • ZnTxn

        Unown is not useless? /kinda joking

        • wububu

          Adorable alphabet figures for struggling and young learners? lol

          • Based Ignacio Puppo

            C’mon, you gotta admit he got with Unown xD,

        • PreyMantis

          Pokemon isn’t only for “ERMERGERD UBER!” monster battles. Like wububububububu said, “there are no useless Pokemon, only incapable and unimaginative trainers.”

          Also, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwjIpf-dTv0

    • Brian

      While I also don’t get the vivillion craze it is not a useless Pokemon

    • Istillduno

      Yeah he’s only got almost 100% accuracy sleep with a better speed stat than Breloom, access to quiver dance and a stab boosted, accuracy boosted hurricane, totally useless.

  • Highasthesky

    Am i the only one who doesn’t care about this pokemon’s gimmick? This doesn’t look that good or different to me.

    • Namuro

      Well, apparently a lot of people care enough for Nintendo to make this special Vivillon.

      • Highasthesky

        I’m aware of that, hence the statement “Am i the only one who doesn’t care about this pokemon’s gimmick?” I’m aware it’s popular. I just don’t get why.

        • Anesia Hunter

          you’re not the only one who doesn’t get it. i mean, i understand why people collect eevee evolutions. they’re cute and they’re actually useful. vivillon on the other hand… i don’t think that many people are actually collecting them, more like they just keep throwing in low level or garabage pokemon into the wonder trade and hoping to get rare flawless IV pokemon.

          • wububu

            Vivillon could be useful, you just don’t know how to exploit it’s true potential

          • Highasthesky

            Exactly, Eevee’s change in typing and appearance, and are pretty decent Pokemon. Vivillon on the other hand….i just don’t get the Pokemon or the gimmick. I’v seen many others that do, so i thought maybe i’m missing something. I’m not.

          • DarkRoxas

            Vivillon at least has Compound Eyes + Hurricane, Powder Moves and Quiver Dance… On the other hand, I wouldn’t label Flareon, Leafeon and Glaceon as “useful”. Well, as someone already said, there is no “useless” Pokémon.

            Nway, I liked this Vivillon. But I would love if they distributed the Poké Ball pattern one worldwide too ;a;

          • Raltrios

            Vivillon is actually a beast in battle, easily the strongest early-route bug ever made. Compound Eyes + Sleep Powder is almost 100% accuracy, so with a Focus Sash it’s extremely easy to put something to sleep, set up one or two Quiver Dances, then sweep with a Hurricane with an accuracy of over 90% plus Bug Buzz.

          • AkiraScare

            Exactly… have defeated people using Vivillion… many people look down on the power of bug types….

        • Namuro

          It’s a collection thing. People just like to collect different things, even if the differences are very minimal.

          This applies to just about anything, like limited-edition game consoles. When you think about it, they’re just the same console with different colour / designs on them. Yet, there are many people who seek to collect them all. Another good example would be toys. There are so many “alternate colour’ version of toys (I have so many Batman toys in so many colours when I was younger…). It’s still the same toy in every way, maybe it’s even more expensive than the regular version! But people still collect them.

          In the end, it’s just like I said earlier, it’s a collection thing. Don’t think too hard about it, man. It may seem like an insignificant, silly, stupid, or pointless gimmick to you, but I’m sure there a lot of players out there that will appreciate this free gift.

      • Actually it was in the code when they released X/Y anyways and always has.

      • Anthony Hadow

        I would say that it didnt matter if enough cared for it most gaming companies do what they want regardless of their consumers.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      nope…. Don’t care in the slightest about the thing, but tons of fans do

    • RinaDawg

      Vivillion brought up something unique with patterns depending on regions. Just like how it’s a trophy to have a Pokedex completed, Vivillion patterns absolutely depend on trading to complete. It’s a title thing.

    • JNT

      What is there to get? People collect all sort of things.

    • Adrian Duran

      think of the Unown from PKMN GSC

  • AuraGuyChris

    Gotta Catch ‘Em All ‘Em There Vivillon.

  • VenerableSage

    I’ll say exactly what I said as a reply on Twitter. Nintendo will whip this thing up to celebrate an “achievement” and is planning on distributing it worldwide, but they can’t find time to port over all of the distributions that are still sitting in respective regions to distribute THOSE worldwide?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    …….kool? I guess does it have max IVs? and a modest or Timid nature?

    Oh God, look what this gen don’t to me, turned me in to a battle hungry trainer *well Gen 3 did that to me but this made it worse*

  • Steven Higgins

    And then, everyone just stopped trading and fancy Vivillon never saw the light of day.

  • JohnNiles

    The tendency for people to make/request garbage GTS trades kind of makes me not want to help with crossing the finish line. I just finished a run of same-species swaps a few days ago – dozens of trades, all resulting in garbage.

  • Snorlaxation

    I would care more about this if you could more with Vivillon than just battle. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the early bug Pokes and raised them with my team for awhile into the game, but anyone who plays these games knows that bugs aren’t one of the most resilient/strongest/vers pokemon in the game. Some bugs are levels above others.

    Even so, I’ve had my ass kicked by one (a very powerful Vivillon) in the past, so NO, I’m not saying this or any bug poke is useless. Still, I’d like to be able to do more with them all then just battle, like maybe have them follow you around again like in yellow/Hgold/Ssilver? That way you can see your Pokemon and their cool variations all the time, even if you don’t wanna battle with them. Or something…?

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